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Psalm 118:6



Four Steps to Overcoming Fear
We read in Psalm 118:6: "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?" First, be willing to take a risk. Yes, you might be hurt or embarrassed - so what? To overcome insecurity and gain confidence you must allow yourself the freedom to take a chance. Start writing that book, take those music lessons, stand up and speak at the meeting! Feel the fear and do it anyway! ‘Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe’ (Proverbs 29:25 NIV 2011 Edition). Second, learn to laugh at yourself. Get over your obsessive need for approval and acceptance and learn to laugh at your mistakes. We’re all human; stop taking yourself so seriously! When you make a mistake, be the first to see the funny side, and you’ll find people more supportive than you think. Third, start thinking realistically. It’s time to drop the security blanket and realise it’s not all about you. You are not the centre of the universe, and your little faux pas(French meaning an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation) don’t mean that much in the bigger scheme of things. Besides, mistakes are often better teachers than success. Fourth, reward yourself for little victories. When you complete a project, reward yourself. When you take advice or correction without retaliating, reward yourself. Often the people we lash out at, are those trying the hardest to help us. Get used to the idea that you’re valuable, talented, and skilled, and your worth in God’s eyes is inestimable. Stop scrutinising yourself through distorted lenses and start seeing yourself with 20/30 vision. Once you can do that, your fears will be replaced by confidence in yourself and in your future.


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Number of homeless in England has risen for 3 years in a row, report says

Homelessness has increased for three consecutive years, partly because of housing shortages and cuts to benefits, with an estimated 185,000 people a year now affected in England, a report says.
Research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Crisis found almost one in 10 people experience homelessness at some point in their life, with one in 50 experiencing it in the last five years. The report defined homelessness as people sleeping rough, single people living in temporary accommodation, statutorily homeless households who are currently or imminently without accommodation and "hidden homeless" households, such as those living in severely overcrowded conditions, squatters or "sofa-surfers". By analysing official figures, it found visible forms of homelessness are also up, with rough sleeping rising this year by 6% in England and 13% in London. This pushes the two-year increase in the capital to over 60%. Read More........



Here's Why We Celebrate Christmas on December 25

The date was declared back in the 4th century.

Christmas: It's a beloved holiday for approximately 92 percent of all Americans. Each year, Christians (and even non-Christians) celebrate with Christmas trees, visits to Santa Claus, gifts, carols, and decorations. But what exactly are the true origins of Christmas? Of course, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25, but researchers don't actually know his true birthday. As it turns out, there are several reasons why this exact date was chosen so long ago—more than 1,700 years ago to be exact.

In addition to celebrating the winter solstice a few days before December 25, Romans in 273 AD already celebrated two festivals on the very day: natalis solis invicti (the "birth of the unconquered sun") and the birthday of Mithras, the Iranian god of the sun. According to Christianity Today, church leaders thought it would also be a fitting time to honour the son of God. Besides, as Ace Collins, author of Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, said in a PBS segment, the existing Roman holidays were filled with drinking and debauchery, so this new holiday was a way to teach heathens a lesson about sin and redemption.


After Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and declared tolerance for the religion, Western Christians officially began celebrating December 25 as the birth of Jesus in 336 AD. Those in the Eastern Church continue to recognize another day, January 6, as Christ's birthday, but nowadays most everyone agrees on the date.



We are looking for experienced Carers (HCA), Senior Carers and Support Workers who are available to work in the following areas:











              Clacton on-Sea

           Leigh on-Sea

We Conduct Training, Apply for CRB and offer work thereafter.


For more information, please call us on Tel: 0203 143 3776 / 01702 568 251.


I killed my husband: I wish I could turn back time

Esther Wa-Njeri, 84 was convicted of killing her husband alongside her daughter Wanjiku. After 19 years in prison, the grandmother and mother of seven tells Caroline Nyanga about coming to terms with her fate and makes a passionate appeal to President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and have her released from Langata Women’s Prison. If only I had embraced the virtue of self-control. If only I had reported the matter to the police. Perhaps I would not be in a place that can rob anyone of their happiness; prison. “If only I could turn back the hand of time.” These words are so automatic as they ring in my head when I wake up each morning from my bed at Lan’gata Women’s Prison, wishing it were my last day.


The pain in my heart still lingers fresh in my mind as I recall the fateful night when my drunken husband returned home and instantly picked a quarrel with me before he pounced on me like a hungry lion — something he did quite often. During such occasions our children would scamper to a neighbouring house for safety, save for my daughter Lucy Wanjiku, now 42, who occasionally intervened to ensure peace reigned in our house. But after years of silently enduring pain and humiliation, life became unbearable and I contemplated leaving the marriage and taking my own life. But for the sake of our seven children, I chose to persevere my husband’s cruel acts, hoping and praying that someday he would change for better.

On this fateful day, he came home drunk as usual and picked a quarrel with me. This time, I lost my patience and committed the single act that would change my life forever; I hit him with a blunt object that I picked from a corner of our house, unaware that it would kill him instantly. My daughter Wanjiku quickly joined me as we both shouted at her father, telling him that enough was enough and that it was high time he behaved like the father and husband he is supposed to be. A few minutes later, my husband lay silent on the floor. We were used to him falling asleep in his drunken stupor so we tried to revive him but he did not stir. Then we noticed that blood was oozing from his mouth. In a few seconds of silent shock, my daughter and I stared at his limp body as it dawned on us that he could have been badly hurt. Evewoman. Click Here for more….



Foods You Shouldn't Keep in the Fridge

The cold temperatures are killing your food.

From left, Onions, Bread and Mint leaves


Another problem that the fridge presents is it damages onions. Onions need to stored in a dark dry place because the moisture will cause mold to form on them. The National Onion Association recommended to keep them in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area and to not store whole onions in plastic bags as the lack of air movement will decrease their storage life. "Sweet onions have a higher water content than storage onions, making them more susceptible to bruising, and a shorter shelf life than storage varieties," the association shared. You can extend the shelf life of an onion by storing it in a loose paper bag to allow for ventilation and to prevent decomposition. Read More..Clickhere






We are looking for experienced Carers (HCA), Senior Carers and Support Workers who are available to work in the following areas:

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We Conduct Training, Apply for CRB and offer work thereafter.
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We are blessed to have the well renowned 

Gospel Artiste Singer & Producer from Kenya



Memorial Community Church, Plaistow

395 Barking Road, London, E13 8AL

Therefore, remember to bring your Dancing Shoes to dance for the Lord. 



This is what the Lord says:

“Stand at the crossroads and look;
    ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
    and you will find rest for your souls.
    But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’



Foods You Shouldn't Keep in the Fridge

The cold temperatures are killing your food.

From left, Onions, Bread and Mint leaves


Another problem that the fridge presents is it damages onions. Onions need to stored in a dark dry place because the moisture will cause mold to form on them. The National Onion Association recommended to keep them in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area and to not store whole onions in plastic bags as the lack of air movement will decrease their storage life. "Sweet onions have a higher water content than storage onions, making them more susceptible to bruising, and a shorter shelf life than storage varieties," the association shared. You can extend the shelf life of an onion by storing it in a loose paper bag to allow for ventilation and to prevent decomposition. Read More..Clickhere


Europe migrant crisis: EU court rejects quota challenge

Left, Hungary has built a controversial anti-migrant fence on its southern border with Serbia and right migrant route to German.

The EU's top court has rejected a challenge by Hungary and Slovakia to a migrant relocation deal drawn up at the height of the crisis in 2015. The European Court of Justice overruled their objections to the compulsory fixed-quota scheme. Hungary has not accepted a single asylum seeker since the measures were introduced two years ago. They were an attempt to ease the pressure on frontline countries such as Greece and Italy. But the ruling has sparked fury, with Hungary's foreign minister vowing: "The real fight starts now."
What's the background to this dispute?
Since 2014, about 1.7 million migrants have tried to make new homes in the EU - and the numbers peaked in 2015. In September that year, European leaders agreed to spread a total of 160,000 asylum seekers among member states over two years. Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania voted against the quotas. The issue was decided by a majority vote - usually followed on issues that do not affect national sovereignty. Hungary was asked to take 1,294 asylum seekers, Slovakia 802. To date, Hungary has refused to take a single asylum seeker, while Slovakia has accepted only about a dozen. Only 28,000 people have actually been relocated under the scheme. Read More....



Calling from United Kingdom

Cheap international calls from any phone




Husband slept in same room as wife's body for six days


  Photos L-R. Russel Davidson was left "heartbroken" after the death of Wendy. Mr. Davidson and Wendy with her son Dylan and right, family and friends came to see Mrs. Davidson’s body at her home. 


