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During the burial of Dr. Bethuel Mareka Gecaga. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. Pioneer corporate leader and one of Kenya’s most decorated blue chip companies managers Bethuel Mareka Gecaga was laid to rest at a private function in his Yadini Coffee Estate, Kiambu County today. Gecaga served in boards of some of the prominent local and international companies.


BM Gecaga laid to rest at his Ruiru farm




7 types of sugar - which is healthier?

Last week on the radio, the announcer asked me if there was a 'good' sugar – one that would satisfy her sweet tooth but that was 'healthier' than regular white sugar. She figured if there were 'good' carbs and 'bad' carbs there must be some sugars that would get the nod of approval from nutritionists. So I thought it might be helpful to list the many different types of sugar and whether they're any healthier for you or not (spoiler: there's not much between them). Here's my run-down of the 7 key types of sugar:

Sugar means CANE sugar in Australia
Historically, sugar was the predominant sweetener in Australia and it came from sugar caneas opposed to European sugar which is extracted from the sugar beet

Sugar cane grew prolifically in the hot coastal areas of northern Australia and was an important industry, with huge sugar mills and major ports for transporting the stuff to cities as well as exporting it overseas. Various sugars in Australia come from sugar cane grass, which is milled and refined to extract the sugar. Sugar cane is crushed in the mill and the resulting juice is purified and then boiled to produce a thick syrup. From this syrup, raw sugar crystals are extracted, usually via centrifuge, leaving a dark, sticky liquid called molasses behind. If you've ever been to a fresh food market, you can watch a vendor feeding lengths of cut cane between two rotating drums that press and squeeze out the natural sweet juice it contains. With a few ice cubes, this makes a sweet pleasant juice on hot days – one can see how the ancient people would have noticed and desired the sugar from this sweet tall grass.

7 sugars compared
1. White granulated sugar is one of the world's purest foods. It's 99.9 per cent sucrose, refined from the natural sugars that occur in the sugar cane but with all 'impurities' such as mineral ash and polyphenols completely removed.

2. Caster sugar has the same composition as granulated sugar, but the crystals are smaller so it dissolves quickly. It's best for baking, especially light sponges and meringues.

3. Icing sugar is white sugar ground to a fine powder so it dissolves quickly and makes smooth icing.

4. Raw sugar and coffee sugar crystals are made from cane juice and are golden in colour. In nutrition, they are virtually identical to white sugar - at 99 per cent sucrose, they have a few minerals but not enough to give a great health advantage over white sugar.

5. Brown sugar contains 95 per cent sucrose and 5 per cent molasses, which adds a lovely toffee flavour and moistness but no great nutritional benefits over white sugar. The same applies to muscovado, demerara, rapadura and black sugars which are often preferred for baking. There's a little potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals but they're not present in great quantities. Well, not enough to make me sit up and take notice when I'm only consuming a teaspoon here and there. 

Sugar compared to fructose and glucose powder:

6. Fructose powder contains the same kilojoules as sugar but, being slightly sweeter, can be used in smaller quantities to achieve the same degree of sweetness. Now marketed as a 'natural cane sugar-free' sugar replacement, it has a low GI of  anywhere from 15 to 19 which used to be its unique selling proposition. Fructose is metabolized differently to sugar and glucose and doesn't trigger the hormones that regulate appetite and food intake – which some research suggests means that it's much more likely to be converted into body fat. Note too that it has other drawbacks, such as causing abdominal discomfort. 

Brands of fructose: Fruisana and Sweetaddin.
7. Glucose powder is a white crystalline powder with a GI at the maximum of 100. It is the standard by which other carbs are ranked. At 100, this means that glucose is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and stimulates a fast insulin response. Glucose powder is not as sweet as regular white sugar so is fed to invalids as they can take in more food without being put off by the excessive sweetness. Athletes often notice glucose (under the term dextrose so you don't associate it with glucose or sugar!) marketed to them to use when they need instant energy. Like glucose jelly beans, it will quickly raise blood glucose levels and replenish blood glucose. Glucose is the simplest form of sugars and is the sugar in blood, your body's primary source of energy.

Brands of glucose: Glucodin and Glucose-D.
Kilojoules, sugars content and GI rating for 7 sugars 
with glucose powder and fructose powder as comparison


  (listed in descending order of GI value)

Sugar kJ % sugars GI
Glucose powder 1700  97 100
White sugar 1700 100  65
Caster sugar 1700 100  65
Icing sugar 1700 100  65
Raw sugar 1700  99  65
Demerara sugar 1690  99  65
Coffee crystals 1690  99  65
Brown dark sugar 1630  96  65
Fructose powder 1700 100  15

Source: Food manufacturers' NIP on pack, except for GI values from the website


Nutrition facts for white sugar
Per serve: One level teaspoon white sugar or 4g supplies 68kJ (16 Calories), no protein, no fat and 4g of carbohydrate, 4g of sugars, 2g fructose and 2g glucose.

Per 100g: 1700kJ (310 Calories), no protein, no fat and 100g of carbohydrate, 100g of sugars, 50g fructose and 50g glucose.

Bottom line
Despite their different colours and flavours, the nutritional value of these sugars is very similar. Sugar is sugar, whether white, brown or raw. All sugars are pretty much of a muchness. One teaspoon of any has around 68 kilojoules (16 Calories). They are all sources of sucrose OR glucose OR fructose OR combinations of these three but very little in the way of vitamins, minerals or antioxidants. Dietary guidelines around the globe suggest we LIMIT consumption of sugar and foods with added sugars. You don't need to avoid sugar completely for good health, but it's sensible to cut back on foods that are correspondingly low in nutrition and easy to overeat – soft drinks, lollies, pastries or sweets, for example. Foods such as flavoured yoghurts or flavoured milks have a better nutrient profile and give you important nutrients (protein, calcium) along with the sugar they contain.

With 68 kilojoules (16 Calories) in every level teaspoon, use only small amounts of sugar to enhance the flavour of nutritious foods - a spread of jam on grainy bread, a sprinkle of sugar over high-fibre cereal or a sugar syrup to poach fresh fruit. But watch the large intakes that come from soft drinks, juices, confectionery, chocolate, ice creams and pastries.





While Les Vagas, Dennis Njiiri tour the Grand Canyon. One of the world's natural wonders, the iconic Grand Canyon draws oohs and aahs from visitors perched at the edge of its towering cliffs. Carved by the copper-colored Colorado River, the colorful rock layers record billions of years of history and hide many unique species. Here are seven amazing facts about the Grand Canyon. Baby Seed as he is well known left UK for Kenya at the beginning of October for Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, South America, US (five states) and ending his tour in Canada coming back to UK in February 2017. The Seeds family and friends wish him a safe journey.

Who is financing Dennis Njiiri World Tour?: Before going to the University, Dennis wanted to have a gap year and tour the world. The parents refused and advised him to join the university, work and pay for his dream tour and then proceed. He agreed and he has been planning for his tour for the last one year paying the travel agent by instalments. To reduce the costs he shopped for both hotels and hostels. He got an expert who helped with advice when travelling for several months - travel light, avoid carrying expensive items to avoid attraction and be disciplined. The parents advised him to print for them the entire tour programme so that they can always located his whereabouts. A Kenyan travel agent in Nottingham, UK Ease Travel booked the tour for him. Their contact is Grace Kamau 07557945963.



7 Amazing Grand Canyon Facts

A natural wonder
One of the world's natural wonders, the iconic Grand Canyon draws oohs and aahs from visitors perched at the edge of its towering cliffs. Carved by the copper-colored Colorado River, the colorful rock layers record billions of years of history and hide many unique species. Here are seven amazing facts about the Grand Canyon.
It's not the world's deepest canyon
Though widely considered one of the world's most spectacular canyons, the Grand Canyonis neither the world's longest or deepest gorge.

Its average depth is about 1 mile (1.6 kilometers), though the canyon ranges from 2,400 feet (731 meters) deep below Yavapai Point on the South Rim to 7,800 feet (2,377 m) deep at the North Rim. The canyon wends 277 miles (446 km) along its sinuous path. In 1994, the Guinness Book of World Records crowned the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon in the Himalayas as the world's longest and deepest canyon. Its depth reaches 17,567 feet (5,382 m) and its length 308 miles (496.3 km).


On average, the canyon is only 10 miles (16 km) wide from rim to rim, but crossing by foot takes 21 miles (33 km), and driving by car is a 251-mile (403 km), five-hour odyssey. At least the trip is through scenic backcountry. Australia wins the prize for the world's widest canyon, with its Capertee Valley edging out the Grand Canyon at a little more than 18 miles (30 km) wide.

1. A canyon plane crash gave rise to the FAA
In the 1950s, passenger flights would sometimes detour over the Grand Canyon for a better view. On June 30, 1956, two planes flying from Los Angeles to Chicago, a United Airlines DC-7 and a TWA Constellation, had both requested permission to fly into the Grand Canyon's airspace. The planes collided directly over the canyon, killing everyone on board. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was created in 1958 as a result of the crash.

2. It reveals 40 percent of Earth's history
The Colorado River cuts through schist, a type of metamorphic rock that is 1.75 billion years old. That's nearly half the age of the Earth (which is 4.5 billion years old). Because they are metamorphic rocks, which form from the alteration of other rocks under high temperatures and pressures, these schists represent even more ancient marine and volcanic rocks.

3. Geologists are drawn to the record of Earth's history contained in sedimentary rocks blanketing the Vishnu schist. These relatively unaltered sediments stopped accumulating about 230 million years ago, and are older than the dinosaurs. Though no dinosaur bones have ever been found in the park, geologically recent fossils, including 11,000-year-old sloth bones, have been found in canyon caves. Many marine fossils and animal tracks also appear in the National Park's rock layers.

4. Its snakes are pink
Of the six rattlesnake species spotted in the park boundaries, one has an unusual pink hue that matches the local rocks. The Grand Canyon pink rattlesnake is the most common snake in the park, startling hikers as it suns itself on rocks and sandy trails, searching for lizards to eat.

5. The story of the canyon's names
The Paiute Indian tribe calls the canyon Kaibab, which means "mountain lying down" or "mountain turned upside down." The creamy white Kaibab Limestone forms the surface on which the park's 5 million visitors stand while viewing the canyon. One-armed war veteran John Wesley Powell, who charted the Colorado River's course in 1891 and 1892 in a wooden boat, was the first to consistently use the name "Grand Canyon."

6. Scientists still don't agree on how it formed
Strong geologic evidence suggests the Colorado River broke out of the west end of the Grand Canyon about five million years ago, and no sooner. But with that constraint, there is heated debate about what the canyon looked like in the millions of years before this anchor. Did the river carve the canyon all at once? Or was there an ancient gorge waiting for the young river, ready to capture its flow? One recent study found some rocks at the western end were eroded and exposed at the surface 70 million years ago. Active debate continues, with scores of research studies ongoing in the canyon.

7. It's also not the world's widest canyon
At its narrowest, at Marble Canyon, the Grand Canyon is only 600 yards (548 meters) across. At its widest, the gorge spans 18 miles (29 kilometers).


Five killed, scores injured after matatu rams oil tanker at Timboroa black spot

Five people were killed on Saturday after a matatu rammed an oil tanker at Kahoya near Timboroa on the Eldoret-Nakuru highway. The matatu, belonging to Eldoret Sacco, was on its way from Nairobi while the tanker was heading towards Nakuru. The drivers of the two vehicles died on the spot. The injured were rushed to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret. Locals said the area is classified as a black spot. The accident comes hot on the heels of an incident where a lorry with flammable chemicals rammed 14 carsbefore exploding at Karai, Naivasha. The December 10 accident has so far claimed 44 lives, among them 11 GSU officers attached to the Presidential Guard unit.


A Kenyan man has been killed in an accident in Columbus, Ohio, USA

A Kenyan man was killed in a single-vehicle crash in Columbus, OH on Saturday 10th December, 2016. 40-year-old Biko Wambugu Wachira was killed after his vehicle veered off the road and hit a concrete wall. Wachira’s vehicle then went across the freeway, crashing into guardrail and into the median. The accident happened on SR315 in the area of the Bethel Road overpass about 3:30 a.m. He was declared dead at the scene of the accident. The cause of the deadly crash had not been determined at the time of the report. The police are still investigating the cause of the crash site and hope to learn the cause of the incident as the investigation concludes. Mr Wachira is a nephew to Mike Wambugu of Dallas, TX. -





The late Eva Wambui Kimani

The Late Mary Ann Kimani

The Late David Muturi who was the driver and Kimani's younger brother married last year

  Following the  news of the  tragic accident  on Saturday the 10th December 2016, that  claimed  several  lives of hard working  Kenyans, and  devastated hundreds of  families and friends. It also  almost  wiped out the family of  our close  friend and  brother  Daniel  Kimani  (Kim: please  see earlier  post on A committee  sitting  at Kim 's  home  managed to  facilitate  his travel to  Kenya  on Tuesday.  There are high bills  pending to  clear the  hospital  bill  and funeral expenses. ..leave alone  the  kitty we who have known  kim for  years  and well  wishers too, would  like to  extend  to him to facilitate the above and  maybe  give him a  boost to start life again. A memorial  and  fundraising  fete has been  organised on Sunday December 18th at the Revival House Church in Manor Park, London E12 6QN. Time: 4pm - 8pm This event has been organised by the Kenyan community in the UK and well wishers to help one of us Mr. Kimani Daniel (Kim) who has lost his two daughters and a younger brother through the terrible road accident which happened in Naivasha on Saturday 10th December, 2016.  Another daughter is still in the hospital.  Mr. Kimani needs our support* both financially and prayers during this difficult time.  We are also praying for other victims and our country. Your presence will be highly appreciated and if you cannot make it, then please help by contributing  through Maureen Kabutu,  Natwest Bank, Sort code; 60-14-55 and A/C 60744839. For more information please contact: Richard Heho, 07771390567, Morris Njuguna 07949531238, Julius Mwangi 07897235765, Mayor Kangethe 07958 612632 or Father Njoka 07531159262








Mr. Daniel Munyambu (left) and Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

“Reforming the state, strengthening the rule of law, restructuring government and  institutions will be my first priority in ending the rampant corruption that has overwhelmed  Kenya”, said Daniel Munyambu  who has been planning to usher in new leadership in Kenya  in 2017. He is supporting  Dr Isaac  Newton Kinity, a human rights activist  from Connecticut, USA  who will be in Kenya on 12th  January  to protest against mysterious disappearance of Mr Dickson Bogonko Bosire, a Kenyan blogger  and  Mr Albert Muriuki  who was a deputy director in charge of constitutional and legislative affairs at State House; the two were reported missing in 2013.  Munyambu said  the officers who break their social contract to engage in extrajudicial killings will face full force of the law. Kinity  will also  present a petition to the President requesting him to constitute a commission of inquiry to investigate  the disappearances of the duo.  For more information contact:



Building of Sh350m cruise ship terminal starts at port


The government has launched the construction of the first ever cruise ship terminal at the Mombasa port at a cost of Sh350 million. Tourism secretary Najib Balala Friday said Sh250 million of the construction cash will come from the Kenya Ports Authority while Sh100 million is from TradeMark East Africa. The project involves the modernisation of an old building at the port’s berth number 1. It will be rehabilitated into a world-class cruise terminal. Speaking at the Port of Mombasa, when he officially launched the construction of  terminal Friday, Mr Balala said the project  is expected to be completed in July next year. The tourism CS noted that the terminal will be ready for use when the next cruise tourism season begins in September 2017. “The availability of a cruise terminal at the port of Mombasa will be a game changer to the tourism industry as it will help attract more international tourists to the country,” he said. Mr Balala said the facility would offer services to tourists when they arrive at the port or when departing for other destinations. “Over the years, there has been no terminal at the port to cater for tourists who arrive by sea. But I am glad that by next July we shall have a modern cruise ship facility,” he added. Mr Balala said he was impressed that cruise tourism was on recovery with two cruise ships having arrived this month alone with more than 1,000 tourists and crew. Tourists who arrive in the country by sea, he added, had boosted the tourism industry and the economy, since they visit national parks and excursions in Mombasa Town. The Cabinet Secretary directed new Kenya Tourism Board chief executive officer Betty Radier to give cruise tourism marketing a priority to woo more tourists. Mr Balala said the government will February next year host 3,000 travel agents from the US for them to familiarise with the local tourism products. He noted that the country would also participate in a cruise tourism convention to take place in Miami, USA, next year to attract more cruise liners to bring tourists to the country.

Attract more ships
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho said his county government fully supports the cruise ship terminal project. The governor added that the terminal is an important project as it would attract more ships to cruise to Mombasa. “Tourism is the economic driver of Mombasa and as well help create jobs for our youth. I therefore support the development of tourist facilities,” he said. KPA managing director Catherine Mturi-Wairi, said the launch of the construction of the cruise terminal comes at a time when the port is experiencing a rise in ship arrivals. Last season, she said, the port received 10 cruise ships which brought in more than 6,000 tourists. “This season, we have so far received two vessels and more are expected to bring holidaymakers between this month and March next year,” she added. The KPA boss said a survey which was carried out in 2015 by Tourism and Transport Consult International on cruise tourist potential for Kenya showed that Mombasa could easily attract 140,000 passengers per year. She said the cruise terminal will offer a range of facilities including a lounge area for passengers, reception counters for cruise operators, restaurants and souvenir shops. “The ultra-modern facility will give our visitors the opportunity to relax upon arrival and before departure,” she said. - Daily Nation.


Former Kitui Mayor Martha Mwangangi crushed to death by a truck following Kitui demos - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



A Kenyan lady has passed away in Durham, North Carolina, USA

In grief we announce the passing of humble Regina Wanza Price who was called to be with the lord on Monday 12th December, 2016. Regina of Durham  NC, had been braving cancer since 2003  when it was diagnosed. since then she had received a whole range of treatment including radiation and multiples surgeries that resulted in periods of remission, reduced pain and hope. However each remission was followed by a period of recurrence, intense pain and worries. Despite all these Regina maintained her faith, energy and a sense of humour. Regina was passionate about serving others with illness and disabilities even at a time when she herself was hurting and of declining health. we are appealing to friends and well wishers to join us in fundraising to send her home honorably and to meet medical expenses. Please DONATE whatever you will. Be blessed, no amount is small. thanks - Diasporamessenger


Ababu Namwamba says LPK will work with Uhuru

Budalang'i MP Ababu Namwamba on Friday said he will work with President Uhuru Kenyatta's government. Namwamba said that his Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) will work with Jubilee to ensure that his region reap benefits. President Uhuru Kenyatta ended his tour of western Kenya on Friday with a call to the community to abandon the Opposition and back Jubilee next year. In Kakamega and Busia counties, the President and his deputy William Ruto launched projects worth Sh9.7 billion in what seemed to be a strategy to win the western Kenya vote which eluded him in 2013. The two counties largely voted for Cord leader Raila Odinga and the Jubilee leaders are putting up a spirited fight to change this. Jubilee won two parliamentary seats in Teso in Busia. At Busia County Referral Hospital, the President commissioned equipment worth Sh425 million. “Patients in this region no longer have to travel long distances for specialised treatment in Eldoret and Kisumu. It is our responsibility to improve the lives of Kenyans as promised. We need to work together to achieve this,” he said. President Kenyatta chided the Opposition, saying it thrived on propaganda. “We cannot move forward if we divide our people on tribal lines. There is nothing like the right time for a certain individual to be in power because such tactics will only divide Kenyans. Leaders are free to sell their policies and let Kenyans decide,” he said. Appealing to residents to ditch Cord, he said in Adungosi in Busia: “Our friends in the Opposition who served in government for 30 years accuse the Jubilee administration of dragging its feet in implementing projects in the region when they did nothing to improve the lives of people in Teso”.





China 'seizes US vessel' in S China Sea

The US has issued a formal request to China to deliver an unmanned underwater drone that was seized in international waters, US officials say. The Chinese navy seized the US underwater research vessel in the South China Sea on Thursday, the US alleges. The incident took place just as the USNS Bowditch, an oceanographic survey ship, was about to retrieve it. The device, dubbed an "ocean glider", was used to test water salinity and temperature, officials say. The data was part of an unclassified programme to map underwater channels, Pentagon spokesman Capt Jeff Davis told reporters. "It was taken" by China, Capt Davis said during a press briefing on Friday. "The UUV [unmanned underwater vehicle] was lawfully conducting a military survey in the waters of the South China Sea," he added. "It's a sovereign immune vessel, clearly marked in English not to be removed from the water - that it was US property."



UK’s fashion brand F&F opens first Africa store at The Hub Friday

F&F, the fashion subsidiary of UK’s largest grocery and general merchandise store Tesco, will on Friday open its first African store at Deacons’ outlet at The Hub in Karen even as it plans to use Kenya as its expansion launch pad. Deacons, the local franchise holder of the UK brand, is also gearing up to open the second F&F store at the Sarit Centre in Westlands on January 19 and is scouting for new viable locations in major towns across the country. The franchise agreement between the two firms outlines the opening of five stores over five years, with the possibility that some of the other three outlets will be in Rwanda or Uganda. “Our research indicated that Kenya was the ideal launch pad for F&F’s expansion into Africa,” said Marcus Chipchase, F&F’s managing director for global partnerships. F&F, a 15-year-old brand that has a presence in six European markets as well as 17 other markets including the US and Asia, stocks a wide range of clothes and accessories for women, men and children. Tesco, the world’s third largest retailer by revenue, houses F&F stores within its supermarkets and adopts the franchise model to expand outside the UK.
The Deacons partnership is its first in Africa. - Daily Nation




Bank earnings dip to lowest levels since January owing to interest rates cap





Comparison of Funeral Insurance Policies in Kenya

UNCATEGORIZED April 26, 2016, by Davis Brian 0 Comment 431

Did you know that several insurance companies in Kenya have funeral policies that can ease burial preparations when you love a loved one? Here is a small sample of companies with such policies.

Diaspora Funeral Expense (ABC Bank)
ABC Bank through its bancassurance wing provides a funeral insurance policy tucked in with their ABC D’ Bouquet product. Among other things, the policy provides a last expense plan for those in the diaspora and includes the cost of repatriation of the body back home. This policy is ideal for those who live or work away from home and know that it would be very expensive for their families to meet the costs of repatriation of the body back home. You can check for yourself how much it costs to send a body back to Kenya from any of the local commercial airlines as a step towards deciding on whether you need a funeral insurance policy.

Funeral Cover (Jubilee Insurance)
Jubilee Insurance has a specific cover designed just to meet the needs of a family organizing a funeral. On their website, the company indicates that their policy covers “mortuary fees, the cost of a casket, hearse, flowers, funeral programs and, refreshments.” This essentially means that your family may not need to spend on a thing in case you lose a family member. The company offers five levels of cover under their funeral cover each designed to meet the need of different types of clients

Funeral Plan (Britam)
Britam provides a funeral plan for its clients who are seeking to buy a specific cover for funeral expenses. This cover meets the basic costs of a funeral and kicks on once a family is bereaved. The cover covers your entire family and mas a maximum age limit of 82 years

Jamii Funeral Plan and Diaspora Funeral Plan (UAP)
UAP has two specialist funeral covers designed to meet the needs of its clients. Under the Jamii Funeral Plan, UAP gives the family of the bereaved a lumpsum meant to aid in funeral arrangements. The Beauty of this plan is that is allows the family to make decisions on what to spend the money on. On the other hand, hard cash can be a further source of strife for a family. The Diaspora Funeral Plan aims at making it easy to bring back a loved one in case of death abroad. It typically covers cost of repatriation, cost of related travel and funeral costs.

Umash Funeral Plan (Pan Africa Life and Umash Funeral Services)
Pan Africa Life is the underwriter for the Umash Funeral. Umash is a service provider that deals with funeral services and supplies. The Umash Funeral plan makes it possible for you to use their services using an insurance mode. You pay a premium and provided you are bereaved within the life of the policy you will have access to their range of services. Umash has different levels of insurance depending on your needs and segregated by the amount of premium paid to the company via Pan Africa Life. Umash also sells the product under the name Umash Funeral Assuarance





Ngilu escapes unharmed, former Mayor killed in Kitui riots

The bonfires lit on the Kitui-Thika road by angry traders at Kalundu market on December 16, 2016

Former Lands Secretary Charity Ngilu escaped unharmed on Friday in Kitui town where she had gone to calm down protesting traders and residents following the demolition of kiosks in the area. Former Kitui Mayor Martha Mwangangi was crushed to death by a fire engine that had ploughed into the protesters. The driver of the fire engine was trying to scare away protesters who had threatened to torch another county government vehicle which was passing outside Kitui Central police station. He ploughed into the crowd killing Ms Mwangangi on the spot. Ms Ngilu escaped being hit by the fire engine by inches after she was shoved aside by her bodyguard. Area MP Makali Mulu also escaped death by a whisker after protesters roughed him up after mistaking him for an officer of the county government. The lawmaker’s bodyguard was forced to draw out his gun to scare away the surging crowds that was baying for the MP’s blood. The MP was whisked into a nearby building where he stayed under a heavy guard until the protesters dispersed. Trouble started at dawn when the traders woke up to find their kiosks flattened by the county government. They blocked the Kitui-Thika road and lit bonfires, paralysing transportation and business in the town for more than three hours. The traders demanded compensation from the county government. -



We have been informed by a member of Bishop Kiuna's church that the story about birthday helicopter  gift  to the Bishop is  a hoax.




Kenya's 53rd Jamhuri Day Celebrations in London was held on Monday 12th December, 2016 at Delegates Lounge, International Maritime Organisation (IMO), 4 Albert Embankment, London. The ceremony was hosted by the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo and his wife Mrs. Nelly Amayo together the Kenya High Commission staff in London. The celebrations which were well organised was attended by many High Commissioners, Ambassador and Diplomatic teams from other countries. While addressing the guests the High Commissioner asked the guests to observe a one minute silence in remembrance of those who died at the Naivasha accident on Saturday night. The commissioner encouraged investors to invest in Kenya where many foreigners have decided to live and work in Kenya. Master of the ceremony was Acting Deputy Head of Mission Madam Grace Cerere. Food and drink was in plenty. Full speech coming up soon.


The chairman of Kenya Society Mr. Patrick Orr (far left) and his wife (4th from left) joined the Kenya High Commisisoner He Lazarus Amayor and his wife Mrs. Nelly Amayo for the celebrations. On right are the East African Ambassador and Kenya High Commissioners who attended the ceremony.

Former DC Mr. Gilbert Kirera (left) posing with Kenya High Commissioner at the ceremony and on right is Mrs. Rose Claw with High Commissioner


Vodafone cashes in on Indian money reforms with M-Pesa Pay launch

Vodafone India has launched its M-Pesa Pay digital service in the Indian market, enabling merchants and retailers to receive cashless payments from customers. Retailers and merchants in the populous economy, currently clamping down on cash payments with the government citing Kenya as a model, will be able to download the Vodafone M-Pesa app and register for Vodafone M-Pesa Pay as merchants. “M-Pesa Pay is a new feature which we’re adding on to M-Pesa to enable ease of transactions between merchants and customers. “M-Pesa Pay is really a merchants’ product,” said Vodafone India managing director and chief executive Sunil Sood in a statement. Mr Sood said the new special feature will be a substitute for the capital-intensive point-of-service machines. Once registered, merchants can notify individual customers to make the payment due, Vodafone India said. Customers will make payment digitally using their M-Pesa wallet linked to a bank account and debit and even credit card according to Telecom Paper. The Vodafone M-Pesa digital wallet is available in India both as an app and also in USSD mode via short code on mobile phones. In Kenya, the cash collection service is run under Safaricom Lipa na M-Pesa. Vodafone is Safaricom’s largest owner. Like in Kenya, users in India can make payments for utilities, bills, credit recharge, remit or withdraw cash from almost 130,000 outlets. Vodafone M-Pesa digital wallet users are being offered up to 5 per cent cash-back for the first three months. Vodafone’s M-Pesa started in Kenya and is actively used by more than 16 million subscribers in the country and millions more across 11 African countries, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. M-Pesa has more than 273,000 active agents. It has processed 3.4 billion transactions from April 2014 to April 2015. M-Pesa was first launched in Kenya in 2007. Last month, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been leading a demonetisation drive in the sub-continent, cited Kenya’s M-Pesa as an example of how an economy can move towards being a cashless society. Lipa na M-Pesa merchants in Kenya hit 36,000 early this year. The service was launched in Kenya in June 2013 and has entered into partnerships with the public transport sector, government agencies as well as banks. Users transacted Sh15 billion in the month of November 2015. - Daily Nation.




The memorial service of the late Stephen Kimemia Njiru took place in London on Thursday 15th December, 2016. The ceremony was conducted at Saint Marks Church, Beckton, London. Rev. Peter Ngugi of St. Marks Church and Rev. Kibathi of PCEA UK Outreach officiated the ceremony where 4 members of the family attended the ceremony. Those who attended were the mother of the deceased Mrs. Njiru who presented a farewell song to her son. She also thanked God for the life of her late son, 2 sisters and a brother Mr. Ken Njiru. Mr. Benson Wekhule represented the Kenya High Commission. The body of the late Njiru will leave London for Nairobi on Friday 16th December, 2016. Burial takes place on Wednesday 21st December, 2016 in Kirinyaga, Kenya.

