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President Uhuru Kenyatta's address at the Labour Day 2015 celebrations




Drinking Water at the Right Time
      Maximizes its effectiveness on the 
          Human Body;

Minimum Wage Increment: President Kenyatta raises minimum wages by 12%



President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced a 12% increase on basic minimum salary for employees. The President led Kenyans in celebrating this year’s Labour Day celebrations, which is marked annually by workers. Among other issues that the president addressed is the country’s security situation, and the economy. This comes as a report released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) this week showed that the cost of living in Kenya rose to an eight-month high in April due to a significant rise in the cost of food. Top union officials led by the Secretary General of the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Francis Atwoli who were present called for improved remuneration for workers. The government has been under pressure to increase the minimum wage for workers as well as provide an enabling environment for business in the country


Mr Atwoli asked the President not to bring back the suspended officials facing corruption accusations


Kenyans in the UK remember Garissa Victims

Story by Sofie Wangari Gatibah


Kenyan High Commissioner to the UK H.E Mr Lazarus O. Amayo and his wife Mrs Nelly Amayo, Mr George Kabuti second counsellor and Ms Ruth Macharia confidential secretary joined Kenyans on Saturday 25th April, at the Ealing Christian Centre in London to pray for the nation, and to remember the victims of the Garissa attacks. It was the first Kenyan gathering organised by the community that H.E. Amayo had attended since arriving in the UK. He amazed those present with his eloquent quotations from the bible, as he talked of the sanctity of human life and the hope of resurrection, as a message of comfort to those who were bereaved. On security he said that the Kenyan government has beefed up security and continues to invest in it, and that Kenya is working with international partners in efforts to combat terrorism through the sharing of intelligence. The HC stated that we the diaspora are the first line of ambassadors in the UK and he's looking forward to working with us in line with the government pillars. He also added that his doors are open to every Kenyan in the UK


Remembrance Service

The event started with a 40 minutes remembrance service for the 148 Garissa massacre victims led by the Kenya Community Rebuild leadership. There was a candle lighting procession that was led by children followed by prayers by Pastor Kibathi from London, Pastor Maluki from Luton and Pastor Timothy Wahome from Swindon.


KCR Structure

The occasion also marked the 4th anniversary of Kenya Community Rebuild (KCR), which was launched in 2011 by Jane Kiguru where she called to Kenyans from all walks of life to join her in building an organisation that would serve the diaspora.  Since its launch KCR has grown in leaps and bounds and has rolled out programs and projects that seek to serve the diaspora as well as a link to Kenya. It is led by an able leadership which has its work divided in 5 distinct pillars namely, Spiritual, Economic, Youth, Social, Government Relations and Advocacy. KCR has representatives in various regions in the UK and also works as an umbrella organisation working with many affiliate organisations and partners. KCR has a Christian foundation, and works across denominations and religions, across professions and seeks to work with Kenyans from all walks of life.


Diaspora Conference feedback

Kenyans in the UK were called to mobilise, create data base with their skills and also particulars in order to facilitate voting in the 2017 elections as well as creating a vehicle that the Government of Kenya can engage with. According to Sophie Gitiba, in her feedback on the Diaspora conference that took place last month in Kenya, the Kenyan Government demonstrated a genuine desire to engage with the Diaspora, and the conference was an eloquent testimony of the Government's keen interest and commitment in the active participation of the Diaspora in national development. Ms Gitiba urged all diaspora Kenyans to create a platform where they can tell their stories, in order to have an inclusive and participatory engagement. Without the Government knowing what we have, who we are, then engagement becomes superficial, and a lot of valuable time for the diaspora is lost. She warned that “Kenya is growing at an amazing rate, and will continue to do so with or without us, - You snooze, You lose”. She urged everyone to read and review the diaspora policy that was launched in January 2015, which the government put at the heart of the conference, and will be used to engage the diaspora, going forward.


Awards for Serving

KCR 4th anniversary theme was celebrating others and HE Lazarus Amayo presented certificates to Kenyans in the UK who have contributed to the community. Among those honoured were:


Mr Peter Njiiri Karanja (Misterseed), who got his award for being the backbone to many successes witnessed within the Kenyan community through his work of many years of selfless service. He was further honoured when another nominee Joyce Macharia, in her acceptance speech said she had used Misterseed website to find all of the sponsors for her project and had been enabled her to educate over 100 IDP children. Mr Njiri is the founder of the Misterseed website, which was and still is the leading website for Kenyans in the UK. Those who nominated Misterseed referenced him as a bright torch in their journeys, as he went beyond the service of his website to  taking a personal interest in their work which was a true seed in their lives; from support with immigration information, to buying a house, to the stock market education and to even starting a church.


Misterseed receiving an Award from the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK for his contribution to the community

Lillian Orinda, was honoured for her work visiting detainees, she was referred to as “The lady with a golden heart!” Every week, for 10 years Lillian has visited people in detention camps! She has done this out of her love for humanity and sympathy for the detainees, who can be lonely and afraid, and with no one to listen to them. Lillian has been there to listen hundreds and to hold their hand when they needed it most!


Lillian Orinda, was honoured for her work visiting detainees, she was referred to as “The lady with a golden heart!” Every week, for 10 years


Irene Mosota (Scotland), is the founder of Upendo food that is researching at Abertay University Dundee and producing nutritious food as a means of stopping hunger. Irene was honoured for her innovations that work towards ending poverty and hunger through sustainable development models. Irene was recently selected as one of the top 100 UK’s most promising leaders of African Heritage, who have a passion to support African communities in the UK and Africa.


Peninah Achieng  (Bristol), is a Business Finance Partner within the Ministry of Justice UK, She was honoured for her long service to the community. Peninah has served as a Union Activist for the past 12 years within the South West Regional Black members committee for self organised groups, she was one of the Founders of the African Community Network in Gloucester, She is the Chair of Bristol Link with Beira a grassroots organisation set up in the early 1990's to fight against Apartheid in South Africa; she was previously she was the Chair for St Paul’s Carnival for 4 years and is chair for African Voices Bristol.

Joyce Macharia (Newcastle), has worked tirelessly to provide education for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’S) of 2007/8 clashes. To date has put over 100 children, into education, 13 of them in University, who would have otherwise not had an education. She has co-ordinated between Kenya and the UK to ensure that she raises the necessary funds through getting members of the UK to sponsor a child’s education by advertising on Misterseed website, and identifying children in Kenya who need help.


Joyce Macharia (Newcastle), has worked tirelessly to provide education for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’S) of 2007/8 clashes. To date has put over 100 children


Alice Kirika – Was honoured for her inspiring work with the youth. Alice founded  ‘iChoose’ which is a group of young people, aged 13-30 years with the aim of constantly keeping the youth busy and focused on God. iChoose gives youth opportunities to present their talents through music at seminars, music events, concerts and many more.

iChoose launched ‘Fathers & Sons Bridging the Gap’. Whose aim is to unite fathers with their sons in the hope of mentoring them to bridge any gap that created boundaries in their relationship, both father and son, and to leave with the same level of understanding.


Alice Kirika – Was honoured for her inspiring work with the yout

Shamlal Puri was honoured for giving Diaspora stories a platform in Kenya through his Column on Standard newspaper. He is an international journalist, a photographer, author  and an editor, with four-decade of service in the media. His widely acclaimed novels including Dubai Dreams and his contribution to the humour columns of drum magazine  where he wrote for 24 years under the pen names of Michael Matatu, Malimoto and Akili Mingi. 


Shamlal Puri was honoured for giving Diaspora stories a platform in Kenya through his Column on Standard newspaper


Jennifer Irungu – Honoured for reaching out to young girls and mentoring them into womanhood. Jenifer has been organising and mobilising over 200 pastors to pray at the Scottish parliament.


Jenifer has been organising and mobilising over 200 pastors to pray at the Scottish parliament.


Janet Wainaina  was recognised for helping to raise funds to support charities in Kenya through her work with Face of Kenya UK. 


Miss Scuba Kenya

22 years old, Umutoni Thuku- Benzinge, former Miss Scuba Kenya, a project under KCR pillars aimed at second generation Kenyan diaspora, reported on the work she is doing on marine conservation and saving our oceans. She talked of the beautiful Kenyan coast and the need to develop alternative tourism markets among locals and internationally, like the water sports which include scuba diving. She is working hard in 2015 to see that the Miss Scuba Kenya competition moves to Kenya. Revival House choir from Oxford led the worship, also present were guest artists Zangi and Malaika Dance Unique.  The chairman of KCR, Pastor Francis Maina, gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the KCR Management Committee.




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Personal Loans & Fixed Deposit Accounts with ABC Bank

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Socialite Vera Sidika's new look




Seven Kiambu County MCAS for Transport, Planning and Infrastructure Committee are currently visiting the UK. The team arrived in UK early this week where they were invited by Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe. The team visited the offices of the Kenya High Commission in London where they were met by the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo and the Deputy High Commissioner Ambassador Jackline Yonga. (left photo). On right the team visiting the Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe Barking office where they met the transport team. The team  would like to  meet with Kenyans over the weekend.  One meeting is on Saturday  2nd May at Thatched House upstairs room at 7pm.and Sunday 3rd May morning  they will worshipping at  at Revival House 500 High Street North and in the afternoon  at PCEA  Outreach  Dyson Road, E15 as from 2.00 p.m.  Let's engage with these councilors especially Kiambu people. For more information please contact 07958612632.






£1.75 PER KILO BY SEA plus £10 handling fee

Our last container by sea departed 31-03-15. Our next container is departing by the end of APRIL.  

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Our weekly air cargo leaves every Tuesday. it costs £3.99 per kilo and £25 handling fee.


Map Express Cargo, UK's leading export and money transfer company to Kenya has opened a new full-service branch in Dagenham, East London.  The newly opened branch, is conveniently located at the intersection of Longbridge Road and Lodge Avenue opposite Lidl supermarket. The key services provided by the branch include weekly air-freight to Kenya both Nairobi and Mombasa, monthly sea freight to both Nairobi and Mombasa plus money remittance including the popular instant Mpesa alongside bank deposits and collection in person.

"We are proud and excited to be opening another branch in Dagenham," said Mohammed Yusuf, General Manager of Map Cargo. "We understand that convenience is important to our customers and we are pleased that we can provide them with another full service branch at a location that meets their needs." The newly opened branch is in tune with the company's policy to provide exceptional export and money transfer services to new and existing clients and is open late 7 days a week just like the Forest Gate Branch.

The address is: 568 LONGBRIDGE ROAD. DAGENHAM. RM8 2AR - CONTACT: 02085999772.




13 Things For Diasporians To Consider When Thinking of Moving Back Home


This week my friend Lydia (who I met through the blog) wrote this for me. She studied in the UK and moved back home. She has a thirst for travelling, loves all things chocolate and really loves her hair. She is a hair blogger, please visit her blog. This year I want to explore the “going back home” scenario more. On to the points:


Have a well thought out plan before you move. What do you intend to do? Is it employment or a start up or join the family business? Then take it from there and do your research.


Visit several times before you move. People who do so integrate better than people who left ten years ago and never came back even once.


Keep up with Kenyan current affairs either via social media, family and friends or through various TV/ radio channels.


Get your financials in order: living at home may not suit your independent self so make sure you have at least up to one year’s rent saved for your neighbourhood of choice, if living at home/with relatives is not for you. It may take you a while to get a job, a long while in some instances unless you know people who can help you get one faster that is a fact, it is who you know that counts in this country even for the smallest of jobs. Have enough savings to last you a while.


If you can secure a job before you come back the better. A lot of companies head hunt…. this is where  actively keeping in touch with friends and family who can help you secure a job comes in handy. You are better of moving with a job and a signed contract in place. This is not set in stone; some undergraduate degree holders have been lucky to secure a job all on their own within a month of moving back while some PhD holders are still tarmacking a year later. Every one’s story is different.


If you are thinking of setting up a business then do your research on business registration, location, staff availability, necessary documentation, viability of the said business (chances are it may already exist) a feasibility study of your proposed business beforehand will come in handy.


Be patient. While Kenya may be a middle income developing country, things still move slowly compared to Western countries, so people may say they will get back to you on Monday but do so on Wednesday. Others may surprise you and actually get back to you when they said they would. The quickest way to get response from a company would be to tweet them. The turnaround time on twitter is unsurprisingly much quicker than email.


Foreign degrees are a dime a dozen these days…. you are not special and do not expect to be treated so because you have a foreign degree. For every Kenyan who has never left the country, there are about five others who have and moved back. Kenyans are a very educated lot; your foreign undergraduate degree may not compete with someone with a double masters from Nairobi University.


Don’t come with a know it all attitude. Kenyans are well travelled and well conversed in foreign cultures… they will humble you if you turn up with a show off attitude. Be real, they can smell a fake person a mile away and will call you out on your fakeness. You may have lived in the US for 10 years and never crossed the border to Canada, and find a Kenyan who has been to 30 plus countries for work /pleasure. Be humble; you are not the first to go abroad  neither will you be the last. There is a very large and growing middle class and they are not fazed by “maisha ya majuu”. Very few people will find you fascinating because “umetoka majuu”. A lot of returnees make the mistake of moving back with an “I am better than you attitude” and are quickly humbled. The one thing that will be very evident is the different social classes and the huge poverty-wealth divide that is a culture shock; get ready for it. Not every beggar on the streets of Nairobi is genuine and not every appeal for money is honest, be wise don’t fall victim to fraudsters. People will try and take advantage of “generous people”.


Kenya has developed vastly since the last time you were home. International brand names can be found all over the country, urban cities have  huge malls, they even have a MAC store in Nairobi. Pizza will be delivered straight to your doorstep alongside mutura from your local butchers if you so wish and a mtumba dress from Gikomba alongside a high end boutique designer dress.


Lower your expectations: things will not work like they did abroad; the police may not come on time, or even come at all or they may ask you for fuel money for the government vehicle which you a tax paying citizen already pays for. Get health insurance; getting ill can be a very expensive affair; American returnees may not have a problem with this, but all you free health care Canadian, UK returnees may be in for a rude shock. In fact have no expectations at all that way you will not be disappointed. Things will move way more slowly than what you are used to.


Socially people will have moved on the boys you used to hang out with now have families that are their priority, your girls are now mothers; things may not be exactly the same as you left it. Once again actively keep in touch with people while abroad so you do not end up like a fish out of water in your own country, family/ your social circle that you grew up with. You will need these networks for various things when you get back…. I repeat keep in touch, keep in touch and keep in touch some more. The same can be said if your move is temporary; keep in touch with the people you left back in the Diaspora they will come in handy when you move back to the Diaspora after your two, three year stint in Kenya is over. -  Source: A Summer Bunny at asummerbunny.com


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Add Value to your Plot/Land


Do you have a a Plot/Land  and you would like to build your dream home or Project and you don’t have enough funds to complete the construction. ABC Bank will help you achieve your dreams,


We will finance you up to 70% of your total construction budget, provide you with a Bank vetted Project Manager who will undertake  your project under the Banks supervision and monitoring and obvious with your Specifications perfected to the letter. You can have the loan repaid for up to 15yrs. This is because we need you to have a hassle free construction tailored to your taste and desire.


All what you need is Land/Plot with a Title and 30% deposit level.. ………and even better if you prefer, during construction period, you will only be paying the INTEREST ONLY on your loan until the construction is complete.


The bank will assist you with a Vetted Contractor and independent QS and also update on the progress day to day. You will never go wrong with Real Estate in Kenya and with a trusted partner, ABC bank, you will get it right first time.


We will give you guaranteed project completion time.


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How much do loans via your phone cost you?


Are you a little short on cash? Well, all you need is your handset and a good credit history. With the introduction of mobile banking, Kenya’s banking industry is transforming and one can borrow as little as Sh50 via a mobile phone to pay bus fare. The banks have moved with speed to launch mobile banking platforms in a bid to grow their customer base and increase revenue streams. But what’s in it for you the consumer? A look at the mobile banking services shows just how fast the lenders intend to get new or existing customers take loans with ease. Gone are the days when customers applied for loans, which would take a long time to process, in the banking halls. “The fact that a person can now borrow Sh50 to pay bus fare to work or Sh1,000 to pay for electricity without reaching out to friends is in itself liberating,” Kenya Commercial Bank CEO said recently.




According to Co-operative Bank’s retail banking director, Mr Maurice Matumo, mobile banking loan application is fully automated. They are applied for, appraised and disbursed via the phone, he told Money. “Time span between applications to disbursement is no more than one minute,” Mr Matumo told Money. For instance, Co-op Bank’s MCo-op Cash give a customer a virtual account with no monthly charges. A customer can operate it without visiting any branch. In March, KCB launched a mobile phone-based loan product where customers can repay loans at a fixed interest rate of between four and 12 per cent. These products by Co-op Bank and KCB rival Commercial Bank of Africa’s M-Shwari, which was launched two years ago. However, with growing appetite for quick, unsecured loans, one needs to know the costs and benefits associated with each micro-loan product in the market. Here are a few: 



M-Shwari (a partnership between Safaricom and CBA)

Launched two years ago, all Safaricom subscribers can access M-Shwari service. Subscribers can save between Sh1 and Sh100,000, and qualify for loans ranging between Sh100 and Sh20,000. However, the loan depends on one’s previous loan repayment pattern and use of other Safaricom services such as voice, data and M-Pesa. To qualify for your maiden loan, however, you must deposit money in your M-Shwari savings account. The loan is payable within 30 days and attracts an interest rate of 7.5 per cent. Defaulters risks being blacklisted. Data released by Commercial Bank of Africa last month shows that it is currently processing about 50,000 loan applications every day. “Backed by a dynamic mobile phone-based credit scoring system, CBA has extended loans amounting to Sh29 billion, processing an average of 50,000 loans per day over the last two years without demanding security or the need for clients to visit a bank branch to apply for the loan,” CBA chief executive officer Isaac Awuondo said. For savers, M-Swhari Lock Savings account comes in handy. “This account allows M-Shwari customers to save for a defined purpose and for a specified amount of time. The funds saved on the M-Shwari Lock Savings account will be kept in the account until the maturity date,” Safaricom notes in its website. The interest earned in M-Shwari Lock Savings account is varied. For instance, savings below Sh999 would earn you two per cent interest rate per annum while amounts over Sh50,000 attract six per cent interest rate per year.



KCB Mobiloan

Under this product, new customers are registered as part of account opening at branch or by opening M-benki account via handsets. Existing account holders register by completing an application form. Customers can access a minimum of Sh100 and a maximum Sh20,000 loan. However, the bank says that it is reviewing the range to enhance the loan limit. The loan attracts 7 per cent interest rate and has one-month repayment period.



KCB M-Pesa loan

The customers opt-in, that is; open KCB M-Pesa account by dialEdwin Dande, ling *844#.  The loan limits range between Sh50 and Sh1 million with interest rates ranging from four, three and two per cent for periods of one, three and six months respectively. A borrower can opt to pay from the KCB M-Pesa loan on a self-initiated basis before maturity of the settlement period, or let the bank recover the money from the KCB M-Pesa account, upon maturity. Both products have penalties of up to 10 per cent of the amount borrowed in case of defaults. According to KCB chief executive officer Joshua Oigara, the loans disbursed since KCB M-Pesa launch in March stands at Sh710,227,883. “Currently, a total of 1.3 accounts have been opened,” said Mr Oigara added.


Co-operative bank’s MCo-op Cash

Registration can be done at a branch, agent location or by self by dialling *667#. MCo-op Cash is an independent wallet where customers can borrow a minimum of Sh100 and a maximum of Sh200,000. The loans are applied for, appraised and disbursed via the phone. One pays between 7 and 10 per cent interest rate depending on the loan type with a one-month repayment period. A borrower can pay off the loan before expiry of term at their own convenience with no extra charge. “Late payment attracts a fee of six per cent per annum and eventual customer listing on credit reference bureau in case they do not repay,” said Mr Matumo, adding that being a one-month loan, each deal is treated as a separate deal therefore, no top ups.



Equity Bank’s Eazzy 247

To subscribe for the service, a customer dials *247# or accesses it by downloading an application form from the Internet. One then links his/her existing account to Eazzy 247 after which one can use his/her handset to transact. Equity Bank customers can access these services only when they subscribe to equitel service and get an equitel line. Eazzy Loan interest rate is two per cent per month of the loan amount on a flat rate with a six per cent per annum late payment fee. Customers can borrow between Sh500 and Sh20,000. Failure to repay the loan will see a customer blacklisted. - Daily Nation.



Land, design issues delay plan to demolish Nairobi roundabouts

The Sh400 million plan to replace six roundabouts in Nairobi with intersections has been delayed following technical problems in the design. Nairobi County government's executive for transport, Mohammed Abdullahi, said the redesign required additional lanes, which was impossible because there is no land. Therefore, Mr Abdullahi said, new designs must be made. But Mr Abdullahi said that this would not take long. The roundabouts were to be demolished by the end of this week before schools reopen on Monday. City Hall is implementing the plan with the Transport Ministry and had blocked two roundabouts to prevent motorists from making right turns. The barricading of Westlands and the Old Nation House roundabouts is said to have reduced traffic congestion along Waiyaki Way, Chiromo Road, Kipande Road and Murang’a Road. The Bunyala Road/Uhuru Highway roundabout and the Lusaka Road/Lang’ata Road roundabout were unblocked following serious traffic snarl-ups along Mombasa Road and Uhuru Highway. The opening of the Southern Bypass has improved traffic flow. The removal of the roundabouts was expected to improve traffic flow in Nairobi by about 30-40 per cent. On Thursday, Mr Abdullahi said officials would involve the public in the changes. “We shall draw a plan of removing the roundabouts and share it with the public,” he said. The county had written to utility companies, including Kenya Power and the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, to relocate their service lines where the roundabouts are supposed to be demolished. - Daily Nation.


Eritrea denies barring President Uhuru Kenyatta's flight

Eritrea has denied reports that it played a role in events leading to President Uhuru Kenyatta cutting short his trip to the United States midair last Thursday night. The Republic of Eritrea's Ambassador Beyene Russom said his country had given the Kenya government the requisite clearance for the President's jet to use its airspace on his way to Dubai, where he was scheduled to board a commercial flight to Los Angeles. "The Government of Kenya sought permission to use the Eritrean airspace and it was granted and all the relevant communication was forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and aviation authorities," Russom told The Standard yesterday. But the envoy clarified that the President's Fokker 77 military aircraft never accessed Eritrean airspace. "They had the permission to fly through Eritrea. We gave all the necessary assistance to the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the aviation authorities," Russom explained. He was responding to reports that Eritrea ordered the Kenyan presidential jet to return after it was detected or risk being shot down because Kenyan media and politicians had linked the country with supporting Al Shabaab. Russom denied the claims of any dispute that could have prevented the presidential jet from accessing Eritrea airspace. He further added that media reports in Kenya of Eritrea providing safe stay and passage for Al Shabaab and other terrorists were not true and had no connection to Uhuru's flight.

State House cited heightened military activity in Yemen for the return of President Kenyatta's jet last Thursday at 11.42p.m., about four hours after departure from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Russom said Eritrea had continued to offer support to Kenya in efforts to secure the country. "I am getting so many calls from other diplomats and friends from around the world who think that we apparently ordered the presidential jet out of our airspace in retaliation for the connection to Al Shabaab in local press," he said. The Eritrean government has since written to the Iran Embassy to seek a clarification on the same. The source of the information was said to be an Iranian diplomat. "They have denied providing any such information. We have further sent a complaint to the diplomatic community over the same," he added. In July 2012, the US government imposed sanctions on six people, including a senior military officer and the country's spy chief, Col Tewolde Habte Negash, over claims that they had provided weapons and financial support to Al Shabaab. - The Standard.



Research: Why women prefer making love before sleep, while men like it first thing in the morning

Women most desire sex just before they go to sleep - at 11.21pm in the evening, according to a survey. But sex o’clock for men is more than 15 hours earlier just after they wake up - at 7.54am. The staggering difference in the sexes’ optimum moment for passion is revealed in a new survey of 2,300 people by sex toy brand Lovehoney which looked at couples’ mismatched sex drives. It found that 78 per cent of men and 69 per cent of women desire sex most at different times of the day. Men feel at their friskiest first thing in the morning. More than a quarter (28 per cent) most desire sex between 6am and 9am - with the most popular time at 7.54am. But just 11 per cent of women feel most passionate at this time. Desire levels for women rise throughout the day and reach their peak between 11pm and 2am. A quarter (25 per cent) chose this three-hour window as the best time for sex, with 11.21pm the most popular moment. Far fewer men (16 per cent) want to make love just before they go to sleep. Online erotic brand Lovehoney found that people tend to settle down with partners who have similar sex drives to their own. Almost two-thirds of women (63 per cent) and 54 per cent of men said they wanted sex as much as their current partner. There were big differences in how couples’ sex drives vary during the week.  Just over half of men (51 per cent) said their sex drive was pretty constant, compared to just 36 per cent of women. Almost half of women (47 per cent) said their sex drive was driven by their moods but this applied to just 34 per cent of men. More than two-thirds of women (68 per cent) and 63 per cent of men had dated someone whose sex drive was different from their own. This caused issues for 44 per cent of women but just a third (33 per cent) of men. Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst said: “This shows that there are big differences in sex o’clock between the sexes.. “Men are ready for sex just before breakfast whereas women most want passion last thing at night.