A man has revealed how he slept in the same room as his wife's body for six days after she died. Wendy Davison, 50, died at home in Derby last month after a 10-year battle with cervical cancer. Russell Davison, who has been left "heartbroken", said he did not want her body to go to a mortuary and he wanted to challenge attitudes towards dying. It is legal to keep a body at home and Derbyshire Coroner's Court confirmed Mrs Davison's GP reported her death. Mr Davison said: "Death seems to be such a taboo subject in our society, no-one seems to want to talk about it. "I did not want her in the mortuary or handed over to a funeral director, I wanted us to take care of her ourselves at our family home, have her in our bedroom so I could sleep in the same room."

Wendy Davison, 50, died at home in Derby last month after a 10-year battle with cervical cancer. Russell Davison, who has been left "heartbroken", said he did not want her body to go to a mortuary and he wanted to challenge attitudes towards dying. It is legal to keep a body at home and Derbyshire Coroner's Court confirmed Mrs Davison's GP reported her death. Mr Davison said: "Death seems to be such a taboo subject in our society, no-one seems to want to talk about it. "I did not want her in the mortuary or handed over to funeral director, I wanted us to take care of her ourselves at our family home, have her in our bedroom so I could sleep in the same room." When Mrs Davison was diagnosed shortly after the couple's joint 40th birthday party in 2006, they decided to take a "natural" approach to her healthcare. "We were not prepared to hand her life over to doctors. We wanted to do our own research and do the very best job we could to keep Wendy alive," he said. He believes their approach, which included refusing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, extended Wendy's life "by a very long time".

'Beautiful and comforting'

In 2014, Mrs Davison was given six months to live, so the pair went travelling across Europe, where they had "the absolute time of our lives". But last September, they were forced to return home when her pain became too bad. She received hospice care at the Royal Derby Hospital but they were determined she would not die there. The pair decided she would be cared for at home by family and her body would remain there until her cremation.

The rules about keeping bodies at home

Contentious trusts and probate lawyer, Jak Ward, from Derby-based Smith Partnership, said it is not an offence to keep a body at home until the funeral as long as a death is reported and registered. "Historically people would die at home and the body would be kept until the funeral," he said. A celebration of Mrs Davison's life is being held at Derbyshire County Cricket Club on Sunday.

Source: Cancer Research UK


Local election 2017 results: England, Scotland and Wales - results in your area

L-R,Paul Nuttal, UKIP Leader, Theresa May, Conservative and Jeremy, Labour. Right, a UK Independence Party supporter (L) scuffles with a pro-europe supporter ahead of a visit by UKIP leader Paul Nuttall to Hartlepool.


Paul Nuttall, Theresa May and Jeremy CorbynLOCAL elections results are pouring in, with the Conservatives dominating Labour and Ukip facing a total wipeout. Here are the latest results for YOUR area of England, Scotland and Wales.

As the full results are finally in here is a the make-up of local election results :

-Tories gain 11 councils, 1,899 seats +563

-Labour lose 7 councils, 1,152 seats -382

-SNP lose one council, 431 seats -7

-Lib Dems no councils, 441 seats -42

-Greens no councils, 40 seats +6

-UKIP no councils, 1 seat remains -145

-Plaid Cymru no councils, 202 seats +33

The Conservatives have taken control of seven councils in England and Wales and area also winning seats in Scotland at the expense of the SNP. Labour has lost Glasgow council, which it has held for 35 years, and faces being pushed back in swathes of England and Wales. Jeremy Corbyn's party has blamed “unique circumstances” for its widespread losses, with John McDonnell saying that the results have “not been the wipeout people were expected”.  Ukip has lost every seat that it was contesting, with its losses totalling more than 80. Former MP Douglas Carswell has said “we all know that it’s over” for Ukip amid claims that the party will be completely wiped out. Labour MP Andy Burnham has secured a landslide victory in the Greater Manchester mayoral election. The former Shadow Health Secretary has vowed in his victory speech to represent everyone in Manchester and make politics work for people. Five out of the six mayoral election results have also been announced.

The new mayors are:

• Liverpool City – Steve Rotherham (Labour)

• Tees Valley – Ben Houchen (Conservative)

• West of Midlands – Tim Bowles (Conservative)

• Greater Manchester – Andy Burnham (Labour)

• Cambridgeshire & Peterborough – Cambridgeshire & Peterborough (Conservative)

• West Midlands – Andy Street (Conservative)

Here are the results in full for England, Scotland and Wales (NOC: No Overall Control). More to follow.

For more Click here..



YouTube's bid to grab TV dollars threatened by advertiser revolt


The decision by a handful of high-profile consumer brands to pull advertising from Google’s YouTube over offensive content could threaten the site’s long-term strategy of stealing ad dollars from television, analysts and ad industry professionals said Thursday. The immediate financial impact of the controversy is likely to be limited, in part because a big chunk of YouTube revenue comes from smaller advertisers who lack the budget for TV campaigns and do not have easy alternatives. Some analysts also believe that departing advertisers, eager to reach YouTube's millennial audience, will quickly return. But with "brand safety" emerging as a major concern for marketers amid a surge in hate speech and other types of offensive content across the internet, the widespread assumption that major advertisers are ready to shift large chunks of their budgets from TV to digital now looks much more dubious. The timing may also favour television networks as they usually present their fall line-ups and woo big advertisers starting in May, agency executives said.

Big brands
YouTube, part of Alphabet Inc , has spent years courting big brands that spend hundreds of millions annually on air time. But over the past week, companies including Verizon Communications Inc, AT&T Inc and Johnson & Johnson have cancelled their YouTube ad deals. “Video is actually a lot more fragile of an ecosystem than the Silicon Valley, software-eats-everything crowd may want to think," said Joel Espelien, a senior analyst at the Diffusion Group, which studies the future of television. "The point is all content isn’t actually the same, all advertising isn’t actually all the same. There is an element of taste. And when you ruin that, the whole thing does kind of start to fall apart.” Google offers little visibility into YouTube’s financial performance, but analysts view it as a key driver for the company’s growth as its traditional search advertising business matures. Analyst Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital Markets estimates YouTube will bring in about $14 billion in revenue this year. Alphabet shares have fallen more than 3 per cent since Monday, closing at $839.65 on Thursday.

Mere blip?
Whether the recent events are a mere blip on the radar for Google or a harbinger of bigger problems to come may depend on whether the company can quickly improve its technical tools to give advertisers more control over where their ads appear. YouTube has begun reviewing its advertising policies and will take steps to give advertisers more control, Philipp Schindler, Google's chief business officer, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. Google also plans to hire more people for its review team and refine its artificial intelligence – a key step, since much of the ad-serving is handled by automation. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, acknowledged in a Fox News interview that ads appearing next to videos promoting hate speech or advocating violence had slipped through the digital cracks in Google's elaborate ad-serving systems. "We match ads and the content, but because we source the ads from everywhere, every once in a while somebody gets underneath the algorithm and they put in something that doesn’t match," Schmidt said. "We’ve had to tighten our policies and actually increase our manual review time and so I think we’re going to be OK.” But Google's public statements have done little to assuage advertisers’ fears, said David Cohen, president, North America, for media buying firm Magna Global.

Categorise content
Privately, Google has gone into more detail about how it plans to combat the issue, including ratcheting up its algorithms to better categorise content and being more stringent about how content is labelled, Cohen said. But such additional controls would reduce the percentage of content that carries advertising and could disrupt the vibrant community of independent creators on YouTube, who drive traffic to the site and rely on revenue-sharing from advertising. YouTube faces a special imperative to keep creators happy as rivals such as Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc try to court talent for their own platforms, said Hank Green, a prominent YouTube creator who runs the VidCon conference. “YouTube has a decade-long head start, but obviously everyone wants a piece of the pie,” he said. Even before the most recent revelations about YouTube, control over online ad placement had become a hot button topic for advertisers. Social networks and news aggregators came under fire during and after the US presidential election for spreading fake news reports, and advertisers have also sought to avoid having their brands appear beside content that they categorize as hate speech. “Between non-human traffic and fraud, fake news and hate speech, brands are more concerned than ever,” said Marc Goldberg, CEO of Trust Metrics, a New York-based company that addresses ad fraud.


A Kenyan young Lady of 17 years has passed away in West London. More later.





Acting Kenya Ambassador in Israel Ambassador Jon Chessoni (2nd from left)

addressing the visiting Kenyans from Kenyan and from UK in a Bethlethem Hotel


During our visit in the Holy Land of Israel the Kenya Embassy staff took time to come and share a dinner with a group of Kenyans from UK and from  PCEA Kenya currently touring Israel. The dinner took place on Friday evening 24th March 2017 in Bethlehem Hotel. The Embassy team was lead by the Acting Kenya Ambassador in Israel Jon Chessoni, Mr. Fred Ondiek the Financial Attaché and Mr. Alex Okitoi Minister Counsellor. While talking to the visitors in Bethlehem Hotel the Acting Ambassador Jon Chessoni advised Kenyans living in the UK to invest wisely both in UK and in Kenya where there are a lot of opportunities. He said that Kenya is a growing economy and one of the best places to invest in Africa. He continues to say that Kenyans are in the diaspora for a mission, not only to send money back home but to bring home the technologies and knowledge they have acquired in their respective areas. The PCEA team from Kenya was lead by Peter Kamuthu Kariuki from PCEA Head Office who has been to Israel tour for more than 10 times, bringing PCEA teams to Israel.