The family of the late Stephen Njiru, 2 sisters, and their mother (in white) and the late

Stephen's brother Mr. Ken Njiru reading the eulogy at the memorial


Mrs. Njiru (far left) mother of the late Stephen Njiru presented a farewell song to his late son at the memorial service.

The ceremony was officiated by by Rev. Peter Ngugi (far right) and Rev. Kibathi of PCEA UK Outreach.




Harpy Eagles - The Most Powerful Birds - National Geographic Animals - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Inooro Ruci-ini: Murang'a South Dancers - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


CJ David Maraga issues new rules on graft cases

Chief Justice David Maraga. He has directed all applications challenging corruption

charges to only be heard by the corruption High Court in Nairobi

Chief Justice David Maraga has directed all applications challenging corruption charges to only be heard by one High Court in Nairobi. The CJ said such applications will be handled by the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Division, which he launched Thursday. He said the move will speed up hearing of applications that are usually filed by suspects facing corruption charges. He said the determination of such applications used to delay because judges in other High Courts have other cases to handle. Moving the cases to the anti-corruption division will speed up hearing and determinations, he said. The CJ said Kenyans should be forgiven for thinking that the rich and powerful facing corruption charges cannot be convicted because of the numerous application they file in court to delay the cases. “The Judiciary will not be a sanctuary or shelter for the corrupt,” he said adding that the new division will not entertain unnecessary adjournments. He said applications will be determined within a month and any institution that delays the cases will be exposed. “We will tell the public if it’s the office of the DPP (Director of Public Prosecution) or any other institution that is delaying the cases,” he said.

The CJ further urged institutions involved in investigating and prosecuting corruption cases to give credible evidence to the court. “If you give us evidence, we shall convict, if you don’t give us evidence to prove a case beyond reasonable doubt, we shall acquit,” he said. According to new practice directions for the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes division, all corruption cases will now be determined within three months. The new rules were published in a gazette notice. “All urgent applications shall be fast tracked, heard and determined within 60 days, all other ones shall be dealt with within 90 days,” the CJ said. In the new rules, corruption cases would exceptionally be allowed to exceed that period if only there is good reason to extend the allocated time. The guidelines require that mention of cases be limited to only deserving cases and that if need be, parties would have to write to the Deputy Registrar so as to be given the discretion to have such. And to enable judges prepare rulings and judgments on time, parties will be required to send to the court soft copies of the case documents using the court email address. The rules also encourage Alternative Dispute Resolution in settling matters before they are dragged to court. Parties who fail to comply with the new set of rules will face a penalty from the court for being non-compliant. A schedule of corruption related cases will also be posted online every Friday. The Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Division was set up by retired Chief Justice Willy Mutunga earlier this year and is being headed by Lady Justice Hedwig Ong’undi. Other additional ten new magistrates appointed to serve in this division include Lucas Onyina, Litizia Wachira, Martha Mutuku, Liz Gicheha, Godfrey Oduor, Rose Makungu, Jared Magori, Anne Mwangi, Peter Ooko and Florence Macharia. - Daily Nation.





As Dennis Njiiri continues with his USA tour, he took time to tour Les Vegas City with a Helicopter at night. He saw the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding region on a 15-minute helicopter flight. Soared over this famous stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard with an exclusive sightseeing tour of Sin City’s downtown skyline and beyond, including the Bellagio, the Mirage, the Fremont Street Experience and much more. His flight covered approximately 20 miles and includes a celebratory glass of sparkling drinks. The tour include Hotel pickup and drop-off. Baby Seed as he is well known left UK for Kenya at the beginning of October for Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, South America, US (five states) and ending his tour in Canada coming back to UK in February 2017. The Seeds family and friends wish him a safe journey. - CLICK HERE FOR LAS VEGAS NIGHT HELICOPTER TOUR





Heri homes cordially invites you to our end of year party and investors forum to be held tomorro

Friday 16th 2016 at Rasi gardens next to our Heri offices gate, at 6:00pm.

Along Argwings kodhek close off argwings kodhek road, behind Nyaku house, and next to AA of Kenya offices, Hurlingham.

Kindly request for the invitation card at the reception, courtesy of Susan Maina. (0723, 354 264)

If you are  unable to attend you can send a representative.

Please also come with anyone who would be interested in our equity model.


Outrage in Langa'ta after developer digs up cemetery, exposes coffins, bones

A coffin and other materials lie on the surface after a private developer dug a trench through the Langata cemetery on December 15, 2016.

The trench was dug on December 12, 2016 to channel sewage from the Royal Park estate in Mugumoini Ward.

Lang'ata residents were outraged on Thursday when a private developer dug trenches at the cemetery exposing coffins and bones. The developer has put up houses at the adjacent Royal Park estate and wants to discharge raw sewage through the open trenches. A team from City Hall led by health executive Bernard Muia, area MCA Alex Otieno and officials from the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) visited the site on Wednesday. Otieno said the diggers went all the way to the third layer, reaching bodies that were buried as long as five years ago. “Bodies are burried in layers (at the Lang'ata Cemetery). The first layer is the deepest... bodies there have decomposed," he said. The recommended grave depth is six feet but an attendant at the cemetery told the Star they were only digging up three feet to accommodate more bodies. Muia termed the trenches a health hazard and the developers action "disrespect to resting souls". “How can a private developer purchase land and build houses where souls are resting. This is against our culture and we will not allow it,” he said. The executive said he will take the estate's welfare association to court if the trenches are not refilled in 24 hours. "I will not sit at City Hall while cemetery land is grabbed,” he said. Elijah Choti, the NCWSC official in charge of sewers, said the developer did not seek the company's approval before digging the trenches. “There is a main sewer line is this area. The developer was simply required to apply for the houses or the state to be connected to it," he said. "What he is doing is illegal. We will make the trenches are refilled within 24 hours." The graveyard was declared full 20 years ago but the city is yet to find a new site for burials; previous attempts resulted in a scandal. - The Star






The Memorial Service for the late Dr. Stephen Kimemia Njiru a lawyer will be held on Thursday 15th December, 2016 at Saint Marks Church, Beckton, 218 Tollgate Rd, Beckton, London E6 5YA as from 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. The memorial service in Nairobi, Kenya takes place on Thursday and Friday at All Saints Cathedral from 5pm, body will arrive at JKIA on Saturday at 5am, funeral service will be on Monday 19th at 10am at All Saints Cathedral and burial on Wednesday 21st at Kirinyaga. The late Dr. Steve Kimemia Njiru passed away at Princess Alice in West London on Friday 9th December, 2016. For more information please contact 07519913080 or 07467305271.



Babies made from three people approved in UK

Babies made from two women and one man have been approved by the UK's fertility regulator. The historic and controversial move is to prevent children being born with deadly genetic diseases. Doctors in Newcastle - who developed the advanced form of IVF - are expected to be the first to offer the procedure and have already appealed for donor eggs. The first such child could be born, at the earliest, by the end of 2017. Some families have lost multiple children to incurable mitochondrial diseases, which can leave people with insufficient energy to keep their heart beating. The diseases are passed down from only the mother so a technique using a donor egg as well as the mother's egg and father's sperm has been developed. The resulting child has a tiny amount of their DNA from the donor, but the procedure is legal, ethical and scientifically ready.


"It is a decision of historic importance," said Sally Cheshire, chairwoman of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). "This is about cautious go ahead, not gung-ho go ahead, and there is a long way to go. "I'm sure patients will be really pleased by what we've decided today." But some scientists have questioned the ethics of the technique, saying it could open the door to genetically-modified 'designer' babies. The HFEA must approve every clinic and every patient before the procedure can take place. Three-person babies have been allowed only in cases where the risk of a child developing mitochondrial disease is very high. Clinics can now apply to the HFEA for a licence to conduct three-person IVF.

Donors needed
The team at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University is expected to be the first to be granted a licence. It aims to help 25 couples every year. Prof Mary Herbert, from the Newcastle Fertility Centre, said: "It is enormously gratifying that our many years of research in this area can finally be applied to help families affected by these devastating diseases. "Now that that we are moving forward towards clinical treatments, we will also need donors to donate eggs for use in treatment to prevent affected women transmitting disease to their children." Prof Sir Doug Turnbull, the director of the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research at Newcastle University, said: "We are delighted by today's decision. "We will also provide long-term follow up of any children born." NHS England has agreed to fund the treatment costs of the first trial of three-person IVF for those women who meet the HFEA criteria, as long as they agree to long-term follow up of their children after they are born.


How does it work?
Mitochondrial disease is caused by defective mitochondria - the tiny structures in nearly every cell that convert food into useable energy. One in 4,300 children are born with such severe symptoms they develop muscle weakness, blindness, deafness, seizures, learning disabilities, diabetes, heart and liver failure. It is often fatal. The aim of the procedure is to get the healthy mitochondria from the donor. But mitochondria have their own DNA, which is why resulting children have DNA from three people. However, everything that defines physical and personality traits still comes from parents. Robert Meadowcroft, from the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK, said: "This historic decision will open the door to the first licensed treatments being offered. "We know of many women who have faced heartache and tragedy and the sorrow of stillbirths, while trying to start their own family, and this decision gives them new hope and choice for the first time." Prof Frances Flinter, professor in clinical genetics at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, called the decision "wonderful news". She added: "It is infinitely preferable that the early clinical trials should be done in a tightly regulated system in the UK, with long term follow-up of any children born, rather than in countries where there is no regulation or oversight."


Prof Sir Robert Lechler, president of the Academy of Medical Science, said that the decision means "groundbreaking research can now be translated from theory into practice and transform lives in the clinic". However, the decision is not universally welcome. Dr David King, from the campaign group Human Genetics Alert, said: "This decision opens the door to the world of genetically-modified designer babies. "Already, bioethicists have started to argue that allowing mitochondrial replacement means that there is no logical basis for resisting GM babies, which is exactly how slippery slopes work." However, the UK will not be the first country in the world to have children born through the three-person technique. A Jordanian couple and doctors in New York performed the procedure in Mexico and the resulting baby is understood to be healthy.



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Woman has baby using ovary frozen in childhood

A woman has given birth in London after doctors restored her fertility using frozen ovarian tissue removed when she was a young child. The 24-year-old is thought to be the first in the world to have a baby after having an ovary frozen before the onset of puberty. Moaza Al Matrooshi, whose son was delivered at the privately-run Portland Hospital yesterday, told the BBC: "It's like a miracle. "We've been waiting so long for this result - a healthy baby." Her doctor, Sara Matthews, a consultant in gynaecology and fertility, said she was overjoyed for the family - and delighted by the hope it offered to others too. "This is a huge step forward. We know that ovarian tissue transplantation works for older women, but we've never known if we could take tissue from a child, freeze it and make it work again." Doctors say it will give hope to many other girls and young women who risk losing the chance of motherhood as a result of treatment for cancer, blood or immune disorders.

Frozen for the future
Moaza Al Matrooshi, who is from Dubai, was born with beta thalassaemia, an inherited blood disorder that is fatal if untreated. She needed chemotherapy, which damages the ovaries, before receiving a bone marrow transplant from her brother at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. So, prior to treatment, when she was nine years old, she had her right ovary removed in an operation in Leeds, where the tissue was frozen. Fragments of her ovarian tissue were mixed with cryo-protective agents and slowly reduced in temperature to minus 196C, before being stored under liquid nitrogen. Last year, surgeons in Denmark transplanted five slivers of the ovarian tissue back into her body - four were stitched on to her failed left ovary and one on to the side of her uterus. Moaza had been going through the menopause. But after the transplant, her hormone levels began returning to normal, she began ovulating and her fertility was restored. In order to maximise the chances of having a child, Moaza and her husband Ahmed underwent IVF treatment. From the eight eggs that were collected, three embryos were produced, two of which were implanted earlier this year. Moaza said: "I always believed that I would be a mum and that I would have a baby. "I didn't stop hoping and now I have this baby - it is a perfect feeling." She also thanked her mother, whose idea it was to save her young daughter's ovarian tissue so that she might be able to have a family in the future.


20 Roads You Won’t Believe Actually Exist Around the World







KTN Prime: President Uhuru Kenyatta consoles with

families of GSU officers that died in Naivasha



One billion Yahoo accounts targeted in hack





Uhuru and Ruto should have been jailed by ICC

In his strongest condemnation yet, Cord leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday 13th December 2016 said President Uhuru Kenyatta should have been jailed during his trial by the ICC for crimes against humanity in the 2007-08 post-election violence. The former Prime Minister said all other major ICC suspects have been detained at The Hague before and during their trials. He cited former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo, former DRC Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba, former Liberian leader Charles Taylor, former LRA chief Dominic Ongwen, among others. Charges against Uhuru were dropped on December 5, 2014. - The Star

Mbiu ya KTN: Taarifa kamili na Mashirima Kapombe, Disemba 14 2016 - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Trailer in NASTY accident after smashing into 3 vehicles

Tanker accident along Kenol-Sagana-Mwea Road on Wednesday, December 14


A trailer has been involved in a nasty accident along Kenol-Makutano-Mwea Road on Wednesday morning, December 14. Three people were injured in the accident and rushed to a nearby hospital. Firefighters were called to the scene of the accident to prevent a potential fire disaster. Road users were urged to stay clear from the scene, as the tanker had leaked fuel and posed danger. The incident comes days after a deadly accident in Naivasha, that involved a canter carrying fuel which hit several vehicles and exploded. The tragic accident left more than 40 dead including 11 GSU officers. -




The body of the late Steve will leave London on Friday 16th Dec

The late Steve Kimemia Njiru

The body of the late Steve Kimemia Njiru will leave London for Kenya on Friday 16th December, 2016 and the burial takes place on Wednesday 21st December, 2016 in his home county of Kirinyaga. A Kenyan lawyer has passed away in UK. The late Dr. Steve Kimemia Njiru passed away at Princess Alice in West London on Friday 9th December, 2016. His family have been very supportive to him and they have been on his bedside since he became unwell. Steve Kimemia is the son of the former MP for Kirinyaga East the late Hon. Njiru. Dr. Stephen Njiru is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya with over 20 years international experience as a lawyer, and in private practice, with government (Public sector) and in Academia.  He has undertaken all aspects of Legal Practice including Criminal, Civil and Commercial Litigation. His main fields have been Constitutional and Public Law, International Economic Law, Legal Systems and Services, Municipal and International Law. Dr. Njiru who is the Chairman of the Legal and Regulatory Committee of the GDC Board of Directors, is also a member of the Finance Committee of the Board. He has advised governments (including the Government of Kenya as a State Counsel and also as a Special Consul and Legal Adviser to the Government), public bodies, International Corporations and other firms. He has also been a lecturer of Law, having taught at the University of Manchester. Njiru is also widely experienced in the areas of Public / Constitutional Law, Legal Systems and Methods, Law of Contract, Torts, Criminal Law, International Economic Law and Human Rights. He has Worked and conducted research on the Bretton Woods Institution including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and World Intellectual Property Organization. He was the Head of the Technical team on the Constitution of Kenya which oversaw the Constitution Review Process leading to the promulgation of the New Constitution in Kenya. He was appointed to the GDC Board as an Independent Director on the 10th day of February 2012. For more information please contact 07519913080 or 07467305271.





We regret to announce the passing of our beloved daughter, sister and friend, Maureen Omondi Rowland. Maureen passed away on Saturday 10th December 2016 at Southmead Hospital in Bristol after a long illness.

Maureen was the daughter of Mr. Paul Omondi Mbago and Mrs. Janet Atieno Omondi of Nairobi, Kenya. She was sister of Elizabeth Omondi (New York), cousin of Jesse (Ontario), Samuel (Nairobi), Katherine (Dar-es-Salaam) and Charles (Oxford) among others, and a great friend to so many more.

Friends and family will hold a memorial service in Stoke Bishop, Bristol:

Date: Saturday 17th December 2016
Place: Coombe Dingle Sports Complex, Coombe Lane, Bristol BS9 2BJ
Time: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Arrangements are being made for Maureen's final journey back to Kenya, and those wishing to contribute to this can do so through JustGiving at:

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please contact Aneesah Rashid on 07854-488025

For more information please contact any of the following:
Pastor Emmanuel Munanga 07970-673716
Robert Owino 07947-56256.
John Kibe 07578-972033
Aneesah Rashid 07854-488025
Charles Opondo 07778-071211.




We regret to announce a sudden death of Julius Anthony Kinuthia Ngomi of Kent WA. Julius was the husband to Rosemary Kinuthia of Dominion of Worship Tabernacle Ministries. He was father to Janelinda, Daniel Kinuthia, and Isaac Kinuthia who is currently active in the USA Navy. He was the Father in law to Joseph Macharia and Dionna Kinuthia. Grandfather to Alexander Njoroge and Marcel Kinuthia. The late Julius was pronounced dead by paramedics on Sunday morning December 11th 2016 in the their home when the wife called 911 after she noticed he was unresponsive. Currently family and friends are meetings at his home in Kent (23716 126th Place SE, Kent WA 98031). A fundraising event to meet the funeral expenses is set to take place this coming Sunday at Great Commission Presbyterian Church (24817 Pacific Hwy S, Kent WA 98032, Suite 202) starting at 5pm. For any further information, please feel free contact: Pastor Francis Maina - (980) 313-0102, Janelinda - (206) 375-8649, Rosemary - (206) 225-1189, Joseph - (206) 349-7162 or Daniel - (206) 612-3779. Online giving ~ Please share the following go-fund-me account:




Emerging/Investments Opportunities In East Africa Dinner Event Dallas




Kenyan pastor passes away in Brockton, Massachusetts

Following the demise of Rev. Fr. James Mwangi Kang’ethe of Brockton, MA, a great Soldier in the Army of the Lord and a Long Time Priest in theAnglican/Episcopal Church, we are holding Daily Prayers at 6 PM in his house at 30 Oak St. Ext. # 407, Brockton, MA 02301. We plan to hold a Memorial Service on Sunday 18 December at 3 PM at Grace Chapel Episcopal/Anglican Church (First Evangelical Lutheran Church) 900 Main St. Brockton, MA 02301. For more info, contact: Rev. Joseph Mumita – 508 243 8487; Rev. Moses Sowale – 617 708 7008; Mary Karugia –617 372 3591; Faith Mbuthia – 508 333 0524; Victoria Mwangi – 774 240 2695 or Bishop Carl Phillip Kihato – 781 985 8303. -



Romans 8:31


Five All-Important Answers

We read in Romans 8:31"What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Paul asks five all-important questions: 1) ‘If God is for us, who can ever be against us?’ The assurance of God’s presence tilts the scales in your favour. So whatever you’re facing today, remind yourself, ‘God is for me.’ 2) ‘Since [God] did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t [God] … give us everything else?’ (v. 32 NLT). Think about it: would God save your soul, then leave you to fend for yourself? Or address your eternal needs and not your earthly ones? No! 3) ‘Who dares accuse us…? No one - for God himself has given us right standing with himself’ (v. 33 NLT). Every accusing voice, including your own, counts for nothing in the court of heaven. God’s acceptance trumps everybody else’s rejection - and He accepts you because He sees you ‘in Christ’. 4) ‘Who then will condemn us? … Christ Jesus died for us … he is sitting in the place of honour at God’s right hand, pleading for us’ (v. 34 NLT). When your accusers rise up and speak against you, Jesus, your defence lawyer, silences them. Why? Because His blood covers you! 5) ‘Can anything ever separate us from Christ’s love?’ (v. 35 NLT). Paul answers his own question: ‘Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow - not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love … nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord’ (vv. 38-39 NLT). Knowing these five truths will help you enjoy your day and sleep better at night!


Our guest singer today is Swahili Worship Mix - DJ Mwadime - CLICK HERE



The biggest rise in clothing prices in six years helped to drive the UK's

inflation rate up to 1.2% in November, up from 0.9% in October.


Wiper delegates endorse Kalonzo presidential bid - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Speech by HE Lazarus O. Amayo, High Commissioner of Kenya to the United Kingdom During the Jamhuri Day Celebrations(National Day) to be held in London at the International Maritime Organisation Headquarters on 12th December 2016

Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo addresing Kenyans during the Jamhuri Celebrations

• The Chief Guest, Lord David Chidgey, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Africa,
• Sir Bill Cash MP, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Kenya
• Hon James Duddridge MP, Former Minister for Africa
• Baroness Patricia Scotland, Commonwealth Secretary General
• Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization
• Excellencies the High Commissioners and Ambassadors Accredited to the United Kingdom
• Senior Government Officials from Her Majesty’s Government,
• The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps
• Corporate Chief Executives
• Distinguished Guests
• Fellow Kenyans, Ladies, and Gentlemen

First and Foremost, I would like to warmly welcome you and thank you most sincerely for joining us in this year’s Jamhuri Day celebrations.

Today, we are celebrating yet another year of our nation’s tremendous development as illustrated by impressive economic growth and improved welfare of our people. It is a time to reflect on the progress made in our economic, political and social spheres, a journey that began on 12th December 1963 when Kenya became an independent state.


Lord David Chidgey, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Africa addressing the guests

Excellencies, Ladies, and Gentlemen
In the midst of the global economic downturn and financial crisis which have impacted many countries, our economy has remained resilient and very dynamic. The economy has undergone steady growth registering a 5.6 percent growth in 2015, and it is projected that it will expand by 6% in 2016. This can largely be attributed to significant growth in some key sectors notably agriculture; construction; real estate; and financial services.


On left is High Commissioner welcoming Baroness Patricia Scotland, Commonwealth Secretary General and on right welcoming Uganda's High Commisisoner

The Government has continued to improve the Country’s investment climate and undertaken wide-ranging business regulatory reforms aimed at enhancing efficiency and significantly reducing the cost of doing business.
According to the latest World Bank report, Kenya has moved from position 113 to 92 on the ease of starting a business. This is credited to the implementation of business regulatory reforms in 5 indicators namely: ease of starting a business, protecting minority investors, resolving insolvency, getting electricity and registering property. These reforms have made the country stand out as one of the most attractive and favored destinations amongst emerging economies demonstrating Kenya’s readiness to do business and attract investors.



All Kenya High Commission Staff attended the celebrations

Excellencies, Ladies, and Gentlemen;

The country, which is a regional communication and financial hub, has also leveraged its political and diplomatic conferencing prowess and is attracting major international events and conferences. This year, Nairobi hosted among others the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCATD 14) and the 6th Tokyo International Conference on Africa’s Development (TICAD VI).

On matters of peace and security, the government has continued to support initiatives for peaceful resolution of conflicts and promotion of stability in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region. This has been in collaboration with regional organizations such as the East Africa Community (EAC), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) under the umbrella of the African Union. This is out of the realization that peace and security are prerequisites for any meaningful development.
Excellencies, Ladies, and Gentlemen


Mrs. Cecilia Muchemi (right) wife of the former Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Joseph Muchemi with current High Commissioner at the celebrations

At the bilateral level, you will recall that 54 years ago Great Britain lost a colony in the name of Kenya, but it also gained a real friend and partner. Kenya and the United Kingdom enjoy cordial relations which have continued to grow from strength to strength. These ties are supported by the shared history, language, legal System and values.
The close bilateral relations are further manifested in concrete co-operation in a number of mutually beneficial fields largely trade, investment, tourism as well as collaboration in matters of peace and security. Trade between the two countries has grown from less than Stg. £500 million in 2004 to Stg. £1.51 billion in 2015, making it the leading trading partner outside the East African Community.


From far right is Journalist Julius Mbaluto, High Commissioner and Pauline Long

The number of British companies investing in Kenya has grown from around 70 in 2008 to over 210 in 2015, and the value of investments stands at around Stg. £2.5 billion. The United Kingdom is also the largest source market for Kenya tourism.

These statistics, of course, are way below the potential in the two countries. We are therefore looking forward to expansion of the volume and value of bilateral trade and investment. In this regard, the Government of Kenya is keen to continue creating a business friendly environment and committed to keeping the economy open to investors including the Kenyan Diaspora.


Mr. Simon Muracia (left) with Kenya High Commissioner and on right Prince Otach and Pauline Long

It is out of these close economic relations that we become interested in the Brexit. We recognize that the EU referendum was a democratic process undertaken by a sovereign state, and the outcome reflects the will of the people. Kenya is keen on the outcome of the negotiations for withdrawal after triggering article 50 and subsequent framework that the UK and the EU will agree on for future trade and general economic relations between the two parties.

It is worth noting that Kenya trades with the UK through the East African Community-European Union, Economic Partnership Agreement (EU-EAC EPA) which allows most exports from Kenya to access EU market largely duty-free –quota-free. We are, therefore, looking forward to a framework that will not disrupt trade between our two countries. This is important to Kenya because the UK being the 5th largest economy in the world, is a very significant development, trading, and investment Partner for Kenya.

In the field of education, I wish to also acknowledge with appreciation the collaboration that happily exists between the two countries. There are currently about 3,050 Kenyan students enrolled in various Universities and institutions of higher learning in the UK, and 31 of them are recipients of the annual Chevening scholarships that are fully funded by the British Government. Another 30 are recipients of the annual Commonwealth scholarships while the rest are self-sponsored students. This goes a long way in supporting Kenya’s Human Resource development agenda.

In conclusion, let me reiterate that the Kenya Government values the contribution of the Kenyan Diaspora and has taken deliberate efforts to incorporate and mainstream the Diaspora into the socio-economic development of our country. In this regard, it is worth noting that the Diaspora Diplomacy is now one of the pillars of the Kenyan Foreign Policy. We look forward to continued collaboration with the UK diaspora and friends of Kenya and would like to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Excellencies, Ladies, and Gentlemen
May I now request you to be upstanding and fill your glasses as we propose a toast to the good health of Her Majesty the Queen, to the well-being and prosperity of the people of the United Kingdom and continued friendship between our two nations.
I Thank You.





President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto should thank the ICC for not barring

them from vying in the 2013 general election, Raila Odinga has said.



"It's Hell": Syrians share final goodbyes from Aleppo

As the battle for Aleppo heads towards a conclusion, people trapped in a small area of east Aleppo still held by the rebels have been sending harrowing messages with their final goodbyes. As the bombing by Syrian government forces intensified, the calls for help from those trapped in rebel-territory have grown more desperate. Lina, an activist tweeting last night, makes this desperate plea: "Humans all over the world, don't sleep! You can do something, protest now! Stop the genocide".


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Uhuru revokes Michael Gichangi's appointment, replaces him with Amos Ntimama

A file photo of former National Intelligence Service boss Michael Gichangi

President Uhuru Kenyatta has revoked the appointment of former NIS boss Michael Gichangi as chairperson of the Private Security Regulatory Authority. Uhuru replaced Gichangi with Amos Ntimama, the son of the late Maa leader and former minister William Ntimama. The President said in a gazette notice dated November 26 that Ntimama's appointment took effect the day before. Gichangi had been appointed on October 2 after resigning from the National Intelligence Service following security lapses in 2014. It was not clear why the spy chief decided to throw in the towel but State House Spokesman Manoah Esipisu said it was on personal grounds. - The Star








Kenya's 53rd Jamhuri Day Celebrations in London was held on Monday 12th December, 2016 at Delegates Lounge, International Maritime Organisation (IMO), 4 Albert Embankment, London. The ceremony was hosted by the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo and his wife Mrs. Nelly Amayo together the Kenya High Commission staff in London. The celebrations which were well organised was attended by many High Commissioners, Ambassador and Diplomatic teams from other countries. While addressing the guests the High Commissioner asked the guests to observe a one minute silence in remembrance of those who died at the Naivasha accident on Saturday night. The commissioner encouraged investors to invest in Kenya where many foreigners have decided to live and work in Kenya. Master of the ceremony was Acting Deputy Head of Mission Madam Grace Cerere. Food and drink was in plenty. Full speech coming up soon.

The Master of the Ceremony was Deputy Head of Mission Madam Grace Cerere (left) who arrived very early in the morning to

make sure everything was in the right place. On right from far right is Col. Muteti the Defence Attache, Mrs. Nelly Amayo,

HE the High Commissioner Lazarus Amayo welcoming the guests at the celebrations


Byron Consort Choir from Harrow School who had taken alot of time to study Kenya National Anthem lead the guests to sing the Kenya National Anthem.  East Africa ambassador joined the celebrations. Seen from far right standing behind is the Ambassador of Rwanda, Kenya High Commissioner, Uganda's High Commissioner, and Master of Ceremony Madam Grace Cerere.


Mrs. Mary Njonjo from Heri Homes Kenya (2nd from left) currently in the UK attended the ceremony and was caught on left talking to the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo. On right from far right is Col. Peter Muteti the Defence Attache, Mrs. Nelly Amayo, Bishop BK Kariuki, High Commissioner, Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe, and Mrs. Pastor Karuri and Rev. Karuri. More later.






Kenya's 53rd Jamhuri Day Celebrations in London was held on Monday 12th December, 2016 at Delegates Lounge, International Maritime Organisation (IMO), 4 Albert Embankment, London. The ceremony was hosted by the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo and his wife Mrs. Nelly Amayo together the Kenya High Commission staff in London. The celebrations which were well organised was attended by many High Commissioners, Ambassador and Diplomatic teams from other countries. While addressing the guests the High Commissioner asked the guests to observe a one minute silence in remembrance of those who died at the Naivasha accident on Saturday night. The commissioner encouraged investors to invest in Kenya where many foreigners have decided to live and work in Kenya. Food and drink was in plenty. Full speech coming up soon.