Caroline Mutoko - The Measure Of A Man? - The Boy Issue (Final) - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Lioness Spares Baby Baboon After Killing His Mother - CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO



KRA plans to rope SMEs into tax bracket to drive revenue collection

Damaurine Masira (left), of Kenya Revenue Authority Tax Roll Out office demonstrates how to file online tax return using iTax system to Commissioner General John Njiraini (centre) and Commissioner for Domestic Taxes- Domestic Revenue, Kenya Revenue Authority Alice Owuor during the media breakfast meeting on iTax campaign at Hotel Intercontinental on 29th April, 2015.

Kenya: Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) will seek the services of the county governments in order to bring small and medium enterprises ( SMEs) into the tax bracket. Because majority of SMEs register their businesses with the county governments, the taxman opines that it will be easier to integrate them into the tax bracket and thus enable the Government to meet its financial obligations. In the new initiative, counties will integrate their operation systems with the national tax system to facilitate capturing of information on small enterprises every day. KRA Commissioner-General John Njiraini explained that by counties agreeing to develop their own system as well as to integrate it with the taxman's system, it will be easier to collect tax from all SMEs, who for a long time have been outside the tax bracket despite operating within the economy. This may be termed as double taxation by local traders as they are currently paying tax to the county government, but Njiraini defended the move saying tax deductions will be based on their turnover tax parameters. Small businesses control a huge percentage of the economy but the taxman is not able to collect tax from them owing to the absence of sound operating structures.

Njiraini said the new initiative is part of a raft of new measures aimed at enhancing efficiency in terms of tax collection to enable the Government achieve its financial obligations. "We are working together with the county governments so that they can help us get more information from the small traders who for a long time have not been incorporated in the tax payment bracket yet they contribute substantial input to the national economy. In this way we will increase tax collection substantially and thus enable the Government to fund its development projects among other obligations," he said. He made the remarks at a Nairobi hotel during the launch of a raft of new changes to the iTax system. "Soon we will be commencing the initiative on a pilot project basis in two or three counties we have selected before rolling it out in all the other counties," he added.

tax defaults However, the success of bringing SMEs into the national tax bracket will depend on the good will of county governments, also based on the fact that the devolved governments are unable to meet their financial obligations owing to tax defaulters. Njiraini added that KRA field officers have a mandate to audit businesses but this will be restructured to make it more responsive in terms of focusing on outreach, recruitment and customer support. In the new iTax system, taxpayers will now be required to use only their pin number when submitting returns for pay as you earn (PAYE). "The goal of the authority is to simplify the process to ensure Kenyans are tax compliant. iTax has enabled KRA to better understand taxpayer behaviour, which is critical in designing and implementing effective compliance strategies that contribute to the sustainability of our taxation system," he added. – The Standard.


Girl's poem moves DP Ruto to tears



More than 50,000 families have been "silently shipped out" of London boroughs in the past three years - with "social cleansing" taking place across the capital because of welfare cuts and soaring rents, an investigation by The Independent has revealed





Equity records Sh6.1 billion pre-tax profit for quarter one

Equity Group Holdings has recorded a pre-tax profit of Sh6.1 billion for the first quarter of 2015. The group attributed the 13 per cent increase from Sh5.4 billion in 2014 to successful revenue diversification and growth in intermediation business. "The group's sustained investments in mobile and agency banking, payment systems and money transfer as well as diaspora remittances and operating expenses optimization initiatives will continue to contribute to the positive growth trajectory," said MD James Mwangi. "We are highly optimistic that the growth momentum will be maintained throughout the year with a number of new products and services set to be launched in the coming months." He spoke during an investor's briefing at Equity Centre, Nairobi on Wednesday. Mwangi reported that the group's customer deposits grew by 35 per cent to Sh278 billion from March 2014. He said total operating income increased by 19 per cent to Sh13.2 billion, up from Sh11.1 billion. The increase in income was boosted by non-funded revenues which reached 42 per cent of total operating income, he said. Total expenses grew by 24 per cent to Sh7.1 billion due to information technology investments. Mwangi however noted that the group’s latest innovation, Equitel, grew 81 per cent with more than 650,000 subscribers. Total assets grew by 26 per cent to Sh372.5 billion while net loans increased by 25 per cent growth from Sh179.3 billion in March 2014 to Sh 224.8 billion in March 2015. Mwangi said the group will focus on the SME sector, optimisation of delivery channels, merchant acquiring business and payment processing. He said the group will also prioritise diaspora banking and remittance processing, regional expansion and further diversification into other financial services products. "We are glad that our customers and the respective national economies continue to show resilience and project a positive outlook,” he said. - The Star




Have you been to Kenya recently? Kenya tuko mbere. There is an automatic screening at the new terminal 1A. After the Ebola epidemic in West Africa the airport installed automatic screen machines. Immediately you enter the arrival building everyone is asked to stand in an area where automatic screening machines gives information about you. See above. I haven't seen such an equipment anywhere else. Kenya tuko mbere sio tu na Mpesa hata kwa screening. Another notable issue is the cleanness at the new terminal. Very clean pathways with very modern decorations and the toilets are very clean with cleaners standing outside for every minute inspection. If you happen to be dropped there for the first time, you would think you are somewhere in Europe. Give credit where it is due.


Power Breakfast Interview with Wagithomos, Comedian - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





AG seeks Court of Appeal opinion on judgement on gays and lesbians lobby

The Attorney-General Githu Muigai has moved to the Court of Appeal to seek its opinion following a judgment by the High Court allowing the NGO Co-ordination Board to register an umbrella body for gays and lesbians. In a statement issued Wednesday, the AG filed a notice of appeal “against the whole of the decision” by a three-judge Bench comprising of Justice Isaac Lenaola, Justice Mumbi Ngugi and Justice George Odunga. The AG maintained that the proposed NGO for the gays and lesbians has a composite name that includes words which are legally unacceptable. The registration of such an NGO, the AG maintained, was therefore prohibited. He says that in declining the proposed names of the NGO, the NGO Co-ordination Board was only acting in accordance with the law. The appeal therefore seeks to get the opinion of the appellate court on the matter. The High Court on Monday ordered the NGO Coordination Board to recognise and register a gay and lesbians lobby it had earlier rejected on moral and religious grounds. The court ruled that the Constitution allows recognition and protection of the rights of “every person”, including minority groups such as gays and lesbians. Following the ruling, church leaders have come out in opposition of the proposed lobby saying it is immoral. - Daily Nation



Last Feast of The Crocodiles Part 1

Last Feast of The Crocodiles Part 2

Last Feast of The Crocodiles Part 3

Last Feast of The Crocodiles Part 4



Enrol now for this year's course starting on 16th May 2015

Enrol now for this year's course starting on 16th May 2015. School of Ministry, an internationally recognized institution held a colourful graduation on 14th March 2015.  23 students graduated with a Diploma in Church Leadership and Ministry Level 1. The one year Diploma course is back and will start from the 16th May 2015. It will be even more flexible as it will be held every Wednesday evening from 7pm - 9pm and one Saturday in a month , Just 4 Saturdays in the whole year, from 10am - 3pm.



This course is primarily for anyone already in a church leadership role, and those who are emerging church leaders. But it is also open to anyone else who is serious about having a greater biblical literacy, theological foundations and an understanding of Godly leadership. And who want to develop in their ministry for the Lord.


The course fees has been subsidised and instalments are welcome to enable all to attend.  Please enrol now as the demand is high and there are few places remaining. For more information, please call +447984410236. or visit www.revivalhouse.co.uk/diploma to register interest online.





Nairobi News Bulletin April 29, 2015 - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Drop tea Bill, Senator tells ward leaders


Muranga Senator and Deputy Speaker Kembi Gitura. President Uhuru Kenyatta is to officiate a Sh6.8 billion water project groundbreaking ceremony next month although Murang’a Senator Kembi Gitura wants it put off until concrete agreements are put in place to manage water resources. 


The tea Bill being discussed in the county assembly is in conflict with national agriculture laws and should be withdrawn, Senator Kembi Gitura has said. Mr Gitura, who is also the Deputy Senate Speaker, said the proposed Murang’a County Tea Bill, which is at the second reading, addressed issues already covered by other laws. Although the agricultural sector was devolved, the formulation of its policies remained the National Government’s function, he said at a news conference in Murang’a Town. “Crops like tea, coffee, pyrethrum and flowers, among others, are of great importance to the nation, thus the policies remain with the central government. “After reading the Murang’a Tea Bill against the crops, agriculture, fisheries and food laws, I am convinced beyond doubt that the policy the assembly wants to introduce is actually addressed by the national legislation,” he said. He said if the county government wanted to help tea farmers to benefit from the cash crop, it should do so by providing incentives to boost their production. He said the marketing, research and crop management proposed in the Bill were the work of other government bodies. The senator said he had written to the County Assembly Clerk to withdraw the Bill, but lauded governors from tea growing counties for their efforts to rescue the sector from its declining fortunes. – Daily Nation.




" Dine with a stranger but save your love for your family." ~ Ethiopian proverb



Kenyan man in Saudi jail over “chat with a woman”

Haki Africa Communications Officer Salma Hemed (right) with Khadija Rashid, who poses with a photo of her son, Juma Laki, in Mombasa Tuesday. Mr Laki is said to be languishing in a Saudi Arabia jail after he was found chatting with a woman on Facebook

MOMBASA: A 20-year-old Kenyan man is languishing in a Saudi jail after he was accused of having pictures of a woman on his cell phone and chatting with her via the phone. The act is said to be in apparent contravention of the Sunni kingdom’s puritannical laws. Haki Africa official Francis Auma said Juma Laki from Likoni constituency left Kenya for the oil-rich gulf nation in March 2013. Auma said Mr Laki’s mother, Khadija Rashid and uncle Khalfan Ronga, lodged an appeal with the organisation for assistance. They said the last time they spoke to Laki was on April 10 this year. “My son called me to say he was in jail after a friend ‘sold’ him out, claiming his phone had pictures of a woman whom he had been chatting with,” a teary Mama Khadija told The Standard Tuesday. She said her son had been employed by a Mr Samir and that since his arrest by special Saudi police, he has never appeared before court but continued to be kept in police custody without charge. Laki’s family pleaded with the Government to intervene and have their son returned home.

“My husband, who used to work with Telkom Kenya, died in 1995, and I have been solely responsible for bringing up Laki and his four sisters. I am heart-broken ever since I got news about his incarceration in a foreign jail,” she said. She said efforts to talk to the agent who recruited her for the Saudi job have not borne any fruit. “He has continued to snub our calls, leaving us in total darkness as we do not know his fate,” she said. Ms Rashid said her son was on a genuine mission to fend for himself and his family as he has been regularly sending money home. “He used to send at least Sh20,000 per month and would tell me to use it on our family,” she said. Mr Auma said Haki Africa has received several complaints from Kenyan immigrant workers in Saudi jails. “There are Kenyan agents who are notorious and keep on sending job-seeking youths to the Gulf and once they get their commission, they abandon them and end contact completely. This is unfortunate and we hope to engage the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have Laki’s case resolved,” he said.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enforces strict rules governing mixing between men and women and has come under a barrage of criticism from equal rights activists. Women in the strictly Islamic country are not allowed to leave Saudi Arabia without the permission of their guardian, who can consent on what is known as a ‘yellow document’. The document previously had to be produced at the airport but can now be completed online to avoid embarrassment for airport staff and the travelling women. Saudi Arabian women are being monitored by an electronic system at airports that notifies their male ‘guardians’ when they try to leave the country. Women are also required to have a male guardian responsible for them. Saudi Arabia applies a strict interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law. Earlier this year, it was ranked the second worst in a Thomson Reuters global survey on women’s rights. In June 2011, female activists launched a campaign to defy the country’s driving ban. -standardmedia.co.ke






American Airlines planes grounded by iPad app error

A faulty app caused American Airlines to ground dozens of its jets. The glitch caused iPad software - used by the planes' pilots and co-pilots for viewing flight plans - to stop working. The firm's cockpits went "paperless" in 2013 to save its staff having to lug heavy paperwork on board. AA estimated the move would save it more than $1.2m (£793,600) in fuel every year. The company said that it had now found a fix for the problem. "We experienced technical issues with an application installed on some pilot iPads," said a spokesman. "This issue was with the third-party application, not the iPad, and caused some departure delays last night and this morning. "Our pilots have been able to address the issue by downloading the application again at the gate prior to take-off and, as a back-up, are able to rely on paper charts they can obtain at the airport. "We apologise for the inconvenience to our customers." American Airlines pilots use an app called FliteDeck, which is made by the Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen. A spokesman for the firm provided further detail.





New survey reveals the top 15 counties where citizens are happiest


Machakos has been ranked as the best performing county government in a new survey that measured public perception on the success of devolution. The survey, which coincides with the second anniversary of the advent of devolution, was conducted by Infotrak Limited, a local pollster and research company. The respondents, who took part in the survey conducted between last December and February, were asked to assess the performance of their counties in the delivery of services in the key devolved functions such as provision of health services, roads, transport and public works, early childhood education, agriculture and prevention of pollution. Machakos emerged as the overall winner, with a total  score of 61.5 per cent in the poll that surveyed some 28,000 people. Coming a close second was Bungoma County, with a rating of 60.3 per cent, followed by Vihiga, in third place.  Others that ranked highly among the 47 counties were Bomet, Kwale, Elgeyo Marakwet, Taita-Taveta, Kisii, West Pokot, Kakamega, Kericho, Murang’a, Nandi, Uasin Gishu and Mombasa. Overall, counties that had implemented highly visible projects scored highly. Conversely, counties where  governors and members of county assemblies were involved in political wrangles, and where MCAs have been threatening to impeach governors, performed poorly. In terms of regions, all the counties in Nyanza, with the exception of Kisii — did not feature in the top 15. Only early this week, Kisii Governor James Ongwae unveiled the county flag, seal and emblem, becoming the third governor to do so.



In central Kenya only Murang’a County features among the top 15 best performing counties. Some counties such as Kiambu and Embu, have been rocked by wrangles between MCAs and governors, while in Nyeri, the Governor, Mr Nderitu Gachagua, was away for treatment overseas for about three months. Counties in Rift Valley (five), Western (three) and Coast (three) regions dominated the top ranking. Interestingly, counties led by former top civil servants and individuals with experience in managing public programmes ranked highly in the survey. The Machakos Governor, Dr Alfred Mutua, was the government spokesman in the Kibaki administration, while Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka served as a Permanent Secretary in the same government, while the Vihiga Governor, Mr Moses Akaranga, is a former a Cabinet minister. The Kisii, Taita-Taveta, Kakamega and Mombasa governors also served in various capacities in previous governments, mostly as permanent secretaries, Cabinet or assistant ministers. In terms of performance by sector, the survey ranked Bungoma County as the top performer in agriculture, followed by Vihiga and Kisii. The other top performers were Busia, Machakos, Kakamega, Uasin Gishu, Murang’a, West Pokot Elgeyo Marakwet, Bomet, Nandi, Kericho Migori and Narok, in that order.


On this score, respondents were specifically asked to rank counties on whether their governments had made it easier for farmers to reach markets and sell their produce and on whether food had become more available. On health services, Machakos was ranked the top performing county, followed by Bomet, Kisii, Kwale, Nyeri, Elgeyo Marakwet, Bungoma, Taita-Taveta, Kakamega, Uasin Gishu, Murang’a, West Pokot, Migori, Samburu and Kericho. Respondents had been asked to state whether their county governments had made it easier for them to get services from public health institutions. In education, the best performer was Bungoma, followed by Vihiga, Machakos, Busia, Kakamega, Taita, Mombasa, Kisii, West Pokot, Bomet, Elgeyo-Marakwet, Kwale, Kirinyaga, Homa Bay and Uasin Gishu. Respondents were asked to score their counties on whether they had established enough nursery schools and child care facilities and whether their county governments had built new village polytechnics. Machakos also emerged top in the transport services category, followed closely by Mombasa, Vihiga, Kisii, Kiambu, Nairobi, Bomet and Kericho, in that order. Those who took part in the survey were asked to score the performance of their counties on the maintenance and construction of rural roads. - Daily Nation.




KTN Prime Full Bulletin 28th April 2015


"All Religions Believe in Peace"


Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo and his wife joined other Kenyans in UK for prayers on Saturday 25th April, 2015. The prayers, coinciding with the 4th Anniversary Celebrations of Kenya Community Rebuild were held at Ealing Christian Centre in West London where Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe also attended. A large number of Kenyans attended the prayers from as far as from Scotland. The High Commissioner and the Mayor had been away in Kenya during the Garissa terrorist attack and the Saturday's prayers also covered the Garissa terrorist attack where Kenyans prayed for the families of all those who passed away. Children came with candles to remember the 148 people who lost their lives in Garissa. 9 Kenyans in the UK were given awards for their services to the community. While speaking at the prayers the Kenya High Commissioner surprised the guests by quoting over 10 books from the Bible where he proved to be a Bible Scholar. Quoting the Bible from Romans 12:19: "Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it  to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” the High Commissioner continued to say that terrorism is a global challenge -   we need each other as Kenyans for this challenge. We pray for peace in Kenya and all religions believe in peace." the commissioner said. The host was Pastor Jane Kiguru (Mrs. Wamae). What else did the commissioner say and who are these Kenyans who were given awards? Full story coming up today.

High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayor addressing the guests during the prayers


The prayers were hosted by Pastor Jane Kiguru of Kenya Community Rebuild (left) where children lighted candles


Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe (left) introducing the High Commissioner at the prayers and on right posing with the High Commissioner is from far right Mrs. Amayo,

Dr. Jennifer Irungu, Mayor Kangethe, HE the High Commissioner, Pastor Jane Kiguru, Mrs. Beth Irungu of Oxford and Rev. Kibathi of PCEA UK Outreach


In which region of Kenya is this Menu from



Nigerian army says 200 girls,93 women rescued from Boko Haram hideout

The Nigerian army has said it has rescued 200 girls and 93 women from Sambisa forest, the notorious Boko Haram hideout. Britain’s Independent newspaper on Tuesday reported that the army did not however confirm if the 200 schoolgirls from Chibok, in Borno State were among those rescued. Nigeria’s newly elected President-elect had vowed that his administration will do everything in its power to rescue the girls who were kidnapped by the terror group in 2014.





Dad Gets Massive Tattoo Of Baby On His Face


Some parenting decisions can be reversed; others are a bit more permanent. That’s the case for one father from Texas who recently got an enormous tattoo of his baby son’s face — on his own face. Christien Sechrist, a 20-year-old dad from Deer Park, celebrated the birth of his son Perseus Allen Mitchell by inking a giant black-and-white image of the boy’s face on his left cheek. Sechrist captioned the photo, posted last July, “Thanks Cody Gibbs for doing awesome work on me. Looks just like my son.” One of the reasons it’s gaining coverage now is because Reddit posted it a day ago. Reaction to the portrait ranged from disbelief to supportive (sort of). “Is this a joke Christien?” wrote one Facebook user. “…Although it is a nice tat, you should have put it somewhere else,” wrote another. Also: “…I can see why you got it but I think the face was just a tad over the top.” Sechrist responded to his naysayers by writing, “Well my son looked at it [and] smiled so that’s all I care about.” Gibbs (Sechrists’ tattoo artist) was also a source of scorn on Reddit for fulfilling such a “stupid” request. “You’ve gotta have better judgment than that,” the commenter added of the artist. Yahoo Parenting could not reach Sechrist for comment, however, the budding electrician — who has a skull tattoo (where else?) on his skull — told Buzzfeed that he wanted to commemorate his son after nearly losing him and insisted that the tat won’t affect his ability to keep a job.  One tattoo artist disagrees. “Although tattoos are more mainstream these days, they’re still not considered the ‘norm,’ so we always give our input when it comes to customers who want riskier designs,” Beau Brady, a tattoo artist at Invisible NYC in New York, tells Yahoo Parenting. “Face, neck, and hand tattoos are called ‘job stoppers’ for a reason so people should give those areas more thought.”  







Gospel Singer from Nottingham, UK Rachel Njeri (centre) continues with her US tour. She was the guest singer at Diaspora of Faith in Seattle,

Washington, USA on Sunday 26th April, 2014. She was hosted by Rev. Johnson Mwara formerly of St. Andrews PCEA, Nairobi.



As she continue to serve as the Mayor of Barking and Dagenham her heart still rings home ..... sweet home Kenya....Caught during the London Marathon on Sunday was Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe with Kenyan flags at the London Marathon route...."Did you see the 4 top men on the lead.... they are from my country of origin, Kenya.


KonzaTechno City among five economic ‘boom towns’ in Sub-Saharan Africa

Konza Techno City has been identified as one of the five 'boom towns' in Sub-Saharan Africa, the region which is home to one of the fastest-growing middle class in the world.


Kenya’s Konza Techno City has been classified among five ‘boom towns’ in Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the recent prediction by the World Bank that economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa will slow in 2015, the region is still home to one of the fastest-growing middle class in the world. As a result, progressive African entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have vast opportunities on the continent. According to Charles Brewer, the Managing Director of DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the agricultural sector provides prospects for entrepreneurs. It is Africa’s largest economic sector representing 15 per cent of the continent’s total GDP and generating more than $100 billion per year. It is estimated that more than 60 per cent of the globe’s available and vacant land is situated in sub Saharan Africa, which suggests that the sector still offers incredible opportunities for growth. Another industry seeing significant growth is the banking sector, which has grown extensively over the last decade and has become a substantial player in emerging-market. Mr Brewer says that the rising middle class and ‘unbanked’ African consumers should continue to drive the industry. “Other industries experiencing growth and offering prospects on the continent include technology, consumer goods and telecommunications,” he says. In addition to these thriving industries, Brewer identifies five unexpected ‘boom towns’ and cities that are enjoying growth on the back of these industries, therefore providing opportunities for African businesses.



Bobo-Dioulasso, in Burkina Faso is blossoming due to substantial growth in the food and agriculture sector. Many small and medium enterprises are setting up factories to locally produce goods for both the domestic and export markets, with the main products being fruits, cereals, cotton, vegetable oil, soap and other artisanal products.


Ebène, Mauritius: This is an upcoming technology hub which, due to its advanced infrastructure and facilities, has attracted many financial institutions and international legal firms.


Mbarara, Uganda: Mbarara is a growing industrial town which is 280km from Uganda’s capital Kampala and is located in the centre of the dairy farming district. As a result of its location, favourable climate and abundant land, it has attracted investors involved in the manufacture of dairy products. Breweries and beverage companies are also expanding to the area.


Farafenni, the Gambia: Situated on the north bank of the Gambia River, about 120km inland from the capital Banjul, the town is home to numerous banks and insurance firms. It is experiencing fast growth mainly due to its geographical location on the main road between Dakar and Casamance (the southern area of Senegal), and its close proximity to the ferry to cross the Gambia River.


Konza Techno City, Kenya: Konza has just finished its infrastructure phase. The new technology city is situated 60km southeast of Nairobi and will focus on four economic sectors namely, education, life sciences, telecommunications and business process outsourcing. It is predicted that it will significantly stimulate technology spending, investment and growth in Kenya.- Daily Nation



Mombasa container with 3,000kg of ivory seized in Thailand

Thai customs officers inspect confiscated elephant tusks during a press conference at the Customs Bureau in Bangkok on April 27, 2015. Thai customs seized 511 pieces of ivory tusks, weighing some 3,100 kilograms and worth $6 million after it arrived from Kenya on the way to Laos



More than 3,000 kilograms of elephant ivory have been found at a Thai port stashed in a container shipped from Kenya, customs said Monday, the second huge haul of tusks from Africa in less than a week. The discovery, which would be worth millions of dollars on the black market, was destined for Laos, where the illegal ivory trade flourishes. Some 511 pieces of ivory, weighing 3,100 kilograms, was found on April 25 in a container "marked as tea leaves transported from Mombasa, Kenya, and on to Laos", Thai customs said in a statement. Scores of whole tusks — some nearly two metres long — were among the pieces seized. A record four tonnes of African elephant ivory was seized at Bangkok's main port on April 20, in a container that arrived from the Democratic Republic of Congo and was also destined for Laos. Once in neighbouring Laos, authorities believe the ivory would likely be sold on to buyers from China, Vietnam or back into Thailand, countries where ivory ornaments are coveted despite fears the trade is pushing wild elephants to extinction.



Laos "is increasingly being used as a major transit point for such large volumes of illicit ivory and other wildlife products", Chris Shepherd of conservation group TRAFFIC told AFP. "The increase in large-scale seizures is of great concern. Whether the ivory is coming from freshly killed elephants, or from stockpiles of ivory in Africa, needs to be investigated," he added. Conservationists say poaching and conflict has destroyed large numbers of African elephants in the wild, prompting experts to warn the species could be wiped out within decades. Thailand has launched a crackdown on the ivory trade amid mounting international pressure. Global regulator Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) has threatened an international ban on Thailand's entire wildlife business if it fails to curb the trade in tusks on its soil. Under Thai law, registered ivory from domesticated Thai elephants can be sold. But experts say that loophole allows criminal gangs to launder poached African ivory through the kingdom. Thailand's fishing industry is also under scrutiny for exploitation of migrant workers and over-fishing. Last week the European Union threatened to ban Thai fish imports unless the kingdom does more to halt illegal fishing. Thailand is the world's third largest seafood producer and an EU ban could cost it around $1 billion annually.