Several Kenyans living in the UK renewed their baptism in River Jordan on Friday 24th March, 2017. The team later visited the City of Jericho before heading to Lazarus Tomb in Bethany. On right is Mr. Seed caught at the reception of Bethlehem Hotel.





Gilbert O. Ogonji, former longtime professor of biology and chair of Coppin State University’s Department of Natural Sciences, died March 13 at his Silver Spring home from pulmonary fibrosis. He was 77. “Early on, he demonstrated a talent for leadership, teaching, mentoring and inspiring students and faculty to achieve,” the university said in announcing Dr. Ogonji’s death. “Dr. Ogonji remains instrumental in the growth and sustainability of the natural sciences programs at Coppin.” “He really was a wonderful person with a great attitude, and I consider it a blessing that I had a chance to know him,” said former Coppin State University President Calvin W. Burnett. “He was gracious, kind and academically capable, and no one ever had anything negative to say about him,” he said. “I thought the world of him.”

The son of Mwalimu Zedekiah Ogonji, a school teacher, and Elseba Oneya Ogonji, a businesswoman, Gilbert Odhiambo Ogonji was one of 12 children and was raised in Kisii, Kenya, where he graduated from Kisii Government High School. Marylanders who have died in March 2017. He traveled to the United States and obtained bachelor’s degrees in biology and chemistry in 1964 from Hope College in Hope, Mich. Two years later, he received a master’s degree in biology from Atlanta University, where he also performed graduate studies in advanced and synthetic organic chemistry. In 1969, he received a doctorate in zoology with an emphasis on biomedical genetics from Howard University. He also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in reproductive physiology and developmental genetics at Yale University in 1971.

Dr. Ogonji began his long tenure at what was then Coppin State College in 1969. He began teaching biology and rose to become biology department chair — and finally chair of the department of natural sciences, where he enjoyed a long tenure. “His professional career was dedicated to the teaching and training of students,” the university release said, noting his goal to help them “thrive as teachers, researchers, engineers and individuals.” He was a prolific author or co-author of professional papers and articles, and also directed students in their research work. He served in a research capacity at Howard University, Atlanta University and the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Ogonji was an adviser to the Baltimore public school system’s Science Technology Engineering and Math [STEM] Programs, and the University System of Maryland.

At Coppin, he played a significant role in the construction of science buildings and, through grant writing, was able to secure funding for the continuance of technical and science education for years to come, according to university officials. “He was very skilled at taking few resources and making the most out of it for his students — and they loved him,” Dr. Burnett said. “Everyone admired the way he carried himself and how he dealt with conflicts. He may have disagreed with you about a situation but you always came away respecting him.” Dr. Ogonji was known for the candy jars containing hard and chewy candy that he kept in his office for passersby who shared his fondness for sweets.

He was nationally known, said Dr. Burnett, and earned many awards and honors from organizations including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Genetic Association, Federations of American Scientists, National Association of Biology Teachers, National Institute and the Society of Sigma XI-Research Society. He was also honored by the Maryland Association for Higher Education — an organization for which he served as a president and chairman. He retired from Coppin in 2015. Dr. Ogonji maintained a serious scholarly demeanor, but family members said he had a “lighter and sometimes mischievous side” and liked to challenge their minds with “mathematical puzzles, philosophical teasers and humorous tomfoolery.” An avid gardener, he spent hours planting, weeding, fertilizing and trimming the flower beds and lawn at his Silver Spring home.

Dr. Ogonji was a serious collector of watches, clocks, fountain pens, fine china and neckties, family members said. For special occasions, he enjoyed setting the table with china from his collection and telling diners the history of the pieces. A family profile of Dr. Ogonji stated: “He was a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, colleague, teacher and friend who inspired and encouraged you to do more that you expected you could, to press on when you thought you could not, think outside of your mental and spiritual scope, be passionate about all that you do, and always show compassion for others.” Dr. Ogonji was a member of People’s Community Baptist Church, 31 Norwood Road, Silver Spring, where funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday. He is surived by his wife of 50 years, the former Jewel Helen Williams; two daughters, Alisa Adhiambo Ogonji Wallace of Morristown, N.J., and Azella Akinyi Ogonji Dunams of Red Lion, Pa.; three brothers, Matthew Shadrack Oluoch of Albany, Ga., Frederick Meshack Otieno and Gordon Willis Ochieng, both of Kenya.; seven sisters, Linnet Niver Otieno, Alice Joan Atieno, Macrine Rhoda Agola, Judith Ruth Awuor, Dr. Florence Millicent Awino, Dorothy Joy Achieng and Jane Anne Adhiambo, all of Kenya; and four grandchildren. - Source


IEBC cautions Nasa on plan to set up tallying centre


Nasa leaders put the electoral commission on the spot and said they would set up their own presidential tallying system for the August 8 General Election. The four National Super Alliance leaders also questioned the readiness of the electoral commission to conduct the elections. They said the commission was under-funded and this week cancelled the Sh3 billion integrated elections management systems tender. But electoral commission chairman Wafula Chebukati warned immediately that the commission was the only one constitutionally mandated to announce results and declare winners. “The parallel vote tallying centre that the Opposition has proposed is not recognised in law and whatever comes out of it will not make a difference,” said Mr Chebukati at a press conference in his Nairobi office on Friday. At the rally, Mr Raila Odinga (ODM), Mr Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Mr Musalia Mudavadi (Amani National Congress) and Mr Moses Wetang’ula (Ford Kenya) declared that they would hold a “peaceful revolution” should the election not be credible. – Daily Nation

Increase your pastor’s effectiveness (1)

‘[Pastors] who do their work well should be…paid well.’
1 Timothy 5:17

Your attitude and actions affect your pastor and your church. When you bless your pastor you bless your church, and when you hinder your pastor you hinder your church. Let’s look at some ways in which you can increase your pastor’s effectiveness: Provide a good salary. Once in the Old Testament and twice in the New Testament, God holds us responsible to provide generously for our pastor. The old quip, ‘Lord, You keep him humble and we’ll keep him poor!’ is no joking matter, and is contrary to the teaching of Scripture. Many a pastor is hampered by inadequate income, causing them stress and worry over their family’s financial needs. God established the law of compensation for those who provide for our bodies and souls - from oxen to pastors. An ox’s strength and capacity to do its job effectively required that it ate as much as it needed from the grain it was threshing. ‘But was God concerned only about an ox? No, he wasn’t! He was talking about [his servants]’ (1 Corinthians 9:9-10 CEV). And Paul applies the same principle when it comes to compensating those who minister to us: ‘[Pastors] with a gift of leadership should be considered worthy of respect, and…adequate salary, particularly if they work hard at their preaching and teaching. Remember the scriptural principle: “Thou shall not muzzle an ox when he treadeth out the corn,” and the labourer is worthy of his hire’ (1 Timothy 5:17-18 PHPS). When possible, free your pastor from financial worry. Allow them to focus on developing the potential God sees in you, your church, and His kingdom in your community.
Num 5-6, Mark 4:1-20



The ‘Nyahururu Beauty’, Miss Esther Wanjiru Muchangi (centre) was crowned Miss East Africa France 2016. Miss Muchangi who comes from Mairu-Inya, Nyahururu in Nyandarua County in Kenya, is 18 years and the third child of Mr. Josiah Muchangi Kagika (1st right), who is a Parliamentary Photographer based in Parliament of  Kenya, but currently visiting London in UK, and Mrs. Margaret Wambui Muchangi (1st left – picture  on the right), an ‘Auxilliare de vie’ by  profession in France. Her elder sister, Miriam Wanjiku Muchangi is 2nd left-picture on the right, and she has an elder brother Solomon Kagika Muchangi based in Kenya. Miss Muchangi moved to France as a resident in 2015 after completing her Secondary Education in Kenya. She is currently a student  at Lycée Andre Malrux in Montataire France where she is pursuing ‘le diploma  Professional in ARCU’.

Miss Muchangi (3rd from left) poses for a photograph with the two runners-up from Rwanda (1st right and 1st left) after she was crowned the Esat Africa France 2016 after beating the other beauties from the East African Countries (whose flags are displayed-centre), Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.  Miss Muchangi had a chance of meeting Deputy President of Kenya H. E. William Ruto 3rd from left and the Kenyan Ambassadors in France H.E. Madame Salmar (left) during the official opening of the Kenya week in Paris, France. Miss Esther Muchangi is a niece to Mr & Mrs Duncan K. Kamanu of UK. Photos Courtesy.