Kenya's High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo (far right) addressing guests during the Jamhuri celebraitons in London


Kenya High Commissioner in the UK welcoming the Korea's Ambassador (far left) at the celebrations and on right welcoming Rwanda's Ambassador


Education Attache at the Kenya High Commissioner Mrs. Margaret Lesuda posing with Mrs. Nelly Amayo wife of the

Kenya High Commissioner and on right High Commissioner welcoming a diplomat for the celebrations. More later.




President Uhuru Kenyatta's full Jamhuri Day speech - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Brexit may take longer than two years to finalise, Hammond warns

Philip Hammond says a longer transitional period may be needed after Brexit is finalised

The Chancellor suggests a transitional arrangement may be needed to prevent a sudden "cliff edge" change in trade across Europe. Philip Hammond says the UK's future relationship with the EU may not be fully determined by the deadline for Brexit. The Chancellor told MPs there is an "emerging view" among businesses, regulators and some politicians that the two-year timeframe after Article 50 is triggered may not be long enough to reach a "clear and firm end state". Giving evidence at the Treasury Select Committee, he suggested a transitional deal may be required to prevent a sudden "cliff edge" change in trade arrangements which could cause financial instability both in the UK and across the continent. "Having a longer period to manage the adjustment between where we are now as full members of the European Union and where we get to in the future as a result of the negotiations that we will be conducting would be generally helpful, would tend towards a smoother transition and would run less risks of disruption," Mr Hammond said.  Article 50 is the formal process for leaving the EU, and Theresa May has promised to invoke it by the end of March 2017 - sparking a strict two-year countdown for the UK to negotiate a settlement with the trading bloc. The business sector and the City in particular have expressed concern about what would happen if this deadline was missed, especially if the UK also quits the single market. Mr Hammond's remarks follow a leaked memo that suggested Brexit Secretary David Davis was "not really interested" in a transitional deal. A spokesman for the Department for Exiting the EU insisted the document did not "properly reflect" his views or Government policy, and added that Mr Davis was "looking at all options" to deliver a smooth and orderly departure from the European Union.


Hyena Trying to Steal Prey From Leopard - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


The Wiper governing council will today endorse its leader Kalonzo Musyoka as its presidential candidate as he seeks to run against other Cord presidential hopefuls to fly the coalition’s flag at next year’s election.

Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama yesterday told the Star the endorsement will place Kalonzo

in a better position to be the Cord candidate.



Tiger Chasing Monkey on the Tree - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Road bumps with no signage blamed for deadly night accident in Naivasha

Newly-erected bumps along the Nairobi-Naivasha highway could be partially to blame for the accident that claimed 39 lives in Karai on Saturday night. Transport Principal Secretary Irungu Nyakera admitted there was no proper warning signage about the bumps or rumble strips at the scene of the tragedy. There are two bumps on the section of the road where the accident happened. "There have been complaints about the bumps and they are part of the reason why we are investigating if they caused the tragedy. We will improve on the signage at the scene and many others," said Mr Nyakera. He said the bumps were raised in February 2016 after some locals demanded them. He said authorities would review bumps erected on major roads to ensure that there was proper signage as well as rumble strips to warn motorists. He made the remarks in the company of Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery and his PS Karanja Kibicho, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and his deputy Joel Kitili, and Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Abass Gullet. There have been complaints that agencies at the Ministry of Transport have been erecting bumps without rumble strips and proper signage as per requirements. In this particular incident, witnesses said the driver of the truck (a Mitsubishi Canter Reg No UAK 519C) carrying flammable materials hit a hump, lost control and hit the vehicles moving in the opposite direction before bursting into flames. "The vehicle was not among those banned from using the road because it was not a trailer. It was a Canter with flammable materials," said Nyakera. Trailers are banned from using the Nairobi-Naivasha highway. They are required to use the Mai Mahiu route instead. Nyakera added authorities were looking to establish whether the transporter had adhered to all road requirements. Lawyer Wahome Thuku was among those who complained about the bumps. - The Standard



Monday Night News: Chaos erupts after Governor Peter Munya's supporters clash with Senator Murungi's - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





More to Follow







A Kenyan lady has passed away in Bristol, UK. The late Moureen Omondi, 37 passed away at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK on Saturday 10th December, 2016. For more information contact Charles on 07778071211 or Mr. Owino on 07947562565. More later.




Here are the live stream links for today's stream:


Youtube -


Facebook -




A Kenyan in London has lost 3 of his family in the Naivasha Accident

We need to pull together and help this man who is really in a fix

Sad News for Mr. Kimani Daniel (far right with Mr. Seed and Simon during Kenya in the Park this year) who has lost 3 members of his family in the road accident which happened in Naivasha on Saturday 10th December, 2016. The wife and one daughter are in hospital. Those who perised at the accident where the family of five had gone for dowry ceremony include Mr. Kimani's younger brother who married last year and his two daughters 16 and 18 years. The wife and one daughter survived and they are in hospital. Mr. Kimani is leaving for Kenya on Tuesday 13th December, 2016 and the community have decided to help and pray for him during this difficult time. Seen above from far right comforting him in his house in Mitcham, South London is Mr. Simon Muracia, Mr. Kimani, Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe and Father Stanley Njoka the Chaplin of Kings Hospital, London. We need to help this man who is really in a fix. Those wishing to help can do so in UK through Maureen Kabutu, Natwest Bank, Sort code; 60-14-55 and A/C 60744839. In Kenya through MPESA: Daniel Kimani : +254 701231349 or Maureen Kabutu : +254 722488684OR Bank A/c: Daniel Kimani, Equity Bank and Account: 018019066611. Mr. Kimani UK no. is 07878183228. In UK you can also contact Father Njoka 07531159262.



Mr. Kimani Daniel's contact in UK is 07878183228.



This morning, Daniel Kimani, a Kenyan living in the United Kingdom, would be blissfully catching up and bonding with his wife and three daughters in London. But that was not to be. Two of his daughters and his younger brother perished in the Naivasha tragedy, while the wife and one daughter sustained serious injuries. The road accident at Karai on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway involving more than 10 vehicles claimed nearly 40 lives. Kimani’s brother, David Kamau, was ferrying the four to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, where they were to board a UK-bound flight to visit their father. Speaking to People Daily on phone, an inconsolable Kimani, who resides in Mitcham, South West London, said he was communicating with the family until 6pm (London time) when he could no longer get hold of them. “I called my wife and a person by the name Ng’ang’a picked her phone asking me to identify myself. I did and my worst fears were confirmed,” he said. Ng’ang’a, he said, informed him that his wife and one daughter had been injured but the other two daughters and their driver (brother) did not survive.



All these pictures were taken on Saturday morning in Mr. Kimani's house before the family left for the ceremony

The late Eva Wambui Kimani

The Late Mary Ann Kimani

The Late David Muturi who was the driver and Kimani's younger brother married last year


“Why them? My daughters Mary Njoki, 14, and Eva Wambui, 17, a Form Three student at Kibutha Secondary in Murang’a perished together with my younger brother David Kamau,” he added. His wife, Violet Kimani and 24-year-old daughter, Juliet Wairimu, survived the grisly accident that threw the nation into mourning. “My wife was treated at Avenue Park Hospital and discharged but Wairimu is still admitted at the hospital,” said the father of three. Kimani, who works as a clinical officer in the UK where he has lived for 10 years, last saw his family during the April holidays when they visited him. He described his departed daughters as full of life, passionate and ambitious. “It is painful but God’s time is the best. They died a painful death but may God rest their souls in peace. I am happy that my wife and my daughter survived. I cannot question God and I send my condolences to the families and relatives of other victims,” he said. Kimani’s agony is reflected in other families who lost loved ones in the accident in which a lorry hit vehicles and burst into flames, burning 13 vehicles. Among the victims were 11 GSU officers from the elite VIP protection unit. -



Kimani's family lives in Membley, Ruiru and the family is originally from Kijabe

Mr. Kimani's wife Violet Kimani one of the survivors

of the accident now in hospital

Juliet Wairimu, Kimani's 1st born and a survivor of the accident now in hospital


President Uhuru Kenyatta's speech during 53rd Jamhuri Day celebrations

Fellow Kenyans,

My Brother President Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe of Togo, who has graciously joined us for our celebrations today,
Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan,

Distinguished Guests,
Let me begin by asking you all to stand, and to observe a moment of silence for those men, women and children who lost their lives in Naivasha.
Thank you. It is indeed appropriate to begin this day of commemoration with a word of encouragement and condolences to all those immediate family members and their relatives that are touched by this tragedy. I assure you we are all together with you at this trying moment.
Fellow Kenyans,
Fifty-three years ago today, for the very first time our flag flew over a free Nation called Kenya. We were finally free — free to rule ourselves; free to direct our destiny; and free to meet other nations as equals.
We are the children of the brave men and women who won our freedom, men like Mr Ali Mohammed, popularly known as Mzee Kabati, of the Isahakia community, who I met a few days ago.

That meeting reminded me of the unity our fathers believed in, and enjoyed, unity without which they would not have won the independence war.
We are heirs of these men and women, who forged many tribes into a single Nation; who vowed that brother would never again turn against brother; and who swore that Kenyans would be free and equal under law.
That agreement — our nationalist covenant, is the foundation of our nationhood, and the inspiration for our continued struggle against poverty, disease, and ignorance.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Our duty today is to honour the heroism of those who won our liberty, and to consider the journey we have travelled as a free people. We should ask ourselves this question: if, today, our fathers returned and asked what we have made of our inheritance, would we give them a satisfying answer?
Yes, we have. We have built on their legacy. Just look around you.

Our fathers went to war to ensure we are a society free of ignorance. Today, Kenya’s education system is ranked the best in Africa, and 30th in the World – and we are still improving. Today, nine in ten of our children have access to a place in a public primary school; recall that fifty years ago, only 35% of our sons and daughters had that opportunity.
And that is not all. In expanding the public primary school network, previous Administrations stayed true to the Vision of the founding fathers. My Administration has kept faith with that vision by connecting every primary school in the republic to electricity; in abolishing exam fees for our students; and in gradually increasing access to free secondary education.

And, as we promised, we are rolling out the digital learning project: eighty thousand teachers have been trained, and the digital content has been finalised.
By next year, every child from Standard 1 to Standard 3 will have access to the digital devices, bringing digital learning to every corner of this Republic. Our children will take their place alongside those from the richest nations, ready to compete with them.
Digital learning may be new, but our pursuit for this new modern way of learning is true to the principles for which our fathers fought. They knew that knowledge was the key to freedom and prosperity.
That is why they resisted the limiting colonial vision of education. And, indeed, that is why they fought for the right to build their own schools.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
When our fathers won our freedom, they knew that poverty was our arch enemy. And so they set out to end it; to make certain that every Kenyan could make a decent living.

They believed in a Kenya that rewarded hard work, productivity and innovation. But they also knew that we had to build a caring nation that protected its most vulnerable citizens.
It has been my overriding commitment to make my Administration’s contribution to this cause. That is why we established a cash-transfer programme — known as Inua Jamii — that now reaches more than 700,000 elderly and disabled Kenyans. Equally, the Presidential Bursary Scheme for orphans and vulnerable children has changed the lives of more than 49,000 such children.
Again, it was this Administration that set aside 30 percent of public procurement for women, youth and persons living with disabilities; and it is this Administration, which is enforcing that policy.
As we seek to empower our youth, I will not shy away from making reference to the NYS. Despite the challenges that our National Youth Service Programme has faced, it has delivered some very clear and tangible successes.

For instance, since 2013 the programme has employed over 91,334 cohorts spread over 21 constituencies across the country. The programme has expended Ksh 5.4 Bn of which Ksh 3.4 Bn has been paid out as direct wages to those recruited while the balance has gone towards savings. As part of the Cohort programme, we have given special emphasis to our young women, who through the Huduma Kitchen have received Ksh. 365 million shillings in financial support.

Further, through the support of my Government, these youth have so far organized themselves in to 300 SACCOS and with our support they have been able to mobilize Ksh 1.4 billion in savings. I would like to urge Kenyans to draw a clear distinction between the positive impact of the NYS Programme and the deplorable mismanagement of the past orchestrated by individuals who were determined to railroad its success. Please have comfort that all those involved in pilfering resources earmarked for our youth will be held to account.

Fellow Kenyans,
Our fathers had a special attachment to the land of this Nation. They knew that prosperity and freedom for their children depended on the land. That is why they fought for it, that is why they tended it with care, and that is why they charged us not to let even an inch of it be lost.
Today, we can be proud of our management of that inheritance — we can be proud of our support for farmers, our promotion of agriculture, and of the deepening of our agricultural development since independence.
Indeed, in just the three years since 2013, we have distributed more than half a million tons of subsidised fertiliser to our farmers, cutting prices, and improving productivity. Two more fertilizer-blending plants have been established with an annual capacity of 300,000 tons.

Of course, we remember that tea and coffee, sugar and other crops matter deeply to Kenyans. Many of us were educated by proceeds from farming. But let us be clear: we shall have to do far more to regain the productivity that our fathers attained. That restoration begins now.
My Administration is already applying a Ksh. 2.4 billion debt waiver for coffee farmers. Similar waivers have been extended to farmers of other crops, such as sugar. These waivers will be extended equitably.
Most our people make their living in agriculture. We must therefore refocus on returning to the levels of productivity our predecessors had achieved and going far beyond them. It is this that will raise incomes across the country, and this is a goal to which my Administration is fully committed.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Our Nation is proud of its young people. Their energy and innovation are this nation’s greatest gifts. We remember that the founding generation was made up of young men and women.
Indeed, their honesty, seriousness, courage, and patriotism should be standards to be emulated by our sons and daughters.
But in truth, that our young people have not reached the heights our founders attained is not their fault. Too often, we see leaders who exploit their energy and eagerness to reduce them to poverty, and to drive them to violence.

I must remind Kenya’s young people of the words of the Good Book: let no man despise your youth. Let no one make a fool of you. Let no one steal these years from you. Do not be led astray by politicians whose careers are built on division and manipulation.
For my part, my Administration has set out its vision for the youth of this Nation. Kenya belongs to its young people. You will determine our destiny. It is our responsibility to prepare you for that day, and to give you every opportunity to become the new heroes of this Nation.

The Kenya of the future is an industrialised country which does not just consume the products of other nations, but rather makes its own, and sells them to markets near and far. It is our young people who will be the driver of this transformation.
That is why our investments in education are so important. If we raise the productivity, skill and entrepreneurial ambition in our youth, we will have given them what they need to transform our Nation, and the continent.
Our forefathers did their part; it is up to us to do ours. And let me repeat this point. That is why we have ensured every public primary school in the Republic has electricity.

That is why we have worked so hard to reform our education system, and to preserve the integrity of public examinations.
That is why we have improved the quality of free primary education. Soon every child will have their own set of study materials. And it is why we have invested so much in the technical education that is an important foundation for industrialization.
The objective of all these efforts is to create a sufficient number of jobs for the young people we have educated.



Shocking Things That Only Exist In Dubai





Naivasha accident eye witness update.....facts

1. The vehicle that exploded was carrying material ama chemicals that are combustible (though haijulikani what materials exactly) and had been escorted by two cops, both perished with the driver. (not a tanker)

2. Two mats (though not sure which company coz zimechomeka kabisa) burnt with people inside.

3. Two vehicles za cops with unknown number of occupants burnt.

4. 14 personal vehicles and 2 pick up burnt with unknown occupants.

5. Total number of vehicles burnt is passenger bus involved......

6. All events occurred between two set of bumps located at Line (that's the name of the stage)

We pray for the departed souls to rest in peace, for God to give peace to their loved ones and for peace to the people who witnessed and rushed to help.......anyone who saw it all is traumatized.

To God be the Glory, kufika salama ni muujiza wa Mungu.....







Pastor Boniface Mbugua from London (far left) arrived in Kenya with his family on Saturday 10th December, 2016. He was

welcomed by a large number of family and friends including his cousin Mr. John Kabogo (centre) and Pastor Boni's mother






Dubai Billionaires and Their Luxury Homes and Toys - Documentary - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Nine GSU officers among victims of Naivasha tanker tragedy

Naivasha, Kenya: Thirty three people died and scores of others were seriously injured following a multiple road accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. The accident that left over ten vehicles on fire occurred at Laini center 10kms from Naivasha town and paralyzed traffic along the busy highway. A lorry carrying petroleum goods from Mombasa to Kampala in Uganda rammed into the vehicles before bursting into flames. Tens of motorists heading to Nairobi were caught up in the Saturday evening incident with majority of them burnt beyond recognition. Among those who were killed were nine GSU officers whose car was hit by the speeding lorry before it burst into flames. There was a moment of panic as security personnel moved in to contain the situation and recover all the guns that the GSU officers were carrying. For over three hours, the road was rendered impassable as fire fighters from Naivasha sub-county officers moved in to contain the fire. Mangled wrecks some on fire and with bodies trapped inside were spread along the highway as relatives and members of the public tried to come to terms with the incident. Emotions ran high as those affected including senior government offices moved to the scene with a view of assisting or helping those involved.


A witness James Kimani blamed the recently erected speed bumps for the accident noting that there were no signs to warn motorists. Kimani said that the lorry which was going downhill hit the bumps before losing control and ramming into the oncoming vehicles. "There was heavy traffic on the road at the time and the lorry on hitting the others vehicles burst into flames trapping the victims and burning them," he said. He added that the fire spread to the others vehicles which included a Nissan matatu and the police car killing over thirty and seriously injuring others. A relative only identified as Simon wept uncontrollably as he narrated how he lost his mother, wife and brother in the tragedy. "We were on our way to Nairobi from Subukia when a lorry hit us head on before bursting into flames and I was thrown out and watched as they were burnt to death," he said. Speaking at the scene, Nakuru county health chief officer Dr. Samuel Mwaura said that all the injured were referred to KNH for specialized treatment. Mwaura said that the Naivasha mortuary had recorded over thirty bodies adding that majority of them were burnt beyond recognition. "Despite the ongoing strike by the doctors we managed to raise enough personnel and attend to the injured before they were transferred to KNH," he said. A senior police officer said that the death toll could rise as some people were still trapped in the burning wrecks. The officer said that ten vehicles and scores of people had been completely burnt after the bizarre incident at the renowned black spot. - Sunday Standard.


President Uhuru in Bomet





A Kenyan Lady living in USA has opened an American Shop in Nairobi, Kenya. The only first kind of shop selling Exclusive American products in Kenya. Lucy Kinyanjui has opened a shop by the name Lukinya International Enterprise which is located on the ground floor of Greens House Mall on Ardams Arcade on Ngong Road. The shop was opened 2 years ago. The only shop of its kind selling Exclusive American products For those in the Diaspora its perfect one stop shop for Family wedding, specialized gifts any Diaspora wanting to give wedding, Anniversary Birthday or any special gifts we are Also doing cosmetics and consumable products. Lukinya International inc is a registered import Export company in USA that. can assist Individuals and companies wanting to export or import products from and to USA and Kenya and other African countries. Among products are Beddings , kitchen accessories, bath towels and accessories, furniture, consumables such as Olive oil, peanut butter, original Ketchup, barbeque sauce, and many more. For more information please visit ground flood of Greens House Mall at Adarms Arcade Or call Rose on 0726466397 or Lucy USA +1 206 293 2841. or Lucy Kinyanjui, CEO, Lukinya international inc. 22125 112 PL SE Kent wa 98031. Email: and website is - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


40 perish after tanker bursts into flames

The shell of a car that was damaged in an explosion in Karai, Naivasha, on December 10, 2016

The number of people who died on Saturday evening when a truck carrying inflammable substances rammed into several vehicles before bursting into flames near Karai on the Nairobi-Naivasha Highway has increased to 40, the Kenya Red Cross confirmed. Witnesses at the scene said the driver of the tanker lost control and hit the other vehicle which created chain of knocks. The accident on the busy highway, some 80 kilometres west of Nairobi created a horrible scene. NTSA boss Francis Meja confirmed that 12 vehicles have been burnt, adding that one is a PSV and the rest are private. The matatu was carrying 14 passengers, who have all perished. The actual death toll could be higher given the number of vehicles involved. The tanker, which was coming from Nairobi, was negotiating the hilly part of the road, before knocking a matatu and exploded into flames. The accident on the busy highway, some 80 kilometres west of Nairobi created a horrible scene. Earlier, a Kenya Red Cross official said rescuers had taken 30 bodies to Naivasha Sub-County Hospital Mortuary. The accident happened on the fifth day of a national strike by doctors and nurses, something that could worsen the conditions of the casualties. Karai is about five kilometres from Naivasha Sub-County Hospital, one of the facilities affected bythe industrial action. Doctors have claimed the government must fulfill the conditions in the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in 2013; to increase their pay, improve working conditions and hire more doctors to reduce workload.


On Saturday evening, nurses announced they had agreed on a return to work formula. But the final decision to call off the strike rests with the outcome of a planned meeting of the National Executive Council of the Kenya National Union of Nurses on Sunday. Among the burnt vehicles was a pick-up truck carrying administration police officers that was heading to Nairobi. Three of them are among the dead. Eight magazines of the guns they were carrying were recovered. Mr Edwin Wafula, a survivor who suffered burns on his hand, told the Nation he was travelling to Nairobi in the company of four other people when their car caught fire. “The fire caught cars on both sides of the road. The truck was coming from Nairobi, but those heading to the city were also burnt,” he said at the scene. Rescue workers from the Kenya Red Cross arrived at the scene moments later but they are having a hard time because there is a snarl-up. Mr Peter Njoroge said he had been trailing the truck in his car when it suddenly veered off its course to the lanes of oncoming vehicles. It exploded shortly afterwards. “I was a distance away and that enabled me to slow down and reverse,” he told the Nation. “It was a huge explosion and other motorists had little chance to react.” The highway, the main artery that links the city to western Kenya, and on to neighbouring countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. It is considered by the World Health Organization among the most dangerous roads to drive on. At least an accident happens every three days. - Sunday Nation



Bomet residents vow to send home Governor Rutto

Bomet residents have vowed to send home their Governor Isaac Rutto, saying he no longer represents their interests. The residents led by Chepalungu MP Paul Bii “Savimbi”, made the declaration at Chebunyo trading centre where President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the tarmacking of a crucial road that will be extended to serve the counties of Bomet, Narok and Transmara. The road – which runs from Daraja Sita through Chebole, Labotiet, Chebunyo, Emurua to Dikirr – is being upgraded to bitumen standards at a cost of Sh 2 billion. President Uhuru pointed out that the electorate want leaders who will uplift their lives by initiating development and not those who oppose it. The President emphasized Jubilee’s all-inclusive approach to development, saying the main target is to unite the country and accelerate progress but not to create rifts among leaders. “You voted and put us in office so that we will work and improve your lives but not to engage in issues that will hold us back and slow down implementation of development projects,” President Uhuru said. The Head of State said politics should not be allowed to block implementation of projects meant to benefit Kenyans. Deputy President William Ruto said the people of Bomet county are enlightened and will not gamble with their lives by voting for people who are not development-conscious in the next general elections. “What type of a leader are you if you can rush to court to block improvement of roads, installation of medicalequipment in hospitals and construction of a university,” the Deputy President said. By a show of hands, the residents assured the President and his deputy that they will walk with the Jubilee Party in 2017, the same way they did in 2013. The President and his deputy were accompanied by a host of leaders from Bomet County and beyond who included Senators Wilfred Lesan (Bomet), Aaron Cheruiyot (Kericho) and Kipchumba Murkomen (Elgeyo Marakwet), Deputy Governor Stephen Mutai (Bomet), Bomet Women Representative Cecilia Ngetich and Narok Governor Samuel Tunai among others. President Uhuru– who was on the last leg of his three-day tour of the North and South Rift which saw him visit Nandi, Uasin Gishu, Kericho and Bomet –to launch development projects – was later scheduled to address wananchi in Bomet town before launching medical equipment at Longisa County Hospital. On Friday, the President flagged off the tarmacking of the Tengecha – Koiwa – Kaptebeng’wet and Koiwa – Cheptalal – Sotik –Kaptebeng’wet – Chebangang – Kimulot – Changoi roads in Bomet county that will be upgraded at a cost of Sh 2.26 billion. In Kericho county, President Uhuru launched the construction of close to 200 kilometres of tarmacked roads on Friday.


The Tsavo lions: The Legendary man-eaters



Equity CEO Meeting in Dallas on Friday 9th Dec.

Equity Bank Group CEO Dr James Mwangi has organised a series of five events to be held in different states in the US targeting East Africans. The first session will kick off in Los Angeles on 8th December then proceed to Dallas on 9th December. On December 10, Dr Mwangi - who will be accompanied by top executives from Equity Bank Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda throughout the tour - will be in Atlanta. The team will head to Boston on 11th December with the final session taking place in the state ofNew Jersey on December 12. The informative conference will focus on ensuring that those in the diaspora are well equipped with critical knowledge on how to invest away from home and control how their money works for them from wherever they are.  Don't let this life-changing opportunity slip through your fingers! Get your booking  through or visit Equity Bank’s Facebook Page KeEquityBank to book your seat. Entry to all the dinner meetings is FREE.


Only a few can read this


Non-Opec countries agree to cut oil output

Eleven oil-producing countries, who are not members of the Opec oil cartel, have agreed to cut their output to boost prices. The group of states, which includes Russia, said on Saturday that they will cut supplies by 558,000 barrels per day. Opec announced last month that it would be slashing its own production to ease an oversaturated global market. It is the first time in 15 years that a global pact has been struck. "I am happy to announce that a historic agreement has been reached," said Qatar's Energy Minister, Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada, whose country holds Opec's rotating presidency. The agreement was made at a meeting at Opec's Vienna headquarters. Opec, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, has already committed to halting the supply of 1.2 million barrels a day, starting from January. Opec said then it was seeking for non-member states to also lower their output, and Russia had signalled it would co-operate. The moves come after more than two years of depressed oil prices, which have more than halved since 2014, due to a supply glut on the market. Among the non-Opec countries attending the meeting were Azerbaijan, Oman, Mexico, Malaysia, Sudan, South Sudan and Bahrain. Opec will also have its next meeting on 25 May 2017 to monitor the progress of the deal.

11 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Islamic State fighters 're-enter ancient Palmyra' in Syria



Equity Diaspora Tour of USA Livestream Link

 - Starting 6.00 p.m. in Atlanta, USA



A Kenyan lawyer has passed away in a London Hospital. More later


Mary Heri Njonjo of Heri Homes is in Edinburgh, Scotland today Saturday 10th December 2016

with a hundreds of properties to sell to Kenyans in Scotland. She will be at the Jamhuri Day

in Edinburgh today and Tomorrow. See below:




The lady with a record property sales in UK is back in UK for a week. Mrs. Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes Nairobi arrived in UK on Wednesday 7th December, 2016 two months after leaving UK. There is a Kikuyu proverb which says that if a Hyena eat a fat meat somewhere, it never stop coming back to the place. Mary has a record of selling over 60 properties in UK in the month of October, 2016. Mary Njonjo (above) arrived with all the Sales Agreements for those who bought their property. Heri Homes have affordable prices for everyone and if you cannot afford the deposit you can join their Sacco which will help you to raise the deposits. With prices ranging from as low as KShs. 1.6 million you can secure your own property in Kenya through Heri Homes. The Sales Agreements comprises several copies of which all must be signed by your lawyer after which you retain your copies and other copies are returned to Heri Homes. The Sales Agreement is used to generate Sub-Titles of the houses. The old stories of other people signing documents for you is now over. They have lower, middle and upper market properties. Mary will be in Swindon on Thursday 8th December before going Scotland. Mary will be doing a presentation in Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday 11th December, 2016 at Holiday Inn, Edinburgh, 107 Queensferry Road, EH$ 3HL as from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. She will be attending Jamhuri Celebration in London on Monday 12th December, and then she will conclude her UK tour on Tuesday 13th December at Thatched House London before leaving for Kenya on Wednesday 14th December, 2016. If you cannot be able to raise money for the deposit, you can join their Sacco and they will help you to acquire their upcoming projects in future. You can make an appointment to see Mary through her WhatsApp +254 737265816, her UK no. 07424581241 or Mr. Seed on 07951220695.


Gambia's leader of some 22 years Yahya Jammeh announced late Friday he would no longer accept

defeat in recent elections, plunging the West African country into turmoil with a demand for fresh polls.







Join other Kenyans in the UK in waving our Kenyan flag and commemorating this special occasion that we inherited from our forefathers, This is a well organised evening for MATURE PEOPLE, good music (Nairobi Style) and Kenyan flag. LONDON - SAT 10th Dec 2016 - FREE ENTRY - (free entry guaranteed until midnight) Address 1, Poppin Business Centre, South Way, Wembley HA9 0HB

 Its a night of: 

MATURE people - Good music - Kenyan flag - Closing time 5am. Book your table now to avoid disappointment. Table booking for the London event, please call Jackie Cox of Northampton on 07421489690 or for other enquiries you can call Otach on his landline 02032900254 or mobile number.