C:\Users\Stephen\Documents\Rock Logo.JPG

Rock Ventures Ltd.

C:\Users\Stephen\Documents\Rock Meadows advert..JPG

Rock Ventures is offering 1/8th plots at their Rock Meadows project (A gated community) in Kitengela for Kshs 850,000.

As of 1st of May 2015, the same plots will be selling at Kshs 970,000.

                Book one now.

     * Phase 1 - 40 Plots - Sold Out!

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Faraja: Lillian Madonye



Raila's sister, Kibaki's daughter among Uhuru's 302 new parastatal appointees

Wenwa Odinga, Judy Kibaki and Kalembe Ndile are among newly appointed members of parastatal boards appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday. Wenwa has been appointed to the Kenya Medical Research Institute board, Judy to that of the Kenya Investment Authority and Kalembe Ndile to the Water Services Regulatory Board. The appointments are for a period of three years starting April 17. Uhuru made 302 appointments to 79 state corporations, representative of all communities in Kenya, State House spokesperson Manoah Esipisu said in a statement.



The Late Woki Munyui passed away while on duty in Somalia


We wish to announce the promotion to glory of WOKI MUNYUI which occurred in PUTLAND SOMALIA on Monday 20th April, 2015 after a Bomb attack. She was the daughter of LUCAS MUNYUI KINUTHIA and LUCY lRUGA MUNYUI of Ruaka, Kiambu, Kenya. Beloved mother to LUCY and IVY sister to Kinuthia (Kenya ), Wahu (Kenya), Muricho (Kenya) Njambi (Swindon ) and among others. She was the cousin to IRENE (Mama Paul) Walthamstow London, MUNYUI WAGACHA Swindon, SUZY Oxford among others. Family and friends are meeting at Njambi's (Mama Leon) House in 7 Andover Street SN1 5HX Swindon for prayers and support  from 6.00 pm. For more information contact Njambi (Mama Leon) 07456577177 Irene (Mama Paul) 07846397620 and Munyui Wagacha 07438000857. Support  can be made through HALIFAX BANK. HOPE LUCAS A/c 11139168 Sort 110772. The burial will take place  on Wednesday 29th April, 2015 and the service will be at  Baptist Church in Westlands and funeral later at home in Ruaka, Kiambu, Kenya. Contacts in Kenya - Murichu 0725892316 or Wahu on 0722821850.



Politicians the biggest winners in State jobs


Politicians were the biggest winners when President Kenyatta and various Cabinet Secretaries named 302 officials to the boards of 79 State corporations. The President and his deputy, Mr William Ruto, appeared to reward political affiliation in the appointments which the spokesman for the presidency said were meant to “reform and transform the parastatal sector”. By naming the chairpersons and members of the boards, President Kenyatta and Mr Ruto have paved the way for the appointment of the chief executive officers of the State corporations. In a Gazette Notice published on Monday, President Kenyatta personally signed the appointments while members to the boards were appointed by the respective Cabinet Secretaries. “In making the appointments, the Administration has tapped into the wisdom, experience and knowledge of our senior citizens, while embracing the energy, enthusiasm and innovation of our young people,” said a statement from State House spokesman Manoah Esipisu. The appointments rewarded leaders of political parties which worked with the Jubilee Coalition after the 2013 General Election with former Cabinet ministers Musikari Kombo (Ford Kenya leader) and Soita Shitanda (New Ford Kenya leader), Henry Obwocha (Ford People) among those named to key positions.



Mr Kombo will chair the Water Services Trust Fund, Mr Obwocha the Privatization Commission and Mr Shitanda the Agricultural Development Corporation boards. The chairman of the Grand National Union, Mr Mwangi Kinjuri, will chair the Athi Water Services Board. His party also supported Jubilee in the last election. Other politicians who got jobs were Mr Samuel Poghisio, who will chair the board of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and Ms Wavinya Ndeti and Kalembe Ndile who have been appointed as members of the the Water Services Trust Fund and Water Services Regulatory Board respectively. Another politician, Mr Marsden Madoka, has been appointed to chair the Kenya Ports Authority Board while Mr Omingo Magara has been appointed to the Kenyatta International Convention Centre board. Mr Magara severed his links with Cord leader Raila Odinga to work with Mr Ruto, the URP leader and Deputy President. The United Republican Party secretary-general, Mr Fred Muteti, has been appointed to the Sports Kenya Board.


Other politicians who got key positions were former MPs Walter Nyambati who will chair the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation board, Mr Andrew Monda (Kenya Accreditation Service), Mr Abdul Bahari (Tana and Athi River Development Authority) and Suleiman Kamolleh (Coast Development Authority). Another former MP allied to URP, Mr Joseph Lagat has been appointed to the Lake Victoria North Water Services Board while former Eldoret Mayor Joshua Magut who will chair the Bomas of Kenya Board. Mr Ambrose Weda, a lawyer who worked closely with TNA, the President’s party, was named chairperson of the South Nyanza Sugar Company Board while his colleague, Mr Gershom Otachi, who was a member of the President’s legal team at the International Criminal Court (ICC) was appointed to chair the Geothermal Development Corporation. Another lawyer, Mr Kennedy Ogeto, who represented Mr Kenyatta in the ICC case locally, was named to chair the Anti-Money Laundering Board. Besides Mr Madoka, other leaders who have been appointed include Mr Taib Ali Taib, who has been named a member of the Kenya Investments Authority and Sheikh Juma Ngao, who will join the board of the National Campaign Against Drugs Authority (Nacada). The Jubilee leaders also gave jobs to associates and members of prominent families. Mr Stanley Michael Michuki has been appointed to the Oversight Board of the Uwezo Fund while Mr Kibaki’s daughter, Ms Judy Kibaki, becomes a member to the Kenya Investment Authority Board. Mr Daniel Wamahiu will chair the National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK) board while Mrs Margaret Saitoti was appointed as NOCK board member.



Mr Odinga’s sister, Dr Wenwa Akinyi Odinga, has also been appointed as a member of the Kenya Medical Research Institute board while Mr William ole Ntimama’s daughter, Leah, becomes a member of the Water Services Regulatory Board. “The appointments reflect the face of Kenya, with all 47 counties represented in honour of the diversity of all people and communities of Kenya,” said Mr Esipisu in his statement. “They also comply with the constitutional imperatives on the appointment of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities. The Administration is committed to empowering our women, youth and persons with disabilities.” He said all the appointed individuals will be required to declare their readiness to fight corruption in line with the dictates of Chapter Six of the Constitution. - Daily Nation.




List of appointments to state corporations

President Kenyatta addresses a press conference at State House in Nairobi on May 16, 2014.


The government on Monday announced the first batch of appointments to state corporations in a special notice of the Kenya Gazette:

PENINAH ALOO OBUDHO to be the Chairperson of the Board of the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

ROBERT ONSARE MONDA to be Chairperson of the Board of Kenya Accreditation Service for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

JOASH WAMANG’OLI to be Chairperson of the Board of Directors Nzoia Sugar Company Limited, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

GERSHOM OTACHI to be the chairperson of Geothermal Development Company up to 19th May, 2015 with effect from the 17th April, 2015 and revoke the appointment of Faisal Abass*.

GERSHOM OTACHI to be the Chairperson of Geothermal Development Company, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 20th May, 2015.

SAMMY CHOGE to be the Chairperson of the Board of Chemelil Sugar Company, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Musa Sirma, Susan Akinyi Wakiaga, Joseph Miriti Mwereria, Valeria A. P. Palapala, James Munyinyi Karanja, Janet Kirui, Abdo Mohamed Bahajj, Juliet Wanjiru Karanja, Kipera Issa Athuman, David Mwangi Kuria to be members of the Agricultural Development Corporation, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015 and revoke the appointment of Sammy Kipcho Choge*.

SUSAN WAKHUNGU to be the non-executive Chairperson of the Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

POLYCARP IGATHE to be the chairperson of the Anti-Counterfeit Agency Board, up to 10th February, 2016 with effect from the 17th April, 2015 and revoke the appointment of Allan George Njogu Kamau*.

R. E. KIBWANA to be the Chairperson of the Kenya Trade Network Agency Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

FAISAL ABASS to be the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Policy Holders Compensation Fund up to 9th January, 2017, with effect from 17th April, 2015 and revoke the appointment of Gershom Otachi*

JAMES NDEGWA to be the Chairperson of the Board of Capital Markets Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

JOSIAH MAGUT to be the Chairperson of the Bomas of Kenya Board, up to 11th March, 2016, with effect from the 17th April, 2015. The appointment of John Makumi* is revoked.

WALTER NYAMBATI to be the Chairperson of the Board of the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

RICHARD LEAKEY to be the Chairperson of the Kenya Wildlife Service Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

KENNETH SIGILAI to be the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

SAM KONA to be the Chairperson of the Kerio Valley Development Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

JOYCE NGUGI to be the Chairperson of the National Council for Children Services, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

HENRY OBWOCHA to be the Chairperson of the Privatization Commission, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

OMINGO MAGARA to be the Chairperson of the Kenya International Convention Centre Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

FRED MUTETI to be the Chairperson of Sports Kenya, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

DANIEL WAMAHIU to be the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation of Kenya, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

AMBROSE WEDA to be the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

GEOFFREY KAMAU KIBUI to be the Chairperson of the Board of the Kenya Animal Genetics Resource Center, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

WABACHA JAMES to be the Chairperson of the Board of the Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

CHARLES WAITHAKA to be the Chairperson of the Micro and Small Enterprises Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015. The appointment of Paul Billy Muhia Ngugi, is revoked*

ABDUL BAHARI to be the Chairperson of the Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

SOITA SHITANDA to be the Chairperson of the Agricultural Development Corporation, up to 27th February, 2016 with effect from the 17th April, 2015 and revokes the appointment of James Kapaito Toiyanga*.

JOHN NGUMI to be Chairperson of the Board Directors of the Kenya Pipeline Company for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

SULEIMAN M. KAMOLLEH to be the Chairperson of the Coast Development Authority for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015. The appointment of Martin M. Tsuma* is revoked.

NATHAN PSIWA to be Chairperson of the Board of the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

GEOFFREY KING’ANG’I MUTURI to be Chairperson of the National Cereals and Produce Board, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

G. Nasieku Taraiya, Charles Njagua Kanyi, Stephen Kiptoem Mairori to be members of the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

Sheikh Juma Ngao, Wilfred Kogo to be members of the National Campaign against Drug Abuse Authority Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

Francis Parsimei, Wambui Namu, Esther Gicheru to be members of the Kenya Trade Networks Agency Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

Tom Gitogo; Nderitu Mureithi; Maurice Jumah Okumu to be members of the Policy Holders Compensation Fund, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

John Paul K. Kenduiywa, Michael K. Kiswili to be directors of the Industrial Development Bank, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

KENNEDY OGETO to be the Chairperson of the Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

Kennedy Ogeto, Freshia Mugo Waweru to be members of the Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

Wainaina Kenyanjui, Gladys Mboya, Francis Gitau Mungai to be members of the National Housing Corporation Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Chris Kiptoo, Linda Muriuki to be members of the Board of the Capital Markets Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Stephen Gichohi, Hillary Barchok to be members of the Board of Directors of the Retirement Benefits Authority for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Susan Ihane, Margaret Mucheru-Karuri, to be members of the Board of the Postal Corporation of Kenya, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Julius Sunkuli, Waqo Dulacha Ejersa, Sophia Lepuchirit, David Ndegwa Wachira, to be members of the Board of the Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Stanley Kaguongo, Angelina Nduku Kioko, Kamau Gachigi, James Bett to be members of the Board of the Numerical Machining Complex Limited, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

KENNETH BITANGE NYACHAE to be a member of the Board of the Export Processing Zones Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

CHRISTOPHER GATHU NYAGAH to be a member of the Board of the Kenya Industrial Research and Development, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Wisdom Mwamburi, Mary Wanja Matu, Hilary Kosgei, Mboche Waithaka, Mohamed Hussein Ali, Micah Powon, Eric Mungai, Gladys Maingi, Fouzia Abdirahman, Nazir Gulam to be members of the National Standards Council, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Yassir Noor, Christopher Ayienda, Erastus Kiragu, Paul Kipkorir, Mary Jelagat Mutai, to be members of the New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Limited Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Peter Njoka, Taib A. Taib, Gachao Kiuna, Esther J. Bungei, Judy Kibaki, Sanda Ojiambo, to be members of the Board of the Kenya Investment Authority for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Florence Muthua Muthee, Musa K. Arusei to be members of the National Council for Population and Development Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Esther N. Mungai, Kibisu Kabatesi, Emily Kithira Mworia, Rashid Kassim Amin to be members of the Board of the National Drought Management Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Claire Mbarua, Robert Otieno Oduor, Francisca Auma, Gloria Ndekei, Mussolini Kithome to be members of Women Enterprise Fund Advisory Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

STANLEY MICHAEL MICHUKI to be a member of the Oversight Board of the Uwezo Fund, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Molu Shambaro, Francis Nkoitoi, Joe Karago, Khadija M. Awale, to be members of the Bomas of Kenya Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

DAVID STOGDALE to be a member of the Kenya Utalii College Council, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Kavi Mwendwa, Charles Gacheru, Johana Muchai to be a members of the Board of Kenyatta International Convention Centre, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

FRANCIS NDUNG’U KIBERA to be a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Walter Ongeti, Gabriel Kaaria, Bernadette Misoi, Jimmy Brooks, to be members of the Board of Kenya Animal Genetics Resource Center, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Kennedy Simiyu Chumo, Raphael Wanjala, Mary Nawire Waiswa, John Murumba Chikati (Dr.), Rebecca Mulongo, to be members of the Board of Directors of Nzoia Sugar Company LimitedKenya Animal Genetics Resource Center, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Irene Adhiambo Onunga, Benson Owiti, to be members of the Chemelil Sugar Company Limited Board, for a period of three (3) years from effect from 17th April, 2015.

Mwita Thomas Nyangi, Angeline Yiamitom Siparo, James Mageto, Caleb Kiplagat, to be members of the Board of South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited, for a period of three (3) years from effect from 17th April, 2015.


Meroka Mbeche, Robert Mburu, to be members of the Board of the Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute, for a period of three (3) years with effect from 17th April, 2015.

NAOMY WANJA KATHURIMA to be members of the Board of Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation, for a period of three (3) years from effect from 17th April, 2015.

James Lenayiara, Francis Sigei, Hassan Jelle Hussein, Chrispus Kariuki Wanjira, Elizabeth Merimug, Rashid Ali to be members of the Board of the Kenya Meat Commission, for a period of three (3) years from effect from 17th April, 2015.

Isack Kipyego Maiyo, Pacifica Wekesa, Teresa Muthoni Mushira Francis Gichuki, Japheth Rutere (Eng.), Anna Kina Nyambu to be members of the National Irrigation Board, for a period of three (3) years from effect from 17th April, 2015.

Margaret Saitoti, Joseph Rutumoi, Simon Gakunda, Kibuga Kareithi, Benard Kitur Rono, to be members of the National Oil Corporation of Kenya Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Mutuma Nkanata, Elisha Akech, Josephine Muritu, Otwani Justus Oufridas, Benard Kipsang Rop, Jonas Kuko Misto Vincent, Goretti Nyariki to be members of the Rural Electrification Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Eric Nyamunga, Dinah Chelimo Chelai, Mary C. Muyandi, Samuel Nyanchama Maugo to be Commissioners of the Energy Regulatory Commission, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.


Salaton Letaipan, Michael Ogwapit, Stephen Njiru, Florence Chepng’etich Bore to be members of the Geothermal Development Company Limited Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Marwa Kemero Maisori, Jerry Simu, Faith Jepkemboi Bett-Boinett to be members of the Board of the Kenya Pipeline Company Limited, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Joakim Kiarie Kamere, Namada Simani, Philip Mongony, Grace Ndugu, Kariuki Muraya, Patience Nyaoga to be the members of the Board of the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited for a period of three years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Wenwa Akinyi Odinga, Joseph Mutai to be members of the Board of the Kenya Medical Research Institute, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Githiga Mwangi, David Kibet Kemei, to be members of the Board of the Kenya Medical Training College, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Daniel Githegi, Hellen C. Yego, Robert Thuo Kamau to be members of the Board of Kenyatta National Hospital for a period of three years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015. The appointment of Lawrence Oginga Omire, Mary Wambui Mungai and Achola O. Pala is revoked*.


Mwikali Mugachia, Hudson A. Liyai, Simon Watenga, Doreen Kathure to be members of the Board of the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

SAMUEL POGHISIO to be Chairperson of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

MARSDEN MADOKA to be Chairperson of the Board of the Kenya Ports Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Eric Chenje Mwachiro, Anthony Rop, Ismail Said Mboya, Nancy W. Karigithu, to be members of the Board of the Kenya Maritime Authority, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Mshenga Vuyaa Ruga, Bwanahamadi Mohamed Bwana, to be members of the Board of the Kenya Ferry Services Limited, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Hellen Nyaruai Wamuga, Joseph Kipketer Cheruiyot, Kimanthi Maingi, to be members of the Board of the Kenya Railways Corporation, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Judy Nyachae, Charles Mwanzia (Mj. Rtd.), Lucy Wanjiru Karume, Chris Kuto, Peter Mutie to be Members of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Board for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.


Joseph B. Mutiso, Kevin Kihara, to be members of the Board of the Kenya Airports Authority for a period of three years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Steven L’Okedi, Hafswa Abdalla Dele, Fred Kirui (Eng.), Kennedy Ogeto, to be members of the Kenya Ports Authority Board for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Brian Heath, Peter Kinyua, to be members of the Kenya Wildlife Service Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Naumy Jeptanui, Brian Ptoton, Ntwiga Wiberforce Muriungi, Losenge Trop, to be Trustees of the National Environment Trust Fund, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

JOSEPH LAGAT to be the Chairperson of the Lake Victoria North Water Services Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

HEZRON RIPKO to be a member of the Lake Victoria North Water Services Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

JOHN KITILIT to be a Chairperson of the Rift Valley Water Services Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

MWANGI KIUNJURI to be Chairperson of the Athi Water Services Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015. The appointment of Macharia Irungu (Dr.)* is revoked.

Charles Maywa Chedotum, Margaret Macharia, Elijah Kimanyim, Oliver Lowoton, Daniel Setai, Jane Wambui Mburu to be members of the Board of Rift Valley Water Services, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

George Ayugi, Rosemary Rumo, Violet Omwamba, Hellen Makone, Betty Korir (Dr.), Andrew Sunkuli, Hilary Alila, to be members of the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Joseph Ngugi, Muriithi wa Kangara, Doreen Nkirote, to be members of the Tana Water Services Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Mohammed Noor (Eng.), Eunice Karanja Wanjiru, Kalembe Ndile, James Mithika, Leah Ntimama, Paul Lolgisoi to be members of the Water Services Regulatory Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

MUSIKARI KOMBO to be the Chairperson of the Water Services Trust Fund, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

GRANTON SAMBOJA to be the Chairperson of the Coast Water Services Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

JOHN KOECH to be the Chairperson of the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Joseph Kinuthia Kibochi, Samson Ojiayo to be members of the Athi Water Services Board for a period of three years, with effect from the 27th April, 2015, and revoke the appointments* of—

Jane F. Otieno, Richard Kimani, Gilbert Nyamweya, Mohammed Shaiyah, Maria Ligaga, Winfred Mwelu Nzioki.

Wavinya Ndeti, Geoffrey K. Kiringa Ruku to be Trustees of the Water Services Trust Fund for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

Faustin Mwangolo Mugendi, Joseph Kingi Kahindi, Mary Chiriba, Maymuna Abdulaziz, Gharib Suleiman Gharib to be members of the Coast Water Services Board for a period of three years, with effect from the 17th April, 2015. The appointment of Sammy Nyule Ngumbao and Margaret Nazi Runya is revoked*.

David L. Timado, Abdihakim Guhad Gabow, Aartifa Essa, Al-Haji Abdi Baricha, Abdia Sheikh, Jackson Lentoijoni, Leah Njeri to be members of the Northern Water Services Board for a period of three (3) years with effect from the 17th April, 2015.

John Miriti, Naomi Apali Mogoria, Ben Sang, Gelas Simiyu Mose, John Gethi, Christopher Gatama Gakahu to be members of the Kenya Forests Service Board, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

ABDULLAHI DIMA JILLO to be a member of the Board of the Kenya Forestry Research Institute, for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Dinah Chelanga, Vincent Shilaho, Getrude Kemboi, to be members of the Board of the Kerio Valley Development Authority for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Esther Kache, Ibrahim Mutwafy, Aboud Omar, Charles Mwaiseghe, Ali Bunow Korane, Mwanasaidi Ntembe Makoti, Hirsi Sheikh Dullo, to be members of the Coast Development Authority Board for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.

Walubengo Waningilo, Halima Kiniti, Moses J. K. Ndwiga, Vincent Sidai Esyepet, Alome Achayo, John Kangogo to be members of the Board of the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015. Gazette Notice No. 2488 of 2015 is revoked.

Susan M. Mutimbi, Caroline Wakesho Sonje, Daniel Tuitoek, A. Mitaru, Patrick Ngatia, Charles Oluchina to be members of the Board of the National Environmental Management Authority for a period of three (3) years with effect from the17th April, 2015.



Kenyans in US more likely to suffer from heart diseases than other immigrants

A study has shown that although Kenyan immigrants in the US have high rates of obesity, they were still likely to make a conscious effort to exercise and eat a healthy diet

Kenyans in the United States are more likely to report having diabetes or hypertension than other African immigrants, a study has found. The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota and published in the BMC Public Health journal, collected data from 996 immigrants from 18 African countries (37.9 per cent Somalis; 26.8 per cent Ethiopians; 14 percent Liberians; 8.5 percent Sudanese; 5.1 percent Kenyans and 7.8 per cent other groups). About 65 per cent of the participants were from the East African region, specifically from Somalia and Ethiopia. According to the study, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths in the US. The survey found that Kenyans and Liberians have the highest risks of reporting these diseases as they increasingly integrate into the American society. Sixteen per cent of immigrants from each of the two countries reported having hypertension. Sudanese report the lowest prevalence, at 4 per cent. The overall prevalence was 8 per cent. Among the Kenyans surveyed, 57 per cent were classified as being obese or overweight. The study, however, pointed out that the obesity rates were lower than those found in white indigenous Americans. Those immigrants who have been in the US for a period of over five years were at a higher risk of developing heart diseases. The results showed that 98 per cent of Kenyans had health insurance, with 84 percent having access to private insurance and 13 per cent having public insurance. The study also showed that although Kenyan immigrants had high rates of obesity, they were still likely to make a conscious effort to exercise and eat a healthy diet. Also on a positive note, Kenyans were less likely to smoke compared with their African counterparts The sample comprised 60.8 per cent Kenyan females, while 39.2 percent were male. – Daily Nation.


Moment Everest Avalanche Hits Climbers - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





Kenya police officers in Dublin had a 5 days training in police training college in Temple, North Ireland. They participated  in pass on parade of new officers where they meet the  police commissioner Noirin O,Sullivan and the minister for justice last week. They did visit different policing forums in the North Ireland. They visited a store street police division to see the forum where Pastor Amos Ngugi coordinate and later visited his office of Acts of Compassion Ministries in Dublin. The police spoke person  Massudi Mwinyi and Deputy commissioner of police who is deputy director of community policing, said they were very happy for Pastor Amos Ngugi for facilitating their tour through  the Irish police commissioner to invite them. The team said it was great honour to the Kenya government to see the individual person who is so respected to represent the  country on police forum. Above from left is Sgt Ken, Ssp Richard a  police trainer from administration police, police spoke person Ssp Massudi Mwinyi, police chaplain Ssp Vicent Makoha, Sgt Mark. Seated from left, Ssp Musao chief police trainer Kiganjo, Pastor Amos Ngugi of Acts of Compassion Ministries and coordinator of Ethnic forum and Deputy commissioner of police Kimaru. The officers were  in Pastor Amos office in Dublin  on Saturday 25th of April 2015.



Dr. Jennifer Irungu Conference in Italy
Italy Conference 22nd -24th May 2015

On Friday to Saturday 22nd -23rd
(Linea Verde-green line )

On Sunday 24th
Grace outreach mission international, camera del lavoro.
Piazza Segesta 4,
san Siro Milano.

22nd May 2pm - 6pm. Word session.
23rd May 12- 3pm - Girls Talk.
23rd May 3:30pm- 6pm word session


Dr. Jennifer Irungu

And he said unto me "Dr. Jennifer you are the mother of TKC thousands of millions sons and daughters and let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them. "For I have respect unto you and make you fruitful, and multiply you, and establish my covenant with you my servant " (Gen. 24:60, Lev 26: 9).



Planning to Relocate to Kenya or Have Immigration matters in Kenya and UK?

Rose Muigai a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya will be hosting a week immigration conference in London.