We are blessed to have the well renowned Kenyan Gospel Artiste Singer from Kenya

Jane Muthoni (left) at Memorial Community Church, Plaistow, (former Memorial Baptist Church, Plaistow)

395 Barking Road, E13 8AL, (opposite Plaistow Police Station) during our Sunday Service on 15th January, 2017 at 2.00PM.

Therefore, remember to bring your dancing shoes to dance for the Lord. For more information please contact Rev. Edwin Kibathi on 07946700301.











A Room To Let in East London. Suitable for a single  Professional Female or University Student.

Please contact-LUCY 07984964670





Memorial Community Church, (the former Memorial Baptist Church, Plaistow (right) where the PCEA UK Outreach has moved to, and left the PCEA Logo


Memorial Baptist Church, Plaistow), 395 BARKING ROAD, Plaistow, E13 8AL, opposite Plaistow Police Station. It held its first Sunday Service on Sunday 6th, November, 2016 from 2.00pm. For more information please contact Rev. Kibathi on 07946700301 or Mrs. Grace Koimburi - 07908227728.



Land for sale at Ngamwa - Mukurweini, Nyeri. Size is 5 Acres located 100 mts from the new tarmac road connecting Gakindu to Mukurweini to Muranga. It's also near the home of current MP for Mukurweini. It's planted with blue gam trees - ready for harvesting mid next year (the trees ideal for Kenya Power projects). Owner asking for Ksh. 7m, Negotiable. (He has a Bank loan to repay urgently hence the sale of this land). Contact: Lucy: +44 07984964670

The Black History Month@Barking Town Hall Featuring – GASCOIGNE

The Untold Story (Film) and the BIG TALK (Have your say on issues affecting our youth and how we can address them).

Date: Thursday, 6th October, 2016     Time: 6.00 – 8PM


The Council Chambers Barking Town Hall

Town Hall Square

1 Clockhouse Avenue, IG11 7LU



100 years of British Summer Time: When do the clocks go back and what is Daylight Saving Time?

October 1 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the first time that British clocks were turned back to GMT after BST. To mark the milestone, here's everything you need to know about the autumn time change, that each October sees huge numbers of Brits accidentally arrive at work an hour early. Don't let it happen to you!

When do the clocks go back?

On October 30th UK summertime officially ends, the clocks go back and we revert to GMT again. The mornings will be lighter and the evenings darker but despite the prevalence of smartphones and other devices which alter the time for you automatically, there will always be one person you know who didn't get the memo. CLICK HERE........




           SUNRISE: 10.06.1942                   SUNSET: 26.07.2016              

Elizabeth Kibue (Mama Kevin of Finsbury Park) and the Kibue's Family regret to announce the untimely death of their beloved Mother/Grandmother  Lucy Muthoni of Namanga who was promoted to glory on Tuesday 26th, July 2016, at the Royal Free Hospital in London. She was mother to Cecilia, Elizabeth Kibue, Jane Kahe, Alice, all of UK and FitzPatrick of USA.

Our Mum's body will be transported from UK to Kenya on 13th August, 2016 and will be held at Kenyatta University Mortuary. She will be laid to rest on Friday 19th, August, 2016 at her home in Ruai, Nairobi

Family, relatives and friends are meeting for prayers and funeral arrangement at 28B Carlton Lodge, Carlton Road, N4 4NJ, Finsbury Park, every evening from 6.00pm to 9.00pm.

Your prayers and financial support will be highly appreciated. Financial support can be sent to: Bank-Barclays Bank; Name: E. Kibue - Account No: 20790338; Sort Code: 20-58-51.

For more information in UK, please, contact: Elizabeth Kibue (Mama Kevin) of Finsbury Park, 07931783940 or Rose: 07947127707 and in Kenya you can contact Mr. Wilson Kibue No. 722801016 or Elizabeth Kibue No. 772885255.



Calling from United Kingdom

Cheap international calls from any phone







You Are ALL Welcome




Please, come (Saturday July 09, 2016 at St Mark's Church E6 5YA AT 7:30 pm) and help us to raise money for Murang'a South Anglican Diocese, Kenya to lift deprived Women and Families out of poverty, through Micro-finance programmes. The UK Christian Charity "5 Talents" will match a pound for pound on all monies raised. You can deposit your money gift to this Barclays Account. 53015262 Sort Code: 20-17-20, Ref: '5 Talents' and contact Rev’d -Peter Ngugi on 07913811783. God Bless you as you plan to come.




Rite of Passage and Mentorship Programme for Boys (ROPES) 2016


The above event is scheduled to take place during the Summer Holidays (July-August 2016) and those targeted are boys between the ages of 12-18 years. ROPES is an initiation of boys to adulthood.

The experience, positively, impacts young people as they come of age as adults as well as strengthen the fabric of the entire community. The candidates will be required to attend a ‘Two Days Mentorship Seminar’ before the initiation to adulthood. All those who are interested for Summer ROPES Programme (July-August 2016) are required to apply before the end of June, 2016. Registration Forms are available at PCEA UK Outreach, St. Matthew's Church, Dyson Road, Stratford, E15 4JX every Sunday between 2.00pm and 5.30pm  or contact the PCMF UK ROPES Secretary-Mr. Joseph Koimburi +447931490469 or PCMF UK ROPES Co-ordinator, Mr. Duncan K. Kamanu on 07928302497 / 02036481008  or e-mail:

You are All Welcome




Description: 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebrations

As we continue with our 10th Anniversary Celebrations activities, we are blessed to have on Sunday 19th, June 2016

the renowned Gospel Artiste from Kenya     

Gospel Artiste Loise Kim

At St. Matthew’s Church, 38 Dyson Road, London E15 4JX,

From 2.00pm

Therefore, remember to bring your dancing shoes to dance for the Lord.   

For more information please contact Rev. Edwin Kibathi on Mble No: +447946700301

or Francis Githinji on: +447951 013 245 or Anne Ochola on: +447920 165 186 or Lilian Kuguru on: +447508 956 388.    


Description: Fountain Enterprises Programme


All FEP shareholders who have not received their share certificate are requested to send their full names, contact details and attaching payment receipts/statement to

 Alternatively you can contact the representatives below:

Francis Githinji              +447951013245

Jane Nielsen                   +447903980841

Marjorie Nyaga              +447445213335




'MAMA & PAPA' Children Car-Seats, Model Nos: 04301313 & 0444596 (Look for Model Numbers at the back of the Child seat-'pink label', left).

If you bought your child-car seat (with above Model numbers) after 14th Decembber 2014, take it to any TESCO Shop or Store in Uk and you will get a refund of £40.00.

                                                                                                     For more information visit any Tersco Shop/Store.     

                                                                               In Memory of Our Parents                                                                            



Our beloved parents, the lates Solomon Kagika Kamanu & Mrs. Miriam Wanjiku Kagika, who were born in 1885-1987 and 1910-2012 respectifly, were taken to Glory by the Almighty God  when they were both 102 years. His name be praised.


Persistent snoring in children can harm their health


Many if not most children snore on occasion, and about 10 percent or more snore on most nights. Snoring is a noise that occurs during sleep when the child is breathing in and there is some blockage of air passing through the back of the mouth. The opening and closing of the air passage causes a vibration of the tissues in the throat. The loudness is affected by how much air is passing through and how fast the throat tissue is vibrating. Children who are three years or older tend to snore during the deeper stages of sleep. Primary snoring is defined as snoring that is not associated with more serious problems such as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), frequent arousals from sleep, or inability of the lungs to breathe in sufficient oxygen.

Loud and regular nightly snoring is often abnormal in otherwise healthy children. Sometimes it is a sign of a respiratory infection, a stuffy nose or allergy; other times it may be a symptom of sleep apnea. In 2002, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that all children be screened for snoring and that a diagnosis be conducted to determine if a child is experiencing normal primary snoring or obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. About one to three percent of children not only snore, but also suffer from breathing problems during their sleep. When snoring is accompanied by gasps or pauses in breathing, the child may have OSAS. Children’s muscles normally relax during sleep, but they can become so relaxed that the airway is narrowed or obstructed and sufficient air cannot pass through. This interferes with breathing, causing a pause in breathing that can last only a few seconds or as long as a minute. The brain is then alerted and signals the body to make an effort to start breathing again. This effort results in the child gasping or snorting, waking up and starting to breathe again. Because of these repeated arousals to breathe, the child may not get enough quality sleep and is likely to be sleepy or overtired during the day. CLICK HERE FOR MORE & VIDEO



   Kevin Kararwa Leukaemia Trust kindly brings to your attention the plight of a

2yr old girl from Kenya Ashleen Mueni Matheka.