Free entry is guaranteed until midnight.

Address: 1, Poppin Business Centre, South Way, Wembley HA9 0HB.



The event where Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes is attending and will be available to

meet interested persons one on one.look out for Heri Homes.





LEEDS FRI 9th Dec 2016 
Leeds on Fri 9th Dec 2016 at the Safari Afrique club, address 32-34 ASSEMBERLY STREET LEEDS LS2 7DE 

For more information about the LEEDS event please call 07876490395, Mike 07982962052 or call Otach on 02032900254
Other cities smile, the best entertainers Kenyans in the UK are on the way, but for now lets meet in

Leeds on Fri 9th Dec at the Safari Afrique and on Sat 10th Dec in Wembley, London.

====== Tushangilie Kenya na Ikibamba sana wapi nduru weeeee ========



A British journalist working for The Times of London newspaper was detained at JKIA

Jerome Starkey, an Africa correspondent for 'The Times' of London, has been locked up at Jomo Kenyatta

International Airport for over 15 hours.  On right The room in which Jerome is being held at JKIA, Nairobi.

A British journalist working for The Times of London newspaper was detained by Kenyan security at Nairobi airport on Friday and was held without explanation or charge. Jerome Starkey, 35, was locked in a cell overnight after arriving in Kenya from the UK late on Thursday. "Just been arrested at the airport on orders of security services," Starkey tweeted early on Friday morning, posting a photograph of an untidy room with metal bunk beds inside the airport terminal. Officers told Starkey a "security block" had been placed on his passport but were unable to provide any further information. An award-winning journalist, Starkey has lived in Kenya since 2012 when he was appointed Africa correspondent for The Times after years working in Afghanistan. Starkey has reported extensively on terrorism, security, miscarriages of justice, conservation and drugs trafficking while based in East Africa. He had been questioned by immigration, detectives and anti-terrorism police but after more than 15 hours in custody had still not been charged by Friday afternoon. A spokesman for the British High Commission in Nairobi said: "We are in contact with local authorities and are providing assistance to a British man following his detention in Nairobi." Starkey on Friday said immigration officials at the airport had denied him access to a lawyer. "A lawyer who came to see me was just denied access to the airport by officials who said  immigration hadn't detained anyone #WhyIloveKenya," he posted on his Twitter page. The journalist also took issue with Anti-Terrorism Police Unit officer's move to take his photos. "Still in custody at JKIA. Just been papped by an officer from the (British trained) anti-terror unit ATPU. Impeccably polite," he said. - Daily Nation.


 ABC Bank in partnership with others will treat diaspora Kenyans visiting home for Christmas to Nyama Choma and drinks at Uptown Grill on Thursday, December 15th starting from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Please RSVP by clicking on the link below. Hurry before the tickets are gone! - CLICK HERE TO BOOK


Diaspora Choma Party

ABC Bank in partnership with Center for Diaspora Affairs, Blue Inventure, and Highstreet Property wish to invite Diasporans visiting home for Christmas to an evening of tantalizing Mbuzi choma and drinks. The event to be held on Thursday December 15th at  Uptown Grill along Kilimani Road, Nairobi. Please RSVP by clicking the following -



Former KDF officer brutally murdered in Gilgil

NAKURU: Fear has gripped residents of Gilgil after thugs raided the home of a former KDF officer and hacked him to death in unclear circumstances. Using machetes, the thugs attacked the officer in his home near Wellspring schools and later dragged the body in a nearby road where they left it. The deceased in his late 30s was living alone at the time of the incident and the motive behind the beastly attacked was not known as police moved in to investigate the murder. According to a witness Joel Kimani, the body which had deep cuts in various parts of the body was found by members of the public. "The officer who has been living in this house for some years kept to himself and the heinous murder has left us in fear," said the witness. A senior police officer who declined to be named confirmed the incident adding that investigations had started though no arrest had been made. - The Standard




Homeless Kenyan in Austria Acquitted of Murder After Pleading Insanity

The 21-year-old Kenyan, who had killed a Viennese woman with an iron rod, had acted in court against his mental illness and was not interrogative. The 21-year-old, who had slaughtered a 54-year-old woman on the fountain market on the way to her work with an eleven-and-a-half kilogram iron rod on May 4, 2016, was sentenced to mental retardation after a short trial Lawbreaker. The jury’s decision was unanimous. Judge Ulrich Nachtlberger referred to the jury’s verdict, based on the opinion of the psychiatric expert Karl Dantendorfer. The paranoid schizophrenic man needs a permanent close-knit care, said Nachtlberger. The decision is not final, defender Richard Soyer asked for consideration.

Offender acted “unrestrained”
“The case is dramatic, but it is relatively easy for a medical doctor,” said psychiatrist Karl Dantendorfer in his discussion of his report. The 21-year-old had been suffering from a severe paranoid schizophrenia, which was never treated, for at least three to four years, and under the influence of this disease he struck with the iron rod. “The absolute inhibition in the execution of the offense suggests that every braking ability was eliminated. A healthy person could not commit such an act,” said Dantendorfer. He had “never seen such a deformed corpse.”


“Skull was completely smashed”
According to Nikolaus Klupp, the victim, the victim was beaten at least eight times by a telescopic metal rod: “The skull was completely smashed, the bones were spread over an area of six meters Professional experience of brutality. ” The face of the woman, who might not have died immediately after the first blows, was “no longer recognizable”, the skull and brain “no longer present”, according to Klopp. The suspected perpetrator was searched four times by the psychiatrists, who had been convicted by the judiciary. The 21-year-old was “seriously ill”, Dantendorfer now told the jury, “This disease picture is not playable, so that I can play a four-time experience after 30 years of professional experience.” The 21-year-old suffered from delusions, optical and presumably also acoustic hallucinations, and despite several months’ treatment and administration of the best and most expensive drugs available, his condition “has only been minimally improved and is still in an acute psychotic state.”

Act “out of a madness”
As to the dangerousness of the man, Dantendorfer remarked, “He is just as dangerous now as at the time of the crime and would undoubtedly repeat such serious crimes.” The act itself was “not planned in the long term” according to the expert, but happened “spontaneously, out of a madness”. The expert could not estimate whether the native Kenyan can be treated at all so far that his condition will eventually improve in a sustainable way. “The longer someone has been treated with this disease, the more difficult it becomes.” The relatives of the woman who had died, who had joined the procedure as a private participant, were legally represented by Alfred Boran and Mathias Burger.”The wish of the victims is that he will never be free again,” Boran pointed out with a glance at the 21-year-old. The widower appeared in the judgment court in the Great Court of Justice and took his place alongside his legal representatives in order to be able to personally experience the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

Accused of disease
The accused was questioned only very briefly on Monday morning in the criminal court. He was marked by his mental illness and was not interrogative. His interrogation was interrupted after two minutes. According to a psychiatric expert, the native Kenyan was incapacitated by paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the crime and was therefore not responsible. That’s why he was not charged with murder. Because the expert Karl Dantendorfer still regards the man as highly dangerous because of his illness, the public prosecutor asked the 21-year-old to be admitted to an institution for mentally abnormal lawyers.

“I think there was a woman”
“I can not remember, I think there was a woman, I think I struck a woman with metal,” the 21-year-old said to the processual process, his gaze blank. “Do you know why?” Judge Nachtlberger wanted to know. The man said no. “He was not in a position to deliver an opinion immediately after the deed,” Defender Soyer recalled. From his conversations with his clients he had the impression “that I can not reach him”. Soyer regretted that the man’s severe paranoid schizophrenia in advance not recognized by the authorities had been, although the 21-year-old was known to the court long ago: “If this had been previously recognized, it would have dealt with earlier, which could have been prevented.”

Eyewitness not meaningful
Maria E. was killed on May 4 at 2.15 am with a working colleague at the Brunnenmarkt, to perform cleaning work in the morning at a betting office. While the Kenyans went on the 54-year-old managing director of a cleaning company with an iron bar, her co-worker managed to escape. She could hide behind a parked car. The eye-witness could not follow her. She has been suffering panic attacks and a posttraumatic stress disorder since the violent crime, which she had to take part in.As she had stated in her police interrogation, the two Africans had noticed the Africans, because he danced with a long and heavy iron rod on the street. “Once again this idiot,” Maria E. is said to have said according to the witness – the 54-year-old knew the homeless 21-year-old already already. In order to avoid any difficulties with the behavioral man, the women exchanged the street, when, a few meters later, the man emerged unexpectedly between two market stands and attacked Maria E. walking a few steps in front of her colleague.

Perpetrators at the Brunnenmarkt “a well-known man”

A 36-year-old teacher, who was living right next to the Brunnenmarkt and whose bedroom window was directly above the crime scene, was awake by the blows.”After the fourth pumper I thought I’d look,” the man recalled. He had “recognized on the second look that an act of violence took place” and opened the window and called down: “The man looked up briefly, then he turned around and went on.” He immediately recognized the perpetrator as “the Francis,” who was a well-known figure on the fountain market, the teacher said: “He was a known man for all the people who live there.” The man was “noticed”, that “a creepy atmosphere” had left him. “Did you notice that he is not quite normal?” Richter Nachtlberger wanted to know. “Yes,” replied the witness, “he has acted as if in a parallel universe.” –



Recruiting  Nurses and Care Staff

Agency work available

01582 343 823


We are currently recruiting Nurses, Care Workers, and Cooks, kitchen assistants, Cleaners, Administration Assistants, Receptionists and social workers.

We provide agency staff to several local authorities, Private Nursing homes and Care homes. At the moment we are recruiting staff to work in the following areas: Central Bedfordshire, St. Albans, Decorum Borough Council (Hamel Hempstead and surrounding areas), Hertfordshire, Stevenage, Watford, Hertsmere Borough council (Elstree, Radlet, Potters Bar and Bushey) and Luton.

If you are interested and have care work experience please call Tel: 01582 343 823 or Mobile Telephone: 07487755288 to speak to one of our Recruitment consultants.
We offer excellent working environment and competitive rates.













Wiper kicks out Mutua, four MPs for supporting rival parties

A disciplinary committee set up by the Wiper Democratic Movement on Thursday threw out Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and six MPs for supporting other political parties. The committee decided that Dr Mutua, Regina Ndambuki (Kilome), Joe Mutambu (Mwingi Central), Robert Mutemi (nominated), John Munuve (Mwingi North), Kisoi Munyao (Mbooni) and Richard Makenga (Kaiti) should be kicked out. It let nominated MP Robert Mutemi off the hook for lack of evidence. The committee, chaired by Lillian Omondi, resolved that the seven leaders had publicly sided with parties that Wiper had no association with and should be considered to have resigned from the party that took them to Parliament. Dr Mutua was found culpable of supporting Maendeleo Chap Chap, a party he launched in September, and the committee charged that he should be considered to have resigned from Wiper, which is led by Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka. “The DC (Disciplinary Committee) finds that his conduct expressly and constructively amounts to publicly advocating for the formation of another political party and promoting the interests, ideologies and policies of Maendeleo Chap Chap which is not a member of the Cord,” the committee said. “The Disciplinary Committee recommends that the member be deemed to have resigned from WDMK in terms of section 14(5) of the Political Parties Act,” they ruled. - Daily Nation.



Heavy Equipment Trucks Driving Skills - Off Road Extreme Trucker Driver Accident - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO









Dennis Njiiri arrived in USA from Brazil two weeks ago where he will be spending time in different states before heading to Canada. He was in Florida last week and this weekend he is in Las Vegas in Nevada. He had a bus ride for the city yesterday. Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, is a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centered around 24-hour casinos and other entertainment options. Its main street and focal point is the Strip, just over 4 miles long. This boulevard is home to themed hotels with elaborate displays such as fountains synchronized to music as well as replicas of an Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal, and the Eiffel Tower. Today he is going to visit Grand Canyon with a helicopter ride. Baby Seed as he is well known left UK for Kenya at the beginning of October for Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, South America, US (five states) and ending his tour in Canada coming back to UK in February 2017. The Seeds family and friends wish him a safe journey. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT LAS VEGAS



Crazy Chimp And Grizzly Bear Get Shocked by Electric - DANGERS - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Cheaper power in Kenya as wind energy project nears completion

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project: The largest wind farm project in Africa


NAIROBI, KENYA: Kenya’s quest for cheaper power is beckoning with Sh70 billion Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) project expected in the second quarter of 2016. Speaking during the Power in East Africa Summit, Phylip Leferink, and General Manager of the project said he is happy with the progress in the transportation of turbines to the site from the port of Mombasa and by between May and June the firm will be ready to add more power to the national grid. He said once the transmission lines are ready, the project may kick off a month earlier in April. “We have installed over 200 turbines in the last six months, out of the wind 365 turbines needed on completion,” he said. "The 310 MW turbines, which are attached to 52 meter rotors are hoisted on towers stretching up to 44 meters high across the arid Sarima Village, in Marsabit County. Once completed, the project will be the largest wind farm in Africa," said Mr Leferink. The wind farm aims to provide reliable, low cost wind power to Kenya's national grid, equivalent to approximately 18 per cent of the country's current installed electricity generating capacity. The firm said the turbines are already being tested for power generation. The wind farm is expected to be completed by June 2017, with a turbine being installed daily. "By managing to hoist these turbines within the stipulated time, the team has not only achieved a technological feat, but also navigated through a logistical challenge of getting all the turbines here in Loiyangalani, which is 1200 KM from the port of Mombasa," he said. But delays on completion of transmission lines connecting Lake Turkana Wind Power project to the national grid are expected to complicate the firm's plan in supplying electricity to the grid.  The transmission line was expected to be completed in October, but the state run Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) is behind schedule, after it was hit by compensation feud with the communities along the line.  Taxpayers will pay Sh700 million fine monthly through their power bills should the government fail to construct a power line by January.

But the wind company says it is still on course. The assembly of the turbines began in March 2016 after the civil works on the foundations of the first batch of turbines had been completed. The various parts, including the blades were transported by road to the site from the port of Mombasa. The turbine technology is of Danish origin but the production of the turbines, blades and towers was done in the Vestas manufacturing facilities in China. "We are impressed with the progress that we have made so far; we are working with our project partners to ensure that we complete this wind farm within the stipulated time. This will ensure that we will soon be able to play a key role in Kenya's energy supply and make a significant contribution towards the country's economic growth," Leferink explained. The firm targets to inject the first 90 MW of wind power into the national grid by the second quarter of 2017. When operating at full capacity, Lake Turkana Wind Power will add 310 MW of renewable generation capacity to Kenya's grid. This output from the wind farm will be enough to power more than 1 million Kenyan households. The Marsabit-based wind firm has a 20-year deal to sell electricity at Sh8.6 per kilowatt/hour (kWh) to Kenya Power. The farm sits on 40,000 acres of land in an area that receives steady winds throughout the year. The power will be evacuated and transmitted to the national grid through a double circuit 400kV, 438km transmission line that is currently being constructed by Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (Ketraco). Kenya, which relies heavily on renewables such as geothermal and hydro-power, aims to expand installed capacity to about 6,700 MW by 2017, up from 1,700 MW in 2013. - The Standard.






It is with deep sorrow, and acceptance of God’s will that we announce the promotion to glory of Mr. Peter Kimani Mungai on December 3rd 2016 at Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. Son of the late George Mungai and Hannah Wanjiku. Husband to Virginia Kimani (Tacoma Park). Father to Dishon (Dickie) Kimani (Baltimore), Shiko Kimani Khwale (Texas) and Winnie Kimani (Dubai). Father in-law to Martin Khwale Nandwa(Texas). Brother to Lucy Gicheru (Kenya) and brother-in- law to Fredrick Gicheru (Kenya). Grandfather to Sammy Kimani, Imani Khwale, and Shakima Mutegi. Uncle to many. Family and friends will be meeting at 3 Morning Star Court Baltimore, MD 21206 on Wednesday December 7th @ 6pm, Friday December 9th @ 6pm, Tuesday December 13th @ 6pm, Thursday December 15th @ 6pm. A Memorial service will be held on Sunday December 11th 2016 at 4pm at 9600 Pulaski Park Drive Suite 115 Middle River, MD 21220. For financial contributions: Ca$h Up No. 443 226 2756. Checks payable to Dishon Kimani PayPal email is Public viewing: Vaughn C. Greene Funeral Home 4905 York Road Baltimore, MD 21212. Date: Friday December 16th 2016. Time: 4 pm to 8pm. Funeral Service: Vaughn C Greene Funeral Home 4905 York Road Baltimore, MD 21212. Date: Saturday December 17TH 2016 Wake keeping: 10:00am – 10:30am. Service: 10:30am – 12 noon. Burial: Gardens of Faith Memorial Gardens 5598 Trumps Mill Rd, Baltimore, Md 21206 Time: 1pm. For more information, contact:, Dishon Kimani 240-374-3508, Shiko Kimani Khwale 917 547 2843 or Giteri Ng’anga 202-468-5131. -




ABC Bank zooms in on Dubai customers

ABC Bank is planning a week long marketing blitz to the world’s luxury capital-Dubai, in an effort to strengthen ties with its Diaspora customer base as well as create new relationships. The trip, from 11th to 17th December, will see the bank’s Diaspora banking team hold meetings with different groups of Kenyans living and working there.

The meetings will be at Transguard accommodations, Palm Beach Hotel in Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel, and Arkan Securities

The trip is part of ABC Bank’s strategy on Diaspora engagement and partnership-building to harness the emerging opportunities both in the Middle East and in Kenya that the Diaspora Community can take advantage of.

ABC Bank recognizes the crucial role Kenyans in Diaspora play in building the economy of the motherland Kenya, and is keen on partnering with them to conveniently midwife that process. For instance, Kenyans working abroad increased the money they sent back to the country by 6.3 per cent in June to hit a record Sh15.6 billion, according to the latest data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

ABC Bank prides itself in providing distinguished financial service to Kenyans in the Diaspora, focusing not on remittances only, but on investments as well. Some of the investment products the bank offers to Diaspora clients (groups and individuals) include construction and project financing, mortgages/home loans, land purchase financing and asset financing among many others. The bank also offers professional investment advice to customers to enable them make informed investment decisions and enlighten them on the best investment opportunities available in Kenya.

Additionally, ABC Bank has a wide range of international money transfer services that customers can use to conveniently and securely send funds to their loved ones back in Kenya. Our award-winning Internet Banking service and user-friendly iOS and Android App which offer customers a borderless, seamless and convenient banking experience; secure local and international account-to-account transfers, mobile transfers and much more. It literally makes you your own bank teller, using PC, mobile or tablet.




Man Kush Churchill show; Parents Beware what

you say and wear before your children



Bitter pill as William Kabogo loses case against Ferdinand Waititu

Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu. (Photo: Jenipher Wachie) Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has lost his bid to block Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu from challenging him in next year's elections. High Court Judge Joseph Onguto dismissed Mr Kabogo's application questioning Mr Waititu's integrity and academic qualifications, setting the stage for a titanic battle between the two for the Kiambu gubernatorial seat in 2017. "The court lacks jurisdiction to hear and determine the allegations raised by the petitioner. There are other constitutional institutions tasked with determining the integrity and academic credentials of political aspirants," Justice Onguto ruled. On Waititu's integrity, the judge said Kabogo should have filed his complaint at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission instead of approaching the High Court. Onguto said it is only the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission that is mandated to determine the academic qualifications of a person vying for any elective position and that the petition lacked merit warranting court action. "Having found that the court has no jurisdiction to determine the questions raised, I also decline to forward the file to the Chief Justice to constitute a bench as requested by the petitioner," Onguto said. As a punishment for Kabogo for suing the Kabete lawmaker over academic credentials, Onguto ordered that he pays the MP the cost of spending time in court defending himself. - The Standard


Top 10 Funniest Comedians, Kenya, 2016 - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Kanjo Kingdom

Kanjo Kingdom (Part 1)

Kanjo Kingdom (Part 2)

Kanjo Kingdom (Part 3)

Kanjo Kingdom (Part 4)



Shaken and stirred: all 150 Aston Martin AM-RB 001 hypercars

sold - but customers won't be able to drive one until 2019!

It’s news that would even get James Bond a little shaken, if not stirred. British carmaker Aston Martin has revealed the limited production run of all 150 AM-RB 001 hypercars have been sold – even though they will not be ready for delivery until early 2019.

The car – expected to cost about £2 million – was first unveiled in July and sparked huge excitement in the automotive world. The vehicle – a joint venture between Aston Martin and F1 team Red Bull – will be made at the Buckinghamshire HQ of Aston in Gaydon.



Apple has blamed "external factors" for a handful of iPhone battery "fires" in China. Eight users have complained to Shanghai's consumer watchdog that their iPhone 6 series handsets spontaneously combusted or exploded. The US

tech giant said it had conducted tests on the devices and had found "no cause for concern with these products".

MPs back government's Brexit timetable


MPs have voted to back the government's plan to start formal talks on Brexit by the end of March next year. They also supported a Labour motion calling for Parliament to "properly scrutinise" the government in its proposals for leaving the EU. The votes followed a compromise between Labour and the Conservatives, who had argued over the questions to be put. The House of Commons' decisions are not binding on ministers. MPs backed Labour's motion, saying the government should publish a plan and it was "Parliament's responsibility to properly scrutinise the government" over Brexit, by 448 votes to 75 - a margin of 373. This followed another vote over the government's amendment to the motion, which added the proviso that its timetable for triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, getting formal talks with the EU under way, should be respected. MPs backed this by 461 votes to 89 - a margin of 372. After Labour proposed its motion, Prime Minister Theresa May had faced a rebellion by up to 40 Conservative MPs. So, on Tuesday she offered to support it, in return for the Labour leadership backing a compromise government amendment to support the Brexit timetable. During Wednesday's debate, Labour's shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said the government had refused "on every occasion" to give details of its plans, saying information about its negotiating stance was important because it "sets the scene" for Brexit. He said there must not be "a situation where the government seeks a vote in a vacuum, or produces a late, vague plan". But Brexit Secretary David Davis responded: "The simple fact is that the mandate (in June's referendum) was to leave the European Union - full stop. We need to keep that in mind when we are going through that process." He added: "This is a negotiation; it's not a policy statement. And, therefore, where you are aiming for may not be the exact place you end up." The government's amendment was opposed by 23 Labour MPs and one Conservative - former chancellor Ken Clarke. Five Liberal Democrat MPs, three Plaid Cymru MPs and 51 SNP MPs also voted against it. The government's Brexit timetable means the UK will leave the EU in 2019, with negotiations lasting up to two years. In June's referendum, UK voters backed leaving the EU by 51.9% to 48.1%.



Is Kalonzo Musyoka worried by a Mudavadi – Raila deal?

When he heard that they are in talks with the Amani National Congress leader, Musalia Mudavadi, to form an alliance by February next year. Wiper Leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, who is also a CORD co-principal has expressed reservations on a couple of issues including the proposed date to name the coalition’s presidential flag bearer. Kalonzo, while addressing a presser in Nairobi on Wednesday, December 7, said matters of the coalition are very delicate and should be handled with care and early enough. “These things are very delicate. We cannot stay up to May next year for Kenyans to know CORD’s flag bearer,” said Kalonzo. The entrance of Mudavadi into the CORD’s side complicates the equation for Kalonzo and Moses Wetangula of Ford Kenya. Kalonzo and Wetangula have consistently maintained that Odinga should shelf his presidential ambition and support either of them for the flag bearer’s position. The two argue that Odinga, having unsuccessfully tried his luck on the presidency more than thrice should now consider supporting them as they stand better chances to dislodge Jubilee administration from power. Two weeks ago, Ford Kenya endorsed Wetangula to run for president in the 2017 General Election. Wetangula’s endorsement was seen as another setback for the already divided coalition, as CORD is yet to settle on a presidential candidate, less than 10 months to the coalition. But what does the formation of the Super Alliance; the National Super Alliance (NASA) mean for Musyoka and Wetangula?

Three weeks ago, Dr Richard Bosire of the department of political science at the University of Nairobi, told Citizen Digital, that the formation of a new alliance might cause internal discomfort among the principals owing to their perception that Mudavadi has not been with them through the journey. “There is a perception in CORD that Mudavadi has been sitting on the fringe waiting to be anointed as CORD flag bearer. That might deepen the resolve by Kalonzo and Wetangula to show their disgust over not becoming flag bearers of CORD,” said Bosire. This has been evident with Kalonzo set to meet Odinga on Thursday, December 8 to discuss the way forward. In a past interview, Kalonzo said that he would not agree to rest his bid in favour of Mudavadi noting that he (Mudavadi) had not been there during the coalition’s most challenging times including the anti-IEBC protests. But can Wetangula drop his bid in favour of Mudavadi? Earlier in the year, Wetangula launched his presidential bid saying that his experience in different legislative and leadership positions has prepared him to lead the country. Since the formation of CORD, Wetangula has been seen as the coalition’s point man in part of Western Kenya, covering Bungoma and Trans Nzoia counties, with Raila enjoying a huge following in Kakamega, Busia and Vihiga counties. Wetangula’s chances of going it alone are slim as he is unlikely to win the 2017 presidential elections. According to analysts, he could, however, be a preferred coalition partner in case of a runoff if there is no clear winner in round one. Mudavadi is seen as a more influential figure in Western than Wetangula and the possibility of adding his votes to CORD’s basket appears enticing to Raila. The question is: What way CORD?





Do you know that February 2017 cannot come in your life time again with the following statistical characteristics?

This is because February 2017 shall have:
*4 Sundays;
*4 Mondays;
*4 Tuesdays;
*4 Wednesdays;
*4 Thursdays;
*4 Fridays; &
*4 Saturdays!

Researchers acclaim that this happens once every eight hundred and twenty-three (823) years!
Please don't hesitate to share this information its so amazing.



Predators - Wild Dogs HD - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





A staggering 75% of men over the age of 70 suffer with some form of prostate problems

A staggering 75% of men over the age of 70 suffer with some form of prostate problems, including prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate4. And 40% of men over age 50 are suffering from prostate problems. According to Cancer Research UK, incidence rates for prostate cancer are projected to rise by 12% in the UK between 2014 and 2035. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE



127 traffic police sacked after failing suitability test

by Johnston Kavuludi’s commission

NAIROBI: Kenya’s National Police Service Commission has sacked 127 traffic police officers after they failed a suitability test in a vetting exercise. Some 904 traffic officers were vetted in May 2016 in Coast, Western, Rift Valley and Nyanza regions before the commission arrived at the decision. Those affected are officers ranging from the rank of Chief Inspector to constable. “The commission has vetted 904 traffic officers and removed from the service 127 officers deployed to the traffic department,” said commission chairman Johnson Kavuludi. He said the officers were sacked for unexplained financial transactions, sending and receiving money from fellow officers in the traffic department, operating matatu business, receiving money from transporters and operators of breakdown services and professional misconduct. Of those sacked, 36 are from Coast, 23 from Western, 50 from Rift Valley and 18 from Nyanza region. The commission said 72 officers are pending investigations before their results are determined while 26 others were removed for opting not to be vetted. “The fact that 127 officers out of the 904 so far vetted have been removed is a clear demonstration of the endemic vice of corruption in the traffic department,” said Kavuludi. Deputy Inspector General of Kenya Police Joel Kitili, AP’s Samuel Arachi, DCI Ndegwa Muhoro and Commissioners Mary Owuor, Murshid Mohamed and Ronald Musengi were present. He said lessons learnt from the vetting exercise informed the recent move to decentralize and devolve traffic operations for easy supervision.


Six other officers who had appealed their earlier decision of vetting- William Metto, Joseph Ngatwa, Chacha Daniel, Masoud Mwinyi, William Ngugi and Festus Malinge- were reinstated after passing. Of this group that appealed, 12 failed the review while one opted to retire. So far, the commission said sufficient measures have been put in place to monitor those removed from the service to ensure they don’t engage in crime. Vetting on officers from Kajiado, Nairobi, Central, Eastern and North Eastern regions has started. The commission has so far promoted five senior Assistant Inspectors General of police, 34 Assistant Inspector General of police, 233 commissioners of police and 411 Senior Superintendent of Police. Out of 1,566 officers vetted in the last exercise, 1,501 passed and 80 failed. 33 were reconsidered after appeal. The commission said vetting exercise is ongoing and is mandatory and that they are reviewing other appeals that are pending. The applicable vetting standards include officers’ satisfaction of entry and training requirements, their professional conduct and discipline, integrity, financial probity and respect for human rights. Those removed had been accused of engaging in criminal activities, corruption, human trafficking, smuggling, submission of fake bank statements, unprofessional conduct and failure to provide documents or information required by the commission. Since the commencement of the vetting of police officers in December 2013, four cohorts of officers comprising more than 2,000 have so far been vetted. They include Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police (SDCP) I&II, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) and Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and Superintendent of Police (SP), as well as Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). The next group will be chief inspectors and inspectors who are taken to be engines of the service in terms of operations. - The Standard.


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Mum gives birth to her own GRANDSON in surrogate

baby joy after cancer left her daughter infertile



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Heri Homess are holding a Christmas Party for Diasporas visiting Kenya this coming December, 2016. The party takes place at Rasi Gardens in Hurlingham near Barclays Bank starting from 2.00 p.m.