The topic to be covered include:

UK matters:

1: Immigration Legal challenges in UK following the new immigration rules from 6th April 2015
2: Applicants with Civil and criminal elements in their profile and effect of their pending applications or future renewals of applications
3: Current position for students in UK
4: Appeals and Judicial review in UK: who can appeal and who cannot
5: All article 8 matters[ family, children guardians etc]

Kenyan matters:

1: Changes to Adoption, guardianship, divorce laws and effect on the Diaspora Community.
2: changes to land laws in Kenya affecting where you can buy or dispose land.
3: What is the meaning of Diaspora in Kenyan Birdseye view?
4: Challenges of legal processes in Kenya [ land dispute, succession matter, divorce process etc], how fast can you reclaim your lost property from friends and family or settle disputes.

The conference will be held from 29th April 2015 at MartynsRose Solicitors from 10:30 am.

For more details contact:
MartynsRose Solicitors
vista centre
50 Salisbury Road
TW4 6 JQ
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Fax: 0208 538 1396
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President Uhuru and family moves to State House


President Uhuru Kenyatta has moved from his private residence on Nairobi’s Dennis Pritt Road to State House to allow major construction work and a security upgrade. In the last few weeks, corrugated iron sheets have been erected around the fence of the President’s private residence, sandwiched between Dennis Pritt Road and State House. Sources initially said that a wall was being built to enhance security at the house that is cheek by jowl with the road, but indications now are that construction of a new house has begun in the compound after the main building was demolished. President Kenyatta has been living at his private house, inherited from his father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, and which could be accessed directly from State House. But his office is at State House where he regularly receives delegations and holds Cabinet meetings. A State House spokesman, Mr Munyori Buku, agreed to answer some questions but declined to confirm information provided by anonymous sources.



However, multiple sources indicate that by the time Mr Mwai Kibaki left office in 2013 — after a two-term presidency that started with the starry-eyed Narc administration of 2003 and ended with the cantankerous Grand Coalition — State House, considered the ultimate seat of power and privilege in Kenya’s political milieu, is said to have been unkempt. “The grass had grown to knee-length and the hedges were untrimmed. Some parts of the main house were dirty. In a word, State House was untidy,” said a long-serving civil servant who spoke in confidence, adding that even the curtains had to be changed. Under President Kenyatta, normalcy seems to have resumed in the State House kitchen. Indeed, last year, some members of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) stirred some interest on social media when they posted a photograph taken at State House in which they posed with a man they identified as the President’s chef. In contrast, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is described as “likeable and humble”.



Our sources say she enjoys jogging around the State House grounds on most mornings and rarely interferes with the staff. The First Lady, who has office space at the National Social Security Fund building, prefers to work from State House where she meets delegations and runs her charity activities. Renovations have been made to a gazebo in the grounds and two men said to be specialists in preparing nyama choma have been hired. “Beef — boiled or roasted and prepared the same way as any local pub — is his favourite meal,” says a source close to the presidency. Even though sources say security has been heightened at State House, interviews with staffers indicate there is confusion over some of those who have access. -nairobinews.co.ke




JICHO PEVU 26th April 2015 Futary ya Sumu [Part 1 ] - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO 

JICHO PEVU 26th April 2015 Futary ya Sumu [Part 2] - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Neno la Siku ya Leo

Proverbs 4:7

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

We read in Proverbs 4:7: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Like any good parent, God wants His children to succeed. But to succeed in life, you must periodically ask yourself two questions: (1) Am I committed to personal growth? ‘Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.’ Keep reading, keep learning, keep asking questions. A Chinese proverb says, ‘He who asks is a fool for five minutes; he who doesn’t ask remains a fool forever.’ Some of us are like the little girl who thought she’d exhausted the subject of mathematics once she learned her twelve–times tables. When her grandfather asked with a twinkle, ‘What’s 13 times 13?’ she scoffed, ‘Don’t be silly, Grandpa, there’s no such thing!’ Your hunger for wisdom and knowledge determines your future. In order to keep giving out, you must keep taking in. (2) Am I enjoying what I do? You’ll never fulfil your destiny doing something you despise. Passion lies at the core of true success and fulfilment; it’s the spark for your fuse. It energises you when those around you grow tired. It helps you come up with answers when others cease to have creative ideas and strengthens you when they drop out. It gives you courage to take risks while others crave security. When you lose your passion, two things happen: first, you fail to pursue excellence; second, you jeopardise your integrity, because you’re tempted to take shortcuts and compromise by settling for less than God intended. Clues to your destiny are found in those things that generates passion in you. When you find yourself working at what you love you’re being clued in to God’s purposes for you.


Our Guest Singer today is Nancy Njeri from the Republic of Kenya - CLICK HERE









The plot is located Ruiru bypass near  the first shell petrol station from Ruiru Juntion and is near Kamaki's Nyama Choma. Plot is 50x100 with clean Tittle deed  commercial and developed area. Ideal for flats. Price is KShs. 6m. Contacts Steve  in UK on 07448526568  to view plot in Kenya contact Alice on 0721361232. Email: skahig@hotmail.co.uk





Leaping Leopard: Warthog Avoids Leopard Attack







Compilation!! Amazing Lion Vs Buffalo in National Park Zambia 2015





Labour ni Baba na Mama

Ni Labour ilituangushia makaratasi






kufa kupona - kufa kupona




Man burns his wife to death in Kericho

An allegedly jilted man has burnt his wife to death in Kericho. The fire started by the man also destroyed several businesses. . In a bizarre occurrence, the man poured petrol on the lady who was selling in a kiosk, then watched her burn. He too sustained serious burns. - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Next month general elections  Vote Labour

This is why 

Are you a Christian, Muslim or free thinker? Please spare us few minutes to read this before you decide about Prime Minister David Cameron visits to Festival of life. 

1) 5 years ago before David Cameron as a Prime Minister; as a British you're proud of your country but TODAY you move around with the fear of been attacked because of your colour. Why? Because you have a Minister who believed every problem created in this country caused by immigrants. 

2) 5 years ago as a British when you get married your spouse get 2 years visa thereafter Indefinite to Remain TODAY you have to earn £18600 yearly before you can sponsor your wife/husband and if you are lucky enough that's now 5 years visa before Indefinite to Remain 

3) 5 years ago when you have a British child you will get 2 years visa before Indefinite to Remain TODAY it's 10 years visa and you have to apply 4 times. 10 years visa 4 time application fee

4) 5 years ago as a Master holder from any recognised University you will get 2 years Post Study Visa to help you work to raise little money before returning home TODAY it has been cancelled and you are asked to return home after your studies 

6) 5 years ago coming to this country as a student you're entitled to 20 hours weekly work and your partner have right to work to support you TODAY no right to work/10 hours and have no right to bring your family 

7) 5 years ago if any decision go against you you have a to appeal at the court TODAY you are asked to leave the country and appeal from outside UK.

These are the few list the NON EU IMMIGRANTS get under David Cameron and before you decide if he deserve your vote please ask yourself if you are among those listed above will you vote for him? 

If you can't please consider not your present condition, please not the passport you're holding, please consider not your immigration status but YOU'RE ONCE; 


PLEASE NOTE; David Cameron promised to go further if given another 5 years. 

Please share as much as possible till this message get to Downing Street so as to get a fairer deal for the Immigrants. 









Kenya sweeps podium at London Marathon


Eliud Kipchoge led a Kenyan clean sweep of the podium places as he won the men's London Marathon on Sunday in a time of two hours, four minutes and 41 seconds. The final mile saw Kipchoge, the Chicago Marathon champion, sprint clear of defending London Marathon champion Wilson Kipsang who was eying his third win after victories in 2012 and 2014 and recorded a time of 2:04:46. World record-holder Dennis Kimetto finished third with a time of 2:05:50. Stanley Biwott finished fourth. Kipchoge is the 11th Kenyan to win the London Marathon. Having won eight medals for Kenya from major international events including the 2003 World 5,000m title and silver at the 2008 Olympics, Kipchoge demonstrated a perfect transition to the longer distance at the 2013 Hamburg Marathon. Kipchoge clocked 2:05:30 on his debut to win the race, beating the field by over two minutes and setting a new course record. Kipchoge would then take on his first major race at the 2013 Berlin Marathon, hoping to improve his 2:05:30 personal best from the Hamburg Marathon. However, despite finishing second in 2:04:05, it was his personal best besides being the fifth fastest time in history, behind Wilson Kipsang, who set a new Marathon World Record. Come 2014, Kipchoge hit the road strongly, chalking an impressive win at the Rotterdam Marathon with 2:05:00 before claiming his third victory in Chicago. Kipchoge broke away from Sammy Kitwara and Dickson Chumba at the 25th mile and never looked back en route to his first major marathon victory. His time of 2:04:11 is the third fastest ever in Chicago, 26 seconds shy of Kimetto’s course record of 2:03:45 from the previous year.


"Hakuna matata 1, 2, 3 and 4..."



In the women's race, despite having what was described as a fantastic four, Kenya lost the title to Ethiopia's Tigist Tufa on Sunday. The 28-year-old Tufa, winner of last year’s Shanghai Marathon, clocked 2:23:22 to beat the two-times champion Mary Keitany to second place in 2:23:40. Another Ethiopian, Tirfi Tsegaye, finished third in 2:23:41. Keitany, who won the London Marathon in 2011 and 2012, held off Tsegaye in a hard-fought battle for second place but both runners were unable to respond to the late surge of Tufa. Other Kenyans who were tipped to perform well in the race were defending champion Edna Kiplagat, Priscah Jeptoo, who won in 2013 and Berlin Marathon winner Florence Kiplagat. - Daily Nation.


More than 37,800 people are running and walking the 26.2 mile course of the London Marathon

from Blackheath to the Mall: the biggest in the event's history


Got married half way London Marathon

Paul and Laura got married after running half the marathon - now they are going to finish it as husband and wife. The couple, from south London, faced a dash across Tower Bridge to St Katharine's Docks, where they were set to say their vows in front of 80 guests at 12.45pm. But it looks like they made it. A photograph taken following their wedding ceremony has been posted on Instagram in which Laura can be seen sporting her running shoes along with her white dress.


Eliud Kipchoge wins the elite London Marathon races

Eliud Kipchoge has fended off the challenge of defending champion Wilson Kipsang to win the men's elite race at the London Marathon. Former 5,000m world champion Kipchoge duelled with Kipsang throughout the race but broke away from his fellow Kenyan in the final 800 meters to finish with a time of 2:04:47. Kipsang crossed the finishing line five seconds behind the winner, while world record holder Dennis Kimetto finished third in 2:05:50. Ethiopia's Tigist Tufa dominated the elite women's race, breaking clear of the chasing pack to comfortably finish in 2:23:22, 18 seconds ahead of two-time winner Mary Keitany and Tirfi Tsegaye. Both of the Kenyan runners had been tipped to win the race. Tufa is the first Ethiopian runner to win the marathon since 2001. 


Tigist Tufa completed the women's elite race at London Marathon in a time of 2:23:22.


Sonia Samuels, the first British athlete to finish the race, came in 16th in a time of 2:31:45. Meanwhile, Great Britain's Paula Radcliffe finished the race in her last competitive marathon in London. The 41-year-old brought the curtain down on a glorious sporting career, finishing with an unofficial time of 2:36:55. "Down the last mile I thought 'I don't care about the time' I just wanted to thank as many people as I could," Radcliffe told the BBC after the race. "You can't come to the London Marathon and not give an honest effort. But I went off way too fast but from then on it got more and more emotional. "There was a big sign at Embankment saying 'we will miss you' but it won't be as much as I will miss you." Injuries prevented Radcliffe from training sufficiently to compete in the elite race.


More coming up

'Massive' Earthquake In Nepal Kills Over 1,300

Britain is sending search and rescue experts after Nepal's worst quake in 81 years with many people feared trapped under rubble


A powerful earthquake centred in Nepal has killed more than 1,300 people across four countries, flattening houses and temples as well as triggering a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest. The magnitude 7.9 quake - the strongest in Nepal for 81 years - struck 50 miles east of the popular tourist town of Pokhara and 50 miles north west of the capital Kathmandu shortly before noon local time. Tremors could be felt hundreds of miles away in northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tibet. At least 300 people were reported dead in Kathmandu and 634 in the Kathmandu Valley. There are fears many others are trapped under rubble. The quake, which was relatively shallow - making it more powerful - toppled the city's iconic 60 metre (100ft) high Dharahara tower, with rescuers scrambling to reach up to 200 people reportedly stuck inside.

Around a dozen bodies had earlier been removed from the 19th Century UNESCO-recognised monument, also known as the Bhimsen Tower. A 10-metre jagged stump was what remained of the building. Deaths have also been reported across Nepal's borders. At least 36 people, including a 15-year-old girl, have been killed in India, 12 in Tibet and four in Bangladesh. Two Chinese citizens died at the Nepal-China border. The quake was followed by a magnitude 6.6 aftershock and other tremors which reportedly lasted up to a minute. Little is known about the extent of damage to Pokhara, and the Red Cross said it was concerned about the fate of rural villages close to the epicentre. Britain is sending an eight-strong team of experts, including search and rescue specialists, to Nepal to provide urgent support. India has sent a military air transporter with three tons of supplies and a 40-strong disaster response team. Three more planes will follow, carrying a mobile hospital and further relief teams. In the densely-populated capital, hospitals are struggling to cope. As they began to fill up, some patients were being treated in car parks. The quake also triggered a "huge avalanche" on Mount Everest, leaving at least 10 climbers dead.




The Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazuras Amayo (left) with his wife Mrs. Amayo and Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe of Barking and Dagenham joins Malaika Dancers as the dancers welcomed the team to the Kenya Community Rebuild Prayers in West London on Saturday 25th April, 2015. After prayers several Kenyan in UK who has made an outstanding contributions to the community were honored. Who are these Kenyans? Full story coming soon.






Al-Shabaab abduct two Kenyan teachers from Mandera

MANDERA: Suspected Al-Shabaab militants have kidnapped two Kenyan teachers from Mandera town. Mandera County Commissioner Alex Nkoyo confirmed the Friday evening incident, adding that names of the two primary school teachers could not be immediately established. "We are investigating the incident which took place at around 4pm. The two teachers are non-locals," Nkoyo said without giving more details. The militias are said to have bundled the two who were in their houses in to a vehicle before speeding off to Somalia. The incident comes hours after Al-Shabaab killed an abducted chief after failing to receive a Sh4 million ransom they had demanded. The body of the chief identified as Mukhtar Otieno was found in Badhere area with bullet wounds after he was kidnapped early on Thursday. The vehicle the gang had also carjacked was missing. The militants late last year hijacked a Nairobi-bound commuter bus and brutally murdered 28 people, mostly non local teachers who were returning home for holiday. Already, the education sector is the most hit in the northeast region as non-Muslim teachers posted to Wajir, Garissa and Mandera Counties declining to resume duty. Some pitched camp in Nairobi seeking transfers to other regions, citing insecurity among a host of other challenges. Thousands of students have been forced to conduct their own tuition for lack of teachers while some schools are engaging the services of former students to fill the gap left by the missing teachers. - The Standard.



Al Shabaab gunmen hijack miraa van, kidnap chief in Mandera

Mandera, Kenya: Gunmen believed to be Al Shabaab hijacked a miraa van and kidnapped a chief in an attack in Arabia area, Mandera County. The attack took place early Thursday morning, security agencies are pursuing them. Officials said the attackers seemed to know the area and the chief well. The chief was headed for Mandera town when the attack happened. No recovery has been made so far. The incident is the latest to take place in the area despite concentrated operations in the past days in which dozens have been arrested and charged over terror activities. - The Standard.


Al-Shabaab-linked sugar smugglers still in business after attack


Sugar-smugglers whose activities have been linked to Al-Shabaab are still in business, three weeks after one of the terror group’s deadliest attacks in Kenya that killed 148 people. Investigations by the Saturday Nation reveal that none of the sugar barons were named in the list of 86 companies and individuals whose accounts were frozen on allegations of supporting terrorism. Reports by the United Nations and a US government agency say there are about 70 businessmen — located in the Somali port city of Kismayu and in Garissa and Nairobi in Kenya — who are brokers in the sugar and charcoal trade.  Garissa was the scene of the latest attack, on April 2, by Al-Shabaab in which 142 university students and six security officers were killed. Reports say the businesses earn the militant group millions of dollars which they use in their terror campaign. According to a report prepared jointly by the United Nations Environmental Programme (Unep) and Interpol, Al-Shabaab’s primary source of income appears to be from informal taxation at roadblocks. “In one roadblock case, they have been able to make up to $8 million (Sh696 million) to $18 million (Sh1.5 billion) per year from charcoal traffic in Somalia’s Badhadhe District,” says the Unep/Interpol report, adding that trading in charcoal and taxing the ports have generated an estimated annual total of $38 million to $56 million for Al-Shabaab. Earnings from the trade are vital in sustaining the terrorists’ capacity to carry out attacks in Somalia and Kenya. Kismayu has been controlled by Kenya Defence Forces(KDF) since they captured it from Al-Shabaab in September 2012, cutting off the group’s finances but the militants have since moved into the hinterland where they rake in money at roadblocks.



Although the reports do not name individuals, the Saturday Nation has established that one of the biggest sugar smugglers based in Garissa is related to a senior politician. He has been operating a lucrative smuggling ring between the port of Kismayu and Garissa, that brings in millions of dollars a year. The sugar trade has boomed since KDF went into Somalia in late 2011 and has overtaken charcoal as southern Somalia’s leading cross-border trade commodity. The smuggler has a fleet of trucks that operate between Garissa and Kismayu. On their way to Kismayu they carry Kenyan food and consumer goods and on their way back, they are loaded with hundreds of bags of contraband sugar imported from Brazil. “There are five checkpoints between Kismayu and Garissa – three by Al-Shabaab and two by the KDF. The sugar trucks are waved through all the checkpoints without any checks. There is a tacit agreement between the owner and these entities and we are sure hefty sums of money change hand in the form of illegal ‘taxes’,” said the source. The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) office at the Liboi border crossing is also implicated in the scam, through “creative invoicing” or by simply not declaring.


The trucks are also known to use the Kolbio border post where they are driven to Lamu and Mombasa and resold to middle-men as “customed” sugar. They are repackaged and made to look like local sugar. With Mumias Sugar, Kenya’s biggest producer of the commodity in financial doldrums, sugar importation has become even more lucrative. The news could undermine confidence in the list of terror associates. Intriguingly, while the list included two human rights groups — Muhuri and Haki Africa — and money transfer firms, none of the sugar barons was listed. It also contains names of clerics who the government has been collaborating with to tackle jihadism and youth radicalisation in Kenya’s Somali-speaking communities. Sheikh Ummal, a prominent Eastleigh-based cleric, whose name was in the list, has protested his innocence. Sheikh Ummal has consistently criticised Al-Shabaab’s campaign of terror and its intransigence and refusal to seek a political settlement. He is immensely influential and his anti-Shabaab messages are often relayed on Somali satellite TV channels, earning him death threats from Al-Shabaab. “This is the kind of guy the government should keep on its side in its ideological fight against jihadism and Al-Shabaab,” a Somali security source told the Saturday Nation.



Those who have been named in the list and have appeared before the counter-terrorism police unit have been shocked at the state agents’ lack of information on the subject. Father Gabriel Dolan of Muhuri who appeared before the unit together with his fellow board members, said: ‘’We expected a ‘grilling’ and to be furnished with substantive allegations and evidence linking Muhuri with the Al-Shabaab murderers. However, nothing of the sort emerged. Instead, we faced a team of tired, bored NIS officials who did not want to be identified nor unduly bothered and whose task was merely to give out a fourteen-page document to be filled, returned and ‘you will be hearing from us in two weeks. “The whole thing may have been sloppy, unprofessional and lacking any shape or direction but the IG Boinett and his NCTC team had already condemned the two organisations by freezing their accounts and now in utter contempt of the Constitution and the rule of law, the burden of proof fell on them to prove their innocence,” Fr Dolan wrote in his weekly column in the Saturday Nation. The KRA has also raided the two rights groups’ offices, carting away documents and computers for tax audits. Meanwhile, for the big boys in the sugar and charcoal trade, it is business as usual.


Elements of the KDF have been accused of colluding with Al-Shabaab in the illegal multi-billion-shilling charcoal trade. In 2014, a report by a US government-funded organisation, which echoed earlier findings by the United Nations, alleged that the KDF mission to Somalia appears to include the charcoal trade. “Kenya, although formally a participant in Amisom, which operates in support of the Somali national government, is also complicit in support of trade that provides income to Al-Shabaab, its military opponent both inside Somalia and, increasingly, at home in Kenya,” the Institute of Defence Analyses (IDA) said in its report by Mr George Ward, formerly Washington’s ambassador to Namibia. Kenya’s military chiefs have previously denied allegations of involvement in any illicit activity in Somalia and have maintained that since October 2011, they have only engaged in military action aimed at stabilising the war-torn country. But the accusations have refused to go away. While businesses of the sugar and charcoal barons boom, most of Garissa town is facing an economic crisis following the attack on the university college. Traders in the county who spoke to the Saturday Nation said they had been incurring heavy losses since the attack and the dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed by Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet. Police have also been accused of using the curfew to extort money from residents.  – Daily Nation.



"Without humility, you cannot experience the move of God" - Pastor Boniface Mbugua, Revival House, London - Tel: 07826854898.











3 Bedroomed Fully Furnished & Serviced Apartment in Kileleswa for short-term Rent

(Near Catholic church)

mel 043

24 hour security is provided by professional guards. The apartment is located in a court equipped with a swimming pool and playing area for children. Well served by public transport and taxis are available nearby. It is an ideal place those visiting Nairobi for a short stay or for R&R. Good references.

mel 048

A Kenyan expatriate based in South Africa would like to let out her home in Nairobi: a 3 bedroomed large, delightful and well-lit apartment in an upmarket part of Kileleswa, 4 km from the city centre with the new by-pass, well linked to other parts of the city.

180sq meters top floor/penthouse apartment in a quiet, serene and family friendly court comprising: living room, dining room, kitchen, two balconies, laundry area, one bedroom master ensuite, 2 large bedrooms with 2 beds each with a shared bathroom/toilet and a guest toilet. Tastefully furnished with new dining table, living room couches, beds, stove/cooker, fridge washing machine etc.  Ideal for a maximum of six family members.  Well equipped to entertain family and friends.  It is not just a rented place, it is a fairly priced home away from home!

mel 053









For enquiries please contact mary2011@myself.com or

Mr. Seed in UK at misterseeduk@gmail.com,

telephone  +44 7951220695.

I lived in this house for the month of March 2015. Very nice house - I would give it 9 out of 10. Mr. Seed




Tourism industry on the verge of collapse, officials warn


A staff member walks along the poolside at Mombasa Beach Hotel on March 9, 2015. The tourism sector has continued to decline due to insecurity. 

Industry officials on Friday warned that tourism at the Coast was on the verge of collapse with 30,000 to 40,000 staff set to lose their jobs by the end of April. The Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers (KAHC) said at least 23 hotels have closed since last year and many more are set to close in the coming months. They attributed the situation to several of factors, most of which they said were out of the investors' control, adding that the tourism and hospitality sector crisis is worse than the downturns that followed the 1997 Likoni clashes and 2007/2008 post election violence. Addressing a press conference at Mombasa’s Serena Hotel, KAHC officials led by their chairman Harald Kampa accused government of offering lip service in mitigating the “worst nightmare” facing their businesses. “We made efforts to sustain the business hoping that the situation would improve but all indications point to a bleak future. Many of us have dropped rates but we can only lower the rates to a particular extent,” said Mr Kampa. He added: “We lack commitment from the government. We are now going to bypass government and try to reach out to these new markets. We hope the government will not allow us to move to this state of confusion.” The government, however, recently hired a British public relations firm, Grayling Global, to repair the damage done to Kenya's image. Grayling Global has previously said it would promote Kenya’s potential globally and “assist the government in communicating its message effectively both regionally and internationally”.



Executive officer Sam Ikwaye claimed that the government had not indicated its commitment in marketing the sector. “We require a standalone ministry dedicated to addressing the challenges facing tourism,” said Mr Ikwaye, adding that such a ministry would require an adequate budget and would work with all industry players on a turn-around plan. He said an independent tourism ministry complemented by serious marketing strategies from the government would be key to the full recovery of the industry projected to happen in two years time. Mr Kampa said occupancy rate in the first quarter of the year set to end this month has dropped from an average of 50 per cent to less than 20 per cent across the Coast region with South Coast and Watamu hit hardest. KAHC on Friday held an election in which Mr Kampa was re-elected as chairman with Mr Silas Kiti serving as his deputy. The new officials said the association's executive committee would meet in the coming days to agree on new engagements with the government adding that “it will not be business as usual”. The KAHC officials indicated that the arrival statistics showed a decline in consecutive quarters, with the Kenya Tourism Board having already indicated a 32 per cent drop compared with the same time last year. - Daily Nation.




KCR 4th Anniversary _ Saturday  25/4/15 @4pm

Kenya High Commissioner in the UK Hon Lazarus Amayo will be joining us as we remember the victims of Garissa masacre & pray for their families & our nation.

We'll also be celebrating community champions. Those that reach out to others in a significant way, giving their time, money n resources for the benefit of others.

The event will be tomorrow Saturday 25th April at 4pm. Ealing Christian Centre 268 Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London W5 4UB.