Ashleen Mueni Matheka

Ashleen is a two year’s old girl who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML).  Her plight was brought to our attention by her family and friends who are desperately trying to save her life. Doctors in Kenyatta Hospital have exhausted all treatment options available and have advised that a bone marrow transplant is the only treatment that would give Ashleen a better chance of surviving. The family are appealing for financial help towards travel to India for the proposed treatment. As a trust we are deeply sadden by this ordeal although we are certain this is just but the tip of the icebag.We therefore kindly and humbly appeal to all Kenyans of Good will to support her family at this time of distress. Any financial help should be donated directly to Ashleen'a family on the details given here below:

Acc/ Name: Ashleen Mueni, Acc/No. 1480166229602

Equity Bank Kenya Limited, JKIA Branch        


Pesapal on - +254 729961095

Mpesa Account: Ashleen Mueni, Acc/No: 706543

Contact ; Father-+254729961095 or Mother-+254720095764.

Disclaimer: Please note KKLTrust is fronting this appeal on behalf of the family and all the funds are going to Ashleen’s fund’s account as listed in their appeal.

Thanks for helping and may God bless you. For the whole story please CLICK HERE for our Website



MP intervenes after boy gets admitted to girls school

Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau with Peter Karuga (left). Photo: The Star

What would you do if you get admitted to a secondary school of the opposite sex? Well, it happened in Murang’a county. A 14-year-old boy in the county was shocked to receive an admission letter to a girls school following the ongoing form one selection process. However, Peter Karuga, who got admitted to Kathiani Girls High School, was lucky as his misfortune reached the ears of the Kigumo constituency MP Jamleck Kamau. T he MP is reported to have helped Karuga, who scored 375 marks in 2015 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education at Ngurwe-ini Primary School, get a slot in a school he had always wanted to join – Njiiri Boys’ High School. “There was serious sloppiness in the form one selection. Surely, how did they expect the boy to study in a girls’ school? Such a mistake should not be repeated, to avoid baffling the children and their parents,” said Jamlek Kamau as quoted by The Star.


Karuga would join his new school any day from Wednesday, February 1 as per the reporting dates announced by the ministry of education. After the 2016 form one selection process by the education ministry, about 759,603 students (out of 937,430 who did the national examination in 2015) are expected to join secondary schools across the country. 23,085, mostly those who scored 400 marks and above, have been selected to join national schools while 63,990 will join extra county schools. Around 123,435 will go to county school as the bulk of the candidature – 481,318 – are set to join sub county schools. Those joining private schools will be 66,351 and 1,424 will join special needs schools. The Star.



Jane Karuga (4th left), and her six sisters, smartly dressed (left) and the family laying the flowers on the grave (centre). Seen on the picture on the right, (from left-right) is their father Mr. Josiah Wanyika Karuga, Jane Karuga, his brother Karuga and the sisters standing beside their Late mother, Teresia Wanjiru Karuga's coffin during her funeral on 18th December, 2015 in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County, Kenya.

The family of  Jane Karuga and Peter Lee wishes to express their sincere gratitude and appreciation for your prayers and support during our trying moment when we lost our dear Mum, the late Teresiah Wanjiru Karuga (Mama) Karuga. Words are not enough to say thank you for the way you stood with us, with prayers, words of encouragement, financially and, also, in condolences, during the entire period of our grief. To us, you will remain as a family and we pray that the Almighty God will reward you abundantly and meet your needs as per the desires of your hearts. God bless you ALL.





Now, you probably have seen all manner of cover versions for Adelle’s song ‘Hello’. This is just different. Watch a breathtaking performance of Kikuyu redition of ‘Hello’ as performed   by titus wainaina and a wambui during a live news broadcast on inooro TV in Nairobi, Kenya. By Kenya Satelite Network.



Nairobi, Nyanza And Western Regions Lead in Husband Battery

For quite some time now the belief has been that men from the central region in Kenya are the most endangered when it comes to domestic violence. This is perhaps so because of a number of incidences reported in the media ranging from knife attacks to burns by hot water and much more. But a latest study released on Thursday, January 14, is set to put this perception to bed after it indicated that men from Nairobi, Nyanza and Western regions in Kenya are actually the most bullied by spouses in the country. According to the final report of the 2014 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS), more than half of male respondents in the survey have experienced physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse from their partners. In Nairobi and Western regions, 60% of men surveyed have been battered by their wives while Nyanza comes second with 56%. Eastern region is fourth with 48% of men who have been bullied by spouses while Central region, which many perceive as the most unwelcoming environment for men, is fifth with 43%.

At the national level, 24% of all married men have experienced either physical, emotional or sexual violence while 1% of all married men has experienced the three forms.  “Most of the spousal violence most report is in the form of emotional violence. Only 9% of ever-married men report spousal physical or sexual violence compared to 39% of ever-married women,” the report says. The forms of violence used to conduct the survey ranged from being shaken, pushed or having things thrown at them. There were also those who were slapped, had their arms twisted, hair pulled, punched, kicked, drugged or beaten.

Others included chocking, burning, threatening and/or attacking with knives, gun or any other weapon and physical force to engage in sex. During the presentation of the report, Planning Principal Secretary Saitoti Torome revealed that the survey which was conducted between May and October, 2014, was aimed at helping in planning, monitoring, evaluating and implementing of population and health programmes in the country. The survey is the sixth conducted in Kenya since 1989 and it is aimed at providing data to monitor and plan for the health situation. TUKO.


Uhuru Mourns Al Shabaab Victims

Uhuru Kenyatta has saluted the spirit of Kenya Defence Forces soldiers who perished while fighting off Al shabaab militants who attacked a military base in Somalia occupied by Kenya soldiers. In a statement, Uhuru confirmed the attack in which he said a number of KDF soldiers were felled by the  Al shabaab militants bullet in the Friday early morning attack.  “Regrettably, some of our patriots in uniform paid the ultimate price. It is heart-breaking,” said Uhuru Kenyatta who is the Commander-in-Chief of The Armed Forces. Al shabaab have claimed that they killed 61 KDF soldiers in the ensuing melee  and took over control of the base. The death figures cannot be independently verified. The country woke up to disturbing news of fierce exchange of fire on  Friday January 15, between the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and Al-Shabaab militants near the Kenyan border at El-Adde area of southern Somalia.

The fighting began after the militants rammed a suicide car bomb through the gates of an army camp being used by KDF troops who are under the African Mission In Somalia (AMISOM) forces, provoking a counter attack by the soldiers.  “I want to take this opportunity to express mine and the country’s deepest sympathy to the families and loved ones of the fallen. I stand with you. Our country stands with you,” went on Uhuru. African Union troops, comprising about 22,000 soldiers from several African nations including Kenya, have spent nearly a decade battling al Shabaab insurgents in Somalia, a country mired in conflict since civil war broke out in 1991. TUKO.




New Year's Eve is approaching fast and we all need to get our plans in place. Come and bid farewell to the old 2015 and usher in the New Year 2016 with us at our New Year’s Eve Service on the 31st December 2015 starting from 10.00 pm till late.  This will be held at Memorial Community Church (Swift Centre),

395 Barking Road, Plaistow, London, E13 8AL 

Gospel Artiste Rachel Njeri

We are blessed to have on the night the renowned Gospel Artiste Rachel Njeri from Nottingham and DJ Otach spinning the decks. Therefore remember to bring your dancing shoes to dance for the Lord.   

For more information please contact Rev Edwin Kibathi on 07946700301 





Chair Covers for Hire @ 0.99p

We recognise how important it is to keep all aspects of your big day in mind. Our Chairs Covers ensure that your venue is prepared with Style and elegance.

White SpandexArched Chair Covers with excellenceelasticity and fully re-enforced Foot Pockets are available. Foot Pockets are available for hire @ 0.99p each.

Please contact: Jane or Tony on 07701084881/ 07960748968




Pastor John Ndungu

A Kenyan Pastor and Gospel singer, Pastor John Ndungu, famous for his ‘Gatheri’ Gospel song, is currently in UK and he will be the guest speaker on Sunday, 19th, July 2015 at St. Mathews Church, Dyson Road, E15 4JX, Stratford, off Romford Road, during the PCEA UK Church Sunday Service at 2.00pm.            On Friday, 24th July, 2015, he will be at Christ Church Newham, 663 Barking Road, London, E13 9EX from 9.00pm for prayers and fasting. For more information you can contact; Rev. Edwin Kibathi on 07946700301.

You are ALL Welcome


PCEA'S Very Special Thanksgiving Service for Missionaries

  The PCEA Moderator, Rt. Rev. Julius Guantai Mwamba (left) and (right) Rev. Mwamba discussing a point with The PCEA UK Outreach, London, Minister, Rev. Edwin Kibathi, during the Very Special thanksgiving service in Edinburg, Scotland.   

Recently, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), Moderator, Rt. Rev. Julius Quantai Mwamba, accompanied by the PCEA UK Outreach, Minister, Rev. Edwin M. Kibathi and some PCEA UK Church Leaders worshipped and celebrated Holy Communion together with the retired Scottish missionaries, from across Scotland, who served in Kenya. The very special thanksgiving Service, which was led by the Moderator, Rt. Rev. Mwamba, was specifically to thank and pay special tribute to the retired Scottish missionaries who served in Kenya. 