Rev. Kinyanjui (far left) in the offices of the Heri Homes with the company CEO where he insisted to see the documents and on  the right is the daystar hostel construction site which started on 16 th of july this year.progress is quite on schedule.


Mr. David Kuria of Pinnacle Projects company in Nairobi came to the UK in 2006 to sell Kenya Ports Authority properties located in South C, Nairobi by the name Bandari Villas. The price was going for KShs. 6 million for a four bedroom  maisonette. Out of 140 units Kenyans in the UK managed to buy 18 units. Many people in UK commented that the units were expensive. Today the houses are going for KShs. 22 million. One Kenyan doctor living in Surrey bought 3 houses. Two months ago in the month of October 2016 a Kenyan lady by the name Mary Njonjo from Heri Homes in Nairobi arrived in London with offers on several upcoming properties in Nairobi. The properties were sold off plan where you give a deposit of 20 per cent and pay the balance after the construction is complete. The construction takes between one year to 18 months. Over 50 people committed themselves with these properties some of them going for KShs. 1.4 million for some Hostels at the Daystar University. Now 3 months down the line the same properties are going for KShs. 1.8 million and expected to fetch KShs. 3 million when the property is complete.There is something for everyone,in their kitisuru  projects,they have 3 bed with dsq strategically situated 250 metres from new kitisuru  nakumatt and 3 bedrooms without dsq.Phase one has been sold out and ground breaking for kitisuru phase two upcoming on january 21st,prices are quite low now,3 b/dsq is 8 million,3 bed 7m,ground breaking prices.One of the buyers, Rev. Peter Kinyanjui of Church of England took one property. Two weeks ago Rev. Kanyanjui visited Heri Homes in Kenya to see the progress of the project where he had committed himself.


Rev. Kinyanjui was taken round the project and was very impressed to see the progress of the project and to learn how much his property has appreciated within 3 months. He also visited Heri Homes offices in Hurlingham where he asked the manager to show him the documents of the property. Rev. Kinyanjui seen above with Heri Homes Manager with the documents. You can speak to Rev. Kinyanjui for more information on 07557223160. Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes will be arriving back in UK on Wednesday 7th December 2016 for a one week visit in Scotland where she will be attending Jamhuri Day Celebrations in Edinburgh, Scotland on Saturday 10th December, 2016. Mary will be in Swindon on Thursday 8th December before going Scotland. Mary will be doing a presentation in Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday 11th December, 2016 at Holiday Inn, Edinburgh, 107 Queensferry Road, EH$ 3HL as from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. She will be attending Jamhuri Celebration in London on Monday 12th December, and then she will conclude her UK tour on Tuesday 13th December at Thatched House London before leaving for Kenya on Wednesday 14th December, 2016. If you cannot be able to raise money for the deposit, you can join their Sacco and they will help you to acquire their upcoming projects in future. You can make an appointment to see Mary through her WhatsApp +254 737265816, her UK no. 07424581241 or Mr. Seed on 07951220695.




President Uhuru Kenyatta commissions tarmacking of Sh18bn road in Kitui

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday commissioned a key road that will accelerate economic growth of the lower eastern region and improve the lives of residents. The upgrading to bitumen standards of the 192-kilometre road, which runs from Kibwezi through Ikutha, Mutomo, Kitui town and Kabati to Migwani, will cost Sh18.4 billion. Speaking after the launch in Mutomo, Kitui County, President Kenyatta said upgrading the road fulfils one of the Jubilee government’s social and economic goals for the region. The President called the road "a major artery" that will open up the counties of Kitui, Makueni and Machakos for rapid development. “This road will bring down transport costs and attract investors leading to creation of employment for the youth in the region and beyond. For a long time the people of this region have wanted to see this road tarmacked. We are now fulfilling that dream,” he said. The Head of State urged the contractor to ensure locals, especially the youth, get jobs in the road project. The project consists of building and rehabilitating the existing road to an international trunk road standard. It is part of the Mombasa–Isiolo–Addis Ababa road transport corridor. President Kenyatta emphasised the Jubilee government’s all-inclusive approach to development and its determination to ensure no part of the country is marginalised. He urged leaders to put the interests of Kenyans first and shun divisive politics. “Kenyans want their lives to be improved and that cannot be achieved through divisive politics and discrimination,” he said. The President pointed out that his administration is focused on lifting the lives of Kenyans across the country, citing the connection to electricity where 5.3 million households countrywide have power compared with only 2.2 million that enjoyed the facility before the Jubilee government came to office in 2013. - Daily Nation.



Mary Njonjo is coming to Scotland for a week during the Jamhuri Celebrations on 10th Dec.

A team from Dubai seen above visiting Construction sites early this month

Heri Homes a property developer company based in Nairobi Kenya is holding a Christmas Party for Diasporas visiting Kenya this coming December, 2016. The party takes place at Rasi Gardens in Hurlingham near Barclays Bank starting from 2.00 p.m. The party is only for those from Diaspora. The party has been organised as Heri Homes recognised the support they have received from those in the Diaspora and especially those in the UK where their Marketing Manager Mrs. Mary Njonjo managed to sell over 50 properties in one month and over 60 people joined their Sacco. All those who bought their properties have already been issued with their Sales Agreements. After returning to Kenya at the end of last month, Diaspora clients visiting Kenya have been visiting their construction sites and are very happy about progress of their work in different sites. There several other off plan projects which has come up this month. Mrs. Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes Nairobi arrived in London on Friday 9th September, 2016. She arrived in the morning and by the close of the day she had sold 6 properties. The Sacco helps you to raise the deposit. Whether you are buying a property from them or not it is advisable to join their Sacco where the loan is 1 per cent per month. Mary came to the UK with a lot of goodies for those interested to invest in Kenya will be in UK for the next few months. Her company is offering one of the most unique concept ever introduced in the diaspora. Their properties which are around Nairobi and Mombasa South coast Diani area which ranges from KShs. 1.6 million to Kshs. 8 million. With as little as KShs. 300,000 deposit, you can now own a house in Nairobi balance payable slowly over construction period. If you don't have a deposit, you can join their housing society whereby you will save and borrow three times amount saved and can use this as deposit. HERI HOMES IS OFFERING A UNIQUE CONCEPT NONE LIKE WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN IN THE MARKET. IT'S THE MOST PRACTICAL SOLUTION TO OWNING A HOME EASILY USING THE EQUITY MODEL, WHICH MAKES THE PRICES AFFORDABLE WITH HIGH RETURNS ON INVESTMENT. Mary is coming to Scotland for one week as from 7th to 13th December 2017 where she will be visiting Jamhuru Day Celebrations in Edinburgh on Saturday 10th December, 2016. For more information please contact Mary (her WhastApp Kenya no. is +254737265816 - email:, Mr. Seed on 07951220695 to make an appointment during her short stay in UK.
- For more visit



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Pound's rise to continue

London, Tuesday 6th December, 2016. Sterling's rise is expected to continue according to analysts.  Today's increase against most major currencies has been linked to bets that the government will lose its case to begin the formal process for leaving the European Union without parliamentary approval.  While Brexit would still happen, investors believe that greater parliamentary involvement would reduce the chances of a "hard Brexit" in which tight controls on immigration are prioritised over European single market access. This outcome is expected to be better for the UK economy and therefore better for the pound. "There is a lot to be done before we have a final outcome. We would expect the pound to continue trading higher, at least heading into next week's Bank of England policy meeting," says  IronFX currency analyst Charalambos Pissouros. The pound is having a good day. It's currently up 0.2% against the US dollar at just under $1.28, marking a two-month high. Against the euro it's up 0.4% at €1.19. Analysts are crediting the gains to bets the British government will lose its legal battle to trigger the Brexit process without parliamentary approval. Of course, this doesn't mean Brexit won't happen, but it could make the process even more drawn out.




273 lawmakers looted Sh4 billion from CDF kitty in one year

At least 270 MPs stole or wasted billions of public funds disbursed to their constituencies in their first full year in office. A report by Auditor General Edward Ouko says MPs money squandered Sh3.85 billion under the Constituency Development Fund – the multibillion-shilling kitty that MPs get to implement community projects within their constituencies. The money is almost equivalent to the conditional grant that counties get to run referral hospitals every year. The 285 audit reports seen by The Standard on Sunday reveals the dubious money-swindling schemes that the MPs deployed in their first year in office soon after the National Treasury released Sh23 billion to the Fund. The reports indict 273 constituencies and cleared 12. The reports of five constituencies – Kikuyu, Konoin, Baringo Central, Magarini and Kibra — are not part of the cache that was made public. There are 290 constituencies in Kenya.


Irregular allowances
The audit shows that some MPs turned their CDF offices into employment bureaus to create jobs for their cronies; hired consultants at exorbitant rates to design strategic plans for their constituencies that were neither launched nor publicly distributed; drew irregular sitting allowances; irregularly paid millions to train dozens of bodaboda operators how to ride motorcycles; paid for teachers to attend seminars far away from their constituencies; and awarded multimillion contracts irregularly. In one instance, a local chemist landed a lucrative contract to pave roads. The audit reports have been made public a year to the next general election at a time when MPs are scheming on how to raise campaign money and when they are in a race to complete projects and fulfill campaign pledges. The release also comes at a time when the future of CDF is in the hands of the Court of Appeal judges who will on February 2017 determine whether the fund will be scrapped and the money disbursed directly to counties, or if MPs will continue to run the lucrative kitty. The chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee on CDF, Moses Lessonet, (Eldama Ravine) saw his CDF team, in which he sits as an ex-officio member, stuck with Sh3 million in “unpresented cheques”; Sh13.7 million in bursary disbursements that “could not be confirmed” and failure to submit expenditure records for projects amounting to Sh15 million. The cloud of misappropriation involving CDF is so huge that State agencies are scrambling to expose lawmakers. In Budalang’i, for example, the Auditor General found no documents, and when he asked, he was told that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) had carted them away for an active investigation on the use of funds. The EACC is also still investigating Gideon Mung’aro’s Kilifi NorthConstituency.


Majority Leader Aden Duale (Garissa Township) and his Minority counterpart Francis Nyenze (Kitui West) were not spared. Duale’s CDF team overshot their spending budget by Sh6 million; awarded Sh2.9 worth of contracts in an “irregular” manner and failed to account for Sh9.1 million awarded for bursaries. “Although payment records reflected the funds were disbursed, there were no official receipts and acknowledgement letters from the beneficiary institutions to confirm that the funds were received,” says the report. For Nyenze, the query was on why Sh200,000 was diverted from the plan to put up a Sh700,000 administration block at Matinyani Police Station. Instead, Sh100,000 used to buy land, and another Sh100,000 to build a toilet. The auditor’s problem was that the diversion was done without the approval of the board as required by the law. Most of the constituencies failed to account for bursary disbursements – they had no receipts or even records of the schools, colleges or universities acknowledging that the students got the money. Others flouted the procurement rules when they awarded multimillion-shilling contracts. The contracts were awarded without a tender committee and without agreement on the deliverables. Still others failed to account for millions in imprest. Mung’aro’s Kilifi North Constituency was isolated as the only constituency where a “fraudulent withdrawal” amounting to Sh2.5 million was made from the CDF accounts. The money was earmarked for rural electrification, but the project was never done. The withdrawal was omitted from the financial statements and CDF team made no disclosure in the supporting notes, meaning the CDF office wanted the auditor to forget about it. - The Standard





ABC Bank Diaspora Manager Mr. Joseph Waithaka


ABC Bank of Kenya looking for Agents in the Diaspora which include UK, USA, South Africa, Germany, France, Australia, Canada and Sweden. You can contact Diaspora Manager Mr. Joseph Waithaka on WhatsApp +254 701303731 or email: or Mr. Seed in UK on +44 7951220695.



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A Kenyan Lady has passed away in Maryland, USA

A Kenyan lady has passed away in US. The family of Joyce & Jared Onyambu are saddened to announce the passing of their beloved daughter, Mercy Kerubo Onyambu through a tragic road accident in Maryland on Thursday 1st December, 2016. She was a sister to Faith Onyambu, Shawn Onyambu, Sheryl Onyambu and Amirah Onyambu. Friends and family are meeting daily for prayers at 9933 Guilford Road, Jessup, MD 20794 at 6pm. A fundraiser is planned for Saturday, December 10 at 4pm in support of the family during this difficult time. Memorial Service and Burial will be in Maryland and details will be forthcoming. Anne Onyambu 484-350-7910, Martha Mongare Nicholson -301-434-6859, Anderea Onwonga 301-346-7643, Geoffrey Ndiritu 240-277-2027, Kefa Mongare 302-602-2662, Erasmus Mong’are 302-299-7945. Ken Anunda 302-559-8634, John Muchiri 410-262-9541, Kennedy Momanyi 240-479-6655, Dr. Saisi Marasa 443-739-7874, Martin Kihiko 301-693-5529, Kefa Ogwankwa 240-863-7653 @ Cashapp name is $JaredOnyambu. -




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Stima Investment Visits Dubai- 5th- 10th December 2016

Dear members,

Our Management team shall be visiting Dubai to meet up with various investors, existing and new members.
Our itinerary is as below:
Meeting venues:
Monday 5th Dec.-Regent Palace Hotel@Rooftop -KARAMA *6pm-10pm
Tuesday 6th Dec. - Sharjah
Wednesday 7th Dec  * 6pm-10pm
Regent Palace Hotel@Rooftop -KARAMA *6pm-10pm
Thursday 8th Dec -Synapour Camps
Friday 9th Dec: Garhoud
Saturday 10th Dec.  From 5pm "Al Quoz"
For any queries contact Eunice on +971504721304
Kindly inform your family, friends and relatives to come meet with us and ask any questions they may have relating to their investment options.
Manager, Morris Njagi at



Amazon unveils plans for grocery shop with no checkouts

Amazon has revealed plans for a grocery shop without a checkout process, where customers will instead pay for the goods they have selected via an app. The Just Walk Out shopping experience uses the same types of technologies found in self-driving cars. The system detects when items are taken or returned to shelves and tracks them in a virtual shopping trolley. Once the shopper leaves the store, their Amazon account will be charged and receipt sent to them. The first shop is expected to open to the public in Seattle in the US in early 2017. "Grocery retail is a crowded sector, and customers have incredibly high expectations of the Amazon brand," said Natalie Berg, an analyst at Planet Retail. "If they're going to differentiate, they'll need to translate the fantastic customer experience that they have created online in a physical store setting. This is no easy feat. Removing the traditional checkout process does exactly that."



Supreme Court Brexit case: 'No need' for MPs to get final say

The government has urged the Supreme Court to make a decision the "ordinary man and woman" would understand in the landmark legal challenge over Brexit. Government lawyer James Eadie QC said ministers could trigger Brexit and that there was no basis for Parliament to get the final say. He faced a grilling from the 11 Supreme Court justices as he set out his case. The government is appealing after last month's High Court ruling that MPs must be consulted before triggering Brexit.


HIV 'game-changer' now on NHS

A drug that dramatically reduces the risk of being infected with HIV will now be given to patients by the NHS in England. The health service lost a court battle in the summer after arguing responsibility for paying for it should fall to local authorities not the NHS. Now at least 10,000 people will be given the "Prep" drug in a three-year-long clinical trial. NHS England says this will help them understand how to offer it more widely. Pre-exposure prophylaxis or Prep is a daily pill that disables HIV before it gets a stranglehold in the body. It costs £400 a month per person and trials suggest it can cut the risk of being infectedby up to 86%. NHS England, which fought not to offer the drug, said in a statement there was "strong" evidence that it was effective. However, it said there were still questions to be answered about how it is used on a wide scale across England. Its trial on at least 10,000 people will try to figure out how to get the drugs to the right people, how popular it would be and for how long they would take Prep. Dr Ian Williams, chairman of NHS England's group on HIV, said: "This announcement demonstrates NHS England's commitment to fund Prep and provides the chance to best prepare England for optimal roll-out following this large-scale clinical trial. "For now, the trial will provide access to Prep for thousands of people most at risk of acquiring HIV." Men who have sex with men are one of the groups at the highest risk of contracting HIV. In London, one in eight gay men has HIV, while the proportion in the rest of the UK is one in 26. Harry Dodd, 25, is one of about 500 homosexual men in England who are taking Prep as part of a trial called Proud. He says: "I've seen the panic on the face of previous boyfriends when they are awaiting their [HIV test] results - it's a huge fear and it affects everything you do. "To be able to have sex without having that fear hanging over you all the time is huge." Harry says taking Prep has still not become socially acceptable. "Too many people seem to think it will encourage a hedonistic lifestyle, but for me this is about saving lives," he says. "People reacted with cynicism when the contraceptive pill for women was first introduced. "For me, taking Prep has helped me to trust again, have relationships and build bridges and that shouldn't be taken away."




Drama on Thika Road as over 100 MENTAL patients escape

- Road users on Thika road were stuck in traffic for hours after patients escaped Mathari hospital
- Over 100 mental patients escaped the hospital as doctors and nurses kick off nationwide strike
- A major manhunt has been launched in search of the mental patients

There was drama along Thika Road today, December 5 after mental patients escaped from Mathari Hospital in Nairobi. A major operation has been launched in search of over 100 mental patients who have escaped in the ongoing doctors and nurses' strike. The strike which was announced on Sunday night, December 4 kicked off with it's effects already being felt. Motorists and road users were forced to wait in traffic after the patients escaped from Mathari Hospital located along Thika road. Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu said the strike notice was premature since the court had given the doctor's and nurses 90 days a court had given medics to negotiate with the government.


Euro sinks after Italian referendum

The euro fell against the dollar after Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi suffered a heavy defeat in Sunday's referendum. The fall continued after Mr Renzi announced his intention to resign. A short while ago the euro was trading at $1.0532, down 1.3% from Friday's close. The single currency is now at its lowest level since March 2015. The referendum was on plans to streamline parliament, but for many it was a chance to register discontent. The Italian economy is already in a fragile state and a period of political uncertainty would be likely to do further damage. In particular, Italy's banking industry is seen as vulnerable to a loss of confidence. Many banks are struggling with a burden of bad debt and are in need of refinancing. That finance would be harder to come by amid a political crisis. The size of Italy's government debt is also a concern. Government borrowing, depending on which figures you look at, is one of the largest in the eurozone.




Italian PM Renzi suffers heavy defeat in key referendum - and resigns

Italian PM Matteo Renzi - could it be heading to UK's Brexit?


Italian PM Matteo Renzi has resigend after he suffered a heavy defeat in a key referendum on constitutional reform, according to a projection. The projection by the Piepoli Institute/IPR for state broadcaster RAI estimated 57-61% will vote "No", compared to 39-43% for "Yes". The projection points to an even wider margin of defeat for Mr Renzi than was suggested by three exit polls released immediately after polls closed. Mr Renzi had staked his future on a "Yes" vote, vowing to resign if voters rejected his plans to reduce the role of the country's Senate and take back powers from regional authorities. He is due to address the nation at around midnight local time (11pm UK time). Opposition parties were quick to call for Mr Renzi to go. "Renzi is going to go and with him the powerful lobbies who were also defeated", Renato Brunetta, the parliamentary leader of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right Forza Italia party. Matteo Salvini, the head of the Northern League party, said Mr Renzi should quit "in the coming minutes" and called for early elections. Opposition parties denounced the proposed changes as dangerous for democracy because they would have gotten rid of important checks and balances on executive power.

Spearheaded by the populist Five Star Movement, the biggest rival to Mr Renzi's Democratic party, the "No" campaign took advantage of the PM's declining popularity, a struggling economy and problems caused by tens of thousands of migrants arriving from Africa. The vote is a major victory for Five Star leader Beppe Grillo, who had urged Italians to follow their gut instincts. If Mr Renzi resigns, it could plunge Italy into political turmoil and cause economic instability in the struggling eurozone country. The result is another blow to the European Union, which is struggling to overcome a number of crises and was keen for Mr Renzi to continue his reform drive. Turbulence on the markets also looks inevitable. Some analysts fear a deeper crisis of investor confidence that could derail a rescue scheme for Italy's most indebted banks, triggering a wider financial crisis across the eurozone.




Death toll rises to 33 after California warehouse fire


Man Kush (Web Exclusive); Women, Marriage,

Money & Careers - Unajua Value yako?








Dr. James Mwangi, Equity Bank CEO and  Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Board Chairman will be addressing East African living in USA LIVE ONLINE (Equity Bank Facebook) in Los Angeles on Thursday 8th December, 2016, Dallas on Friday 9th December, Atlanta on Saturday 10th  December, Boston on Sunday 11th December and New Jersey on Monday 12th December 2016. More later.



Austria far-right candidate Norbert Hofer defeated in presidential poll





Dangerous drivers who kill could face life in prison

Drivers who cause death by dangerous or careless driving could get life in prison under new government proposals. Ministers want to bring the offence, which has a maximum sentence of 14 years, in line with manslaughter. Motorists who cause death by speeding, street racing or while on a mobile phone are among those who could face longer sentences. Road safety charity Brake welcomed the plans, but is worried the lesser charge of "careless" driving could remain. Offenders convicted while under the influence of drink or drugs could also be given life sentences. In 2015, the average custodial sentence for causing death by careless or dangerous driving was just under four years.




2016 bad year for property developers, says report

2016 was not a good year for property developers in Nairobi as a number of residential and commercial spaces went unoccupied. According to property consultancy Knight Frank, the property market experienced an oversupply for the larger part of the year with developers’ returns on investment shrinking. The upcoming elections have also dampened real estate market as investors kept off from venturing into new business until after the 2017 elections. Knight Frank Managing Director Ben Woodhams said that both the transactions and price of prime residential spaces dropped in what is a clear indicator of a struggling economy. Prices of prime residential spaces dropped in Nairobi by 0.4 per cent to September. They declined further by 2.3 per cent in quarter three (Q3). “Transactions happened in low volumes as buyers looked at longer term capital gains,” said Woodhams. Rentals went down by 9.2 per cent in the year to June as the market grappled with an oversupply of spaces. There was a slight decline in Q2 with the rentals dropping by 1.5 per cent. But Woodhams was quick at dispelling fears that the market might be crashing. “This is not a crush by any means. It is just a slight imbalance between demand and supply,” explained Woodhams who added that the market is likely to rebound after the elections. Sales also stagnated in the first-half of the year, according to Knight Frank. Woodhams, said the delayed construction was due to next year's elections. He said that a scale down in consumption was due to the exit of multinational expatriates, especially in the oil sector following a slump in the global oil prices. Woodhams said that they expected more than three million square feet of office spaces to come online. This is even as the supply of office space exceeds demand.





Posted on June 1, 2015
Julie Figueroa – Maryland, Ohio


In 1998, I was running a computer company in New York. I also had an Internet company in the Philippines and was in charge of a very exciting Internet trade show in Asia (Internet World). I was very busy and enjoying work but always made sure I got my yearly executive check up, including my yearly mammogram.

In February of 1998 1 got a clean bill of health. A few months later I began feeling a strange sensation in my breast late October it developed into a sharp pain. I went to the doctor and was immediately referred to an oncologist for testing. I was told I had a very aggressive form of breast cancer and needed surgery immediately. This came as a shock to me. I began to wonder why? There was no history of cancer in my family. Was it the toxic waste in New Jersey where I had lived for the past ten years? Was I stressed at work and did not know it? I thought there had to be a reason why people get cancer. Before going through with a mastectomy I wanted a second opinion.

I went to a different specialist but he told me the same thing. I kept trying to find a doctor that would tell me that all I needed was a lumpectomy or just chemotherapy. Finally, the fifth doctor told it to me straight, “You don’t have a choice. We don’t even know if we can still save you. You are at stage 4, the most serious stage, we need to do the surgery immediately.”

Here I was, in February cancer free, now just eight months later I was knocking on death’s door with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. I went through with the operation and afterwards several months of chemotherapy. While doctors said that the cancer was under control, it wasn’t completely gone. So they kept me on medication. I decided to go back to the Philippines for a visit. I owned a farm there that I loved and had always wanted to grow medicinal plants. The farm was filled with coconut trees, which were harvested for the copra. I thought about planting coffee under the coconut trees and start an herbal medicine garden.

Then in 2001 1 began to experience painful headaches. They became so severe that it felt like the bones in my skull were being fractured. I walked into my doctor’s office and told him I wanted an X-ray of my skull. “Were you in an accident” he questioned? “No” I said, “I just feel that I have some kind of fracture? He smiled, “How do you know you have a fracture? Maybe a strong pain killer will solve your problem.” “I know what a fracture feels like.” I said, “I’ve had several bones broken in the past and I know what it feels like.” He didn’t argue any further and I had an X-ray taken. I went back the next day to see my doctor and instead, met with seven other doctors. They had never seen the type of skull cancer I had. Almost half my skull looks like cheese that had been eaten by rats. I was in shock. I asked them what were my chances for survival? They said, “In the Philippines, at your stage … none.” I probably had two months.

I took the next flight to the United States. I went to see my doctor the afternoon I arrived. The doctors in Manila had already faxed and spoken to him about my condition. The next day I visited with my neurosurgeon. We discussed my condition and scheduled a craniotomy. My prognosis was poor. He ordered an MRI, CT scans, bone scans, blood work, etc. This was the same cancer that had so aggressively attacked me before. It had now spread up into my skull. Surgery was scheduled for the morning after. The cancer was hairline close to the main artery in my brain. The bad news was that he could not take it all out; 20% of it was at the back of my skull in the center over the main artery. Chemotherapy had not been successful after breast surgery so there was little hope it would be of any use now. But at this point, it was the only hope I had. My chances for survival were grim. I knew I’d better make the most of the time I had remaining.

After several months of recovery from the surgery I went back to my farm in Philippines to visit my family. I was really weak and would just sit on the hill watching the farmers work among the coconut trees planting coffee seedlings. I knew I had to do something to strengthen my immune system. I wanted to plant an herb garden. I started doing research on what medicinal plants I should grow that would boost my immune system. I thought about planting ginseng or bitter melons. I even considered growing a shrub from the Amazon.

Just about that time, I came across some research on coconut oil. I read about clinical trials for AIDS in the Philippines using coconut oil. I figured if coconut oil can boost the immune system and cure AIDS, it might work for my cancer. I started taking 3 to 4 tablespoons of oil a day plus whatever I used in preparing my meals. I would add it to my oatmeal in the morning, put it in my hot chocolate, cook my meals in it. I also snacked on fresh coconut and drank coconut juice.

By July my doctors started to worry. I had been gone for nearly six months. They needed to monitor the cancer that was still in my skull. So I flew back to the US. To their complete surprise I had gone into remission. They asked me what I had done. I told them I found a cure-virgin coconut oil. Today I continue to use coconut oil and I am cancer free! I had grown up around coconut trees in the Philippines. My grandmother used to make coconut oil from fresh coconuts just as many of the farmers did. I never used it because we were told it was a saturated fat. We were health. Conscious so we used hydrogenated soybean oil and corn oil. I had coconut oil around me all my life. It took getting cancer and a desperate search for a cure that made me rediscover this miracle oil.




Some Kenyans dont understand that they are standing on a dangerous ground


Secrets of new learning system as curtain falls on 30-year-old 8-4-4

The clock is fast ticking to the end of the 8-4-4 education system, which is set to be replaced with a new curriculum whose implementation may start on a pilot basis as early as May next year. The current system, characterised by cutthroat national exams for Standard Eight andForm Four, will be replaced with continuous assessment tests that will run throughout the learning process. And to transit to higher classes, a standardised national examination will be carried out, but only on sampled candidates across the country to gauge the overall understanding of taught subjects. These details are contained in the 'Basic Education Curriculum Framework' seen by The Standard. The document eliminates the 8-4-4-education structure and proposes new learning levels from pre-school to tertiary education, complete with intended age gaps per learning stage. - The Standard


A Whispers from London (The first impression!)

Written by: Man ManKambugua        E-mail:     Facebook: Man Man Kambugua

We left Heathrow airport one early morning for a two week holiday in Llorte de Mar, Spain. We had to have a stopover at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris before proceeding to Barcelona international airport. Personally, I had always wanted to go to Spain as a tourist. God’s timing is the best because we were definitely headed to Spain.

When we landed in Paris, my wife turned to me and asked me whether I had noticed anything weird in the plane. I told her that I was so busy chatting with the children that I did not recall seeing anything peculiar. I looked at her and so that she looked worried.

The whole country by that was still shocked by the news of the two girls (Holy and Jessica) who had been abducted and murdered in Soham, Cambridgeshire in United Kingdom. Terrorism was at high noon with the bombing of the twin towers in America. Any news could have been bad news anytime.

'There is a man in the plane who kept on looking at us especially you in particular. I don't know what is in his mind but time will tell,' she said.
'If his hobby is looking at us, let him have fun,' I said as we proceeded to the departure desk.

'If I were you, I would be concerned, don't you remember that incident last week at the superstore?' She asked.
'An incident last week?! I don't remember!' I said.

C'mon you must be having very short memory! Remember those two men we saw at the Supermarket?' she asked.Indeed, we had seen two men follow children in a supermarket in Watford, UK who we later learned were paedophiles. We had two small children with us, was he eyeing them? Time would tell.