" "Nobody is born wise." ~ African proverb


Please help a poor child join secondary school as a last chance this year

Above photos were taken during joyce's visit to kenya last year where some parents came to visit me and say thank you.  The young man above is one of the children already sponsored and is now heading for University. Out of three children who sat KCPE last year, 2 boys scored B+ and other C+.

As always I would like to start by thanking all the sponsors who have sponsored children in last seven years.  It has been a big blessing for many poor children back home.  Special thanks to Misterseed for this website as we wouldn't have made it without him.

Last year we helped 19 children join form 1 most of them joining in 2nd term.  Misterseed posted for me on 23/02/15 and the following is the progress.

Sponsored are:-
1.  Grace Kwamboka, dad is a watchman to Moi Girls Isinya- sponsored by Mrs Hammond UK
2.  Kelvin Thinji, from a single mum to Mangu High-sponsored by Ann & Leah, Boston
3.  Ziporah Muthoni, orphan to Maricho Sec Sch - sponsored Mr Njogu, UK
4.  Loise Wambui to Pasenga Sec Sch- sponsored by Mr & Mrs Macharia, Australia
5.  Ann Nyambura form 2 and orphan - sponsored by Mr & Mrs Macharia, Australia
6.  Paul Njenga, rescued from streets - Nyandarua High Sch - Lucy UK
7.  David Njuguna joining sec sch after been out for 3 years - anonymous UK
8.  Ann Mwangi, sis to no 7 above, pasenga sec sch - Helen UK

Waiting to be sponsored are:-
1. Timothy Ledema, orphan 342/500

2.  Henry Wahafra 342/500

3.  James Githikuria 350/500

4.  Jacob Kagwi  266/500

5.  Joseph Ndatho 271/500

6.  Solomom Karagu 323/500

7.  Racheal Wambui 315/500

8.  Brian Gathii 295/500

9.  Purity Mwangi 286/500

10.  Leah and Dorcas sisters 240, 244/500

11.  Ann Chepkoech 309/500

12.  Francis Machari 306/500

13.  Victor Njuguna - Nairobi Sch

14.  Danson Githinji - Lenana high


Most of these children never reported to form 1 last term due to lack of fees.  Term 2 start in May and it is their last chance to continue schooling.  Others like the 2 boys in national schools, their parents are from villages and just managed to put the boys in school to secure their positions but they already have balances and not unless some helps, the very poor but bright kids will drop out.  They cannot simply afford the high fees of about ksh,100,000 a year of national schools.



if anyone would like to help, please contact me (Joyce) on 07532358061 or joykerr22@yahoo.co.uk.  I will give you the child's contact, school account number and contacts where you can deposit money to school. Also have a look at my website below. 


Thank you. 



Kenyan man dies in his house in Waterbury Connecticut, USA

We regret to inform family and friends of the untimely passing of Patrick Wanjohi Kihara formerly of Waterbury CT., In New York metropolitan area, USA who died at his home on Monday April 20th 2015. He was a dedicated father to Emmanuel Kihara and Fred Kihara and a husband to Anne Gatwiri Kihara. Son of John Kihara Wanjohi and Benedicta Wanjiru Kihara. He was a brother to: the late Maina Kihara, Patricia Wanjiru Kihara, Pauline Wangui Gitika, Philip Wachira, Kihara, Purity Wangui Kihara, Pius Chege Kihara, Penina Njeri Kihara, Daniel Mwangi Kihara, and Rose Wambui Kihara. Family and friends are meeting daily at his house at their residence: 38 Bradley Ave Waterbury, CT 06708. Wake will be held on 04/24/15 from 5 pm to 8 pm at Albini Funeral Home Inc, Address: 430 Chase Pkwy, Waterbury, CT 06708. Tel. (203) 574-1313. Funeral mass will be on 04/25/15 at 11.30 am at the upper church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church Address: 785 Highland Ave, Waterbury, CT 06708. Fund raising ceremony will be held on Saturday May 2nd from 5 pm to 11 pm at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. Address: 785 Highland Ave, Waterbury, CT 06708 Babank account has been established for financial contributions in the USA/Diaspora Bank name: TD-Bank North Acct name: Ann Wanjohi Acct #: 4307314057. For more information in the US please contact: Ben Naiterra 301-760-0544, Charles Kodi 2039823834, Paul Githenji 2032786191, Fredah Gatobu 203 278 1795, Catherine Mburu 203 808 4390, Margaret Muchemi 203 982 2329, Eddy Omondi 203 206 6494, Charles Bollo 203 419 5302, Isabel Muchiri 203 706 2259 or James Wabunoha 203 215 6058. In Kenya friends and family are meeting at his parents home in I thenguri Nyeri for prayers and support. For further information in Kenya please contact his sister, Patricia Wanjiru Kihara, at 0722918449. – Diasporamessenger.com




Uhuru Kenyatta’s Dubai-bound plane forced to turn back

President Uhuru Kenyatta, with incoming Chief of Defence Forces Gen Samson Mwathethe and the outgoing chief Gen Julius Karangi, just before the President's departure from JKIA on April 23, 2015. His plane was forced to turn back over violence in Yemen. 


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s aircraft en route to Dubai was forced to turn back following increased fighting in Yemen. In a statement, State House spokesperson Manoah Esipisu said the President was flying to Dubai to connect a flight to Los Angeles, US. “Following reports of increased military activity in Yemen, there was a challenge on the routing leading to a decision to turn back. “The President touched the ground at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 11.42 pm,” Mr Esipisu said. President Kenyatta is expected to attend the annual Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles . The conference brings together political and business leaders to exchange ideas in a bid to overcome some of the world’s toughest challenges. The President is expected to address the Milken Institute Corporate and Investor Roundtable on April 27.



Kenya Ranks poorly in Global “Happy” Index

Kenyans are among the least happy people in the world according to a new survey unveiled in New York on Thursday. Kenya ranks lower than war-torn countries like Iraq and Ukraine. It was rated the 125th happiestcountry out of 158 countries sampled in the globalranking of happiness survey. African countries rated as happier than Kenya include Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. Switzerland is the happiest country in the world, closely followed by Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada, according to the survey. The 2015 World Happiness Report is the third annual report seeking to quantify happiness as a means of influencing government policy. The United Nations published the first study in 2012. Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia round out the top 10, making small or medium-sized countries in Western Europe seven of the top 10 happiest countries. Academics identified the variables as real GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make life choices, freedom from corruption and generosity. Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and one of the editors, said the top 13countries were the same a second year running although their order had shifted. They combined affluence with strong social support, and relatively honest and accountable governments, he told a news conference. “Countries below that top group fall short, either in income or in social support or in both,” Sachs explained. The United States trails in 15th place, behind Israel and Mexico, with Britain at 21, pipped by Belgium and the United Arab Emirates. France ranks number 29, behind Germany in 26th place. The least happy countries are Chad, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Benin, Syria, Burundi and Togo. -nairobinews.co.ke


Sh4.7bn in lost taxes recovered

KPMG Kenya tax services (mid markets) director Caxton Kinuthia during the firm’s transer pricing seminar on April 23, 2015. 

Kenya has located some $50 million (Sh4.7 billion) lost in taxes through transfer pricing after auditing multinational companies. The head of tax services at audit firm KPMG, Mr Richard Ndung’u, told multinational firms to ensure their transfer pricing policies are aligned to the global standards to avoid future tax adjustments that could adversely hit their businesses. “Kenya Revenue Authority has placed great focus on transfer pricing resulting in additional revenues of approximately $50 million. With the government increasing revenue collections projection for 2015/2016 to Sh1.35 trillion from the current Sh1.16 trillion, KRA will be looking to new initiatives such as transfer pricing and capital gains tax to bridge the revenue gaps,” Mr Ndung’u said yesterday during a transfer pricing seminar at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi. With the adoption of base erosion and profit shifting project, local companies need to align their transfer pricing practices with global trends to cushion themselves from double taxation, future tax adjustments or penalties, he added. Kenyan firms that are opening subsidiaries in the region are required to adhere to global trends of transfer pricing.



KPMG’s global head of transfer pricing, Mr Sean Foley, noted that Kenya has treaties with only nine countries compared to 60 for the US on transfer pricing, adding that companies that adopt advanced pricing agreements have less risk of having to deal with tax adjustments in the future. Mr Foley said the transfer pricing documentation had not fully addressed the issue of stateless income (income that can not be attributed to a specific country for tax purposes). He said states were concerned that despite the measures they had taken to eliminate abuse of the tax regimes, multinationals were still taking advantage of the loopholes in the global tax regime to shift profits to favourable tax jurisdictions. He said some of the new requirements included country-by-country reports, which show the location of the company’s main business, enabling the tax authorities to compare the value of the enterprise and profits in its various locations. This would help in eliminating the shifting of profits to low-tax jurisdictions to the disadvantage of countries where the money was made. - Daily Nation.




Deutsche Bank in record $2.5bn fine over interest rate manipulation

Deutsche Bank has been fined $2.5bn (£1.66bn) by US and UK regulators for trying to manipulate interest rates. The German bank has been fined $2.1bn by US regulators, and £227m by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. The fine relates to manipulation of the Libor and Euribor inter-bank rates. It is a record penalty for such misconduct because Deutsche tried to mislead regulators and could have hampered investigators. The bank said it "deeply regrets" the matter. Deutsche said in a statement that it had "disciplined or dismissed individuals" involved and tightened governance controls. However, US regulators have demanded the dismissal of a further seven senior individuals still employed. Georgina Philippou, the FCA's acting director of enforcement and market oversight, said in a statement: "This case stands out for the seriousness and duration of the breaches by Deutsche Bank - something reflected in the size of today's fine. "One division at Deutsche Bank had a culture of generating profits without proper regard to the integrity of the market. This wasn't limited to a few individuals but, on certain desks, it appeared deeply ingrained." "Deutsche Bank's failings were compounded by them repeatedly misleading us. The bank took far too long to produce vital documents and it moved far too slowly to fix relevant systems and controls," she said.



Uhuru Kenyatta suspends EACC chair Mumo Matemu and his deputy Irene Keino

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission chairman Mumo Matemu (right) and his deputy, Irene Keino, at a press briefing on April 1 2015 at Integrity Center. 


President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday suspended Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) chairman Mumo Matemu and his deputy, Irene Keino, from their offices pending a tribunal hearing. Their suspension comes a day after Parliament adopted a report by the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee that recommended that the two be removed from office. A third commissioner, Dr Jane Onsongo, resigned last month following claims that she was prevailed upon to take the decision with a promise of an ambassadorial job. State House spokesman Manoah Esipisu posted on his Twitter account Thursday that the two had been suspended from their offices “pending tribunal hearings”. He said the two were suspended from undertaking all functions and duties of those offices with immediate effect pending the outcome of the tribunal as per the law. “This process in no way hinders the work of the organization, which remains constitutionally established and operational,” said Mr Esipisu. It is unclear how the EACC will conduct its operations following President Kenyatta’s decision. - Daily Nation.



Inside The Boeing 747 Which Billionaire Spent £400m Converting Into Luxury Home

Incredible images show the inside of an enormous jumbo jet converted into a luxury home for a mystery billionaire

The master suite on board the incredible jumbo jet (Caters) and on right Dining space for 14 people (Caters)


From an on-board master bedroom to a 14-seater dining room, this is what it looks like inside an enormous jumbo jet that has been turned into a luxury home for an unnamed billionaire.  The custom-built Boeing 747-8 is understood to have cost its mystery owner around £400m to fit all of the detailed specifications. The jet, which took three years to renovate, comes complete with bedrooms, lounges and even an onboard restaurant. 

Normally, a jet this size would carry up to 450 passengers, but this version was built for a single owner and his lucky guests.  The ‘aeroloft’ on the top deck of the plane provides additional sleeping space with eight full beds for passengers to get some sleep on flights.  The company that built the incredible jet, Greenpoint could not disclose the name of the buyer.  Jon Buccola, Greenpoint owner, said: ‘This delivery represents an outstanding past 12 months for Greenpoint. 'Our entire team is extremely proud of this amazing accomplishment.’


Kenya MPs back bill on test-tube babies

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo is the sponsor of the In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Bill.

 MPs overwhelmingly backed a bill on test-tube babies and approved it to go to the last legislative stage. Millie Odhiambo, the sponsor of the In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Bill, Wednesday rallied MPs to approve it as she explained why their fears about a cultural and religious conflict were unwarranted. Soipan Tuya (Narok) said the issue of stigmatisation of children born of surrogate mothers would be settled through awareness on the benefits of technology. MPs Winnie Karimi (Kirinyaga), James Nyikal (Seme), Enock Kibunguchy (Likuyani) and Johanna Ngeno (Emurrua Dikirr) said the bill was a panacea for childless couples and had to be approved. They recommended amendments to tighten the research aspects. “The method in which the egg is fertilised is not here nor there, what is key is that the fertilisation takes place and children are born. Where families have no children, they begin blaming each other... We have seen women stealing children because they have that pain of not having children,” said Ms Karimi. Dr Nyikal said the bill should come up with tighter controls to shield it from abuse. There were, however, some MPs opposed to the bill. Kwale MP Zainab Chidzuga warned that the bill was likely to open loopholes for people to flout social norms so gay couples could raise children, who as a result would learn to ignore the ‘natural’ way of beginning a family. “If we are not careful, we might let lesbians continue their dirty behaviour knowing that they can get children. We need a law that improves lives without conflicting with our culture,” said Ms Chidzuga. Ms Odhiambo said there was no cause to worry because the Constitution outlawed homosexuality and no law could be allowed if it had unconstitutional provisions. Nicholas Ngikor (Turkana East) also said legalising IVF was akin to competing against and daring God. But Odhiambo explained that science was not trying to compete with God’s work; rather, technology was catching up with culture. - The Standard.




You don’t go to school to die, you go to school to study,"
Boniface Mwangi
All Kenyans in the UK and Friends of Kenya invited to an Afternoon of mourning, remembrance and prayers for the 148 victims that died in The Garissa Massacre.

The event will be on Saturday 25th April at 4pm. Ealing Christian Centre 268 Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London W5 4UB.

The young and old, Kenyan or Friend of Kenya, Faith groups and community organisations, professional groups, chamas, students, schools, businesses, etc. Let us come together and light a candle of remembrance.
Dress code: black or other Kenyan flag colours, red, green or white.
The New High Commissioner to the UK, Hon. Lazarus Amayo, will be in attendance.



Neno la Siku ya Leo

Daniel 1:8


 Life Is About Choices
“We read in Daniel 1:8: “But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.” When Daniel was taken prisoner to Babylon, he was quickly promoted to leadership in the king’s palace. But as a Jew he refused to ‘defile himself with the royal food and wine’. Could his choice have affected his career, or even cost him his life? Absolutely! But what we choose to do under pressure results from one of two things: (1) Clearly established convictions we live by. (2) Fuzzy convictions we’re willing to compromise for personal gain. Hard times don’t make you, they reveal you! In Leadership Gold John Maxwell writes: ‘After visiting twenty cities in seven days, it was good to be coming home! As the small private jet approached the runway, we were celebrating the success of the week. Then, in a moment, everything changed. The plane was hit by crosswinds and dropped straight down to the runway, the wheels hitting out of balance. All conversation stopped and our eyes widened as we realised we were in danger. The pilot, without hesitation, pushed the throttle and launched the plane back into the air… We all realised that could have been it! We sat quietly as the plane circled the airfield and a few minutes later we landed safely.’ As he got off the plane, John asked the captain, ‘When did you make the decision to put the plane back into the air?’ He replied, ‘Fifteen years ago.’ He went on to explain how as a young pilot in training, he decided in advance what decision he would make for every possible air problem. His decision was made long before the crisis. So have a gameplan in place before the problem arises.


Our Guest Singer today is Mr. Simon Njihia from the Republic of Kenya - CLICK HERE




The Late Woki Munyui passed away while on duty in Somalia


We wish to announce the promotion to glory of WOKI MUNYUI which occurred in PUTLAND SOMALIA on Monday 20th April, 2015 after a Bomb attack. She was the daughter of LUCAS MUNYUI KINUTHIA and LUCY lRUGA MUNYUI of Ruaka, Kiambu, Kenya. Beloved mother to LUCY and IVY sister to Kinuthia (Kenya ), Wahu (Kenya), Muricho (Kenya) Njambi (Swindon ) and among others. She was the cousin to IRENE (Mama Paul) Walthamstow London, MUNYUI WAGACHA Swindon, SUZY Oxford among others. Family and friends are meeting at Njambi's (Mama Leon) House in 7 Andover Street SN1 5HX Swindon for prayers and support  from 6.00 pm. For more information contact Njambi (Mama Leon) 07456577177 Irene (Mama Paul) 07846397620 and Munyui Wagacha 07438000857. Support  can be made through HALIFAX BANK. HOPE LUCAS A/c 11139168 Sort 110772. MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE DEAR SISTER.




Meet the woman with the largest belly






Faraja: Lillian Madonye



National Assembly approves 27 Public Accounts Committee members

Kenya: The National Assembly has approved 27 members to the Public Accounts Committee which had been dissolved following bribery and extortion allegations. It took less than 15 minutes for the Majority Leader Aden Duale and Minority Leader Francis Nyenze to rally the lawmakers to back the list of 27, which includes 21 MPs from the previous team. As soon as the party leaders were done, the MPs pleaded with the Speaker Justin Muturi to put the matter to vote. The new members are Abdikadir Aden (Balambala), Kanini Kega (Kieni), David Bowen (Marakwet East) Timothy Bosire (Kitutu Masaba), Eseli Simiyu (Tongareni), Nicholas Gumbo (Rarieda) Joseph Manje (Kajiado North), Jude Njomo (Kiambu), Joel Onyancha (Bomachoge), Kareke Mbiuki (Maara), Gonzi Rai (Kinango); Jackson Rop (Kipkelion West). Others are Fathua Mahbub (Mandera), Julius Melly (Tinderet); Mathias Robi (Kuria West), Stephen Manoti (Bobasi), John Mbadi (Suba); Katatha Maweu (Kangundo); Silvance Osele (Kabondo Kasipul); Manson Nyamweya (South Mugirango); Alice Chae (Nyamira); Mwadime Andrew (Mwatate); Jessica Mbalu (Kibwezi East); Charles Geni (North Mugirango). Duale said the onus was now on the new members to sit down and elect the chairman and vice chairman. "We want them to rise above party politics and regional politics. We want them to make sure the people of Kenya get value for money in their taxes. They have no choice but to uphold the dignity of this House. Never again in the history of Kenya shall we hear of bribes of Sh5 million, Sh2 million and Sh10, or people recording their party leaders. We hope we will never form another committee to probe PAC members," said Duale


Police Recruitment in Kenya

The man with a yellow trouser had no ideal of what was going on




Four suspected terrorists arrested in Machakos lodging

Four men seeking to check into a lodging were arrested while another escaped when police stormed the premises. The five, who were suspected to be al Shabaab members, had backpacks and claimed they were in town for a four-day seminar but were not offeredaccommodation. One of the men arrived at the Machakos townlodging at about 3.30pm, inspected it and then left. He later returned with four others saying they were his friends and that he wanted to book them in as well. Noting that the lodging charges Sh400 a night, the lodging attendant said he got suspicious when the men who seemed “well to do” sought accommodation. A patron at the bar walked out and called the police when he saw them at the booking office. The man who was first to arrive escaped through a back door when plainclothes police officers arrived. The four were taken to a police station near the lodging. – the-star.co.ke



Tesco posts record £6.4bn annual loss

Tesco has reported the worst results in its history with a record statutory pre-tax loss of £6.4bn for the year to the end of February. That compares with annual pre-tax profit of £2.26bn a year earlier. It is the biggest loss suffered by a UK retailer and one of the largest in the country's corporate history. Around £4.7bn of the losses were the result of the fall in property value of its UK stores, 43 of which it said would close earlier this month. The decline in the value of its property portfolio comes as a direct result of falling footfall in many of its out of town superstores. Tesco's chief executive Dave Lewis admitted it had been "a very difficult year for Tesco".  He added: "The results we have published today reflect a deterioration in the market and, more significantly, an erosion of our competitiveness over recent years." He said that he expected conditions in the coming financial year to remain challenging. But Mr Lewis said more people were buying more things at Tesco and that this was "an important first step".



Biggest losses in UK corporate history:

  1. Royal Bank of Scotland reported annual losses of £24.1bn in 2008
  2. Vodafone reported an annual net loss of £21.8bn in 2006
  3. Vodafone also reported a £13.5bn pre-tax loss in 2002.
  4. Lloyds Banking Group reported a loss of £8.5bn in 2009 after its 2008 purchase of Halifax Bank of Scotland
  5. Cable & Wireless announced losses of £6.5bn in 2003
  6. Tesco reported losses of £6.4bn in 2015







PHILIP KAIRU 1997-2015

Our Shining Star, Son and Brother Philip Kairu sadly passed away on 4th April 2015 in London, UK. He was the beloved son of Mrs Stella Kairu, step son to Mr Gary Daley, brother to Catherine Daley, nephew to Patrick Kairu, Joseph Kairu and Sylvia Kairu. Grandson to Mr Philip Kairu and Mrs Lucy Kairu in Nairobi,Kenya. Cousin to Zaria and Imani and Great grandson to Mrs Eva Wangare (Kenya).  Friends, family and well-wishers will be meeting on Sunday 19th April 2015 at St Mary’s Church Hall, The Walk , Potters Bar, EN6 1QQ from 2- 6pm. Contributions from well-wishers can be sent to: Name:  Miss S A Kairu,  Bank: HSBC Bank , Sort code 40-09-10, Account No: 81343270 We will be celebrating his life at the funeral which will be held on Friday the 24th of April 2015. The funeral service will take place on Friday 24th April at 11.30 am St Peter's Church, 63 Somerset Road, New Barnet, Herts EN5 1RF. For further information please contact-: Stella on: 07949149871 or Joyce on: 07915665871. It is with great sadness that he has left us BUT his memory will remain with us forever.




Kenyans to vote at six new consulates in US in 2017 poll


Six new consulates to be opened in the United States will be used as polling centres for Kenyans to vote in the 2017 general elections. The Kenyan ambassador to the US, Robinson Githae, said the six consulates will be located in Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis and Seattle. The main consulate is in Washington, DC, and there are satellite missions in Los Angeles, California, as well as Kenya’s mission to the UN in New York. The ambassador said the mission in Seattle will be set up once he receives approval from the government. Speaking to a group of Kenyans living in the Maryland and Washington, DC, areas over the weekend during a reception hosted to welcome him as the new ambassador, Mr Githae said President Uhuru Kenyatta is committed to ensuring that Kenyans living abroad vote in the next general elections. “The President is very keen to see that come 2017, the diaspora is able to vote because your vote is important. Your voice needs to be heard,” he said. The ambassador said the decision to create consulates for the purpose of voting was made to conform to the Constitution after a meeting with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission chairman Ahmed Issack Hassan. “The chairman has told me that the law and regulations at the moment provide for the diaspora to vote in either a Kenyan embassy, high commission or consulate,” he said. Mr Githae said the new consulates will reduce the distance Kenyans living in the US travel to vote. “Last year, 85 per cent of Sh120 billion sent to Kenya by diaspora was from the US. So, you are very important to us,” he added. He told Kenyans living in the US that the embassy had adopted an open-door policy and one does not need to make an appointment to see him. - Daily Nation


Kenyan traders suffer heavy losses in South Africa anti-immigrant violence


Kenyan traders based in South Africa have lost property worth millions following anti-migrant attacks that have rocked several cities. Kenya's ambassador to South Africa, Jean Njeri Kamau, said on Tuesday that several businesses owned by Kenyan nationals in the hotbeds of the attacks on foreigners had been looted and those spared closed down. “The High Commission has received reports from members of the Kenyan business community of heavy losses due to the violence. “There has also been several reports of looting and destruction of business premises owned by Kenyan nationals,” she said in a statement. Ms Kamau said several Kenyans living in areas affected by the violence have fled their homes. She urged the government of South Africa to compensate the traders for the losses they have suffered following the attacks by locals. For over a week now, attacks against immigrants and their businesses have dominated media reports after a South African tribal king made remarks linking foreigners to a spike in crime.



Although King Goodwill Zwelithini, chief of the Zulu community, said that he was misquoted, attacks following his remarks have left at least seven people dead and several others injured. For fear of attacks, immigrant communities have vacated the major areas where the attacks are reported to their home countries and some are holed in refugee camps. Reiterating her mission’s commitment to guaranteeing the safety of the Kenyan community, Ms Kamau urged those living in the mineral-rich country to come forth and register themselves with the mission. “The current status of data at the High Commission is such that only a small fraction of Kenyan nationals living in South Africa are registered” she said. She said that registration helps the mission provide services and ensure the safety of Kenyans through direct contact. She rejected claims that the embassy had neglected leaders of organisations representing individuals living in South Africa in the wake of the xenophobic violence. – Daily Nation.