The Very Special Thanksgiving Service, which was led by the Moderator, Rt. Rev. Mwamba, was specifically to thank and pay special tribute to the retired Scottish missionaries who served in Kenya.

Some of the retired Scottish Missionaries during the thanksgiving Service


Couple face court after taking children out of school to see sick grandfather

Shahnawaz and Sofiya Patel ignored headteacher’s refusal of their authorised absence request so their sons could visit their grandfather during term time.

Shahnawaz Patel at home in Preston with his wife Sofiya and their sons Omar and Eiad. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian


A couple who took their children out of school without permission to visit their sick grandfather in India are being taken to court this week as part of the government’s continuing crackdown on term-time absence. Shahnawaz and Sofiya Patel had put in a request to their two sons’ primary school for an authorised absence to make the trip last December when the children’s grandfather was undergoing surgery. It was the first time the Patels, from Preston, Lancashire, had made such a request, and their children – Omar, 11, and Eiad, eight – have had no previous unauthorised absences, but their school, the English Martyrs Catholic primary in Preston, refused permission. The children’s grandmother died three years earlier in a car crash; they did not go to the funeral and had not seen their grandfather, who survived the accident, for five years – so the Patels went ahead with the trip. Click Here For More



Illegal Immagrantion arrests at Dover rise sharply

New figures show 563 were held or arrested by Port of Dover police for illegal immigration last year, up from 148 in 2013.


Migrants gather at a charity feeding station just outside central Calais last year (left) and scanners have been used to detect stowaways trying to smuggle themselves into Britain (right) Photos: GEOFF PUGH and (EPA) respectively

The number of illegal immigrants held or arrested by police at Dover rose nearly fourfold in a year, new figures show, as haulage leaders warned someone is likely to be killed in the escalating Calais migrant crisis. New figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show 563 were held or arrested by Port of Dover police officers last year, up from 148 in 2013. The figures obtained by the BBC emerged following a weekend of more disruption to cross-Channel services when around 150 migrants tried to storm the Channel Tunnel terminal in France. Click Here For More..


Donald Trump vows to be the “greatest representative of Christians”  if he wins White House

The United States business tycoon Donald Trump (left) has not yet announced his presidential candidacy, but he hinted that if he becomes the next US president, he will be the “greatest representative of Christians that they’ve had in a long time.” In an interview with David Brody of CBN, Trump talked about immigration and Christianity, and promised that the United States would be rich again. When asked his opinion about Christianity and religious freedom, Trump said that Christians are “being treated horribly because we have nobody to represent the Christians.” “Believe me, if I run and I win, I will be the greatest representative of Christians they’ve had in a long time,” he said. He said there’s a lack of respect for Christians.

On immigration, Trump said he would build a fence at the southern border to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants, and would have Mexico pay for it. “Now, at the southern border everybody comes in. You just walk by. So we are taking hundreds of thousands of people. Some good people and some rapists and some killers and drug lords, and they are flowing through the southern border. I would build a wall like nobody else could. And nobody would come in illegally anymore,” he said. He said with his experience in real estate, “Nobody can build a fence like me.”

“I build great buildings all over the world. I would have Mexico pay for it. Believe me.“ “They will pay for it because they have really ripped this country off. They have really taken advantage of us both economically and at the border. They will pay for that fence,” Trump said.

If he becomes president, he said, the US will become rich and great again. The United States business tycoon Donald Trump has not yet announced his presidential candidacy, but he hinted that if he becomes the next US president, he will be the “greatest representative of Christians that they’ve had in a long time.” In an interview with David Brody of CBN, Trump talked about immigration and Christianity, and promised that the United States would be rich again. When asked his opinion about Christianity and religious freedom, Trump said that Christians are “being treated horribly because we have nobody to represent the Christians.” “Believe me, if I run and I win, I will be the greatest representative of Christians they’ve had in a long time,” he said.

He said there’s a lack of respect for Christians.

On immigration, Trump said he would build a fence at the southern border to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants, and would have Mexico pay for it. “Now, at the southern border everybody comes in. You just walk by. So we are taking hundreds of thousands of people. Some good people and some rapists and some killers and drug lords, and they are flowing through the southern border. I would build a wall like nobody else could. And nobody would come in illegally anymore,” he said. He said with his experience in real estate, “Nobody can build a fence like me.”

“I build great buildings all over the world. I would have Mexico pay for it. Believe me.“ “They will pay for it because they have really ripped this country off. They have really taken advantage of us both economically and at the border. They will pay for that fence,” Trump said. If he becomes president, he said, the US will become rich and great again. By


Pakistani pigeon arrested for espionage in India (VIDEO)

While intelligence agencies across the globe are busy boosting their communication interception capabilities, Indian authorities have not forgotten the centuries-old methods adversaries might use, literally intercepting a spy pigeon from Pakistan. Hard to believe but true. It is one of the few occasions recently that a bird has been deemed a “spy”and arrested by authorities after the discovery of a secret message or a wire-like objects on their bodies.

The white pigeon is believed to have crossed from Pakistan earlier this week, before a 14-year-old boy in the Indian village of Pathankot, Punjab state, captured it some 4km from the border.

The boy rushed to hand the “spy” over to police, who discovered a message in the Urdu language and numbers that authorities believe were part of a landline telephone number in Pakistan’s Narowal district.

Puzzled by the discovery, police sent the bird to get x-rayed for more possible clues. “Nothing adverse has been found, but we have kept the bird in our custody,” Pathankot senior superintendent of police (SSP) Rakesh Kaushal told the Times of India. Because the messenger was seized as an inter-state security conference was taking place among Punjab police, authorities decided to make a diary entry classifying the bird as a “suspected spy”, and notifying intelligence agencies.

The pigeon discovery also comes two days after the country’s Intelligence Bureau (IB) issued an alert warning of Indian Mujahedeen being active in Jammu and Pathankot regions.

This is not the first time birds have been arrested for spying. In 2008, Iranian authorities arrested two pigeons allegedly spying on a nuclear facility. In 2013, a stork was detained in Egypt also on espionage charges. Click Here for Video.

Minute's Silence At Midday For Tunisia Victims Killed In Beach Massacre

The nation fell silent at midday to remember the British holidaymakers who were gunned last week. The mark of remembrance comes as the government confirmed that of the 38 victims of last Friday's massacre, 30 of them were British. Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburg (left), who are on a tour of Strathclyde University’s Technology and innovation Centre, and the spectators of the 129th Lawn Tennis Championship Tournament at Wimbledon (right), stand as Britain remembers the victims of the Tunisia terror attack with a minute silence. Flags were flown at half-mast over Whitehall and Buckingham Palace (centre) as a mark of respect for those murdered in the mass shooting. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images). For More Click Here.



On Sunday, the 28th June, 2015, 18 women members of PCEA UK Outreach, London, were commsioned and given Badges as Woman's Guild members of PCEA UK Outreach by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Internatiuonal Woman's Guild Organizer/ Secretary, Mrs. Veronica Muchiri. She was, also, the guest preacher of the day.

Seen in the picture on the left are, Rev. Kibathi, PCEA UK Outreach Minister, (right), the International Woman's Guild Organiser/Secretary, Mrs. Veronica Muchiri (centre) and Mrs. Mbaki (left) praying for the head gears nd badges before the commissioning ceremony of The Woman's Guild Members. Mrs. Muchiri is seen in the picture on the right commissioning Mary Waceke Kamau to a Woman's Guild member.

Commissioned, also, as a member of Woman's Guild was Mrs. Esther Kamanu, sister to Mr. Seed, and right, Mr. Manji Wairia smiling as he watches Mrs. Muchiri pinning a badge on his wife Mrs. Caroline Manji. Mrs. Wairia is the Leader of the members of PCEA UK Outreach Woman's Guild.


Left, Mrs. Veronica Muchiri is seen giving a word of advise to all the commissed and badged women on how to behave as members of the Woman's Guild, and on right, she is seen delivering the word for the day as she was the guest preacher. In her sermon, which was based on 2 Kings 4:8-12 and Mark 6:30-44, she outlined the meanings of the WOMAN'S as W-women should be wise and have wisdom to deal with their day to day family cores; O-shoulkd be well organized; M-should be mentors to the other young women/girls; A-they should be able to do things in Godly ways at all times, at home, work etc.; N-Nurtures-should be able to take care of, feed, and protect someone or something, especially young children or plants, etc; and S-be submissive to their parents and husbands; while GUILD means; G_ should be Godly at all times; U-be able to unity others as unity is strength; I-have intergrity; L- be leaders at home and other leadable areas and finally she concluded by saying that D-women should be dedicated to God and their families especially their husbands.