Within fifteen minutes we were through with French immigration and were now ready to take our connecting flight. Suddenly we left the runway and we were back in the skies on our way to Barcelona. To be honest, I startedto get bothered about the stranger my wife was talking about although I put a brave face (What do you expect from a quintessential traditional African man?) My wife wrote a note to me where she told me to look at the person in the left front row by the window seat. When I raised my head to see who he was, I found him staring at me and the children. He was a black, middle aged man and was wearing a white hat and black sunglasses. Immediately he saw me, he pretended to be enjoying the beautiful architectural design of the plane. Suddenly, he opened a newspaper and started to read.

We had left Toulouse, France and were now cruising at good speed down the gulf of lion. We were only few minutes away from landing at Barcelona international Airport. I decided to ignore the weird man and enjoyed the wonderful view of the ocean below as we started making a descent ready to land. My hope was that once we landed at the airport, the strange man will go his way and we go our way. For Heaven’s sake I was going on holiday to enjoy not to eat fish and porridge with devils!

We finally landed safely at the airport. As we sorted out our bags, I could still see that the same man was still looking at me from the corner of my eyes. Any time I looked at him and our eyes met, his head could make a 180 degree turn away from me.

It was around evening when we boarded the bus to go to Barcelona city Centre. From Barcelona, we would take another bus and travel for around eighty kilometres to Lloret De Mar. We were the first to board the bus and so far the strange man had not entered. I saw the driver look at his watch and then started the engine ready to go. Surprise! Surprise! The same weird man opened the bus door as it was about to close and entered with his luggage. He found an empty seat exactly behind my seat then sat down next to two other people of Spanish origin. They greeted each other in Spanish like good old friends.

‘Halo, voy a Lloret de Mar,’ I heard him say to the others. What he was saying was that he was going to Lloret de Mar. I felt as if the whole world was on my shoulders! I wanted to be a million miles away from him and he was now going to the same place as us? Surely the devil must have been working overtime on me! Was this man a paedophile, maybe a detective, a murderer or was it just a coincidence that we were going to the same place? But then why keep on looking at us as if we were fossils that refused to be extinct? Why follow us everywhere?

We reached the city of Barcelona and we were mesmerised by its beauty. The whole city is sandwiched between hills with myriads of hotels built one after the other for hundreds of miles. No wonder it’s one of the leading Tourist destinations in the world. On reaching the city centre, we alighted and boarded the bus to our final destination. My children and their mum stayed in the left row of the bus while I occupied the right row waiting for others to fill the other thee empty seats.

The much I tried to erase the strange man from my mind, the more the thoughts of him occupied my mind. It was my humble prayer that the weird man find a seat somewhere else but to my surprise again, he gestured to me that he wanted to take a seat next to me! Oh my God! I figured out that by the time we would have finished the eighty kilometre journey to our destination, either him or I would be dead if he continued staring at me.

With time, Barcelona city centre was now behind us as we continued with our journey. The gentleman beside me removed his sunglasses and gave me a real concentrated look. I tried to ignore him but he turned to me and started chatting with me:-
‘How are you Sir?’ he said to me. On hearing him talk, I ignored his greetings and went on reading my paper.

‘Nice to see you. You are so lost!’ he said politely.
‘Yeah, yeah, I am lost in your mother’s skirt, I guess!’ I told him angrily.
‘Man Man, you don’t have to be rude?’ he said.
‘Whaaaaat? You, you, you know my name?’ I asked in bated breath.

‘Oh yes! I am surprised you don’t remember me. I used to work with you many, many years in that ‘Kampuniya baba na Mama’ don’t you remember?’ he asked. I looked at him once more in shock but I could not remember meeting him anywhere in my life.
‘My name was Mr. Ssembosse…remember the one who used to head Department X those days?’ he said. For some few seconds, I felt as if I was in dreamland. Suddenly, I remembered him, even how he used to come to my office smoking pipe and talking to me as if I was human waste by the roadside on a rainy day.

From my recollection, Mr. Ssembosse was a man of few words to everyone else who was below the level of the Departmental Head. His cold demeanour towards his colleagues made him become unpopular to the general staff but a darling to those in the higher cadre in the Company. On the centrally, his department was always voted one the best department in sales in all our offices worldwide. Due to his efficiency, he was poached by our competitors to Head one of their offices in Europe.

Whatever Mr. Ssembosse’s history, I was overjoyed to see one of my former colleagues after so many years.
‘Man Man, I have been expecting you to acknowledge my presence all the way from Heathrow Airport but you have been ignoring me,’ he said.
‘I had no idea who you were. I thought you were a detective or a paedophile! Sorry for that,’ I told him.
‘Man Man, I have one request to make…’
‘Yes, go on…’

‘You have to forgive me Man Man. Can you remember that strong worded e-mail I wrote about you to the Financial Director copied to all Head of Departments?’

‘Yes, I do! You maligned my reputation and you even made the Financial Director refuse to give me a salary raise. But if that made you happy, be my guest Mr. Ssembosse.’

‘Would you believe that I have always wanted to say sorry to you because I wrote it out of malice? From the moment you were awarded …you were my competitor so regrettably, I thought that the best thing was to stab your back through the F.D.’

‘No situation is permanent, now you and I are in Europe in the best countries. I needed your support that time but instead of supporting me, you destroyed me. Those days are gone, we will possibly never have a working relationship again. That was the time to grab the chance and treat people with kindness but you misused the chance. I am sure you could have built a better relationship with your team instead of creating imaginary enemies with your juniors. I forgive you seventy times seventy times but you will take the guilt with you to the grave Sir,’ I concluded.

God gives us seasons to do whatever we want with our lives. Remember that time when you and your siblings used to sit together and were served food by your mother many years ago? That was the chance to bond with your siblings and if you did not, you missed the chance. There is no other time that you and your young siblings will ever again be small children because that time is gone and gone. The time to treat your colleagues well irrespective of your rank is now not tomorrow, tomorrow will be too late because they will not need you. Do not mistreat people because of the way they are today, tomorrow will come and they might be ahead of you and you will need them.

In the family circle, the time to be good to your spouse is now. We are in December and you don’t know whether this is his/her last year on earth. Enjoy this golden moment because we are here for a very limited time. This is the time to make your home Heaven for your children because they will not remain children forever. Educate them, spend time with them because you don’t know the hour or the time. Those who speak Latin would tell you, ‘Carpe diem’ which simply means – Grab the opportunity.






New Kenya Society Hon. Secretary Pamela Chesire (centre)








Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Board Chair is reaching out to East Africans living in the USA to invest back home.

Dr. James Mwangi, Chairman of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and CEO of Equity Group Holdings will be holding diaspora meetings in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston and New Jersey to discuss “Emerging investment opportunities in East Africa”. The intention of this drive is to offer East Africans information on opportunities to invest back home while living or working abroad and control how their money works for them from wherever they are. 

The forums will be held between 8th December-12th December, 2016. Attendees will be exposed to available secure opportunities for investment back home. 


East Africa’s economy is forecast to grow phenomenally this year. There are a number of reasons for optimism across the region including increasing infrastructure investments, fiscal consolidation and a developing private sector.


Kenya’s economy remains resilient growing at 6.1% in the first 6 months of this year compared to a similar period when it grew at 5.3% in 2014 and 5.6% last year. Kenya is arguably the fastest growing country in Africa as it stands today and the focus for the Kenyan economy to grow by 6% in 2016 is still feasible.


The World Bank believes that Kenya in particular “has the potential to be one of Africa’s great success stories from its growing and youthful population, a dynamic private sector, a new constitution, and its pivotal role in East Africa.”



Los Angeles Thursday 8th Dec (6pm) (WYNDHAM Anaheim Garden Grove, Harbor Blvd. garden Grove,CA 92840)
Dallas Friday 9th Dec (6pm)  (Sheraton Hotel, 4440W, John Carpenter Freeway, Irving TX 75063)
Atlanta Saturday 10th Dec (6pm) (Radisson Hotel Atlanta-Marietta 1775 Parkway Place SE.Marietta GA
Boston Sunday 11th Dec (4pm) (Sheraton Framingham Hotel andConference Centre, 1657 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA D1701)
New Jersey Monday 12 Dec (6pm) (venue to be advised)



Interested parties can book through visit Equity Bank’s Facebook PageKeEquityBank to book their seat. Entry to all the dinner meetings is FREE.



Kenya’s diaspora cash hits a record Sh163 billion

NAIROBI: Kenyans in the diaspora defied the grim state of the global economy sending to their motherland a record $1.6 billion (Sh163 billion) in remittances, says a new World Bank report. Kenya was among the highest recipients of remittances in 2015. This is a 16.5 per cent increase from 2014’s Sh139 billion ($1.5 billion). According to the global lender’s Migration and Remittances Fact book 2016 that looked into remittances and immigration, of the World Bank’s 188 member countries, Nigeria which received $20 billion (Sh2.04 trillion) in remittances was the highest recipient in the world. Ghana was second having received a total of $2billion in remittances while Kenya and Senegal came third with $1.6 billion in remittances each. “Migrants are now sending earnings back to their families in developing countries at levels above $441 billion, a figure three times the volume of official aid flows to these countries,” Director, Development Indicators Group, Augusto Lopez-Claros, noted in the forward of the report. He reckons the inflows of cash constitute more than 10 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in some 25 developing countries and lead to increased investment in health, education, and small business in various communities. The World Bank report did not specify from which countries the money came. It also did not indicate the remittances on a monthly basis as the Central Bank does. Traditionally, over 80 per cent of the country’s remittances come from North America and Europe.


According to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), which regularly updates data on diaspora remittances into the country, as of September 15, remittances from North America constituted about 48.2 per cent, while those from Europe comprised 29.1 per cent. The report also showed that Kenya was among the top 10 remittance senders with an outflow of about $0.2 billion (Sh20.4 billion) in 2015. As of September, 2015 Kenyans from the Diaspora had sent in about Sh116 billion, according to figures from CBK. The regulator notes that remittance inflows to Kenya in September 2015 increased by 0.9 per cent to $128.4 million compared to $127.4 million recorded in September 2014, but decreased by 3.4 per cent in relation to inflows in August 2015. Getting data on the recipient for the international bank was challenging. “Without new, adequately representative surveys of recipients and senders, evidence from existing household surveys will only be indicative rather than comprehensively,” read the report in part. The CBK, for example, tracks remittances sent through formal channels that include commercial banks and other authorised international money remittance service providers, leaving out unrecorded flows through informal channels. The true size of remittances is believed to be larger. The report’s data on remittances and on the components of remittances are from the IMF Balance of Payments Statistics database (2015) and World Bank data obtained from central banks and statistical offices websites. - The Standard.


IEBC: 100% Electronic transmission of results unachievable - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Psalm 118:6



Four Steps to Overcoming Fear
We read in Psalm 118:6: "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?" First, be willing to take a risk. Yes, you might be hurt or embarrassed - so what? To overcome insecurity and gain confidence you must allow yourself the freedom to take a chance. Start writing that book, take those music lessons, stand up and speak at the meeting! Feel the fear and do it anyway! ‘Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe’ (Proverbs 29:25 NIV 2011 Edition). Second, learn to laugh at yourself. Get over your obsessive need for approval and acceptance and learn to laugh at your mistakes. We’re all human; stop taking yourself so seriously! When you make a mistake, be the first to see the funny side, and you’ll find people more supportive than you think. Third, start thinking realistically. It’s time to drop the security blanket and realise it’s not all about you. You are not the centre of the universe, and your little faux pas(French meaning an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation) don’t mean that much in the bigger scheme of things. Besides, mistakes are often better teachers than success. Fourth, reward yourself for little victories. When you complete a project, reward yourself. When you take advice or correction without retaliating, reward yourself. Often the people we lash out at, are those trying the hardest to help us. Get used to the idea that you’re valuable, talented, and skilled, and your worth in God’s eyes is inestimable. Stop scrutinising yourself through distorted lenses and start seeing yourself with 20/30 vision. Once you can do that, your fears will be replaced by confidence in yourself and in your future.


Our guest singer today is Giriama Gospel Song from the Coast Region in the Republic of Kenya  - CLICK HERE



Mawaitha ya Bi Mswafari - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Two suspects arrested, gun recovered in Mumias - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Fire at Oakland music event leaves up to 40 feared dead in California

As many as 40 people may have died in a massive fire at a warehouse party in California. Nine people have already been confirmed dead but at least another 25 are missing, according to Oakland fire chief Teresa Deloach Reed. Firefighters said there had been about 50 people inside the building when the tragedy happened in Oakland's Fruitvale district late on Friday night. Alameda County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt Ray Kelly said the victims are believed to be people aged in their 20s and that as many as 40 may have been killed in the blaze. He added that the coroner was preparing for a "mass casualty event" that could also include victims from other countries. Crews saw no evidence that smoke detectors were activated at the electronic music event and there was no sprinkler system in the building, chief Deloach Reed was quoted as saying. She said most of the people who died were found on the second floor. She added: "This is a true loss for the city, for the firefighters who responded, and the people who lost family and friends. It's just tragic, a real tragedy."


Jubilee MPs claim Junet Mohamed received NYS cash - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Raila's 2017 campaign machine up and running

Cord leader Raila Odinga’s campaign strategy for next year’s General Election can be revealed. Unknown to many Kenyans and even most politicians, the former prime minister has already set up a campaign secretariat and is putting the final touches on aspects of his campaign eight months before polling day. Nation inquiries and interviews with those familiar with Mr Odinga’s plans to face President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed a push to correct what he believes was his undoing in the disputed 2013 elections. Pretty aware of their opponents’ endless resources and state machinery, Mr Odinga’s handlers plan to mobilise a war chest for a successful campaign. A 14-member campaign committee, which largely excludes his traditional advisers, is already up and running. It is holding regular meetings at the secretariat in a suburb west of the capital. The team is headed by University of Nairobi don Adams Oloo. It’s members are from business, politicians and the civil society who meet frequently in Nairobi and brief Mr Odinga every week on his strengths and weaknesses. - CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY



Churchill on marriage - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Trump-Taiwan call: China lodges protest


China's foreign ministry says it has lodged a complaint with the US after President-elect Donald Trump spoke to Taiwan's leader in a phone call. China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province. US policy set in 1979 cut formal relations with Taiwan. Mr Trump's transition team said he and Tsai Ing-wen noted "close economic, political, and security ties". The US is Taiwan's most important ally and provides Taiwan with sufficient weaponry to defend itself. China said it had lodged a "solemn representation" with Washington. According to the state news agency Xinhua, China urged the US "to cautiously, properly handle Taiwan issue to avoid unnecessary disturbance to Sino-US relations". Foreign Minister Wang Yi dismissed the call as a "petty trick" by Taiwan, Chinese state media said. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT TAIWAN



Power Breakfast interview with Pastor Paul Kuria




Uzuri wa mke ni tabia si sura
A wife's beauty is in her character, not her figure




The identity of the woman William Osewe (left) and Tom Mboya (right) had been fighting over has been revealed. According to the Star, the woman who was a bone of contention between Osewe and the man who shot him, Tom Oywa Mboya, is Osewe’s wife, Stella Mwende. The two have been feuding over her for the past two years. “Osewe walked into the Hagon fish restaurant and found the other man eating, He begun shouting at him, asking him what it is the man and his wife were planning. Mboya When drew his Ceska pistol and threatened to shoot him,” said witnesses as quoted on the news site. Osewe is said to have dared his shooter to go ahead and Mboya shot him three times in succession. Two bullets hit his abdomen and one hit his leg. Clients scampered to safety as Mboya ran to his car and drove off. Osewe lay writhing in pain on the floor before help was sent for. Mboya later turned himself in to the police and surrendered his weapon as well. It emerged he had been denied a licence three times prior. The bullet that hit his leg went through and hit a watchman who did not know he had been hit until he saw the blood. Doctors say one of the bullets hit Osewe’s spinal cord and it is possible he might be paralyzed. He is currently at the Aga Khan hospital fighting for his life. - The Star







Kindly take note that the following institutions are offering scholarships to the needy bright students who scored 350 marks and above in 2016 KCPE:-

1.Wings to Fly Equity Bank
2.Jamia Mosque Committee
3.Masomo Foundation
4.Umma Foundation
5. Jomo Kenyatta Foundation
6. Palm House Foundation
7. First Community Bank Foundation
8. Gulf African Bank Foundation
9. KCB Foundation
10. Ma'ahad Da'awah Group
11. Constituency Development Fund
12. County Education Fund

For more information, visit any of these institutions' branches countrywide,,,

Kindly share this widely to assist a bright needy kid get education.










MOBILE: 07447918131/ 07541075846.




Hizi ndizo matatu bora zaidi Jijini Nairobi? 




Serah, Leah, Eunice, Mercy and John Karie of UK have lost their mother in Kenya


It is With a deep sorrow we announce the death of our beloved Mother Chrispina Wanjiru Kiarie, Who passed away on 29th of November 2016. Mother to Sèrah kiarie, leah kiarie of London , Eunice kiarie of Northampton, mercy kiarie stoke on Trent John Kiarie of Coventry, mother In law to Bancy Waithera of Coventry, Prayers and Meetings will commence on Thursday to Saturday. The meeting Venue is 113 Hewitt avenue, Coventry CV6 1NP. Those who are wishing to support the family financially, please do so through Natwest bank Account 3 1 1 6 5 6 6 4, Sort code 560045. The funeral will be on Thursday 8/12/2016. The body will leave Monalisa Montezuma Funeral Home at 8.00 AM and Burial and Church Service is at GITIHA Village, GITHUNGURI Location KIAMBU County For further enquires please contact Kiarie on,+254713964264, Bancy, 07828846069, Leah Kiarie 07455 663668, Solomon 07737805974.



Chinese loans for Mombasa to Malaba railway hit Sh1 trillion

Total Chinese loans to Kenya for the construction of the Mombasa to Malaba standard gauge railway will hit the Sh1 trillion mark after Exim Bank of China expressed interest in funding the third phase of the project. The lender will pump in Sh490 billion to build the railway between Kisumu and Malaba to link Kenya and Uganda, bringing the total cost to Sh1.02 trillion. This comes at a time when Kenya’s annual debt repayment is set to hit Sh618.5 billion next year, which will see the Treasury spend an estimated Sh40 out of every Sh100 collected from taxpayers on servicing the ballooning loans. The bill represents a 38.5 per cent jump from Sh446.4 billion spent on public debt this year, compared to projected 12 per cent growth in tax collection; a key indicator of the country’s ability to repay. The bank is already financing the first leg of the railway from Mombasa to Nairobi at a cost of Sh380 billion with completed work standing at over 90 per cent currently.

The second phase between Nairobi and Naivasha, a stretch of 120 kilometres, will cost Sh150 billion. The higher cost between Nairobi and Naivasha has been attributed to harsh terrain. As a result, the cost of tunnels will take up 23 per cent of the total cost estimated at Sh18.2 billion. The tunnels will cut through Rift Valley escarpments, making design work more expensive. Exim Bank will also fund construction of a modern Sh14 billion port on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kisumu as Kenya targets a bigger maritime trade stake with its land locked neighbours. Kisumu is seen as a critical hub for trade with neighbouring countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the entire Great Lakes region. Kisumu port registered robust business activity for decades, helped by a reliable railway system and maritime vessels which ferried cargo to ports such as Mwanza and Bukoba in Tanzania and Jinja and Port Bell in Uganda. The first phase of the new railway will be commissioned next year in June. The railway is one of Kenya’s Vision 2030 flagship projects. It is expected to ease transport as well as strengthen cooperation among East African Community member states and promote trade and the region’s economic development. - Daily Nation.


US President-elect Donald Trump has spoken directly with the president of Taiwan - breaking with US policy set

in 1979 when formal relations were cut. Mr Trump's transition team said the two leaders noted "close economic,

political, and security ties" between the US and Taiwan in a phone call.



Why 'Jesus' Daniel Christos and Melody tour the World barefoot - #theTrend




BottomLine East Africa : Somalia Elections with

Michelle Ngele 2nd December 2016




Top private schools across Kenya now face closure over exams scandal

At least 20 top private schools risk deregistration for running multiple examination centres to boost results in a bid to attract students. The schools produce best students in national examinations every year. But behind the facade of success lurks a dirty trick –the institutions admit many students but register candidates in separate examination centres based on their performance. Among the schools fingered for engaging in this act are Makini Schools in Nairobi and Kisumu, Gilgil Hill Academy, Mt Kenya Academy, St Kevin Academy in Mombasa, Lizar Junior Academy in Naivasha and New Light in Komarock, Nairobi. Others are from Nyeri, Kiambu, Uasin Gishu, Nyandarua, Meru and Machakos. Nairobi and Nakuru top the list. Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i warned on Thursday that the schools will be deregistered. Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) chairperson George Magoha termed the practice ‘criminal fraud.’  - The Standard.


Bullseye: Anne-believable how a hug can clearly communicate a message CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Wings to Fly scholarship Application forms are ready

Wings to Fly scholarship Application forms are ready for collection in All Equitybank branches.

Passmark for 2017 is 350. The Applicant should have sat his/her exams in 2016.
Kindly pass this message to Any needy child out there.

The Scholarship caters for Tuition fees,shopping,pocket money and transport to and from school.


Deadline for picking forms is Monday 5th December, 2016.


Jomo pays Governor Alfred Mutua courtesy call

 President Uhuru Kenyatta's eldest son, Jomo, is generally a person who loves his profile lying low and often avoids the media. On Tuesday, however, a few days after getting married, Jomo showed up in Machakos and unlike in the past, many photos of him were taken After tying the knot with his sweetheart of many days Achola Ngobi, the president's eldest son, Jomo appeared in public for the first time. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE



Osewe had been in two year love triangle with woman, man who shot him

William Osewe, the man who was shot


A two year love triangle was behind the shooting of a millionaire restaurateur on Thursday. William Osewe and his friend Tom Oywar Mboya had a long running feud over Osewe's wife Stella Mwende that culminated in the shooting. The proprietor of the famous Ronalo foods eatery on Kimathi Street is fighting for his life at Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi. Witnesses said that Osewe and Mboya, who are both Gor Mahia fans, exchanged harsh words when they bumped into each other at Hagon fish restaurant near Rosters along Thika road. "Osewe walked in and found the other man eating. He began shouting at him, asking him what it is the man and his wife were planning," said a waiter. Mboya drew his Ceska pistol and threatened to shoot. Osewe dared him. Mboya then fired three bullets in rapid succession. Two bullets entered Osewe's abdomen and one hit his leg. One bullet exited his body and hit the leg of a watchman who did not realise until he saw the blood. Clients at the restaurant took cover while Mboya rushed to his car and drove off.


Osewe lay writhing on the ground but was soon rushed to a nearby AAR clinic and then taken in an ambulance to Aga Khan hospital in critical condition. In 2014 Mboya reported at Nairobi Area CID offices that Osewe had accused him of having an affair with Mwende and threatened him. Osewe went out with Mwende, a former banker, for several years when he ran his first restaurant near Nairobi Railway Station. He eventually married her as a second wife, and they got two children who are now adults. Mboya, a former tour driver who is now running his own company, is married with seven children. He told police in 2014 that Osewe had accused him of going out with his wife, an accusation he denied. A file was opened but the two parties settled the matter out of court after intervention from family and friends. Doctors say that one bullet may have hit Osewe's spine and he risks becoming paralysed. Mboya reportedly drove his Lexus to to Kasarani police station after the incident, reported the shooting and surrendered his gun. Kasarani DCI chief Douglas Shikanda said they are still conducting investigations. "We have heard that the cause of the fighting is a dispute over a certain woman, but that will be covered in the course of the investigation," Shikanda said. Police are also investigating if Mboya's gun was licensed. The police denied him a firearms license three times in the past. Osewe's restaurant along Kimathi Street was packed with clients as usual yesterday. Many had not heard about the shooting but the staff and some guests had heard. The staff wished their boss a quick recovery. - The Star




A 1963 Harvard graduate said this:

"My one big mistake in life has been providing a trust fund for my five children. I'm very comfortable paying for an education for as long as they want to study in a reputable university.

However, providing additional funds so they could have a lifestyle beyond what they have achieved on their own was a mistake".

A leadership teacher, John Maxwell says and I quote "If you do everything for your children, what will they do for themselves?"
By the time they finish university education, we have slaved and built houses for them, put car keys in their hands and bankrolled their wedding.

What will they do for themselves? In the course of doing these for them, some people develop hypertension and all sorts of illnesses. Some slump and die. Some even steal to achieve these for their children.

I submit to you all that inheritance goes beyond material things. Give your children the right values, strong character and a revelatory knowledge of the power they carry as a creature or child of God.

Then they will create water to sell in the dessert and sell sand to the Arabs to build mansions for themselves.

Do something for your children to make them have a softer take off. The keyword is 'take off'. Do not take over their lives because you yourself have your life to live.

Think about these things.





Aspiring MPs soon to need college degrees

Justice and Legal Affairs Committee Chairman Samuel Chepkonga addresses the media in Kapsoya, Eldoret,

on January 4, 2016. The committee endorsed a Bill to amend various election-related laws. 

Aspirants for MP will now be required to have at least a degree, while those wishing to be MCAs must have a post-secondary school diploma. This follows last night’s vote by MPs on a Bill by the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee and Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to amend various election-related laws. After the 2022 elections, MCAs will also be requiredto have a degree. The Election Laws (Amendment) Bill is, however, still some way from full approval as MPs have to pass one final vote on the proposed law in its entirety and hand it over to the Senate. There was no debate when the clause was passed. With the National Assembly going on its December break last night but likely to hold special sittings to consider nominees to the electoral commission, the revenue allocation commission and the Budget Policy Statement, the Bill will take some time before it is sent to the President for approval. This would give MPs and aspirants who are opposed to the proposal time to lobby for it to be scrapped either at the Senate or by the President via a veto of the Bill when it is presented for assent. -Daily Nation.



Be careful in UK as temperatures are dropping to -10c a Killer Freeze set for the weekend




Oduor Victor Odhiambo tops KCPE 2016 with 437 marks - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





CS Dr. Matiang’i releases KCPE exam results - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Sitting indoors while your car defrosts outside is

ILLEGAL, police warn drivers

Now the winter weather has arrived and your car is frozen in the morning, you might be tempted to leave your engine running to let it defrost. Well, don’t. Police are warning motorists that they’re not only at risk of getting their car stolen, but it’s also illegal. The warnings come after a spate of thefts earlier this week of cars that were left unlocked on the drive with their keys in the ignition. West Midlands Police said officers are now investigating 15 thefts after a further 11 vehicles, with a combined value of more than £200,000, were taken on the same morning after being left unlocked on the drive with their keys in the ignition. Sergeant Andy Gregory, Force Crime Reduction officer, said: “It may be surprising but we continue to see people leaving their cars with the keys in on their drives on icy mornings.”





Ranalo Foods owner William Osewe fighting for his life after being shot - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Knight Frank survey shows low demand for Nairobi luxury residences

Knight Frank managing director Ben Woodhams

House prices in prime residential areas of Nairobi fell by 2.3 per cent in the third quarter of the year on the back of low demand that depressed traded volume, a report by property management firm Knight Frank shows. Ben Woodhams, managing director at Knight Frank Kenya, said the fall in transactions was due to buyers looking for good long-term capital gains — by targeting only properties that result in good returns when put back into the market. Knight Frank says prime properties is seen as safe and resilient investment option by the wealthy compared to alternatives such as the stock market. A report by the firm in September showed the value of luxury homes in Nairobi had shot up by 40 per cent over the past five years as more wealthy individuals opt to invest in the segment. Knight Frank defines prime homes as the most desirable and expensive property in a location or the top-five percentile of each market by value.

In Nairobi, luxury home prices start from Sh80 million while the rent starts from Sh250,000 for apartments and Sh300,000 for townhouses and standalone units. Rents for prime residential areas also fell by 9.2 per cent in the in the year to June following an oversupply in the market. The firm predicts the rents will stagnate until after the general election set for next year when they project demand to rise. “The prime property segment is undergoing a normal property cycle. “The pressure on rents is largely due to the current oversupply in the market,” he said. The supply of office space has also exceeded the demand with three million square feet projected to have come into the market in 2016 alone. The firm anticipates the small-scale oil production set to start next year will result in improved uptake of office spaces in Nairobi. Knight Frank, however, maintains that demand will not outgrow supply. “We have a slight oversupply of office space but demand is still there. “We expect half of the office space made available in 2016 to be in Upper Hill with Westlands taking up about 500,000 square feet and the rest of the space spread across the city,” he said. Cement production and consumption is also expected to rise as developers embark on high-value projects after the elections. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics latest data indicates that in the first eight months of the year, building plans valued at Sh212 billion were approved. - Daily Nation.



DP William Ruto will not be able to graduate on Friday because he did not meet some ‘standards’. Ruto, who has been pursuing a PhD at the University of Nairobi, said the reason he was unsuccessful in his studies this year is because he has not met some ‘standards’ and ‘requirements’. His thesis focused on the impact of human activities on riparian reserves at Saiwa Swamp, in Trans Nzoia County. But he said he is expected to graduate in December next year.



Summary of Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results which were done under strict conditions have been released today, December 1.