Sh418bn dealt through phones in two months

Kenyans transacted over Sh418 billion through their phones in the first two months of the year as they reduced trips to ATMs. Fresh data from the Central Bank of Kenya shows that the value of mobile money deals in January and February stood at about 20 per cent higher than the Sh352 billion recorded the previous year. CBK attributes the rise to increased adoption and usage of mobile money services since they were launched in Kenya eight years ago. The performance tallied with a rise in the number of agents, which stood at 127,187 at the end of February 2015, up from 115,015 in February last year. Payments made through cards, however, declined in the period by 9.4 per cent to Sh203 billion from Sh224 billion in a similar period in 2014. The decline was more pronounced on ATM card transactions, whose value fell by 79 per cent to Sh1.5 billion from Sh7 billion in the period under review. Despite an upsurge in the use of credit cards, which registered a growth of 53 per cent to Sh1.8 billion compared with Sh1.2 billion in the period under focus, the popularity of electronic payment cards has continued to decline following the advent of M-Pesa in 2007. The mobile money service has since transformed from merely a send-and-receive-only affair to serving a wide range of transactions. Besides transferring money, it is now used in making banking transactions such as sending or withdrawing cash to and from ones’ bank account, payment of fees to schools and hospital, utility and other bills, shopping online and at retail outlets, and purchasing airtime and data bundles. “With M-Pesa already accounting for 78 per cent estimated subscriber market share in mobile money transfers (about 63 per cent market share by agents), and the recent upgrade to raise capacity, speeds (faster transactions and authentication), stability and added functionality — we expect the growth to continue remaining robust,” analysts at Standard Investment Bank (SIB) said yesterday. – Daily Nation.



Graft, security top on the agenda as President Kenyatta, Raila Odinga meet governors

President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses Kisumu residents after he officially opened the Second Annual Devolution Conference, in Kisumu on April 21, 2015.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Cord leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday led nearly 6,000 delegates to take stock on the gains of devolution and to mark two years since Kenya adopted the system after the March 2013 election. Both leaders celebrated the gains brought by devolution, including the improvement in health services but lamented the setbacks brought about by corruption. President Kenyatta — who received a warm welcome in the region considered as Mr Odinga’s political stronghold — said devolution lies at the heart of national transformation. “Devolution is the single greatest economic and sociopolitical innovation of our constitution,” he told delegates attending the three-day conference being held at the Tom Mboya Hall in Kisumu. And Mr Odinga said: “Those who voted for or against the Constitution have equal chance to benefit from its fruits. It is the story of Devolution in Kenya. “We may debate how the counties are being governed. But there can be no doubt that voters want their counties to be supported and strengthened, not wound up or undermined.” The country’s 47 governors used the forum to highlight the gains of devolution especially on expansion of roads, hospitals and agriculture. They also made a strong pitch for involvement of county governments in the management of the country’s security. Mr Odinga also used the forum to ask the President to crack the whip on his security teams, which he said, had failed the President during the Garissa attack which claimed 147 lives. “Mr President, your people are letting you down. You must crack the whip,” said Mr Odinga. However, Mr Kenyatta did not mention the issue of security, dwelling instead on the steps that the government had taken to strengthen devolution. “Over the past two years, my government has accelerated the expansion of resource allocation to county governments. In 2013/2014, when my government assumed office, 32 per cent of national revenue was allocated to county governments. In 2014/2015, we allocated 43 per cent. This will cause profound economic transformation of our rural areas,” he said. – Daily Nation.



Woman Without Limits - Susan Kidero



Meet world’s most identical twins who share everything including bed and a boyfriend

• Ben Byrne is a 31-year-old electrical mechanic and loves to work out
• He lives with Anna and Lucy DeCinque who share a home with their mother
• The fitness enthusiast has been dating the girls for about 18 months

• Mr Byrne himself is a twin and has the approval of the girls' mother, Jeanna

Meet Ben Byrne - the man sharing the bed of Perth identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque who spent more than $240,000 on surgeries to look more alike. The 31-year-old won the hearts of both girls after they added him on Facebook on the suggestion of mutual friends. At first, the electrical mechanic had trouble balancing the demands of two girlfriends, but very early on into their 18-month relationship he learned the attention he paid to one, had to be paid to the other. Lucy and Anna DeCinque blew their savings on breast implants, lip fillers, fake eyebrows and eyelashes to make sure they look exactly the same. And the 28-year-olds, who were born just a minute apart, are so close they claim to never leave each other's side. They also eat the same meals, go on dates together and share the same Facebook account. Lucy said: "We can even feel each other's pain, like at the dentist, it's a twin thing." The pair, from Perth, Australia are currently dating mechanic Ben Byrne, Perth Now reports. They both told Channel Seven Sunrise: "We've had separate boyfriends in the past and it hasn't worked, but now it's much easier and its great. "We're with each other 24/7, me and my sister; it's just easier to share a boyfriend because we're always together." Lucy said: "We have been on double-dates, we dated brothers and best friends. We go out as a group." During the week, the duo both work in the same nursing home. Anna said: "We brighten up their day. "We love what we do it's our passion to help the elderly, it's what we love."



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Armed raiders unleash terror in Lamaiwet Village, Baringo South - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


The Mediterranean's deadly migrant routes

Increasing numbers of migrants are losing their lives as they make the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe, figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) show.

More than 1,700 people are believed to have died this year so far, compared with 96 deaths up to the end of April last year. As many as 800 migrants are feared drowned after the boat they were travelling in capsized in Libyan waters south of the Italian island of Lampedusa on Sunday.

The IOM believes the number of migrants dying in Mediterranean Sea crossings could hit 30,000 this year if the current rate continues.
Federico Soda, IOM's Italy director, said the Italian maritime forces were doing "incredible work" trying to rescue as many people as possible, but that the rising number of deaths was "unacceptable".
"Search and rescue efforts must be more comprehensive and supported by the European Union and its member states. This is a humanitarian emergency that involves us all and responses to it must be more holistic."

Perilous journeys
By far the largest number of migrant deaths internationally have taken place in the Mediterranean, according to the IOM. The figures are striking. Not including Sunday's sinking, nearly eight out of every 10 deaths have taken place there this year. By comparison, the second highest number of migrants died in the Horn of Africa where fewer than one in 10 deaths occurred. Of those migrants who die in the Mediterranean, the vast majority of them began their journey in Sub-Saharan Africa. Within the Mediterranean, the Central migration route from North Africa to Italy and Malta is the deadliest. So far this year, 910 people have been killed as a result of attempting the journey. The 800 potential victims of Sunday's sinking are also likely to join their number. A much smaller number of migrants died travelling along the Mediterranean's other routes - to its east and west and towards Apulia and Calabria, Italy. Last year, a total of 3,279 migrants were killed as a result of their journey across the sea to Europe. Again, by far the majority died along the Central Mediterranean route.



Death rate
Some 912 out of 954 of this year's deaths have been on routes towards Italy, as of 17 April. The IOM estimates that 21,191 migrants have reached the Italian coasts aliveduring the same period.
This makes the rate of death en route to Italy so far this year 4.13 per 100 people. By comparison, some 26,644 migrants had made it alive to Italy by 30 April last year - an increase of 5,000 more than this year - according to data provided by the Italian Ministry of Interior.

Who are the victims?
Looking back to 2014 as a whole, the African nations with the most migrants reaching Italy were Eritrea, Mali and Nigeria. The numbers of men braving the journey vastly outnumbered the women.


The #1 Worst Exercise That Ages You Faster

Exercise that was once considered the most effective way to look younger, get leaner and more fit…now linked to accelerated aging, inflammation and chronic age-related diseases. (Plus, what you can do instead to slow the aging process down to a crawl — so you can burn off age-related weight..and look and feel YEARS younger!)


According to science, there’s a difference between chronological age and biological age, which means you can be 50 years old and literally have a body of a 40 year old. I’m sure you’ve met someone that not only looks 10 years younger, but has boundless energy and stamina. That being said, I’m sure you’ve seen the exact opposite as well, someone that looks and acts much too OLD for their actual age.

So what’s the deal?  Is it genetics?  I know it sounds like the most reasonable answer.  But genetics have very little to do with how fast or slow you age.  Believe it or not, YOU have way more control over the aging process than you think. 

Seriously, it’s not science fiction… you CAN slow your aging process, BUT only if you know what to do.

...And I’m not talking about having to take anti-aging pills or hormone supplements.  Nope.  This is much safer and more effective.  It’s something you can do on your own.

There are countless men and women who have cracked the code on aging and have literally slowed down their biological clock to a crawl.  And I’ll show you all the effective anti-aging tips and tricks in just a minute, but first let’s look at what happens as you age…

These are the harsh facts, but it’s the truth.  However, it doesn’t need to be this way.  YOU have the power to slow aging and prolong your youth.  When you apply my anti-aging strategies, you’ll be able to REVERSE the aging process by greatly slowing down your biological aging well below your chronological aging.

Here’s what you can expect when you use some of my anti-aging strategies:

Now I need to warn you… what you’re going to read next is probably going to go against everything you’ve ever heard before.  BUT that’s because very few people actually know how to slow their aging process. 

Think about the so-called “experts” giving you anti-aging tips… what do they look like?  If they don’t look 10 - 15 years younger than their actual age, do you really think they have the right knowledge? 

Look, I’m not one to judge by looks alone, but as far as anti-aging is concerned I’m taking advice from people that look the part and live the part…

Now, here are the 3 WORST mistakes you must AVOID if you want to slow the aging process and increase your metabolism to burn fat, boost your youth enhancing hormones to get more energy & stamina, and build a lean, strong, healthy body:


1. Cardio

Too many people think that cardio is the answer to everything related to weight-loss and fat-loss.  And although cardio can be helpful (if done properly), it does nothing to slow the aging process.  In fact, it does the exact opposite!.  Doing long frequent cardio sessions will break down your muscles and increase the production of free radicals.  These free radicals are nasty little things that damage the cells in your body and accelerate aging.

Don’t worry if you’re concerned about your heart health.  There is a much more effective way to improve your cardiovascular health, which I’ll cover in just a minute.  And here’s the best part: it takes only 1/3 the time of a conventional cardio workout AND it also triggers your youth enhancing hormones instead of those nasty free radicals that age you faster!


2.  A Low-Fat Diet

It’s hard to believe that “low-fat” is still a dietary recommendation because science has proven that fat is not the cause of weight gain or heart disease.  In fact, since the introduction of the fat-free diet, the world has gotten more fat and sick than it has ever been before. 

Fat is not the enemy.  Fat does NOT make you fat.  In fact, fat is an absolute must if you want your body to look and feel younger!  Why?  Because healthy fats are an essential source of good cholesterol, which is KEY to producing the hormones that enhance your youthful qualities.  (Not all cholesterol is bad, by the way — good cholesterol is a crucial component of healthy skin tissue, making your skin more supple, glowing, and youthful).  If you’re following a low-fat diet, you’re depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to slow aging and keep your youth.


What To Do Next

If you want to reverse the aging process, you need to know HOW to trigger your youth-enhancing hormones to slough away old, dead cells while elevating your metabolic process so you can burn away stubborn, flabby fat and replace it with lean, toned muscle.

The answer is metabolic training.  Don’t worry, it’s not as technical as it sounds.  Let me explain…

Metabolic training involves doing certain types of exercises that involve your entire body, so you can activate as many muscles as you can in a short amount of time.  It’s completely different from doing traditional isolated body building exercises (like biceps curls or leg curls) where you’re only using one muscle at a time.  This form of exercise takes way too long and doesn’t stimulate enough muscle fibers to increase your fat-burning and youth-enhancing hormones. 

Here’s the key: the more muscles you’re able to activate at the same time, the more you’ll be able to trigger your youth-enhancing hormones.  This is why using exercises that involve your entire body (upper body and lower body) at the same time is crucial.

That’s not all…there’s a particular way you want perform these exercises, because doing so will trigger your most effective fat burning hormones, so you can burn off your old excess fat that’s been hanging around way too long.

And here’s the best part… you can replace your flabby body parts with lean, toned muscle by simply following these exercise protocols, because not only do they trigger your youth-enhancing hormones and fat-burning hormones—they also boosts your testosterone.  Testosterone is your ultimate lean-muscle building—hormone for BOTH men and women.  And much like other hormones, your testosterone levels naturally start to decline after the age of 40, which is why it’s so difficult to gain lean muscle and maintain that youthful body tone as you get older.

Turning back the clock is easy when you know HOW to trigger the right hormones in your body.  And I’ll show you the specifics behind this easy, insanely effective method on the next page.  Soon you’ll be able to trigger your youth enhancing hormones, along with your fat-burning and lean-muscle building hormones so you can defy the aging process and look and feel 10 years younger!

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Kenya, Somalia and UNHCR form team to return Somali refugees

The government has agreed to form a tripartite commission to oversee the repatriation of Somali refugees. On Tuesday, Kenya, Somalia and the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said they had formally nominated four representatives each to a team to "expedite repatriation of refugees at Dadaab". Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed  told reporters in Nairobi that the commission would help the three parties "discuss ideas" that will see a faster return of the refugees. The formation of the commission, which is provided for in the tripartite agreement signed in September 2013, is a result of Ms Mohamed's meeting with Somali Foreign Minister Abdusalam Omer and UNHCR Representative Raouf Mazou among other stakeholders in Nairobi. But it was also informed by a recent announcement by the Kenyan government that Dadaab camps should be closed within 90 days. On Tuesday, Ms Mohamed refused to say whether the "repatriation" would happen within the three months announced earlier but hinted that the 90-day notice would be the "bottom line". "We have agreed today that we are going to do everything in our power to expedite the repatriation of refugees," she said. "We have agreed that we will do it as quickly as possible. I don't want to put any timelines on it because a lot will also depend on the resources available," she said. Signed in 2013, the tripartite pact expires in September 2016. - Daily Nation


The Official Rugby 7s After Party on Sat 16th May 2015 at Royal Regency, London E12 6TH with a live Performance by East Africa's No.1 Artist Diamond Platnumz.

The Official Rugby 7s After party on Sat 16th May 2015 at Royal Regency,501 High Street North,Manor Park, London E12 6TH with a live Performance by East Africa's No.1 Artist Diamond Platnumz. .For more enquiries,Table bookings and Tickets Contact hotline 07853482158//07931526622/07421167123/ buy your ticket by click the link belowhttp://www.bongodeejays.com/diamond-platnumz-uk-concert-tour-tickets-now-on-sale/ This event Hosted by BongoDeejays Event & Zurii House of Beauty.



Accountant charged with stealing Sh3.2 million at Harambee House

John Marios Muchiri in a Nairobi court on April 21, 2015 where he was charged with stealing Sh3.2 million from the government. He denied the charge and was released on a Sh900,000 cash bail. An accountant at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Harambee House office has been charged with stealing Sh3.2 million from the government. The prosecution said Mr John Marios Muchiri conspired with others not before court and siphoned the money between December 1, 2009 and August 24, 2011 through falsified payroll records of non-existent staff purported to have taken loans from a phantom company. He denied that he pretended that the forged payroll records were a genuine credit recovery of Sh3.2 million for Molyn Credit Limited, which had offered loans to staff at the Office of the President. The suspect also denied a charge of conspiracy stating that between December 2009 and August 2011 in the Office of the President at Harambee House, Nairobi, jointly with others not before court, he conspired to defraud the government by means of forging staff payroll records to purport they had taken loans. The suspect has been ordered to deposit a cash bail of Sh900,000 or deposit a bond of Sh1.8 million pending a hearing on May 19. - Daily Nation.


Mother's plea after Eloise Parry 'diet pills' death


The mother of a student thought to have taken "highly toxic" diet pills bought online has appealed to others not to consume them. Eloise Aimee Parry, 21, from Shrewsbury, died in hospital on 12 April after becoming unwell. Police said the tablets were believed to contain dinitrophenol, known as DNP, an industrial chemical. Eloise's mother, Fiona, said it was "an awful way to die" and people should not take the drug "in any quantity". An inquest has been opened and adjourned until 2 July by Shropshire coroner John Ellery after a hearing in Shrewsbury. Glyndwr University student Ms Parry initially attended A&E after taking more than the recommended dose of the tablets.


'Burning from within'

Speaking to the BBC, her mother said the pills were her "little fix", adding: "This allowed her to achieve this super-slim appearance but it cost her her life." Ms Parry said she had "absolutely no idea" her daughter was taking the pills until after she died, describing them as "bad news". "It only takes a small amount to kill you," she said. "It's a really nasty drug. Once the drug is in your system it does a lot of damage. It doesn't just burn fat; it destroys your muscles. It turns bodily fluids yellow. "Doctors didn't stand a chance of saving her, unfortunately." Ms Parry had walked into the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital herself and there was "no great panic", she said, until a toxicology report had revealed "how dire her situation was". As the drug kicked in, her mother said, it made her metabolism soar. "They attempted to cool her down, but they were fighting an uphill battle," she said. "She was literally burning up from within....when her hearted stopped they couldn't revive her. She had crashed. "Two tablets was a lethal dose - and she had taken eight."


What is DNP?





Kisumu puts up Uhuru welcome billboards ahead of Tuesday visit

President Uhuru Kenyatta's portrait in Kisumu town ahead of his visit for the opening of the the second annual devolution conference at Tom Mboya Labour College on Tuesday.  Kisumu has gone flat out to give President Uhuru Kenyatta a kingly welcome to the lakeside city on Tuesday. Billboards with Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto's portraits have been up while streets are being painted and cleaned. Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma has appealed to residents to welcome Uhuru who will be opening the second annual devolution conference at Tom Mboya Labour College. Speaking at Kisumu International Airport on Saturday, Ranguma said the conference will boost the county's hospitality and transport industries. “When Kisumu gets many visitors that is when we will have economic and development growth,” he said. Most hotels are fully booked ahead of the conference. Kisumu has the capacity to host the 6,500 delegates expected, said William Orondo, Western chairman of the hoteliers association. "We have been assured that two-thirds of the budget will be spent here,” Orondo said. He spoke at Royal City hotel on Thursday during a briefing by the Kisumu business community and the chamber of commerce. - The Star




Kenya's Caroline Rotich wins women's Boston Marathon

Kenyan runner Caroline Rotich won the women's race at the Boston Marathon on Monday with an unofficial time of 2 hours, 24 minutes and 55 seconds. Rotich narrowly beat Ethiopia's Mare DiBaba in a closing sprint at the 119th edition of the world's longest-running annual marathon, which was the target of a fatal bombing attack two years ago.

April 20 (Infostrada Sports) - Results from the Gold Label Road Races Boston marathon Women on Monday

. Caroline Rotich (Kenya) 2:24:55  

2. Mare Dibaba (Ethiopia) 2:24:59  

3. Buzunesh Deba (Ethiopia) 2:25:09  

4. Desiree Linden (U.S.) 2:25:39  

5. Sharon Cherop (Kenya) 2:26:05  

6. Caroline Kilel (Kenya) 2:26:40  

7. Aberu Kebede (Ethiopia) 2:26:52  

8. Shure Demise Ware (Ethiopia) 2:27:14  

9. Shalane Flanagan (U.S.) 2:27:47  

10. Joyce Chepkirui (Kenya) 2:29:07



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Untold Stories - Taken for Granted





Uhuru Woos Kalonzo To Replace Ngilu, President Meets Musila, Ndambuki at State House

PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday held a meeting with Kamba leaders over the possibility of Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka replacing Charity Ngilu in the Cabinet. The President met a group led by Wiper chairman David Musila and former Cabinet minister Gideon Ndambuki. The President had earlier met former Health PS Sammy Mbova at State House, Nairobi, in one of a raft of meetings held in the recent past to plot a political onslaught against Cord in its Ukambani stronghold. Musila and Ndambuki are then said to have met Kalonzo immediately after holding talks with Uhuru, over what is seen as a strategy by the ruling alliance to isolate Cord leader Raila Odinga. But Kalonzo's personal assistant Denis Kavisu dismissed the reports as “wishful thinking”, adding, "The Wiper leader has always stated and maintains that he is firmly in Cord and joining Jubilee will be like betraying Kenyans’ faith". Kavisu went on, "Kalonzo is committed to the Cord course to form the government in 2017. He cannot join a crumbling government that has failed Kenyans in virtually everything". Ngilu was named in the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission List of Shame that was tabled in Parliament by President Uhuru Kenyatta at the end his State of the Nation Address.


She is on suspension. The President gave the EACC 60 days to conclude investigations the corruption allegations involving 175 government officials, among them five Cabinet Secretaries. The President sent the two leaders to meet Kalonzo to discuss the idea to have the former Vice President join the government in a ministerial appointment, in an attempt by Jubilee to penetrate the Ukambani region. Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto are said to be preparing to make more changes in Cabinet in the coming weeks, including the creation of a new ministry. They are also said to be considering the firing of some Cabinet Secretaries. Speaking to the Star, Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama, a key Kalonzo ally and Wiper financier, also trashed the claims of a ministerial position, declaring, “The least seat Kalonzo can accept is that of the Deputy President, where he left off. No amount of compromise, no amount of competition, can make him join Jubilee. He has been steadfast in Cord and will stick with Raila to the end.” Both Musila and Ndambuki could not be reached for comment as our calls went unanswered.


Kalonzo is the Cord Deputy Leader and coalition co-principal alongside Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula. The Ukambani region voted overwhelmingly for the opposition Cord in the 2013 polls. The latest move by Jubilee could be interpreted as an onslaught aimed at wrecking one of Raila's strongholds as he prepares for an epic contest in 2017, his fourth try for State House. A reliable source privy to discussions between Uhuru and Ruto, who wished to remain anonymous, observed, “Who doesn’t want to be in the government? In politics, there is no permanent enmity so anything is possible. Kalonzo Musyoka being appointed a Cabinet Secretary is something that has been discussed to the acceptable conclusion between the two, so he might be in the government very soon”. The source went on: “There is no coalition that can be strong for more than five years, new coalitions in the country are in the offing. It is just a matter of time before Kenyans start seeing political realignments in readiness for the next general coalition”. In what is also seen as part of Jubilee's larger strategy to buttress support in the Ukambi region, Uhuru poached Nzioka Waita from Safaricom to head the newly established Service Delivery Unit in the Office of the President. - The Star




Bride leaves man after losing Sh50,000 wedding money in SportPesa betting

A bride called off a wedding after the groom gambled away Sh50,000 of funds set aside for it in the SportPesa competition. Brigitte Wanjira boarded a matatu at Kahawa Wendani bus terminus in Kiambu on Sunday with her luggage in tow, ignoring Fredrick Savwa's pleas and leaving him standing in the rain. Wanjira reproached Savwa for his folly saying she could not marry a man who did not consult her before spending their money. She said it was not the first time he had lost money gambling, noting that he misused their rent the previous month. Savwa who expected to win the Sh8.9 million jackpot said he only gambled because chances of winning were "very high". He said his intention was to top up the wedding fund, but Wanjira who was unconvinced cancelled the May 23 event. Triza Nyambura, a witness, said Wanjira had acted prudently as many women fall victim to their husband's poor financial habits. Nyambura noted that men are increasingly getting addicted to betting in the competition. She said they waste school fees and household funds and forget their obligations. - The Star


kufa kupona - kufa kupona



Screaming Silence: Young Boys Engage Older Women In Risky Behavior - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Kenya's Caroline Rotich, Ethiopia's Lelisa Desisa win Boston Marathon

BOSTON — Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia reclaimed the title he won two years ago, winning the Boston Marathon by a 31-second margin Monday 20th April, 2015. Desisa pulled away from the pack late and continued to create distance all the way to the finish line for a time of 2 hours, nine minutes and 17 seconds Monday in the 119th Boston Marathon. Two years ago Desisa donated his marathon medal to the city, in a show of support for Boston after the bombings. Yemane Adhane Tsegay of Ethiopia was second (2:09:22), followed by Wilson Chebet (2:10:22) of Kenya. Caroline Rotich of Kenya won the women's race with a time of 2:24:55. Rotich and Mare Dibaba of Ethiopia ran side-by-side over the last couple miles before Rotich was able to stride ahead with about 30 yards to go and finished four seconds ahead of Dibaba. Ethiopia's Buzunesh Deba took third (2:25:09) followed by American Desiree Linden. Runners and spectators were greeted with a cold, gray morning Monday. Balmy weather from the week before gave way to cloudy skies and pending showers. Temperatures were in the low 40s as thousands of runners gathered in Boston Common, where they jogged and stretched before catching a shuttle to the starting line. School buses lined up for blocks next to the Common waited to take the runners west to Newington and the start of the 26.2-mile journey back to Boylston Street. Police and increased security were visible throughout the city and especially tight near the finish, where the 2013 race ended in horror as three people died and more than 250 were injured by the bombings that rocked Boston's traditional rite of spring. The tragedy was also the birth of the Boston Strong movement, which continues two years later. Several runners in this year's field were wounded in 2013 while running or just watching from the crowded sidewalks lining the finish.