A group photograph of the newly commissioned members of The Woman's Guild includng the ones who were given The Woman's Guild Badges to become full members of the Guild. Sitting, from left are: The PCEA Woman's Guild International Organiser/ Secretary Mrs. Veronica N. Muchiri, PCEA UK Outreach Minister-in-charge, Rev. Edwin M. Kibathi and his Wife Mrs. Ann Mbugua


Kenyan jailed in US for drunk driving after 9 years on the run

An aerial view of the Montgomery County State Attorney's offices and the Montgomery County Circuit Court, where a Kenyan, Wilfred Christopher Olalo, who fled the US after causing a crash that killed a retired police officer nine years ago was sentenced. GRAPHIC | GOOGLE MAP

A Kenyan man who had been on the run for almost a decade appeared before a US judge on Wednesday to face charges of homicide by motor vehicle. Mr Wilfred Christopher Olalo was wanted on charges stemming from a drunk-driving crash that seriously injured a retired Maryland police officer in December 2004. Mr Olalo caused three crashes in less than half an hour in the city of Rockville, MD. In one of the crashes, he slammed into the back of two vehicles, one of which was being driven by the retired cop, 76-year-old Joseph O’Brien. Mr O’Brien succumbed to his injuries two years later in 2006. According to court documents, he was found completely inebriated and could not stand up on his own when arrested. Mr Olalo appeared before a judge in April 2006, where he pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated and vehicular homicide and was scheduled to be sentenced at a later date.


The judge at the time asked him to surrender his passport pending sentencing, but he fled to Kenya. After nine years on the run, Mr Olalo was apprehended in Kenya earlier this year after joint efforts by the US and Kenyan authorities as well as Interpol. “It's just good to know that Interpol, the state department and our friends in Kenya in the law enforcement community over there were able to get this fugitive and bring him back,” said Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for the Montgomery County State Attorney.

Mr Olalo was sentenced to the maximum jail time of three years and 60 days and is expected to face additional charges for skipping bond, which may earn him an additional five years in jail. He apologised to the family of the late Mr O’Brien but he said he could not remember the details of the crash. The victim’s family accepted the apology but were bothered by the fact that he could not remember the crash.




It is with deep sorrow we announce the promotion to glory of  Mr. Patrick Mbutha Mburu who passed away at Hillingdon Hospital, London on Thursday, 18th June 2015. The late Mburu comes from Kamburu, Githunguri, Kiambu County. He was the beloved husband to Mrs. Lucy Mburu and father to Stephen Mbugua of Kenya, Mauren Wangari and Christine Wanjiku, all of Hayes in West London, UK. Family and friends are currently meeting at his residence at 17 Vorcoe Gardens, Hayes, UB3 2FF between 7.00pm and 9.00pm for prayers and funeral arrangements.

The family would be very grateful for every assistance accorded towards repatriation of the body and subsequent funeral in Kenya. Those wishing to help can do so through Barclays Bank, Account no. 10383929, Sort Code 207858, Account name: Paul Kariuki.

For further information and to console the family, you can contact: Pastor Tony - +447588158321, Irad - +447939214575 or Lucy - +447535977067.


MP proposes Bill to abolish death penalty

                      The National Assembly in session. An MP has drafted a Bill whose enactment would result in the repeal of the death sentence from Kenya’s laws and stem the rising number of death-row prisoners. FILE PHOTO NATION MEDIA GROUP


The death penalty could be abolished if a Bill proposed by an MP becomes law. The draft Bill, if enacted, would result in the repeal of the death sentence from Kenya’s laws and stem the rising number of death-row prisoners. The proposal seeks to remove death as a punishment from the Penal Code through the Penal Code (Amendment) Bill and the Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Bill.

The Bill, sponsored by Oljororok MP John Waiganjo, is being scrutinised by the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee before it is published and formally introduced in the House.

Mr Waiganjo argues that it is improper to have the death sentence in the law because it violates the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. “Article 26 of the Constitution guarantees the right to life for all citizens and provides that this right may only be qualified by the Constitution or an Act of Parliament,” said the MP in the Bill.


“The punishment is immoral, ineffective as a deterrent and has failed to adequately restore victims of crimes for which it is prescribed,” he added. Kenya has not executed a single death-row convict since the hanging of Hezekiah Ochuka, a junior officer in the Kenya Air Force who headed the group of rogue officers who attempted to overthrow President Daniel arap Moi in August 1982.

The number of death-row convicts has, however, continued to grow, since the provision is still in the statutes. A person is subject to a death sentence for robbery with violence or murder.

Robbery with violence can be as simple as using a knife to threaten someone before robbing them, or shooting and injuring the person before taking away his or her property. The two draft Bills are understood to have caused intense debate at the committee’s meeting last Tuesday, which was closed to the public, as a number of MPs in the team support the death sentence.

Kiharu MP Irungu Kang’ata, who is an advocate of the High Court, said the penalty acts as a deterrent and that “some offences are too grave and only the death sentence can assuage the loss”.


He gave defilers and mass murderers as examples of people who should be put to death for their crimes. He argued that it is too expensive to keep prisoners serving life sentences, and a poor state such as Kenya would be better off using that money to support orphans rather than murderers and robbers.

“Some offences should not attract death, such as robbery with violence, where a victim doesn’t die (and) treason, which is a political offence,” he added. Some members of the committee were also reported to be of the view that mitigation should be allowed before a death sentence is imposed so that, for example, if a policeman kills in the line of duty, he can be imprisoned for life rather than be executed.

In prison, death-row convicts do not work because “they are waiting to die”, but because there have been no executions for 28 years, that wait is considered meaningless. In 2009, President Mwai Kibaki commuted the death sentences of more than 4,000 death-row inmates to life sentences. He said he was following the advice of a constitutional committee and asked Kenyans to engage in a national debate on the issue, implying therefore that the death penalty could be repealed. In July 2010, the Court of Appeal declared unconstitutional the mandatory death sentence for murder.












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Homeowner calls police when cat refuses to allow him back inside home

This has to be one of the strangest domestic incidents ever reported to police. It involved a homeowner in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, calling authorities because his angry cat wouldn’t let him back inside his house. ‘My cat was getting too aggressive, and I was inside, and then he attacked me, he scratched me in my leg and he bite me,’ he was heard saying on the 911 call. ‘So me and my wife, we come outside, and now we cannot go in the home for like three to four hours,’ the man said. The dispatcher took pity on him and sent a police unit that helped him get back into his home, FOXCT reported. The owner and his pet, which had recently had a kitten, are thought to be getting on better.







The Story of Jesus - Kikuyu / Gikuyu /Gekoyo / Gigikuyu Language




Kenyan History~ Learning about Kenya Through History

Kikuyu elders at a Beer Festival (Tuthu Village,Muranga in 1908)


Anglican Church History in Kenya

The history of the Anglican church of Kenya dates back to 1844 when the first missionary from the Church Missionary (CMS), Dr. Johann Ludwing Krapf arrived in Mombasa. He was joined two years later by Rev. Johann Rebman. The two CMS intended to link a CMS station that was established at Rabai in the coastal region at the same time. The missionaries had to study and learn African languages in order to communicate and spread Christianity. This resulted to Krapf's translation of the book of Genesis chapter 1-3 in Kiswahili in 1847. In the same year, Krapf visited Ukambani in an evangelistic exploration while Rebman visited Taita.

In 1848, Krapf translated St.Luke’s gospel into Nyika (Rabai) and in 1850, St. Mark’s gospel into Kamba (some local languages). Three years later, Mringe a dying cripple became the first Anglican convert to be baptized. Later a colony was set up by CMS at free town for freed slaves. This became the venue for the baptism of the first Giriama converts. The diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa was formed in 1884 and it included Uganda, Kenya and Tanganyika with James Hannington as the first Bishop. One year after, ex-slaves Ishmael Semler and William Jones became the first Africans to be ordained to the Anglican Ministry. In October the same year, Bishop Hannington was brutally murdered on his way to Uganda.

Divinity training for evangelists started in 1889 at CMS, Freetown. Nine years later, the diocese of Mombasa was formed comprising the vast Kenya's geographical coverage and Northern Tanganyika. The first CMS missionary A.W McGregor arrived in Kabete in 1900 (currently Central Kenya) and three years later, the first Kikuyu scriptures were published. The Swahili New Testament was completed in Mombasa in 1909 while the first Anglican baptisms in Western Kenya were conducted in Maseno and Kima a year later. In 1900, the Luo community of western Kenya first received the scriptures in “Dholuo”, their own language.