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i released the results in a shocking move which caught the entire nation by surprise. The results were announced earlier than previous dates usually the last week of December. Below is a summary of the KCPE results as released by the Education CS;

9. Form one school selection process is set to begin on Friday, December 2016

8. Over 942,000 students sat for the KCPE examinations in 2016

7. 49.7% girls and 50.3% boys sat for the KCPE 2016 examinations

6. No exam cheating being reported during the KCPE examinations with 21 incidents of malpractice reported in the country

5. The highest candidate scored 439 marks a drop compared to the 2015 results with the highest candidate scoring 449 marks

4. There will be no cancellation of results in the 2016 KCPE results, first time in the history of national examination results.

3. There will be no ranking done in the 2016 KCPE results despite the law being passed in October requiring ranking of schools.

2. Over 5190 students got over 400 marks in the exams and will secure a place in the top national schools in the country whether from private or public schools

1. 950 students with special needs sat for the KCPE results with the highest candidate scoring 421 marks





Batteries Operated 8 Colours PIR Motion Sensor Bathroom Toilet Seat Night Light


Veteran journalist Alex Chamwada's daughter clocks 406 points

Alex Chamwada and his family

The 2016 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results were released Thursday, December 1, by Education CS Fred Matiag’i just less than a month after candidates sat for the exams. Chamwada’s first born daughter, Chelsea Adaga Chamwada, sat for the exams and managed an impressive score of 406, effectively putting her in the bracket of those above the 400 mark. She was a student at the at the Rudan Junior Academy in Lavington, Nairobi. Speaking exclusively to, Chamwada expressed his delight at his daughter’s impressive result. - Tuko



City tycoon Osewe, owner of Ranalo eatery, shot after a quarrel over a woman


Restaurateur William Osewe, who owns the K’Osewe Ranalo Foods, has been shot and seriously injured in Kasarani near Roasters Inn. He was shot in the stomach three times. One of the bullets exited and hit a guard on the leg. Police say Mr Osewe was rushed to the AAR Healthcare at the Mountain Mall. His vehicle, a Mercedes Benz registration number KAV 520L, has been towed to Kasarani police station. The attacker, Mr Oywa Mboya, a licenced firearm holder, has claimed that the victim confronted him first. He has since surrendered to the police and has been disarmed. Sources say the two met earlier and even ate lunch together at a fish joint near Roasters Inn. After the meal, they started quarreling over a woman. -




How to check your 2016 KCPE results
1. SMS your Index Number to 22252 from your mobile phone.

This might take time as the system might be clogged.


Top candidate in KCPE scored 439 marks, says Fred Matiang'i

Teachers and parents celebrate Odour Victor Odhiambo of Daisy Special School in

Kakamega after he scored 437 marks and on right is Education CS Fred Matiang'i

The top candidate in the 2016 KCPE exams managed 439 marks, not 436, as earlier announced, Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has clarified. This is a 10-mark drop from last year's 449. In the results released at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) in Nairobi, only 5,190 obtained 400 marks and above compared to 7,560 in 2015.

And for the first time in Kenya's KCPE history, Dr Matiang'i said all candidates would receive their results as there was not a single case of cheating. Only 21 cases of malpractices and attempted cheating were reported across the country, he said. But Dr Matiang'i failed to meet the expectations of the nation when he announced that schools and candidates would not be ranked, saying the law ordering the return to the old tradition took effect too late.

President Kenyatta assented to the 2016 Kenya National Examinations Council (Amendment) Act in late August and it came into effect in October. Before heading to KICD, Dr Matiang'i briefed President Kenyatta on the results at State House, Nairobi. He was accompanied by Kenya National Examinations Council chairman (Knec) George Magoha, Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang, Teachers Service Commission CEO Nancy Macharia and Knec acting CEO Mercy Karogo. Some 952,021 candidates wrote the tests from November 1 to November 3 — an evaluation that marks the transition from primary to secondary schools. Of these, 50.3 percent were boys. A total of 1,950 special-needs candidates sat for the exams, with the top managing 421 marks.

The Cabinet secretary said that starting next year the government would pay KCPE exams fees for all candidates in both private and public schools. And in addition to the ongoing efforts to curb cheating, Dr Matiang'i said all private candidates will have to write their tests from centres approved by the Education ministry. Headteachers will also be required to register all their candidates as one entity in one centre after it emerged that schools seeking a higher ranking were listing pupils at different centres.

This year's release was a clear break from tradition in terms of timing — the results are being issued at the beginning, not the end, of December. Former Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi had banned ranking, saying it created unnecessary competition and encouraged cheating.

But in August this year, MPs passed a new law reintroducing the annual fanfare that had become the hallmark of the results announcement. And instead of measuring and ranking performance in KCPE and KCSE tests alone, the 2016 Kenya National Examination (Amendment) Act requires the minister to also rank performance of schools in co-curricular activities next year. - Daily Nation.


Microchip in hand allows you to pay for goods in UAE

Microchip in hand allows you to pay for goods


It might sound like something from a dystopian science fiction fantasy but you could soon be able to pay for goods and services with a microchip that is embedded in your hand, according to Etisalat officials. The UAE telecoms giant unveiled new injectable microchips, which store all your credit card, ID and business card data inside, for the first time in the Middle East at GITEX 2016 in Dubai. The technique is called bio-hacking, where an alien device is embedded on the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger using a special syringe, medical tattoo artist Hazim Naori told 7DAYS. “We clean the skin with sanitiser and after this we put the marks exactly where we want to pierce it,” he said. “We insert the needle under the skin with a part of the need that pushes it in, and that’s where it settles and it needs a week or two to heal.” Naori performed the implant for the first time on October 7 on George Held, from Etisalat’s Innovation team. Speaking about the implantation, he said: “It’s like a piercing, it doesn’t hurt, but it feels a bit uncomfortable for the first day. The bio-hacking improves and enhances your body and will be not just a wearable device, but a device within yourself. You cannot replace or lose it, if you have an accident it’s still with you.” Held warned, though, that before it can be commercially launched, decisions need to be made on what role it will play in society. “There is no legality issue here. We already have agreements with Emirates ID and Visa and we issue a credit card with it through Etisalat, we have rights to issue those,” Held explained to 7DAYS. He revealed that final costs for the procedure are not confirmed yet but it is expected to cost Dhs500 ($100) for both the injection and the gadget itself. Asked if the information stored on the chip could be hacked with the right equipment, Naori said using the card would still require the necessary authentications. “We have to internationally agree on the system and this is eventually going to happen, let’s be honest,” said Naori. “Thirty to 40 years ago there were no (bank) cards and now I have a card with all my ID and sim card on it and put it in the machine without showing anyone my passport. “It’s an electronic smart gate. It’s the same thing, instead of having the card you just have it under your skin and it verifies you.” -


The plane which crashed in Colombia killing most of a Brazilian football side had run out of fuel, according to a leaked audio recording.





NTV Property Show S01 E13: The Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO






Celebrated journalist Alex Chamwada joins Uhuru Camp

Former KTN and KBC television journalist is moving a rung hire on his career ladder after he recently wrapped up a season of Daring Abroad that airs on KTN News. Reports have it that he will be joining the Jubilee government as a Communication Specialist ahead of the 2017 General Election. According to Business Today, he will be joining the Jubilee Party secretariat to drive the party’s communications agenda. “It is not clear whether he will be fully employed or ill be working as a consultant but his appointment underscores the increasingly critical role journalist who play a major part in shaping political discourse,” reported the site today, Tuesday, November 30. Chamwada’s appointment might have been influenced by the work done by State House spokesman Manoah Esipisu and David Mugonyi.



Motorists are being warned to brace for higher prices at the pumps after the first deal to reduce production in eight years.




Londoners paid more than £5 million to police in the capital's football matches last season



Passengers at Heathrow left furious over ‘absolute

shambles’ at airport passport control

* Another day, another hour-long queue at airport passport control
* Furious travellers complained they had to wait in 'monster queues'
* Many complained to the airport but responsibility falls with Border Force
* Number of border guards has fallen from 9,145 to 8,153 since 2010 
* Home Office spokesman said clearing non-EEA passengers took four minutes longer than service standard

Furious travellers complained of ‘monster’ queues at Heathrow immigration yesterday amid mounting fears of a shortage of border guards. Weary passengers, many of whom had arrived on long haul flights, claimed they were forced to wait for over an hour in what was branded an ‘absolute shambles.’ It is the third instance in recent weeks where people arriving have criticised long lines at passport control in UK airports amid a growing row over crippling cuts. Some caught up in yesterday morning’s hold ups vented their anger at Heathrow Airport - but immigration is the responsibility of the UK Border Force.  It insisted all British and European arrivals were dealt within the required 25 minutes. However passenger Daniel Cooper tweeted: ‘Now been waiting an hour @HeathrowAirport passport control, no sign of escape any time soon. Absolutely shambolic organisational skills.’ The doctor, who is researching infectious diseases, added: ‘return to U.K. suitably ruined, soul drained and British cynicism restored...’ Former senior ITV journalist Laura Wilshaw tweeted: ‘Absolute shambles @HeathrowAirport T4 this morning. Hundreds and hundreds deep at passport control. Welcome home.’ She posted a picture of long queues waiting for the UK Border.


Durham University graduate Charlotte Trundley, travelling into Terminal 3, Tweeted: ‘All 15 E passport gates closed.13 hr flight later & have to wait in a monster queue. Cannot believe it.’  She also posted a picture of the empty e-gates, although the Home Office said they had been operational all day. The latest passenger frustration comes after the Mail revealed how millions of travellers are facing long delays due to cash shortages in the UK Border Force. Last month fliers arriving at Stansted airport complained of ‘shocking’ delays at as up to 5,000 people queued to get through border control late on an ordinary weeknight. And earlier this month passengers arriving in Luton Airport endured lengthy delays because too few staff were manning the desks to let the crowds back into the country. The number of people using Britain’s airports for holidays or business trips has soared by 40million since 2010. But over the same period, the number of border guards fell from 9,145 to 8,153. The Home Office said some of the employees in the 2010 head count now work in other agencies, such as Immigration Enforcement, UK Visas and Immigration and HMRC, and have not been cut from border security resources.  Ministers have slashed Border Force funding from £617million in 2012-13 to £497million in 2015-16, according to a Parliamentary answer.


NTV Wild Talk S4 E5: 'Miracle of Turtle Birth' - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO







*Our Phones _ Wireless*
*Cooking - _ Fireless*
*Cars - _ Keyless*
*Food - _ Fatless*
*Tyres - _ Tubeless*
*Tools - _ Cordless*
*Dress - _ Sleeveless*
*Youth - _ Jobless*
*Leaders - _ Shameless*
*Attitude - _ Careless*
*Wives - _ Fearless*
*Babies - _ Fatherless*
*Feelings - _ Heartless*
*Education - _ Valueless*
*Children - _ Mannerless*

_*Everything is becoming LESS but still our hope in God is - Endless.*_

In fact I am *Speechless* Because Salvation remains *Priceless!!*




KTN Leo: Taarifa kamili na Mashirima Kapombe Novemba 30 2016 - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Highest Paid Radio Presenters in Kenya


Journalism is one of the best careers in Kenya and is rewarding to some few individuals who have joined the media industry. There is this one question students as well as Kenyans ask, who is the highest paid radio presenter in Kenya?Venas News presented result of the best paid journalists in the country as of 2015,we wish to update the list to include individuals who have joined the ranks.

Salaries vary depending on the media company an individual works for: the more the media house makes money, the higher the chances of journalists earning attractive salaries. It is believed that Radio Africa and ***** Media Services are the highest paying media houses while Mediamax Network and KBC are the lowest paying stations.

Latest survey shows that the following are the highest paid radio presenters in Kenya.


Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni tops the list of highest paid radio presenters in the country. In 2016, the talented journalist earned a total of Ksh 1.2m-Ksh1.8 million in every single month, beating everyone in the industry. Besides earning from his employer, Radio Africa, the Classic FM presenter makes several thousand from real estate companies who advertise during his morning breakfast show.


Daniel Ndambuki  AKA  Mwalimu Kingangi
Daniel Ndambuki and Maina Kageni is an inseparable pair, who started Classif FM from scratch. The popularity of the morning breakfast show at Classic FM grew tremendously when the duo took the driver’s seat. Their show is now ranked position 1 in the country in terms of the money it brings to the company. But as their popularity grows so does Churchill’s pockets. Today, the comedian /journalist earns Ksh1M-Ksh1.3M per month.


Njogu Wa Njoroge
Njogu Wa Njoroge was until recently an employee of Uhuru’s Kameme FM, but Radio Africa came with a convincing salary package. At Kameme, Njogu’s salary was less than Ksh500,000 but after joining Radio Africa, his pay rose to Ksh750,000.
Njogu is a very influential media personality, who would attract listeners in a blank of an eye.

Radio Jambo’s Mbusi
Two years ago, Mbusi shocked reggae lovers when he announced he was living Ghetto Radio to join a less known radio station. Before his fans could drop their eyes, they heard,”Mbusi will be earning Ksh650,000 per month”. To surprise you more, the Reggae programme host has added another Ksh100,000 to his already attractive pay. He now earns Ksh 750,000 per month.

Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru never disappoints when it comes to drama. But behind that swag is a fat pay slip.Shaffie’s salary crossed the Ksh500, 000 mark last year,he now earns close to what Mbusi takes home.

Willy M Tuva
Willy M Tuva,popularly known as Mzazi host the show,Mseto East Africa, which promotes East African music especially for upcoming artistes. Initially the show was only featured on Radio ******* but later incorporated into ******* TV programs.

Mzazi is an employee of ***** Media Services and is a master of Kiswahili language. Due to his soaring popularity, the talented journalist is rewarded handsomely. Currently his salary is above Ksh400,000. -




University of Nairobi signs deal to train MPs


Judge warns against testing older children’s ages via dental x-rays

A court has warned judges against over reliance on dental x-rays to establish the ages of children who arrive in Britain alone. In a new ruling, Mr Justice Ockleton ruled there was not sufficient evidence that a new method of analysing dental x-rays was a reliable way of determining a child’s age and should not be used. The court found that the existing method, while potentially useful for establishing the ages of younger children, could not verify – by experts’ own admission - whether or not someone is over or under the age of 18. The judgment comes as an increasing number of local authorities are seeking permission to rely on dental x-rays as a way of assessing unaccompanied children’s ages. Last month, the British Dental Association stated that testing young people’s teeth to establish their age was immoral and didn’t work. The case was brought after Croydon Council attempted to obtain permission to force two boys from Afghanistan known as ‘ZM’ and ‘SK’ to have a dental x-rays as a means of establishing their ages. Both boys arrived in the UK last summer and said they were 14 and 15 years old respectively. However, Croydon Council didn’t believe them and assessed them both as adults.


The boys’ lawyers and the Refugee Council decided to challenge the local authority’s assessment but Croydon Council insisted on sending both boys for dental x-rays to ‘prove’ they were adults after a dental professor claimed it was possible to judge a young person’s age accurately through x-rays. Today’s case focused on whether or not there was independent evidence which supported the idea it was possible to accurately ‘prove’ children’s ages through a new method of analysing dental x-rays. While the case was awaiting judgment, Croydon Council removed ‘SK’ from his foster family, forcibly separated him from his brother, and he was sent to live in an adult accommodation centre. Meanwhile just before the judgment was given, Croydon Council finally accepted that ‘ZM’ was in fact a child. Responding to the ruling, Refugee Council Policy Manager Judith Dennis said: "This ruling will force local authorities to stop looking for easy answers when it comes to assessing children’s ages. "Instead, councils must invest in getting their decisions right through lawful, sensitive and expert led age assessments. It’s vital local authorities get these decisions right: getting them wrong can have disastrous consequences for the children’s safety and well being.”



Dr. James Mwangi, Chairman of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and CEO of Equity Group Holdings addressing Kenyans at The Royal Regency East London last month where hundreds of Kenyans attended.


Dr. James Mwangi and Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe holding Equity Awards for the Best Bank in Africa. As Dr. James Mwangi was addressing Kenyans in East London a team from Equity Bank were caught with Mr. Seed at the back. From far right is Mr. Nyaga of Equity Bank, Mr. Seed and Dr. Alex Muhia Personal Assistant to the CEO.




One suspected robber was on Monday gunned down while three others escaped with bullet wounds

after attempting to raid the home of 2013 Presidential aspirant Peter Kenneth‘s home.



African nurses at King George VI Hospital , now Kenyatta, leave for lunch in 1962. In 1962 Kenya was awarded for offering

the best maternal and child welfare services in Africa and also ranked ahead of all commonwealth countries in Asia.






Mwizi! Mwizi! Crowd in Kirinyaga shout as Uhuru greeted Anne Waiguru


Kenyan Banks turn to digital banking amidst layoffs

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 1 – Kenyan Banks are expected to close branches and pursue a digital strategy raising fears of downsizing staff. According to Standard Investment Bank Research, banks are looking at thinner margins following the passing of the Banking Amendment Bill, forcing financial institutions to pursue a technology driven strategy to lower costs. “Presently, Equity Bank has enacted a freeze on opening new branches and is instead using its mobile-based platforms as well as agencies to recruit new clients. Other lenders such as Sidian Bank and Family Bank are planning to cut staff in order to reduce cost of operation,” states an analyst at SIB. Sidian Bank plans to send home at least 108 of its 506 staff at a one-off cost of Sh70 million while Mid-sized Family Bank was the first to declare a voluntary retrenchment programme but did not disclose the numbers targeted. Meanwhile, Pan-African lender Ecobank has announced it will close nine branches, out of its 29 branches, over the next seven months. According to management, the decision was made early this year with the bank planning to pursue a digital strategy, with similar changes planned across the other 36 countries it operates in. Its clients will now be recruited and served across its digital platforms such as mobile and internet platforms. The bank is currently in the process of selling its head office building based in Nairobi’s Central Business District. A recent World Bank report on Kenya dubbed Beyond Resilience, banks’ average net interest margins are likely to decline by up to 430 basis points from the 11.4 percent they averaged in June 2016.

This will impact all categories of Kenyan banks. However, given lower profit margins among Tier 3 banks relative to Tier 1 banks, they are likely to be hit the hardest. Reflecting the impact of the new law on bank profitability, some 15 percent of value of bank stocks (5.4 percent of the all share index) was wiped-off within a month of the passing of the Banking Amendment Bill. Further, the law is likely to reduce the ability of banks to differentiate creditworthiness and price accordingly, leading to a more homogenous product, reduced competition and shutting out of certain categories of borrowers. The WB report reckons consolidation of the banking sector may occur, as most of the smaller banks will face even higher challenges given their relatively high cost of funds. “When combined with more stringent capital requirements, the likelihood of consolidation is very high. This will potentially increase the market share of SACCOs and Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs), who are not subject to the same interest rate restrictions,” the report indicates. There are also concerns that Banks could create special purpose vehicles outside the purview of the Banking Act, freeing them to charge interest rates without the limitations of statutory cap. Banks are expected to also divert more of their assets to government securities. Further, banks with a regional presence will likely reduce Kenyan exposure in favor of other countries. - CapitalFM


A Kenyan elderly lady has passed away in Milton Keynes, UK. More later.




Proverbs 29:11


Keep Your Anger in Check
We read in Proverbs 29:11: "A fool vents all his feelings, But a wise man holds them back." Anger is a God-ordained emotion, but it’s meant to be your servant instead of your master. So keep your temper on a lead. Any time you’re tempted to give in to anger, stop and ask yourself two questions: 1) Is this really worth my anger? Much of the time you’re working only with partial information. Furthermore, when you view someone in the context of their best qualities rather than their worst ones, you usually respond differently. 2) Is this the best way, place, and time to express my anger? It’s hard to ask yourself this in the heat of the moment, but your emotions can be tamed and your temper can be trained. The Bible says one of the fruits of the Spirit is ‘self-control’ (Galatians 5:23 NLT). When someone wrongs you, the question isn’t are you big enough to do something about it; the question is are you big enough not to? The story’s told of two brothers who got into an awful fight and their mother ran upstairs to break it up. When she asked how the fight got started, the older brother said, ‘It all started when he hit me back!’ If you’ve an anger management problem, write this Scripture down, carry it with you and try to read it before you lose your temper: ‘Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs’ (Proverbs 19:11 NLT). You say, ‘That’s hard to do!’ Yes, and you’ll never do it perfectly. But if you do it more often God will be glorified, and you’ll feel better too.



Our guest singer today is is Naipasoi Tutuma Osirua from Maasailand - CLICK HERE



Pastor Samuel Muiruri's wife Judy joins him in UK

After a long journey trying to join her husband in UK, Mrs. Judy Wariara Muiruri  (2nd from left) from Kenya has finally joined her husband. Caught at Heathrow Airport, London on Tuesday 29th November, 2016 is Pastor Samuel Kinuthia Muiruri of Leicester, UK with her daughters Shiru (left) and Wanja (right) welcoming her in UK. "It has been a long journey trying to bring my wife Judy here in UK but I thank God that finally she is here." Pastor Muiruri said.



KTN Leo: Taarifa kamili na Mashirima Kapombe, Novemba 29 2016 - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Carry Your own Bangi

According to historians, Kariobangi used to be a place weed smoking colonialists used to hang out in the 1940s and 50s. These colonisers were mean and didn't like sharing their weed, pass the kushungpeng was not encouraged, so their key rule was Carry Your own Bangi. 

Slowly, they started asking each other, ''Are you going to carry your own bangi?''





KTN Prime: Graft Paradise; Just who is responsible for fighting corruption in Kenya? - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Man of God tells who will be the next Kenyan president

* Famous Nigerian prophet Johnson Suleman predicted the next president in front of CORD

* C o-principal and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka at KICC during an inter-denomination meeting

* He said that the next president is the one who is in power now but added that he sees many things changing

* He told Kalonzo that he is in bad company, and that is why he is being betrayed. It is at this point then that other worshippers started to shout that he was the former vice president

Famous Nigerian prophet Johnson Suleman predicted the next president in front of CORD co-principal and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka at Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC). Once Suleman, the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, was having a conference dubbed Total Liberation and Kalonzo was one of the worshippers. The former vice president was seated in the front seat and during ministration time, the prophet, who was prophesying randomly to people, told Kalonzo of how he has been betrayed. He apparently didn’t even know who Kalonzo was, and even that he was a prominent politician who had been the country’s former vice president. The prophet’s church in Abuja, Nigeria was brought down in 2015 by the administration of the former president Goodluck Jonathan, when he told Goodluck that he would lose the looming election because of the people whom he was surrounding himself with at the time. He has also been arrested by some leaders for telling them what will befall them. Back to KICC, he first told Kalonzo how he has a good heart but he has been betrayed on various occasions by the people he’s been working with. Prophet Suleman then told him how his wife is unhappy about the said circumstances, and promised to pray for his wife. When the apostle told Kalonzo that he is in bad company and that is why he is being betrayed, other worshippers started to shout that he was the former vice president, revealing to the preacher that he was prophesying to a top politician in the country. -





Bbuffalo Milk Competition at baba motiana wali sarkar Jahangr Kalan(Part 2)  - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




2017 Kenya Election timelines.....


1. February 2017
    ? Resignations of civil servants who want to vie
    ? Mass Voter Registration

2. March 2017
    ? Diaspora voters Registration 
    ? Party Nominations
        Rules submission 

3. May 2017
    ?  Independent Candidates Resignations from Parties
    ? Party symbols submission
    ?  Party Nominations Lists submission

4. June 2017
    ? Voter Register Certification
    ? Party Membership Register submission 
    ? Publication  of Nominated Candidates 
    ? Publication of Party Nominations  List 
    ?  Printing of Ballot Papers

6. August 2017
    ? Election 
    ? Ellected Leadership Gazetted




George Ogembo of Luton has lost his brother in law in Kisumu Kenya

George Ogembo of Luton has lost his brother in law in Kisumu Kenya. The late Shadrack Osewe Okach was brother to Julie Ogembo (Okach) of Luton. He was the son of Mr Dishon Okach Alago & Mama Judith Okach of Uyoma Katwenga Siaya County. Husband to Sara Orengo Osewe. Father to David, Sliza, Judy & Sharon. Brother to Claire Obiero of Kisumu, Florence Okach, The Late Engineer Zephania Otieno Okach, Julie Ogembo (Okach),Mary Okach, Fred Okach, The Late Captain David Okach, Erastus Okach of China, Rose Okach, Ruth Okach, Susan Okach & Samson Okach.  Brother inlaw to Dr. Pamella Mitula & Jonathan Muga. Uncle to Betty, Lorraine, Judy, Pauline, Rochelle,David, Ashley, Michele, Sharp, Shadrack & JT. There will be a get together to support the family on Saturday 3rd December from 3pm at 40  Sanfoin Road Luton. LU4 0RA. Any finacial support can be given to Julie Odhiambo Ogembo, Barclays Bank. Account Number 702-420-63 Sort Code 205-333. +447886939056 or George Ogembo Tel. +447507233987 or +254725454272.



 It is with humble acceptance of God will that we announce the passing on to glory of Mr. Kamau (Brother to Anne Waweru well known as Dada Wakirathimo or Mrs Trant) which occurred on Monday 28th November, 2016 back in Kenya. Friends and Family Members will be meeting at:- 64, Bower Way, Slough SL1 5JB. For more information please contact:- Dada Wakirathimo 07726494191, Lydia 07470082701 or Karanja 07480850509. God bless you as you pray and comfort the family during this time.


Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) - CLICK HERE FOR MORE



Uhuru hugs 'heroine' Karua at start of Kirinyaga tour


President Uhuru Kenyatta embraced Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua on Tuesday, perhaps to show that her support for Jubilee Party was welcome. Uhuru was accorded an overwhelming welcome upon arrival to Kirinyaga county, whose governor seat Karua will vie for on August 8, 2017. "My sister," he called after spotting Karua in the crowd. "Eee, I am right here," the politician replied as she approached the President, amid shouts and claps by the crowd. "How are you," Uhuru asked Karua. "I am fine, thank you," Karua replied before the hug followed. The President said he recognised Karua during Mashujaa Day celebrations in Machakos county as he believed she was a heroine. But he asked her to dissolve her party to join Jubilee. The Narc Kenya leader had earlier received Deputy President William Ruto. She said she was in the county to welcome the Jubilee Party leaders. "We have unity of purpose, like a home with an honoruable guest," she told the media. Karua hit the headlines last week after voicing her support for Uhuru and declaring that she will vie for Kirinyaga governor next year. The politician had been a supporter of opposition leader Raila Odinga and had demanded that Jubilee leaders respect her association with the Cord coalition. When she changed her position, she dismissed Raila's statement that the President has been defeated in the war on corruption. "I am very sure President Uhuru Kenyatta is determined to fight corruption. That is why I want to vie for governorship to support his efforts," she was quoted as saying. When Ruto presented her with the Water Ambassador award last week, members of the public wondered if it had to do with her declaration of support for the ruling coalition. But Water CS Eugene Wamalwa praised Karua noting she was recognised as a heroine of the 2nd liberation on Mashujaa Day. He described her as the "Mother of Water Sector Reforms. - - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





Six survivors in Brazilian football plane crash in Colombia: official

A plane carrying 81 people, including members of a Brazilian football team, crashed late Monday near the Colombian city of Medellin, officials said. The airport that serves Medellin said that among the 72 passengers and nine crew were members of Chapecoense Real, a Brazilian football club that was supposed to play against Colombia's Atletico Nacional on Wednesday in the South American Cup finals.  "Confirmed, the aircraft license number CP2933 was carrying the team @ChapecoenseReal. Apparently there are survivors," the Jose Maria Cordova de Rionegro airport said on its Twitter page. The LAMIA aircraft was flying from Bolivia to Medellin when it crashed in an area called Cerro Gordo about 50 kilometers from the city, Colombia's second largest. "It appears that the plane ran out of fuel," Elkin Ospina, the mayor of the nearby town of La Ceja, told AFP. He said authorities were on the scene and hospitals and medical centres were preparing to receive the injured. On its Twitter page, the Medellin airport said the crash site could only be reached overland because of bad weather in the area. Colombia's civil aeronautics agency said it had a team at the airport in response to the crash. - Daily Nation.




Heath officials have reminded the public that cold weather can be fatal - hours before a widespread frost hits Britain. Temperatures could drop to -6C over the coming nights in places, the lowest of the season so far. Dr Angie Bone, from the extreme events team at Public Health England, said: "Cold does kill, even in places where the temperatures are not at their lowest.  "Now is the time to prepare for the cold weather forecast by the Met Office, and to think of those you know who are older, very young, or have pre-existing health conditions who are particularly vulnerable."  The Local Government Association's (LGA) annual winter readiness survey shows that councils are well prepared for the drop in temperatures and have stockpiled 1.2 million tonnes of salt for the months ahead. 



Spectacular NEW Lion Road Block. Must Watch Till End. Lots Of Idiots. - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO







A man who injured 11 people, one critically, in a rampage at Ohio State University was of Somali descent and a student on campus, say US officials.



Brexit, Article 50 and now... 127

But the notes are revealing because they address some of the most contentious arguments over the UK's Brexit negotiations, on which the Prime Minister has refused to give a running commentary, including:

:: Single market: "We think it's unlikely we'll be offered single market. Our criteria are clear - more open the better."