Househelps of Kawangware



 Ababu plans to quit ODM, says Western leaders have no future in party

ODM secretary general Ababu Namwamba is seeking a party that will “unify western” ahead of the 2017 general election. Ababu held a breakfast meeting on his political future with 48 MCAs from Bungoma, Vihiga, Busia, Kakamega and Trans Nzoia counties at Golf Hotel, Kakamega on Saturday. He is looking for a party that will work with UDF leader Musalia Mudavadi, former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo and Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula, a source in the meeting told the Star. “Ababu told us we have no future in ODM since the party is increasingly becoming a Nyanza affair and we need to explore alternative routes ahead of 2017,” another source said, The meeting resolved to form a 21-member committee with four representatives from each county to discuss the matter. Mahiakalo MCA Cleophas Malala asked party leader Raila Odinga to speak out on Ababu’s woes. “We are not permanently stuck in ODM. We are not happy with the manner in which ODM is treating our leaders, there are many parties,” he said. Nominated MCA Mohammed Noor said ODM members in the county will hold peaceful protests this week against the manner in which Ababu is being treated. “We are watching the unfolding events and want to confirm in unequivocal terms that we shall follow Ababu wherever he goes,” he said. This comes after the National Assembly adopted an investigative report which recommended that Ababu, embattled Public Accounts Committee chairman, be barred from a new watchdog team. – the-star.co.ke





WALTER OGADA OCHONDO: 1968- 15th April 2015


We regret to announce the Passing on of Walter Ochondo that occurred on Wednesday 15th of April 2015 at Mount Vernon Hospital West London UK. The Son of Isaac Ochondo and Debora Ochondo and Husband to Mary Ogada. Father of Isaac, Kevin, Sephor and Enock. Brother to Erastus, Barack, Polycap, Apolo, Peris, Christabel and the Late Rispa. Family and friends are also meeting daily between 7-9pm at Walter’s House No 43 Balmoral Drive Hayes UB4 0DA.  There will be a Fund drive to raise funds to help repatriate the body of the late Walter to Kenya for burial. This will take place on Saturday 25th April, 2015  from 14.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m. at Barnhill Community Centre Ayles Road, Hayes Middlesex UB4 9HG. The Nearest Train Station is Hayes & Harlington, BUSES: 90 and E9.  Your prayers and any financial support towards his funeral expenses will be highly appreciated. You can send your support through Nationwide Bank, Acc Name: M M Mbori, Acc no.: 25722194, Sort Code: 07-02-46. For more information and contacts please call George 07846192324 Jane 07950149668 Rodgers 07970037156 Michael 07793132975.




QISJ-UK Vehicle Inspection Company in UK have opened a new office in Barking, Essex and at Tilbury. The giant's new offices in London are in a very strategic position at the junction of A406 and A13 near Tesco Supermarket. The new address is Unit 10 Muirhead Quay, Fresh Wharf, Highbridge Road, London IG11 17BG. Contact telephone is 08006771213 or 02085290972 and email is info@qisjp.co.uk. Driving from Tesco supermareket towards the new offices, you pass Premier Travel Inn, Ibis Hotel before you come to the roundabout. From the roundabout take the 2nd exit avoiding A406 but parallel to A406  then 400 metres turn right down towards Roding River then turn right. The new offices have very modern workshop where inspection takes a short time with the new workshop equipments. All vehicles destined for Kenya are required to go through a Roadworthiness Inspection (RWI) by a KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) approved inspection centre. In Jan 2012 QISJ was approved by the KEBS for pre-shipment inspections on all vehicles destined for Kenya. This requirement was set by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) under the program of Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards for all used vehicles exported to Kenya.  Any vehicle that is not inspected from the country of origin is subject to a penalty equivalent to 15% of the customs value at the port of destination. QISJ is a global company that provides vehicle inspection services to private buyers, to vehicle dealers, and to fleets. A QISJ inspection will provide you or your customers with an expert report of the current condition of the inspected vehicle.

Mr. Jaffer one of the partners of QISJ Inspection in his new office in Barking

The new modern worksho of QISJ Inspectors in Barking, a metres from A406 near Tesco, Barking, London





Kenya to introduce electronic passport to enhance security


The Kenyan government said on Friday it will introduceelectronic passport as part of the measures aimed at enhancing security in the country.  Directorate of Immigration and Registration of Persons, Gordon Kihalangwa, said the e-passport will have a chip that stores details of an individual. “In Africa, only Burundi has implemented the e-passport. By November, Kenya will be introducing the E-passport,” Kihalangwa said in a live Twitter Chat with Kenyans. He said tracking individual’s movement will become easy with the e-passport. Kenya is also fast tracking the development of a national database that will encompass e-passport, e-border, e-visa as well as its “third generation” identification cards, the official said. It is to generate machine-readable documents that will allow security agents to check the identity of all people, he said. “As Kenya embarks on relaxing border restrictions through the East African Community integration process, Nairobi will not allow its borders to be easy targets for criminals,” Kihalangwa said. Enditem - Source: Xinhua



President Kenyatta to attend US conference next week


President Uhuru Kenyatta will be in the United States next week to attend the annual Milken Global conference in Los Angeles, California. The conference is a premier gathering for world political and business leaders where they exchange ideas seeking to overcome some of the world’s toughest challenges. The President will address the Milken Institute Corporate and Investor Roundtable, which will be by invitation only on Monday April 27, from 7.30am to 9.30am. He will also address the conference later in the evening from 5pm to 6pm. This session of the conference is private and will be off the record. During the session, senior government officials, representatives of leading corporations and investors will discuss topics, trends and strategies related to increasing investment in developing markets. Sub-Saharan Africa has seen direct investments grow by 600 per cent since 2000 while Africa is leaping into new technologies such as mobile banking. Another Kenyan speaker will be Gachao Kiuna, CEO of TransCentury Ltd, an infrastructure company based in Nairobi. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda will also attend the gathering. He will address the conference during the same sessions as President Kenyatta. Presidents Kenyatta and Kagame are expected to be the only foreign heads of state attending the conference, which is scheduled to run from April 26 to 29. During his visit to California, President Kenyatta will meet with Kenyans living in the US on Saturday, April 25 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport starting from 4pm. - Daily Nation.



Weedkiller likely cause of Nigeria 'mystery disease': WHO



Pesticide poisoning was the likely cause of the mysterious deaths of at least 18 people in a southwestern Nigerian town earlier this week, the World Health Organization said Sunday. The "current hypothesis is cause of the event is herbicides",  WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said in a Tweet. "Tests done so far are negative for viral and bacterial infection," he added. The victims began showing symptoms early last week in what Ondo state spokesman Kayode Akinmade called a "mysterious disease", prompting fears of a new infectious disease outbreak in a region ravaged by Ebola. The victims, whose symptoms included headache, weight loss, blurred vision and loss of consciousness, died within a day of falling ill in the town of Ode-Irele, in southwestern Ondo state. The Ondo state health commissioner, Dayo Adeyanju, told AFP Saturday that 23 people had been affected. Akinmade said health officials and experts from the government and aid agencies, as well as WHO epidemiologists, had arrived in Ode-Irele to investigate the deaths. The tests were carried out at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, the WHO said.


Kenya comes second after South Africa in adopting new innovations and technologies

Michael Kimani with some of the maize from his farm in Kilimambogo. Kenya comes second after South Africa in adopting new innovations and technologies.

Kenya comes second after South Africa in adopting new innovations and technologies. It is among the few African nations that identified the modern biotechnology revolution as one of the two major cornerstones of the 21st century socio-economic progress, the other being ICT, which is revolutionising all aspects our lives. The sceptics have raised concerns about the country’s capacity to handle emerging technologies. Such concerns have watered down the debate about Kenya’s human and infrastructural capacity to handle genetically modified (GM) technology. Kenya has a wealth of trained scientists in biotechnology at its national research institutions, public universities, international research centres, and regulatory agencies. It has made good progress in establishing a functional biosafety system. The country’s legal and policy frameworks and institutional arrangements for governing biotechnology include the National Biotechnology Development Policy approved in 2006, the Biosafety Act enacted in 2009, and the National Biosafety Authority (NBA) created in 2010. The authority works in collaboration with various regulatory agencies, as specified in the Biosafety Act. Key among them is the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (Kephis), which plays an important role in the monitoring and regulation of GM crops.


Besides the biosafety officers situated at the country’s entry ports, the authority has a pool of biotech experts. Currently, more than 200 scientists in the public and private sectors are engaged in biotechnology research and development activities countrywide. A large proportion of these scientists — 45 per cent — are employed in the public sector. Additionally, public universities have well-trained scientists in the fields of biotechnology and biosafety. The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, for example, has more than 40 biotechnology experts. Kenyatta University has a state-of-the art plant transformation facility with a biosafety level II greenhouse. The University of Nairobi’s Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics is a virtual research centre to train graduate students. All these are complemented by international research organisations hosted in the country. For instance, The BecA Hub at the International Livestock Research Institute has a modern plant growth facility and seven modern laboratories for livestock, crop, and microbial research. Kenya would miss out on the biotechnology revolution if our experts are not given a chance to localise the technology that is already benefiting other countries. When the ban on importation of genetically modified foods came into force, it was seen as a timely precautionary move pending scientific verification of the findings in a European research paper that linked GM maize to cancer in rats. However, the continuing ban is likely to erode the gains made in science and innovation. In order to fully benefit from this technology, Kenyan experts should be given support and space to deliver the potential benefits of GM technology. In addition, the government ministries concerned need to give leadership in the GM technology debate. – Daily Nation.


Snoring And Sleep Apnea Linked To Earlier Memory Loss And Decline In Cognitive Function, Study Finds

Heavy snoring and sleep apnea may be linked to memory loss and cognitive decline, according to a new study. The study found that people with sleep breathing problems were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) an average of nearly 10 years earlier than people who did not have sleep breathing problems. The medical histories for 2,470 people ages 55 to 90 were reviewed by a team of researchers led by Dr Ricardo Osorio of NYU Langone Medical Center for the study. Participants were categorised as either free of memory and thinking problems, in early stages of MCI, or with Alzheimer’s disease. They were also grouped into people with sleep breathing problems and without sleep breathing problems.

Those who suffered from conditions such as snoring and sleep apnea were then put into two sub-categories: people with sleep breathing problems who had received treatment and people with sleep breathing problems who hadn't received treatment. When researchers examined people who developed MCI or Alzheimer’s disease during the study, those with sleep breathing problems developed MCI at an average age of 77, compared to an average age of 90 for those who did not have sleep breathing problems. Those who had sleep breathing problems also developed Alzheimer’s disease five years earlier than those who did not have sleep breathing problems, at an average age of 83 versus 88. “Abnormal breathing patterns during sleep such as heavy snoring and sleep apnea are common in the elderly, affecting about 52% of men and 26% of women,” Osorio commented on the study. The good news is that treating a sleep breathing disorder could reduce the risk of memory decline. Read More…


Jaguar leaves Atlanta fans disappointed, goes to venue late and performs for 26 minutes


Musician Jaguar performing in Atlanta on Saturday morning. Most of his fans were disappointed for failure to keep time

Kenyan musician Charles Njagua Kanyi – popularly known by his stage name ‘Jaguar’ – was scheduled to perform in Atlanta on Friday but did not show up until the wee hours of Saturday morning, leaving most of his fans disappointed. The artist, whose show was advertised to commence at 10pm, took to the stage at 2.36am just as most of the revelers were preparing to leave the AR Lounge hall on Franklin road, in Marietta, Georgia. He performed for 26 minutes before exiting the stage. Irate fans expressed their displeasure with the event organizers for failing to keep time as advertised. “Let someone tell these Kenyan artists that the ball game here is different. I really don’t care how they do it elsewhere but here we keep time and don’t take others for granted,” said Joane Wambui who left the hall an hour before the musician came.



“I have to work in the morning. I had planned my day hoping to watch Jaguar by midnight but now I’m so disappointed,” she told the Nation at the venue. The artist was nevertheless given a rousing reception by some of those present, some of who defied the security detail and mobbed him with excitement. “We commend the DJs for playing good music as we waited,” said Joseph Okoth who attended the show with his fiancée. DJs Nyandat and Vinn entertained the attendees who packed the small hall for five hours as they waited. “It is rare to see a full house during such events but today is an exception,” said a fan who declined to give his name. “But I feel I did not get good value for my $30 (Shs2,700) which I parted with at the gate,” he added. Jaguar  is best known for his hit song, Kigeugeu. He has and won several music awards throughout his career. Other songs by the artist include Furaha, Jina Langu, Nikusikize, Kioo and Kipepeo. On Friday, the artiste  posted a photo of himself on his Facebook page with the caption: Atlanta , here I come!,” After the Atlanta show, he  flew out to Massachusetts later Saturday where he was scheduled to entertain fans at the ‘Run with the champions’ after-party event. During his performance in the city of Lowell, MA, the musician was hosted by DJs Yard, Sam and Wyse. - ksnmedia.com



ABC BANK - You can access your account through you mobile phone - see below:







Sunday 26th April, 2016

More than just one of the top five World Marathon Majors, the Virgin London Marathon is a celebratory sporting festival that attracts professional athletes, enthusiastic joggers and costume-wearing charity fundraisers alike. The 26 mile 385 yards race is run near the River Thames, with the 2015 race due to be held on 26 April, 2015.



Ebenezer Gospel Centre (Northampton) would like to invite you to a Singles Conference tailored to address issues that relate to Singles .This will be a life changing event not to be missed. Admission is free. 



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London Marathon 2015: Find out which roads will be closed during the big race

While the annual event is one of the highlights of the British sporting year, it undoubtedly leads to congestion-fuelled frustration for drivers. The London Marathon is just days away so it's time to take a look at what that means for road users and residents around London. While the annual event is one of the highlights of the British sporting year, it undoubtedly leads to congestion-fuelled frustration for those members of the public who are not interested in the race. Road closures, partial road closes, car park closures - you name it, the marathon will probably affect it. To minimise hassle for you, we have broken down which roads are closed and when on 26 April. Find out all you need to know below.


Mile Main Road on route Closing time Reopening time
Red Start Charlton Way 07:00 12:00
Blue Start Shooters Hill Road 07:00 12:00
1 Red Route: Charlton Road 07:00 12:00
1 Blue Route: Shooters Hill Road


2 Red Route: Little Heath


2 Blue Route: Charlton Park Lane 07:00 12:00
3 Red Route: Artillery Place 07:00 12:00

Blue Route: John Wilson Street



4 Woolwich Church Street 07:00 14:00
5 Woolwich Road 07:00 14:00
6 Trafalgar Road 07:00 14:00
7 Creek Road 07:00 14:00
8 Evelyn Street 08:00 14:00
9 Surrey Quays Road 08:00 16:00
10 Salter Road 08:00 16:00
11 Brunel Road 08:00 16:00
12 Jamaica Road 08:00 16:00
12.5 Tower Bridge 08:00 18:00
14 The Highway (south side) 08:00 18:00
14.5 Narrow Street 08:00 18:00
15 Westferry Road 08:00 18:00
16 Westferry Road 08:00 18:00
17 East Ferry Road 08:00 18:00
18 Marsh Wall 08:00 18:00
19 North Colonnade 08:00 18:00
20 Poplar High Street 08:00 18:00
21 Commercial Road 08:00 18:00
22 The Highway (north side) 08:00 18:00
23 Byward Street 07:00 18:00
24 Upper Thames Street 07:00 18:00
25 Victoria Embankment 07:00 18:00
26 Birdcage Walk 07:00 18:00




You don’t go to school to die, you go to school to study,"
Boniface Mwangi
All Kenyans in the UK and Friends of Kenya invited to an Afternoon of mourning, remembrance and prayers for the 148 victims that died in The Garissa Massacre.

The event will be on Saturday 25th April at 4pm. Ealing Christian Centre 268 Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London W5 4UB.

The young and old, Kenyan or Friend of Kenya, Faith groups and community organisations, professional groups, chamas, students, schools, businesses, etc. Let us come together and light a candle of remembrance.
Dress code: black or other Kenyan flag colours, red, green or white.
The New High Commissioner to the UK, Hon. Lazarus Amayo, will be in attendance.





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Offside Episode



The Wealth Curse; Many families still fail to plan their succession - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Kenyan passport ranked among the 50 most powerful in the world



The Kenyan passport has been ranked among the 50 most powerful in the world. The rankings released by Financial Advisory firm Arton Capital on their tool passport index are based on how many countries a passport holder can visit without requiring an advance visa or having to purchase one upon arrival to their destination country. The Kenyan passport is tied with those of four other countries which include Jamaica, Cuba, Tonga and Botswana with their passport holders being able to access 68 countries visa free or with a visa-on-arrival. Kenya is listed as having the 6th most powerful passport in Africa behind Seychelles which enables their passport holders to access 116 countries, Mauritius (111), South Africa (84), Guinea (81) and Sierra Leone (69). Tanzania came in 57th with access to 61 countries while Uganda was ranked 60th with visa free access to 57 countries. US and UK passports topped the worldwide list with their citizens getting access to 147 countries without an advance visa. France, South Korea and Germany come in second place, with access to 145 countries, followed by Italy and Sweden in the third place with 144. Solomon Islands, Myanmar, South Sudan, Sao Tome and Principe and the Palestinian Territories have the least desirable passports according to this ranking. They are ranked in 80th place giving their citizens access to just 20 countries each without an advance visa.


Nancy Gathecha in Germany



These are the world's most powerful passports

A passport from a country on good diplomatic terms with its peers is a powerful tool, allowing holders to travel across borders with ease. Financial firm Arton Capital, which specializes in helping wealthy individuals obtain multiple citizenships, sometimes through immigrant investor programs, has put together a ranking of the world's most powerful passports. The ranking shows which passports give holders the most global mobility, based on how many countries can be visited without a visa, or by getting one upon arrival. Developed countries with advanced economies fare the best. Tied for first place are U.S. and U.K. passports, which give holders access to 147 countries. Passports from the world's most populous country, China, offer quick access to 74 countries. Indian passport holders aren't so lucky, with 59 easy destinations. A Russian passport provides 98 country options.

Here are the top-ranked passports, followed by the number of countries they offer access to:

And the bottom-ranked passports:


"Success is...knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others." - John C. Maxwell



Nuclear power: UK 'must learn' from French reactor concerns


Lessons should be learned from problems with a French reactor that is very similar to one planned in the UK, says Britain's nuclear safety regulator. French regulators have been informed of "manufacturing anomalies" in components "particularly important for safety" at Flamanville 3 power plant, in Normandy. The reactor is similar to one planned for Hinkley Point, in Somerset. EDF Energy - involved in both projects - said a new series of tests was under way and it was working with regulators. An investigation revealed potential weaknesses in the steel used to make a safety casing around the reactor at Flamanville, near Cherbourg. Areva, which is building Flamanville 3 for EDF, says it is the first plant in the "new French reactor fleet", and it includes Areva's new EPR reactor. The UK Office for Nuclear Regulation said it was aware of the French Nuclear Safety Authority's concerns about the reactor and would continue to liaise with French authorities. "The UK currently have no EPR reactors but expects that learning from Flamanville 3 will be taken into account in the manufacture of components intended for the planned new reactor at Hinkley Point C," it said.


Mediterranean migrants: Hundreds feared dead after boat capsizes


Hundreds of people are feared to have drowned after a boat carrying up to 700 migrants capsized in the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian coastguard says. A major rescue operation is under way after the vessel carrying "between 500 and 700 migrants" capsized at midnight local time, south of the Italian island of Lampedusa. So far 28 people have been rescued. Earlier this week, four hundred people were feared to have drowned when their vessel capsized north of Libya. Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that many people were feared dead. Carlotta Sami, a spokeswoman for the UN's refugee agency, told Italian media: "At the moment, we fear that this is a tragedy of really vast proportions." Italian ships, the Maltese Navy and commercial vessels are all involved in the rescue operation in Libyan waters, 130 miles (210km) off the coast of Lampedusa and 17 miles (27km) from the Libyan coast. The Times of Malta newspaper reported that the migrants fell overboard when they rushed to draw the attention of a passing merchant ship.


Mark Micallef, a journalist with the paper, told the BBC such incidents were "not at all uncommon". "We have seen this sort of scenario happen all over again, where a boat gets capsized right at the moment of rescue. "This is part of the problem: merchant vessels... ill equipped to do rescues, [are] being tasked to do a job they're not designed for," he said. The Italian coastguard's spokesman said the operation was still focused on search and rescue, "but in time it will be a search [for bodies] only,". Twenty ships and three helicopters were currently involved in the rescue, he added. Those rescued, and bodies recovered, will be brought to the coastal city of Catania, Italian media report. Last year a record 170,000 people fleeing poverty and conflict in Africa and the Middle East made the perilous crossing to Italy. With improving weather conditions, the number of people making the crossing of at least 500km (300 miles) has surged. But vessels provided by people smugglers are often underpowered and overcrowded.




Former President Mwai Kibaki’s choice of town life over serene Mweiga baffles friends

Nyeri, Kenya: Former President Mwai Kibaki’s rare visits to his former rural constituency of Othaya and Nyeri County at large has continued to confound residents of the area. Since his retirement, the last public visit Kibaki made to Nyeri was in 2013 when he testified in a case in which directors of a real estate company were accused of defrauding him, his older brothers and others of their shareholding in the firm. Since then, the 83-year-old is not known to have visited the constituency he represented from 1973 to 2013 — at least not for a public engagement — nor his taxpayer-funded retirement home at Mweiga in Kieni constituency. Most of his key allies in the constituency say they have accepted his absence because, as Ndegwa Wanyaga, a former Chinga Tea Factory director claims, he had long declared that his Nairobi residence would be his home for the rest of his life. “I recall him speaking about the need to make such personal decisions early in life during the saga that was the SM Otieno burial in the mid 1980s,” said Wanyaga, referring to a landmark case in which the widow of a renowned Nairobi lawyer differed with his clan over where to bury her husband. “That he is missing here is no surprise because it is even possible that the former President never once slept at Othaya since he became President in 2003,” hazarded Wanyaga. Mr Peter Kanyago, a key ally of the former President, said Kibaki’s close friends had easier access to him before he became president as he was a regular figure at the Muthaiga Golf Club, especially when he served as the patron of the Kenya Golf Union.

Long time friends But former presidential security adviser Essau Kioni said Kibaki was a private man who seldom contacted his long time close friends. “As for the ordinary mwananchi in Othaya, it will be wrong to say he is missed because Kibaki never had little social dealings with them,” said Kioni. He believes Kibaki’s absence from Othaya could be because he left the village when he was too young to embark on a sterling academic odyssey that would take him to Karima Mission School, Nyeri High School, Mangu High School, Makerere University and the London School of Economics in the UK. He then worked briefly at Makerere before moving to Nairobi where he took up a job in Kanu before he embarked on a life in elective politics. Kioni is not the only one hazarding a guess why Kibaki has kept away from Othaya. Nyeri District Co-operative Union (NDCU) chairman Newton Nderitu is convinced that Kibaki’s absence could be because his choice of successor as area MP was rejected by the people. “He would not like to be seen as interfering or casting a shadow over the area MP,” offers Nderitu, who also served as the chair of the Othaya Coffee Society.

Former Nyeri County Council Chairman Wachira Keen Maina offers a word of caution though. He says because the former President is a very private person, it should not be assumed that he has not visited Nyeri. Keen says Kibaki may have visited his homes in Othaya and Mweiga without the public’s knowledge. The public would obviously like to see him visit says Keen, who is Kibaki’s neighbour at Mweiga. The village would be delighted to have the former President retire in the area and join parishioners for Sunday mass in the nearby Njengu Catholic Church. “We don’t know his plans, but Nyeri is one of Kenya’s most ideal retirement areas due to its agreeable weather,” said Keen. We couldn’t get the former president to personally speak about this issue and a response from his office came from the head of his Communications Directorate, Ngari Gituku, who admitted that the former Head of State was quite busy in retirement and had not had much time to meet his former associates. “He is a busy man and they are also busy so I would say they don’t roast maize in the evening as often as they would,” said Gituku. Gituku said the former President spends a lot of time tending to his personal business and on the Millennium Water Alliance Trust-Kenya, where he is the patron.As patron of Kenya Golf Union (KGU) and frequents golf courses mostly as a spectator, his golfing having been cut short by a stroke he suffered while in office. He is also a regular at Muthaiga Golf Club and Muthaiga County Club. In last week’s Kenya Open, he presented the trophy to the winner Haydn Porteous of South Africa. - Sunday Standard.



Neno la Siku ya Leo

Ecclesiastes 11:1



The Risk and the Return

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 11:1, ‘Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.’ Notice two things in this Scripture: (1) The risk requires faith. At first this verse doesn’t make sense. When you ‘cast your bread upon the waters’, the best you can hope to get back is mushy, waterlogged bread. Its meaning becomes clearer, however, when you realise it was written in a culture where seafood was the basis of trade and economic survival. Throwing bread into the water attracted fish, which you could then catch. There are important spiritual principles at work in this Scripture. For example, catching fish depends on the current flowing in the right direction, the sun, the moon and other elements only God can control. But when you do your part, God promises to do His. George Müller said, ‘Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.’ (2) The return requires patience. ‘After many days you will find it again.’ You ask, ‘When will it happen?’ When God is ready, when He knows you are ready, and when it all fits into His plan. The Bible tells us to ‘imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.’ (Hebrews 6:12 NIV) You need faith and patience to receive what God has promised. And even when you don’t know what’s ahead, you can be sure of one thing—God will be there. Today He’s calling you to choose faith, even when you don’t know what’s on the other side.


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Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi praying for my

conviction at The Hague, says Deputy President William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto admires a portrait of himself presented to him by Mzee James Martim when he visited Sururu Secondary School in Njoro, Nakuru County, on Friday.