The entire Swahili Bible was finally completed in Mombasa in 1914 as the mass movement into the churches in Nyanza and Central Kenya began in 1916. In 1921 St. John's Church Nairobi located at Jackson Road (currently Parliament grounds) moved to Pumwani. In replacement of St John's Church, the Highland Cathedral was started and St. Stephen Church Jogoo Road. The Language Translation Centre moved to Peel Gardens which has developed into ACK Language and Orientation School & ACK Nairobi Guest House.  The famous Alliance High School, which is one of the country’s leading schools, was inaugurated in 1926 at Kikuyu by the Alliance of protestant missions, with only 26 students. That same year the New Testament, was completed in Kikuyu and Luo.




istory~ Learning about Kenya Through History

Moi Avenue, Nairobi, Sunday 17th November, 1913

  1. Wanjiru is the mother to the Anjiru clan
  2. Wanjiku is the mother to the Anjiku clan
  3. Wambui  is the mother to the Ambui clan
  4. Wangui or Waithiegeni is the mother of the Angui or Aithiegeni clan
  5.  Waithira or Wangeci is the mother to the Aithirandu or Angeci clans
  6. Waceera or Wanjeri is the mother of the Aceera clan
  7. Nyambura or Akiuru or Ethaga is the mother of the Ethaga clan
  8. Wairimu or Gathiigia is the mother to the Airimu or Agathigia clan
  9. Wangari or muithekahuno is the mother of the Angari clan also known as Aithekahuno
  10. Wamuyu or Warigia was the last born to Gikuyu and Mumbi and is the mother to the Aicakamuyu,Warigia,Wanjugu clan

As you notice the clans are ten and not nine as per the number of daughters. This has been one controversial discussion among historians. Many historians attest to a 10th daughter (Wamuyu). Wamuyu, remained unmarried but nevertheless as a single mother became the mother of the Aicakamuyu clan. The common reason given for this omission is because the Kikuyu believe saying plainly there are 10 clans/daughters would bring bad omen to the community. According to Father Cagnolo of the Consolata Fathers in his 1933 book,”Akikuyu” he says the term used to refer to Mihiriga/clans was,”Mihiriga ni Kenda eihoire” meaning, “the clans are nine in full”. Stanley Kiama Gathigira in his “Gikuyu” book.

Ni wega kumenyuo ati ruriri rwa Gikuyu ruri mihiriga kenda uiyuire – kenda uiyuire ni ikumi uhoroini wa kugera andu tondu Agikuyu matigeraga muigana wa andu, matigathire”– “It is good to note that the Gikuyu tribe has nine full clans – nine full is ten in the manner of counting people as the Agikuyu do not number people in case they peris.

Gakaara wa Wanjau writes in his book Mihiriga ya Agikuyu, (1967)

Ona gutuika Agikuyu moigaga ati mihiriga yao ni kenda, ni kuri hitho yuikaine wega ati mihiriga yothe ni ikumi. Agikuyu ni matuuraga mari na mugiro wa kugera andu kana mahiu imwe nginya ikumi, na tondu ucio matigitikagira gutengura ati mihiriga yao ni ikumi tondu ni mehokete ati gwika uguo ni gutuma andu ao mathire. Handu ha kugweta ikumi magwetaga “kenda muiyuru.” – Even if the Kikuyu say that their clans are nine, there is a well-known secret that the clans are ten. The Kikuyu have lived with the taboo of counting people or domestic animals one to ten, and because of this they do not agree to state that their clans are ten because they believe that doing this will bring their demise. Instead of stating ten they say “nine full"






Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea


Health benefits of red rooibos tea include its use as a cure for nagging headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies, and premature aging. The tea is absolutely free from caffeine content and is also low in tannins. You can enjoy the refreshing beverage all day long with no possible side effects. Drinking rooibos tea can further ease severe stomach cramps, as well as bring relief to asthma and other related conditions. It also boosts the immune system of the human body. The health benefits of red rooibos tea are abundant. This form of tea has traditionally been popular due to its great taste and unique color, while also boosting the health of the body. Rooibos tea or red tea is a medicinal, herbal beverage that is acquired from the Aspalathus linearis bush plant that is found in South Africa. According to the South African Rooibos Council, rooibos is not a true tea, but an herb. The fermented tea is red in color. Its medicinal attributes have been confirmed by The US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC, which has affirmed that red rooibos tea is capable of reducing cancer, heart disease, premature aging and other serious conditions.

Nutritional Value of Red Rooibos Tea

Red rooibos tea has no oxalic acid and therefore, it can be consumed by people who have kidney stones. Rooibos tea is rich in many mineral contents such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper, fluoride, manganese, zinc, magnesium and alpha hydroxy acid. It also contains antioxidants like aspalathin and nothofagin, and the extremely potent and versatile phenolic compounds.


Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea

Red rooibos tea is one of the best health drinks or beverages for those who care about their health and fitness. Some of the beneficial factors that have been positively correlated with red rooibos tea can be found below.

Polyphenols: Rooibos contains polyphenols that have anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimutagenic qualities. Polyphenols are organic chemicals that are most often praised for their antioxidant capabilities. Rooibos tea has 

many phenolic compounds within it, and polyphenols are some of the most important. They act as scavengers of free radicals throughout the body, which are detrimental byproducts of cell metabolism that can cause diseases like cancer and heart disease. Aspalathin and nothofagin are two other vital antioxidants that rooibos tea contains, making this a great beverage to boost your immune system and protect your body against all types of diseases and conditions.


No Caffeine: Rooibos tea is completely caffeine-free, therefore it is recommended by doctors for patients suffering from insomnia. A cup of rooibos beverage just before going to bed can help you sleep better, and by removing caffeine from your diet, you can also improve your stress levels, mood, and heart health. Being dependent on caffeine is the most common addiction throughout the world, but people don’t realize the dangers that it can pose. Rooibos tea gives you the energy and health benefits, without the dangerously addictive substance.


Hypertension: Rooibos tea is known to relieve stress, nervous tension and hypertensive conditions. Hypertension is more commonly known as high blood pressure, and rooibos tea is known as a brochodilator, which not only relieves respiratory conditions, but generally reduces blood pressure, which can lead to dangerous cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and atherosclerosis.


Bone Health: Red rooibos tea is rich in calcium, manganese and fluoride minerals that assist in maintaining good bone structure and stronger teeth. By increasing the bio-availability of minerals in your system, you can reduce your chances of developing conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic joint pain. Manganese actually works on an even deeper level, and stimulates the enzymes which are required top build new bones and repair damage. Flouride is related more commonly to dental health, which is why flouride compounds are so often found in mouthwashes and toothpastes. Whether it is teeth or bone structure, red rooibos tea gives you an advantage!


Cardiovascular Health: Quercetin, another powerful antioxidant found in rooibos tea, has been linked topreventing a wide variety of heart conditions. It is anti-inflammatory, which reduces blood pressure, and it also scavenges free radicals like other antioxidants. It promotes an increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and inhibits the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) from binding to the walls of arteries and blood vessels. This means added protection against various heart conditions, including atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.


Infant Health: Rooibos tea can be useful for small children who suffer from colic or stomach pains. You may add some sweetened milk to the tea to improve the flavor and make it more palatable. This is actually what first began rooibos tea as a well-known health aid. Various South African women claimed that this plant was very soothing for their colicky infant. Word began to spread and rooibos tea was suddenly being thrown at any number of health issues to see what else it could help. 50 years later, the world knows all about this powerful little herb! The exact mechanism by which it soothes colic and stomach pain is unknown, but the general anti-inflammatory properties of the herb are most likely responsible.


Tea is Kenya’s largest foreign exchange earner, accounting for 25 per cent of export earnings and four per cent of the GDP. On May 26, KRA Commissioner-General John Njiraini held talks with the tea industry stakeholders in Mombasa and promised to address the delays. Contacted for comment yesterday, the commissioner of customs, Mr Julius Musyoki, directed the Nation to Ms Grace Wandera, in charge of communications at KRA. Produce from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Madagascar, Mozambique and Ethiopia is sold at the auction. According to Eatta, daily tea shipments account for up to $5 million (Sh490 million), which translates to about 500 containers worth $35 million (Sh3.4 billion) every week. Currently, only 20 per cent of the consignment is shipped, which means the tea industry has been losing $25 million (Sh2.4 billion) per week over the past fortnight. “Matters are bound to be worse when the weekly auction sale volumes rise from the current 5.2 million to the standard 8.5 million kilogrammes,” Eatta said in a statement. It now takes 36 hours from the time a container leaves the warehouse to the time it is loaded, as opposed to less than six hours previously, with transporters now raising their rates since they take hours waiting to deliver the cargo. The Kenya Ship Agents Association (KSSA) said although it was supportive of the procedures, it could result in declined exports, and deny the exchequer foreign currency. To mitigate the situation, KSSA suggests that KRA should appoint accredited inspection firms to supervise loading of containers at the port. “We are also proposing that a weighbridge with scanners should be installed at the KPA gates for weighing each and every tea export prior to entry into the port,” said the association’s chairman, Mr David Mackay, in a letter to KRA. - Daily Nation.



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Crocodiles without Water!!