:: Transition deal: "Transitional - loath to do it. Whitehall will hold onto it. We need to bring an end to negotiations."

:: Article 50: "Difficult on Article 50 implementation - Barnier (Michel, the EU's lead negotiator) wants to see what deal looks like first."

:: Manufacturing: "Relatively straightforward."

:: Financial services: "Services harder - because French hoping for business."

:: Borders: "ECJ (European Court of Justice) and control of borders won't fit."

:: Norway: "Why no Norway - two elements. No ECJ intervention. Unlikely to do internal market."

:: Trade: "Looking at Canadian deal and add to it."

:: The French: "French likely to be the most difficult. Don't want instability in Europe. Fearful of us as competitor."


Lion saves a baby calf from another lion attack - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





An Iranian vessel pointed its weapon at a US Navy helicopter in the Strait of Hormuz at the weekend, it has been revealed.

The move was described as an "unsafe and unprofessional" action by two US defence officials who spoke to Reuters.


Health officials in the US state of Texas say they have recorded the first case of the Zika virus transmitted by a local mosquito.

Up until now, all Zika cases in Texas have been contracted while travelling.


KTN Leo: Vitambi vya NYS; Hussein Mohammed achambua kashfa ya fedha za NYS, 28/11/16 - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



President Uhuru Kenyatta is shown a specimen of trout fish by Justus Njue when he toured the Kiganjo

Trout Farm on the slopes of Mt. Kenya in Nyeri County . Photo/PSCU - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Two Lions Circled A Injured Fox What Happened Second After Is Unbelievable! - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



The first photo shows Nairobi's Ambulance at the beginning of world war l ,it was replaced in 1917 by Kenya's first motorised Ambulance shown in the second photo.




Nairobi airport closed temporarily after plane makes emergency landing

A plane from Somalia landed on its belly and veered off the runway at Nairobi's international airport on Sunday, causing no casualties but prompting the authorities to temporarily close the runway. Kenya Airports Authority said on Twitter that the plane had four people on board when it made the emergency landing at 4.55 p.m. (1355 GMT) at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. "As a result the runway is temporarily closed to evacuate aircraft," the authority said, without giving any details about the flight or type of plane. It was not immediately clear when flights would resume. Officials said flights were being diverted to other airports, a Reuters witness reported nearly four hours after the incident.




46 royal guards killed in Kasese clashes

King Omusinga Mumbere was arrested and detained at Kasese Police Station on November 27, 2016. 


Forty-six royal guards have been killed in the offensive at Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Palace in Kasese, the Uganda Police Force have said. The guards were killed in an exchange of fire with Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) soldiers, according to Rwenzori East police spokesman Mansur Suwed, who also said 139 royal guards were arrested and are being detained at the Kasese Police Station. Several items were sized at the palace, including 16 patrol bombs, 42 knives, three metal detectors, one SMG rifle, and one pistol with two magazines. Others include four radios and 47 pangas. Brigadier Peter Elwelu, the UPDF 2nd Division commander, defended the army's attack on the palace, saying King Mumbere had been given an ultimatum of two hours to disband and disarm all royal guards at the palace. He added that King Mumbere was told to remain with only nine royal guards but he declined to do so, forcing the army to launch an offensive on the palace. Brigadier Elwelu described the actions of the royal guards as those of a terrorist group destabilising the region. He said the operations in the district would continue and the camps belonging to the royal guards will be razed. King Mumbere was detained at the Kasese Police Station before he was airlifted to Kampala. He is now at the Special Investigations Unit awaiting a meeting with President Museveni later today. - Daily Nation


Moments after crashing his KSh 30million car, police arrest Kenyan billionaire's son

John Macharia, the son to business magnate SK Macharia- the owner of ***** Media services has been arrested after crashing his KSh 30million Porsche. He was arrested on the same day for drunk-driving and released on bond. The next day, his car was towed away by a Porsche Kenya breakdown. No one was hurt in the incident even though a crowd had milled around the accident scene to see the rare Porsche.



Theresa May admits Brexit challenge in rare personal interview

The Prime Minister opens up about her Christian faith, childhood and which issues are keeping her awake at night. Theresa May admits Brexit is keeping her awake at night, offering a glimpse of the enormous challenge the new Prime Minister is grappling with in the wake of the referendum vote. In a frank and personal interview with The Sunday Times, Mrs May says she is very conscious that she needs to get on with delivering a deal.  "It's a moment of change. It's a hugely challenging time. And we need to get on with the terms of Brexit. And I'm very conscious of that," she says. "I want to make sure that everything we do ensures Britain is a country that works for everyone. And that we really get out there and forge a new role in the world post-Brexit. "We can make a success of it, we will make a success of it. But these are really complex issues." The wide-ranging interview offers some insight into the inner workings of this intensively private Prime Minister.  Opening up about her own childhood as the only child of a clergyman, her husband Philip and her own inability to have children, Mrs May reveals some of what drives her - her Christian faith, her self-belief and her sense of duty. "Being brought up in a vicarage, of course the advantage is that you do see people from all walks of life. What came out of my upbringing was a sense of service ... my father would be out and about visiting people," she explains.


Patients who drink and smoke are more likely to suffer complications after

medical surgery, doctors at the Kenyatta National Hospital have found.








Mobile Phone or similar device while driving will attract 6 Points and £200 fine!

New Driving Law takes effect as from 22.11.2016 in Great Britain. Article 50. Texting or using a Mobile Phone or similar device while driving will attract 6 Points and £200 fine! And up to 250 pounds more for the next car insurance premiums policy just be careful when Driving in UK





IEBC sneaked in 2 million votes to deny me victory, claims Raila

Cord leader Raila Odinga on Sunday claimed that two million votes were sneaked into the electoral agency’s server to deny him victory in the 2013 polls. Addressing a rally at Waondo Primary in Mbita, Homa Bay, during the second anniversary of former Senator Otieno Kajwang’, Mr Odinga said the electoral agency was part of the theft of his election, noting he would not go the coming polls with the current team. “After the 2013 elections, we decided to seek the services of an international agency to analyse the results which revealed massive discrepancies in the presidential poll outcome,” said the ODM leader. However, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has consistently explained that the narrative that two million people voted for the President only was a “myth.” The total variance between those who voted for the President and the other five seats, the IEBC said, was 458,085. But on Sunday, Mr Odinga said the outcome of the report revealed that a total of 10 million people cast their votes for MCAs, woman reps, MPs, senators and governors, while 12 million only voted for the President and left the polling centres. “The two million votes were cast abroad and taken for stuffing in Central Kenya. But after the computers rejected them, they were reflected directly in the IEBC server in favour of Jubilee,” said Mr Odinga. “From our analysis of the elections, Cord had 5.8 million presidential votes against Jubilee’s 4.7 million, a difference of 1.1 million votes,” he said.

Mr Odinga said Jubilee was in a panic mode after he revealed several government scams, adding that the government was now hell-bent on mudslinging him. “They are asking why I am just dwelling on the negative side of the government. The answer is that I have nothing positive to talk about Jubilee. They are now claiming that governors have been funding me. They must know that I started politics long ago even before the devolved system,” he said. ODM deputy leader Hassan Joho told other Cord principals to give Mr Odinga a chance to fly the coalition’s flag next year, saying the former premier has the numbers to send President Uhuru Kenyatta home. “Politics is about numbers and nobody has the numbers more than Raila. If we want to beat Uhuru, then we must give Raila a chance,” Mr Joho said. ODM chairman John Mbadi said the party hoped the move by the selection panel to re-advertise the IEBC chairman’s post was out of an informed decision. “ODM will not accept another election prepared by people we sent home through demonstrations that even led to bloodshed,” said Mr Mbadi. Director of elections Junet Mohammed reiterated that Mr Odinga was Cord’s best bet to run for president.

Elsewhere, Mr Odinga challenged Jubilee leaders to produce evidence if indeed they are sure he owes Mumias Sugar Company millions of shillings. He denied claims that he has contributed to the collapse of the company. “The corruption claims are baseless. They will not bring me down,” said Mr Odinga. “If they have failed in tackling corruption, let them carry their own cross and stop blaming everyone who tries to point them out,” said Mr Odinga in Siaya after being crowned a Luo warrior. Deputy President William Ruto and some Jubilee MPs from Western had accused Mr Odinga of owing the ailing sugar company Sh300 million. But the Cord leader maintained that he does not owe the company any money, asking anyone with evidence to table it. He was speaking at Siungu beach to mark a three-day Ramogi cultural festival. The event, which was held at Got Ramogi as a symbol of unity with the spirits of forefathers and sending their favourite son to battle, signified that Luos had high hopes in him as the preferred Cord candidate. And in Homa Bay, Governor Cyprian Awiti’s bodyguards shot in the air on Sunday to disperse a crowd that booed him at a political rally in Homa Bay town. The governor had earlier met another hostile crowd at a rally addressed by Mr Odinga in Waondo Primary School. Trouble began in Homa Bay Stadium when Agriculture Minister Eliud Otieno and the deputy governor Hamilton Orata arrived at the venue, leaving behind the governor. When Mr Awiti arrived minutes later, his vehicle was pelted with stones, forcing him to flee from the crowd. - Daily Nation.






God has purposes in your life

Esther's real name in the Bible is Hadassah (Esther 2:7) which means *perfume*. But when she became a slave they named her Esther which means *hidden*. But they didn't know you *cannot hide a perfume*. No one can hide you  because God will restore you to be a QUEEN or a  KING AS GOD HAS MADE YOU TO BE... YOU ARE COMING OUT AND NO ONE CAN STOP YOU. U ARE UNSTOPPABLE. No demon, powers or authority can stop you becoming or receiving what God has purposes in your life. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE



KTNLeo Wikendi taarifa kamili na Mary Kilobi 27/11/2016 - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Kenya Power to raise fees on bills paid in banking halls

Kenya Power will from next July introduce a surcharge on bills settled at its offices in an effort to decongest the banking halls further in a plan that will also see the listed firm recruit more agents, starting with 200 in Nairobi. The electricity distributor says the recruitment will cover the whole country but rolled out in phases as part of a strategy to drive its growing number of customers to alternative payment channels such as mobile money. Managing director Ben Chumo said its customer base has more than doubled to 5.3 million in the last three years, straining the 825 employees who work at the firm’s 10 banking halls across the country. About 630,000 Kenya Power customers paid their bills at the company’s offices as of June 2016, but Dr Chumo says these halls should be reserved for services such as enlisting new users and offering support. “The idea is to reduce the people coming to our counters by introducing a fee for those customers who are simply making bill payments,” he told the Business Daily in a telephone interview last Friday. - The Standard.

Jose Mourinho was sent off for a second time in a month

Jose Mourinho was sent off for a second time in a month as his Manchester United side drew against West Ham at Old Trafford. The Portuguese boss kicked a water bottle in reaction to referee Jon Moss showing Paul Pogba a yellow card for diving. Replays showed West Ham's Mark Noble did not make contact with the France midfielder. Mourinho, sent off by Mark Clattenburg during last month's 0-0 draw at home to Burnley, got his marching orders from the official moments later.


Bus caught in sinkhole as major incident declared in Lewisham


Firefighters rescued passengers from a coach that got stuck in a sinkhole on a high street in southeast London. A major incident was declared by police after the hole opened up on Lee High Road in Lewisham. The area was heavily flooded following a burst water main. A temporary shelter has been set up on Bonfield Road for people displaced from homes due to the flooding. London Fire Brigade tweeted: "We helped passengers off a coach that fell into a hole caused by flood water on Lee High Road in Lewisham. Please avoid the area if possible." And Lewisham Central Police tweeted: "Major Incident declared; a sinkhole has opened on Lee High Rd and the area is heavily flooded. Road closures in place. Avoid the area!" Twitter user @fairydust48 wrote: "Sinkhole has opened up in Lee high road ( Lewisham) swallowing a front end of a bus ...! water everwhere." Another witness, @BeccaNPhysio, tweeted: "So Lee High Road is a river." A photo from London Fire Brigade showed a coach leaning to its left in the floodwater. Scotland Yard said the road was closed "and will be for some time". Thames Water confirmed the water was from a burst main and that it had a team at the scene working to fix the problem.


Extracting Honey from our Stingless-Bee-Hive - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Fidel Castro death: Cubans mourn ex-leader

Cuba is mourning its revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, whose death was announced late on Friday. Flags are flying at half mast as nine days of mourning are observed. From Monday, people will be able to pay respects before the ashes of the 90-year-old are taken to Santiago de Cuba where he launched his bid for power. There were further celebrations in the US city of Miami, however, where many anti-Castro Cuban exiles and their families have settled. Some world leaders have been paying tribute to the 20th-Century icon. But US President-elect Donald Trump said Castro had been a "brutal dictator". Castro came to power in 1959 and ushered in a Communist revolution, defying the US for decades. His supporters viewed him as a man who stood up to America during the Cold War and returned Cuba to the people. His critics, however, called him a dictator.







“Meet The Abuja Pastor That Offered A Trader N500,000 For Miracle Scam That Went Bad

An Abuja pastor that offered a trader 500,000 for the trader to be used as a miracle scam. The Trader was to pretend that he was a dead man and the Pastor will then raise him from the death, unfortunately the trader died in coffin before they could make it to the stadium where the pastor was holding his crusade in Abuja. The wife of the deceased trader got police involved the fake Pastor was arrested by the police. However ,the pastor has been released through the help of his influential friends in Abuja and he has gone back to the business performing strange miracle in his church in Nyanya Abuja. The name of the pastor is Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor and his ministry is Firehouse Church, located beside Niger-Delta Gardens and Hotels Checking Point Nyanya. The so called Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor pastors the church with his wife and they have huge number of people to come to their church for miracle and solution to their problems.” -


Cord leader Raila Odinga has mourned former Cuban leader Fidel Castro as an outstanding personality of the 20th century. In a statement, Mr Odinga said, " In many ways, Castro was a great and true friend of Africa and other parts of the world that had to fight long and bitter wars to attain freedom from colonialism."



A Kenyan lady living in Birmingham, UK has produced an album. Mrs. Sophie Kariuki, a mother of 3 lives in Birmingham, UK and attends Birmingham City Church. She is also a member of the Praise Team, Kenyan Fellowship in Birmingham. She works for a charity called Sense in Birmingham. Click below for the numbers. Her contact tel no is 07447912158 and her Email address:



Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies aged 90

Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro (left) welcomes former General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Mikhail Gorbachev (Right) during the official ceremony for Gorbachev's arrival in Havana, Cuba on April 2, 1989. 


Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary leader who built a communist state on the doorstep of the United States and for five decades defied U.S. efforts to topple him, died on Friday. He was 90. A towering figure of the second half of the 20th Century, Castro stuck to his ideology beyond the collapse of Soviet communism and remained widely respected in parts of the world that had struggled against colonial rule. He had been in poor health since an intestinal ailment nearly killed him in 2006. He formally ceded power to his younger brother Raul Castro two years later. Wearing a green military uniform, a somber Raul Castro, 85, appeared on state television on Friday night to announce his brother's death. "At 10.29 at night, the chief commander of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, died," he said, without giving a cause of death. "Ever onward, to victory," he said, using the slogan of the Cuban revolution. Tributes came in from allies, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro, who said "revolutionaries of the world must follow his legacy."


Although Raul Castro always glorified his older brother, he has changed Cuba since taking over by introducing market-style economic reforms and agreeing with the United States in December 2014 to re-establish diplomatic ties and end decades of hostility. Fidel Castro offered only lukewarm support for the deal, raising questions about whether he approved of ending hostilities with his longtime enemy. Some analysts believed his mere presence kept Raul from moving further and faster, while others saw him as either quietly supportive or increasingly irrelevant. He did not meet Barack Obama when he visited Havana earlier this year, the first time a U.S. president had stepped foot on Cuban soil since 1928. Days later, Castro wrote a scathing newspaper column condemning Obama's "honey-coated" words and reminding Cubans of the many U.S. efforts to overthrow and weaken the Communist government. The news of Castro's death spread slowly among Friday night revelers on the streets of Havana. One famous club that was still open when word came in quickly closed. Some residents reacted with sadness to the news. "I'm very upset. Whatever you want to say, he is a public figure that the whole world respected and loved," said Havana student Sariel Valdespino. But in Miami, where many exiles from Castro's Communist government live, a large crowd waving Cuban flags cheered, danced and banged on pots and pans.


Castro's body will be cremated, according to his wishes. Cuba declared nine days of mourning, during which time the ashes will be taken to different parts of the country. A burial ceremony will be held on Dec. 4. The bearded Fidel Castro took power in a 1959 revolution and ruled Cuba for 49 years with a mix of charisma and iron will, creating a one-party state and becoming a central figure in the Cold War. He was demonized by the United States and its allies but admired by many leftists around the world, especially socialist revolutionaries in Latin America and Africa. Nelson Mandela, once freed from prison in 1990, repeatedly thanked Castro for his firm efforts in helping to weaken apartheid. In April, in a rare public appearance at the Communist Party conference, Fidel Castro shocked party apparatchiks by referring to his own imminent mortality. "Soon I will be like all the rest. Our turn comes to all of us, but the ideas of the Cuban communists will remain," he said. Castro was last seen by ordinary Cubans in photos showing him engaged in conversation with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang earlier this month. Transforming Cuba from a playground for rich Americans into a symbol of resistance to Washington, Castro crossed swords with 10 U.S. presidents while in power, and outlasted nine of them. He fended off a CIA-backed invasion at the Bay of Pigs in 1961 as well as countless assassination attempts. His alliance with Moscow helped trigger the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, a 13-day showdown with the United States that brought the world the closest it has been to nuclear war.




Elders crown Raila as Luo warrior

Cord leader Raila Odinga has been crowned a Luo warrior in a ceremony presided over by Luo Council of Elders in Bondo, Siaya County. The enthronement was presided over by Willis Otondi, the council chairman, and Secretary-General Owino Nyadi at Got Ramogi Hills shrines. The elders said that the move is aimed at preparing Mr Odinga for his campaign for presidency in the 2017 polls. - Daily Nation




Rev. Elizabeth Wahome will be buried on Tuesday 29th November, 2016 at Langata Cemetery


Rev. Elizabeth Wahome will be buried on Tuesday 29th November, 2016 at Langata Private Cemetery. Rev. Elizabeth Wahome has passed away. The late Elizabeth Wahome who is a good friend of the Seeds family passed at Nairobi Hospital on Monday afternoon the 21st November, 2016. We have lost a General in the Kingdom Rev Elizabeth Wahome of Royal praise church a hardworking business woman she was the general manager and the owner of home Depo supermarket Zimmerman. The late Elizabeth is the founder of slim skills training centre. She has been an asset to the Church and the society as a whole, she touched many and many were blessed through your ministry. Elizabeth was born on the 16th November, 1951 in Kihumbuini village, Gatanga in Muranga. - CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY


Man dies in Mumias as brutal GSU withdrawn from operation

The General Service Unit (GSU) officers have been pulled out of the operation to recover guns and ammunition stole from a police post in Mumias. Head of the operation Tito Kilonzi yesterday said the GSU had been dropped from the exercise. “We have decided to drop the reinforcement that we had brought from across Kakamega County to help us recover the guns after they did their bit as planned,” he said. The move to withdraw GSU officers follows a public outcry after the officers were accused of using excessive force in the operation. Meanwhile, the man who suffered burns when the officers allegedly burnt down his house, has succumbed to his injuries. Michael Mugo the administrator at St Mary’s hospital Mumias confirmed the death. “It is unfortunate. We tried our best but he succumbed to the more than 80 per cent burns,” Mr Mugo said yesterday. - The Standard.

ODM party opposes diaspora voting in next year's polls

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed. ODM has said it would object to diaspora voting in next year’s

elections due to uncertainties surrounding the registration of Kenyans living abroad.

ODM on Wednesday said it would object to diaspora voting in next year’s elections due to uncertainties surrounding the registration of Kenyans living abroad. The party’s director of elections, Mr Junet Mohammed, accused the government of aiding fraudulent issuance of identity cards and passports to illegal immigrants in the United States and other parts of the world to enable them update their national registration status before voter listing starts in the diaspora. Mr Mohammed spoke, even as the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide a clear data of how many Kenyans are living in the diaspora to ensure credible registration ahead of next year’s polls. “We are not going to allow voting in the diaspora. We know the government is planning to use it to rig elections. No one knows the numbers involved yet fraudulent registration of potential voters by government mercenaries is ongoing in various parts of the world,” said Mr Mohammed, who is also the Suna East MP.

IEBC chief executive Ezra Chiloba said there have been fears of election fraud after the commission announced it would allow Kenyans abroad to vote. He said IEBC does not have clear data on how many Kenyans are in the diaspora. Mr Chiloba was speaking on Wednesday in Nairobi during the launch of the Elections Observation Group survey finding on diaspora registration and advanced voting. NGOs and politicians have objected to the idea of IEBC involving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in diaspora registration and voting. Elections Observation Group committee chairman Brian Weke said the role of IEBC and that of the ministry are distinct, thus the ministry should not be involved. Mr Chiloba said: “As far as the civil society and many other may not want IEBC to allow the ministry of foreign affairs, it is difficult to work without them when dealing with other countries,” - Daily Nation.


17 arrested, charged over NYS theft - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Sinking Sh200 million Ruaka apartment block

may be salvageable inspectorate says




"Happy Birthday Mr. Seed, eat health"

Instead Mr. Seed family bring a traditional cake for his birthday this week, they bought

the above cake pushing a message to him "live and eat health"



How to handle snake bites - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Drama as Mangiti ‘paraded’ on fresh NYS charges,

Harakhe and Noor evade capture

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 25 – Former Planning Principal Secretary Peter Mangiti was once again in the dock on Friday when together with 23 others, he was charged with conspiring to defraud the people of Kenya of Sh47 million. Mangiti’s co-accused include former AIE holder in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning Adan Harakhe and the former Chair of the Ministerial tender committee Hassan Noor for whom warrants of arrest were issued for their failure to honour summons from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. The three are accused, together with other members of the Ministerial tender committee, of failing to adhere to procurement law in the awarding of a tender to Blue Star Enterprises for Automotive Engineering training material. “On diverse dates between December 16, 2014 and September 28, 2015 within Nairobi City County in the Republic of Kenya conspired together to commit and economic crime to wit unlawful disposal of public funds Sh47,600,000 From Ministry of Devolution and Planning to the firm of Blues Star Enterprises,” the charges read. The Directors of Blue Star Enterprises are also listed as accused persons for fraudulently seeking to acquire public property in the amount of Sh45 million. “Betty Njoki Muriithi and Jennifer Muthoni Kinoti on or about September 28, 2015 within Nairobi County in the Republic of Kenya being holders of Account number 030002061501 in the name of Blue Star enterprises at Paramount Universal Bank, Koinange Branch unlawfully and fraudulently acquired Sh45,137,931.05 from the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, National Youth Service, being proceeds of supply of Training materials in the Automotive Engineering Faculty, that was irregularly awarded,” the charges read. The 16 of the 24 accused who were in present in court on Friday denied the charges and were released on cash bail terms ranging from Sh250,000 to Sh1 million with the most severe falling on Mangiti who is facing several counts including abuse of office as is Harakhe. Harakhe and Noor had moved to the High Court in an effort to forestall their arrest and prosecution. Mangiti is already facing charges in relation to the siphoning of Sh791 million from the National Youth Service.  -







For more information please visit

For more information please visit





"The one who loves an unsightly person is the one who makes him beautiful." ~Ganda Proverb






Elizabeth Okinda has an office on 29th  floor of Canary Wharf


Elizabeth Okinda is a Kenyan from Nyanza province, born and raised in 3 different cities, Kisumu, Mombasa as well as Nairobi. Started primary education at, Ganjoni Primary school, Mombasa until age 9 and finished her primary education at Lower Kabete primary school in Nairobi. Completed secondary studies at State House Girls high school. In 2003, Elizabeth travelled to the United Kingdom to complete her LLB degree at University of Huddersfield and went further to complete Law School at BPP Law School in London with a Distinction. Elizabeth is a qualified, disciplined and results orientated solicitor.

Elizabeth benefits from eight years’ experience working with individuals, corporate clients as well as Governments in a highly pressurised environment and having multiple priorities to manage; known for a deep understanding of business needs and trained to ACCA standards in Accountancy. Elizabeth is currently practicing at KGIA Solicitors based at 29TH Floor, One Canada Square. Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA.

She specialises in all areas of Commercial practice, including commercial leases, Immigration law, Employment, Family and all aspects of Litigation. Elizabeth also advises on funding for Government projects across Africa; trustworthy, with integrity and respect for confidential information, an articulate communicator with the ability to influence and interact with stakeholders at all level.


Personal website: 

LinkedIn: Liz Okinda, Twitter: @lizokinda, Mobile: 07729898851.

Company website: E-mail: and Office: 0203 290 4068







Dear Members in the Diaspora,

We thank Almighty God for the far he has brought us in the year 2016.

As we close the year, we would like to appreciate all the members for the tremendous support that you have shown us during the year.

We would like to invite all our members from the Diaspora in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, China, Australia and  locally within Kenya borders
for a 2 day event where we will be handling all your queries, offering you excellent services and also handing over title deeds to the existing projects like
Vipingo and Juja among others.

We will also offer an opportunity to all our members to interact with our staff and directors during these 2 days of Customer Service excellence.

The event will be held on Thursday 15 December 2016 to Friday 16 December 2016 at the Kenya Power (KPLC) parking base opposite Stima Investment Plaza II.

Don’t miss out on this great Customer Service experience day.


Morris Njagi
Business Development & Marketing Manager
Stima Investment Co operative Society Ltd
P.O BOX 75629 00200 City Square, Nairobi.
Office No: 020 2363843
Office Mobile Nos: 0713 905195 / 0731 298917
Personal Mobile: 0722 509622



Click here to register for the Safebridges Stubbers Event for 11-19yr olds. Please use the

parent email and contact details. PLACES ARE LIMITED. REGISTER NOW.

Laying The Foundations For Positive Futures - Stubbers Adventure Centre - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO







Dennis Njiiri Njiiri is now at Port Iguazu at the border of Argentina and Braizil. He took time to visit the biggest falls in the world Iguazu Falls which comprises of 275 falls. He joined other tourists in a boat to tour the fall which took the whole day. Although they speaker English in the tourists attractions site Language barrier is an issue because they speak Portuguese in Brazil. He is now heading to Reo de Jeneiro in a tourist bus for a 26 hours journey. He met a Scottish youth couple in the bus who are going round the world for 14 months. Baby Seed as he is well known left UK for Kenya at the beginning of October for Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, South America, US (five states) and ending his tour in Canada coming back to UK in February 2017. The Seeds family and friends wish him a safe journey. 



1. Iguazu Falls aka Iguassu Falls or Iguaçu Falls, are waterfalls of the Iguazu River located on the border of the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentine province of Misiones. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu.

2. The waterfall system consists of 275 falls along 2.7 kilometers (1.67 miles) of the Iguazu River.

3. The first European to find the falls was the Spanish Conquistador Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca in 1541, after whom one of the falls in the Argentine side is named. The falls were rediscovered by Boselli at the end of the nineteenth century, and one of the Argentine falls is named after him.

4. Some of the individual falls are up to 82 meters (269 ft) in height, though the majority are about 64 metres (210 ft). The Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo in Spanish or Garganta do Diabo in Portuguese), a U-shaped, 82-meter-high (269 ft) , 150-meter-wide and 700-meter-long (490 by 2,300 feet) cataract, is the most impressive of all, marking the border between Argentina and Brazil. Two thirds of the falls are within Argentine territory.

5. About 900 meters (0.56 miles) of the 2.7-kilometer length (1.67 miles) does not have water flowing over it. The edge of the basalt cap recedes only 3 mm (0.1 in) per year. The water of the lower Iguazu collects in a canyon that drains into the Paraná River at Argentina, shortly downstream from the Itaipu dam.

6. Iguazu currently has the greatest average annual flow of any waterfall in the world. The water falling over Iguazu in peak flow has a surface area of about 40 Ha (1.3 million ft²) whilst Victoria in peak flow has a surface area of over 55 ha (1.8 million ft²). By comparison, Niagara has a surface area of under 18.3 ha (600,000 ft²).

7. Taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide, Iguazu Falls are the result of a volcanic eruption which left a large crack in the earth. During the rainy season of November – March, the rate of flow of water going over the falls may reach 450,000 cubic feet (12,750 cubic m) per second.

8. The best times to see Iguazu Falls are in the spring and fall. Summer is intensely tropically hot and humid, and in winter the water level is considerably lower.

9. The area is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

10. On her first sight of the tremendous falls, Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed: “Poor Niagara!”










UK outreach church has moved to memorial community church, Plaistow

The PCEA UK OUTREACH LONDON congregation has moved from ST. MATHEWS CHURCH, DYSON ROAD Stratford to MEMORIAL COMMUNITY CHURCH (The former Memorial Baptist Church, Plaistow), 395 BARKING ROAD, Plaistow, E13 8AL, opposite Plaistow Police Station. It held its first Sunday Service on Sunday 6th, November, 2016 from 2.00pm. For more information please contact Rev. Kibathi on 07946700301 or Mrs. Grace Koimburi - 07908227728.














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