Kenya: Deputy President William Ruto has sensationally claimed that Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi were silently praying that he is convicted of the criminal charges he is facing at The Hague so that the support he gets in the Rift Valley can be transferred to them. An emotional DP told a rally at Sururu in Njoro Constituency, Nakuru County, yesterday that the heightened political activities in parts of Central Rift spearheaded by the Bomet governor and Senator Moi were motivated by the desire of the two leaders to benefit from his misfortune, noting that this was a taboo among the Kalenjin. “I have tried with a lot of difficulties to understand why Isaac and Gideon are fighting me. If you see the duo inform them to continue digging the grave for Ruto, but remind them not to dig deep because they might find themselves inside the same,” said the DP who, together with radio journalist Joshua Sang, has been charged at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged crimes against humanity. Some of Ruto’s charges include murder and persecution for allegedly orchestrating attacks that left more than 1,000 people dead after the disputed 2007 presidential election. - Sunday Standard.





Kenyan joins race for MP seat in Britain

A Kenyan will be in the race for a parliamentary seat in the UK when the Britons go to the polls next month


Independent candidate Daniel Munyambu is seeking to enter the British House of Commons as the representative for Thurrock constituency. The constituency is represented by Ms Jackie Doyle-Price of the Conservative Party. The seat has attracted seven candidates in the elections scheduled for May 7. The race includes Mr Timür Mark Aker, the current member of the European Parliament for the East of England, Mr Jamie Barnes, who is running on Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol movement, former BBC journalist and Labour Party candidate Polly Billington who claims to be “fed up witnessing injustice and wanted to be the person to get things done”.  Others are Mr Rhodri Iain Jamieson-Ball (Liberal Democrat) and University of Essex lecturer Kristilolu Aba of All People’s Party. However, Mr Munyambu’s candidature faces challenges. In 2012, when he returned to Kenya, he fled after being granted bail for charges related to defrauding a client in a car import deal. Yesterday, he told Nation the charges were politically motivated. “It was a well-planned set up to stop me from climbing the political ladder,” he said. He therefore has to banish his past record on fraud. He was a Labour Party activist before he was suspended by the party after the fraud charges came to light. He will also have to win over voters from re-electing Ms Doyle-Price who says on her party website that she is a local girl who was “was raised on a council estate.”


“If you re-elect me, I’ll continue to fight for you, your family and all hardworking people across Thurrock,” Ms Doyle-price says, listing a number of her achievements. Mr Munyambu, who once harboured presidential ambitions in Kenya, believes he has what it takes to beat his six rivals. “All voters deserve the right to have a say in the running of the country and opportunity to define their destiny,” he says in his brief manifesto. Yesterday, he told Nation “politics is my lifetime career” and that his aim is to make a difference in people’s lives wherever he goes. He, however, still harbours ambitions of becoming president of Kenya. “I have observed over a long period of time the needs, dreams and aspirations of the Kenyan society are far from being met; that’s the basis of going for the top seat. As everybody can see, Kenya is heading in the wrong direction and new credible leadership is long overdue,” he said. Mr Munyambu went to the UK in early 2007 to join his wife. In 2011, he was elected councillor in Basildon, garnering 52 per cent of votes cast. His manifesto says he will tackle issues such as unemployment, better schools, and health and housing problems in his locality, where he says he will help in “mobilising both public and private housing stock.” “I will lobby the government to fund the development of more affordable housing in the local area. Developers and Thurrock Council should work together to meet and exceed targets for the building of social housing to ensure more residents are able to have their needs met.” He continues: “I will encourage both public and private employers to increase output, leading to a greater need to employ more staff.” He also wants to lobby for the UK to bring a referendum on whether it should stay in the EU earlier to 2016. - Daily Nation.


South Africa's President Jacob Zuma cancels foreign trip over xenophobic attacks


South Africa's President Jacob Zuma on Saturday canceled a state visit to Indonesia to deal with a wave of anti-immigrant violence at home. The unrest which began in the port city Durban two weeks ago and spread to Johannesburg, Africa's economic hub, appeared to have died down on Saturday as police patrolled trouble spots. Thousands of foreigners have sought refuge in camps set up in Johannesburg and Durban and the governments of Zimbabwe and Malawi began bussing their nationals back home. "The president once again expresses his condemnation of the attacks on foreign nationals and has urged the police to continue working round the clock to protect communities and bring perpetrators to book," the presidency said in a statement, adding that Zuma would visit a displacement camp on Saturday. Violence flared after Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini said in remarks widely reported by South African media in March that foreigners should leave the country. He has since said his comments were misinterpreted and on Saturday attempted to defuse tensions. "Anyone who is waiting for an order from Zwelithini to attack people, no. No," broadcaster eNCA reported the king as saying during a traditional ceremony in rural KwaZulu-Natal. At least four people have been killed in the violence over the last fortnight and foreign nationals have complained that the South African police are failing to protect them. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Saturday expressed shock and disgust at the attacks on immigrants. "I would want now to express our sense of shock, disgust as we abhor the incidences which happened in Durban," said Mugabe, speaking on behalf of the regional Southern African Development Community and African Union, both of which he currently chairs. - The Standard.




A mega property tussle is in the offing between some of Njenga Karume's children

A mega property tussle is in the offing between some of Njenga Karume's children and members of the trust he formed to oversee his vast estate. The late Cabinet minister and businessman's children now want the current team of trustees ejected and a fresh group appointed. The four alleged there was rampant mismanagement and vandalism of the estate by the trustees in whose hands the late politician left his multibillion-shilling properties spread across the country from Nairobi to Kiambu, and Nakuru to Mombasa. They said they had been sidelined and neglected. 




Have a look at Sardines School in the Ocean -  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Health Benefits of Sardines Fish

Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12 and selenium. They are a very good source of phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin D. Additionally, they are a good source of calcium, niacin, copper, vitamin B2, and choline.
Promote Heart Health
Sardines are rich in numerous nutrients that have been found to support cardiovascular health. They are one of the most concentrated sources of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have been found to lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels; one serving (3.25 ounce can) of sardines actually contains over 50% of the daily value for these important nutrients. Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12, ranking as one of the World's Healthiest Food most concentrated in this nutrient. Vitamin B12 promotes cardiovascular well-being since it is intricately tied to keeping levels of homocysteine in balance; homocysteine can damage artery walls, with elevated levels being a risk factor for atherosclerosis.
Promote Bone Health
Sardines are not only a rich source of bone-building vitamin D, a nutrient not so readily available in the diet and one that is most often associated with fortified dairy products. Vitamin D plays an essential role in bone health since it helps to increase the absorption of calcium. Sardines are also a very good source of phosphorus, a mineral that is important to strengthening the bone matrix. Additionally, as high levels of homocysteine are related to osteoporosis, sardines' vitamin B12 rounds out their repertoire of nutrients that support bone health.
Promote Optimal Health
For many years, researchers have known that vitamin D, in the form of calcitriol, participates in the regulation of cell activity. Because cell cycles play such a key role in the development of cancer, optimal vitamin D intake may turn out to play an important role in the prevention of various types of cancer.
Packed with Protein
Sardines are rich in protein, which provides us with amino acids. Our bodies use amino acids to create new proteins, which serve as the basis for most of the body's cells and structures. Proteins form the basis of muscles and connective tissues, antibodies that keep our immune system strong, and transport proteins that deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout our bodies.
Sardines are named after Sardinia, the Italian island where large schools of these fish were once found. While sardines are delightful enjoyed fresh, they are most commonly found canned, since they are so perishable. With growing concern over the health of the seas, people are turning to sardines since they are at the bottom of the aquatic food chain, feeding solely on plankton, and therefore do not concentrate heavy metals, such as mercury, and contaminants as do some other fish.
While there are six different types of species of sardines belong to the Clupeidae family, more than 20 varieties of fish are sold as sardines throughout the world. What these fish share in common is that they are small, saltwater, oily-rich, silvery fish that are soft-boned. In the United States, sardines actually refers to a small herring, and adult sardines are known as pilchards, a name that is commonly used in other parts of the world. Sardines are abundant in the seas of the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean with Spain, Portugal, France, and Norway being the leading producers of canned sardines.
Sardines date back to time immemorial, but it was the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte who helped to popularize these little fish by initiating the canning of sardines, the first fish ever to be canned, in order to feed the citizens of the land over which he presided. Extremely popular in the United States in the 20th century, sardines are now making a comeback as people realize that they are an incredibly rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D and that, because they are small fish at the bottom of the food chain, they are not as likely to contain concentrated amounts of contaminants such as mercury and PCBs.
How to Select and Store
Canned sardines packed in olive oil are preferable to those in soybean oil. Those concerned about their intake of fat may want to choose sardines packed in water. Look at the expiration date on the package to ensure that they are still fresh.
If you are purchasing fresh sardines, look for ones that smell fresh, are firm to the touch, and have bright eyes and shiny skin.
Pacific sardines are featured on the Super Green List of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch. The Super Green List is considered "the Best of the Best" in seafood; to receive this designation a fish or shellfish needed to be among their "Best Choices" for sustainability, provide at least 250 mg of omega-3s in an 8-ounce serving, and contain low levels of mercury (less than 216 ppb) and PCBs (less than 11 ppb).
Canned sardines can be stored in the kitchen cupboard, ideally one that is cool and not exposed to excessive heat. They have a long storage life; check the package for the expiration date so you know when you should use it by. Turn the can every now and then to ensure that all parts of the sardines are exposed to the oil or liquid in which they are packed; this will help keep them well-moistened. Unused portions of opened sardine cans should be refrigerated.
Fresh sardines are very perishable and normal refrigerator temperatures of 36-40F (2-4C) do not inhibit the enzymatic activity that causes them to spoil; they are best when stored at 28-32F (-2-0C). To store the fresh sardines, remove them from the store packaging, rinse them and place them in a plastic storage bag as soon as you bring them home from the market. Place in a large bowl and cover with ice cubes or ice packs to reduce the temperature of the fish. Remember to drain off the melted water and replenish the ice as necessary. Although fresh sardines will keep for a few days using this method, we recommend using the sardines as soon as possible, within a day or two. Don't forget that fish not only starts to smell but will dry out or become slimy if not stored correctly.
Tips for Preparing and Cooking
Tips for Preparing Sardines
Canned sardines require minimal preparation. For canned sardines packed in oil, gently rinse them under water to remove excess oil before serving. Fresh sardines need to be gutted and rinsed under cold running water.
How to Enjoy
A Few Quick Serving Ideas
Sprinkle sardines with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.
Combine sardines with chopped onion, olives, or fennel.
Top sardines with chopped tomatoes and basil, oregano, or rosemary.
Balsamic vinegar gives sardines a nice zing.
Make a sauce with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, pressed garlic, Dijon mustard, and salt and pepper. Serve over sardines.
Individual Concerns
Sardines and Purines
Sardine contain naturally occurring substances called purines. Purines are commonly found in plants, animals, and humans. In some individuals who are susceptible to purine-related problems, excessive intake of these substances can cause health problems. Since purines can be broken down to form uric acid, excess accumulation of purines in the body can lead to excess accumulation of uric acid. The health condition called "gout" and the formation of kidney stones from uric acid are two examples of uric acid-related problems that can be related to excessive intake of purine-containing foods. For this reason, individuals with kidney problems or gout may want to limit or avoid intake of purine-containing foods such as sardines.
Allergic Reactions to Sardines
Although allergic reactions can occur to virtually any food, research studies on food allergy consistently report more problems with some foods than with others. It's important to realize that the frequency of problems varies from country to country and can change significantly along with changes in the food supply or with other manufacturing practices. For example, in several part of the world, including Canada, Japan, and Israel, sesame seed allergy has risen to a level of major concern over the past 10 years.
In the United States, beginning in 2004 with the passage of the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), food labels have been required to identify the presence of any major food allergens. Since 90% of food allergies in the U.S. have been associated with 8 food types as reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, it is these 8 food types that are considered to be major food allergens in the U.S. and require identification on food labels. The 8 food types classified as major allergens are as follows: (1) wheat, (2) cow's milk, (3) hen's eggs, (4) fish, (5) crustacean shellfish (including shrimp, prawns, lobster and crab); (6) tree nuts (including cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts); (7) peanuts; and (8) soy foods.
These foods do not need to be eaten in their pure, isolated form in order to trigger an adverse reaction. For example, yogurt made from cow's milk is also a common allergenic food, even though the cow's milk has been processed and fermented in order to make the yogurt. Ice cream made from cow's milk would be an equally good example.
Food allergy symptoms may sometimes be immediate and specific, and can include skin rash, hives, itching, and eczema; swelling of the lips, tongue, or throat; tingling in the mouth; wheezing or nasal congestion; trouble breathing; and dizziness or lightheadedness. But food allergy symptoms may also be much more general and delayed, and can include fatigue, depression, chronic headache, chronic bowel problems (such as diarrhea or constipation), and insomnia. Because most food allergy symptoms can be caused by a variety of other health problems, it is good practice to seek the help of a healthcare provider when evaluating the role of food allergies in your health.
Nutritional Profile
Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12 and selenium. They are a very good source of phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin D. Additionally, they are a good source of calcium, niacin, copper, vitamin B2, and choline. For an in-depth nutritional profile click here: Sardines
In-Depth Nutritional Profile
In addition to the nutrients highlighted in our ratings chart, an in-depth nutritional profile for Sardines is also available. This profile includes information on a full array of nutrients, including carbohydrates, sugar, soluble and insoluble fiber, sodium, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and more.




Njenga Karume family wants trustee kicked

out over wealth mismanagement



US report warned of links between Somali hawala banks and terrorism to Kenya


MOMBASA: A report by the United States' Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs published in March 2015, had indicated that Somalia's remittance banks, or hawala which were blacklisted by Kenya after the April 2 terrorist carnage in Garissa were financing terrorism activities. Meanwhile the report by the US Department of State warns that despite Kenya being a member of the Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group, it still has deficiencies in controlling the flow of funds adding that Kenya is also not capable of adequately criminalizing terrorist financing. And the report alleges that the Kenyan authorities are not able to ensure a fully operational and effectively functioning financial intelligence unit in its midst. Although many of the hawalas that send money to Somalia have branches in Kenya where a large Somalia diaspora lives the report notes that "Somalia does not have a commercial banking sector, and the Central Bank lacks the capacity to supervise or regulate the hawala" and warns that the warton nation does not belong to any of the regional and continental bodies created to combat money laundering. "Somalia does not have laws or procedures requiring the collection of data for money transfers or suspicious transaction reports. Somalia did not distribute the UN list of terrorists or terrorist entities to financial services. Somalia lacked the funding and capacity to investigate and prosecute incidents of terrorist financing," says the report. Even though the report does not mention specific agents which were susceptible to misuse to finance terrorist groups, it expressed concern over the growing number of hawala mostly used by ethnic Somalis in Kenya and East Africa some of which ended in Al Shabaab's coffers.

The State Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs in the 233 page document titled "International Narcotics Control Strategy Report Volume II on Money Laundering and Financial Crimes, observes that Kenya's proximity to Somalia makes it an obvious and attractive location for the laundering of certain piracy-related proceeds and a financial facilitation hub for al-Shabaab. The report further states that trade goods are used to provide counter-valuation by regional hawala networks. Although banks, wire services, and mobile payment and banking systems are available to increasingly large numbers of Kenyans, there are also thriving, informal, and unregulated networks of hawaladars and other remittance systems that facilitate cash based, unreported transfers that the Government of Kenya cannot track, states the report. It claimed that foreign nationals, and in particular the large ethnic Somali resident and refugee populations, were primarily using hawalas to send and receive remittances internationally. The document list Kenya among major countries where money laundering has thrived adding that despite efforts by the Kenya Revenue Authority, department of the public prosecution and police to combat the vice, Kenya remains vulnerable to money laundering and financial fraud states the report. "Kenya is a transit point for international drug traffickers. Trade-based money laundering is a problem in Kenya, though the Kenya Revenue Authority has made recent strides in improving internal monitoring and collection procedures," states the report.

The report notes that there is a black market for smuggled and grey market goods in Kenya, which serves as a major transit country for Uganda, Somalia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan. It further states that goods marked for transit to these northern corridor countries are not subject to Kenyan customs duties, but Kenyan authorities acknowledge that many such goods are often sold in Kenya. The report observes that money laundering and terrorism financing activity in the country occur in both the formal and informal sectors, and derives from both domestic and foreign criminal activity. Such activities include transnational organized crime, cybercrime, corruption, smuggling, and trade invoice manipulation, illicit trade in drugs and counterfeit goods, trade in illegal timber and charcoal, and wildlife trafficking. Kenya's financial sector supports 43 licensed commercial banks, many with branches throughout East Africa; nine deposit taking microfinance institutions in Kenya, with 69 branches; 91 Licensed Forex Bureaus, with Nairobi hosting 75 bureaus and Mombasa nine; and one mortgage Finance company. Kenya holds more than half of the total bank assets in the region, which has grown to $52 billion in 2013, up from $45.2 billion in 2012 noting that diaspora remittances was growing annually, contributing significantly to the country's foreign exchange inflows.

Remittances in 2013 totaled $1.3 billion and are already at $1.1 billion through September 2014, with North America providing between 45-50 percent of all remittances, and with Europe and the "rest of the world" each providing approximately 25 percent. There are approximately 121,000 mobile-money agents in Kenya. Through August 2014, $1.7 billion moved through Kenya's mobile-money systems. The report states while mobile payment and banking systems are increasingly important, the tracking and investigation of suspicious transactions remains difficult, although data on these transactions have the potential to facilitate investigations and tracking, especially compared to transactions executed in cash. The lack of regulation/supervision of this sector, coupled with a lack of reporting from certain reporting entities, contribute to the risks posed by this sector claim the report. The CBK's strategy to increase financial integrity through increasing financial inclusion, and its associated regulatory interventions, has led to an increase in formal sector financial inclusion from 41 percent in 2006 to 67 percent in 2013. To demand bank account records or to seize an account, the police must present evidence linking the deposits to a criminal violation and obtain a court order. The confidentiality of this process is not well maintained, meaning that account holders are often tipped off about such investigations and so are able to move their assets or contest the orders. "Kenya is overhauling its criminal justice system. The government, and especially the police, must allocate appropriate resources and build sufficient institutional capacity and investigative. - Daily Nation.



Google revolutionises search to help mobile users


Google search on Tuesday will start factoring in how easy websites are to read on smartphones or tablet computers, underlining the changing way people surf the Internet. The web titan said that the "mobile-friendliness" of websites will be a factor in ranking results to online searches done using mobile devices. "As people increasingly search on their mobile devices, we want to make sure they can find content that's not only relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens," a Google spokesperson told AFP. The change will affect mobile Internet searches in all languages worldwide and was expected to have a "significant impact" on results to queries, Google said in a February blog post heralding the move. Google at the time released an online tool so developers could test how friendly web pages are to use on mobile devices. "When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps," the post said. "As more people use mobile devices to access the Internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns."


Zebra crossing every where in the streets of Brussels



Uhuru Would Beat Raila by 49% to 28% If Poll Were Held Today


PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta is still the most popular presidential candidate, with his support almost double that of Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s. According to a poll by Ipsos Synovate commissioned by the Star, if presidential elections were held today, 52 per cent of those who voted in 2013 would vote for Uhuru. This is compared to 29 per cent who would vote for Raila and the three per cent who said they would vote for Deputy President William Ruto. Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, Peter Kenneth and Moses Wetang’ula would each get one per cent of the presidential votes if elections were held now. The poll could be a morale booster for Uhuru, who has been under intense criticism, especially in the wake of the Garissa terror attack of April 2. The poll, conducted between March 28 and April 7 with a sample of 1,964, shows that Uhuru would get 49 per cent of the votes, including of those who did not vote in 2013, while Raila would get 28 per cent. Such a result would throw the country into a presidential run-off, as the constitution requires that whoever wins the first round must garner 51 per cent plus one vote. A poll in November last year showed that Uhuru had consolidated his standing, with 48 per cent of respondents saying they would vote for him as president if an election were held then. At the time, only 25 per cent said they would vote for Raila in the poll, which has a similar sampling error of +/-2.2%, with a 95% confidence level as this one.

Of the 1,440 Kenyans polled and who had voted in the 2013 elections, 117 (10 per cent) said they don’t know, are undecided or refused to answer. The data show that 44 per cent of those who state that they are currently undecided, do not know or refuse to answer said they voted for Raila and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka in 2013. The report shows that 21 per cent of those who voted for Uhuru and Ruto also fall in this category. The poll also shows that 85 per cent of Uhuru’s supporters say that they would stick with him, while only three per cent say they are looking at Raila as an alternative and 4 per cent at Ruto. It adds that 75 per cent of Raila’s supporters are sticking with him, but 10 per cent have shifted to Uhuru, with four per cent looking at Kalonzo as an alternative. The poll shows that 55 per cent of the respondents believe that Uhuru and Ruto would perform better at the next election if they are in the same political party. It also shows that 73 per cent of Jubilee Coalition supporters would prefer the two in one party, while 35 per cent support the idea of a single party for Uhuru and Ruto. The two have already declared that the newly formed Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) will be their election vehicle in 2017, encouraging their parties TNA and URP to dissolve. - The Star



Runaway bus victim whose back broke in crash tells of terror on London Bus


A father whose back was broken when a runaway Routemaster crashed is himself a bus driver - who today told how he used his body as a shield to protect his two sons. Steve Greensword, 57, a driver for 21 years, was spending a day off with his boys Jaedon, three, and Eljae, 10, in the West End when they caught a double-decker in Sloane Square. As the Number 11 bus pulled off, it screeched away “like a bullet” leaving the driver screaming frantically that the computer-assisted brakes were not working. In 40 terrifying seconds, it reached speeds of up to 40mph and ploughed through a crossroads narrowly missing a car before smashing into the rear of a vehicle in stationery traffic in Chelsea Bridge Road. Mr Greensword, a father-of-five from Chelsea, ran to the front to speak to the driver Mohammed Khalique, 60, when he realised something was wrong. He then dashed back to protect his two sons, wrapping his arms around them to protect them moments before impact. “I just ran back to my two children and grabbed them and sat in the corner on the floor and held them in my arms. That’s the only thing that saved them from serious injury. When I was holding them I slammed my back into the panelling on the floor,” he said. Mr Greensword suffered a broken back and damaged his hip and shoulder in the accident on the Aldwych-bound route.


Cleared: Mohammed Khalique said he 'thought he would die' in the out of control bus


Thirteen other people were injured - including Mr Khalique who had to be cut free from the wreckage. Mr Khalique, from Newham, was this week cleared at Bexley magistrates’ court of driving without due care and attention following the incident in September 2013. The prosecution claimed Mr Khalique mistakenly pumped the accelerator instead of the brake and a Transport for London report discounted computer malfunction. But a judge said he could not be sure whether the driver or a “computer glitch” had caused a fault in the high-tech vehicle. Mr Greensword, who has worked with Mr Khalique for more than a decade, told the Standard: “I heard him screaming for his life. He said ‘Oh my god I can’t stop it, I’ve got no brakes’.” Mr Khalique later told police the engine isolator and brakes were “completely dead” and he feared applying the handbrake would flip the bus. Mr Greensword said: “I almost lost my life. I could have been a dead man if it had been otherwise. “They are trying to blame that poor man and he nearly lost his life. “Obviously it was a problem with the bus. There are other drivers who have reported problems with these buses.” Finding Mr Khalique not guilty, district judge Dennis Lynch said: “I cannot be sure that it was Mr Khalique at fault, rather than an unascertained, potentially crucial, computer glitch. “I cannot be sure beyond reasonable doubt that it was your driving at fault.” Speaking afterwards, Mr Khalique, who has left the company, said: “I’m ok now, but this last year has been really stressful.” Leon Daniels, TfL’s managing director of surface transport, said: “New Routemaster buses remain a safe and valued part of the capital’s transport infrastructure.”


Kisii Guy Trapped in a Mortuary Calls Sonko Rescue Team for Help - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Side Effects of Digital Generation

ODM dismisses Ipsos presidential poll that named Uhuru most popular as mere propaganda

The "suspect" Ipsos poll that rated President Uhuru Kenyatta as most popular was aimed at distracting the public, ODM has said. The party urged members, supporters and the public to ignore the poll and continue pushing Jubilee to fulfill its election pledges. "This so called opinion survey was hurriedly commissioned to divert the public’s attention from a myriad of pressing national problems ranging from run-away insecurity and the entrenched corruption in high places," ODM said. In a statement signed by Political affairs secretary Opiyo Wandayi, the party noted that opinions polls are conducted mid term to gauge performance and chances of re-election. “It cannot be a popularity contest between them and non-existent challengers because at this point in time, it is not clear who President Uhuru Kenyatta’s challengers will be,” it said. The poll commissioned by the Star reported that if presidential elections were held today, 52 per cent of those who voted in 2013 would vote for Uhuru. This was compared to 29 per cent who would vote for Raila and the three per cent who said they would vote for Deputy President William Ruto. Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, Peter Kenneth and Moses Wetang’ula would each get one per cent of the votes. The poll was conducted between March 28 and April 7 with a sample of 1,964. - The Star

A Kenyan man has passed away in West London. More later.