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Feds to step up immigration enforcement in USA

President Trump has now empowered federal agents to work with local law enforcement to round up and deport people who have committed certain crimes -- even if they are here legally. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Dallas and across the country are complying with the new mandate from the president. “This is a very big story,” said Fernando Dubove, immigration attorney. “You’re talking about affecting the lives of millions and millions of people, including people who are here legally in the United States.” ICE agents will be enforcing laws put in place during the George W. Bush administration and changed in the Obama administration that will allow them to identify and remove people here legally who are convicted of a certain group of crimes and people here illegally and in police custody for any reason    People in the U.S. legally with a green card, but have a conviction of certain offenses -- domestic violence, unlawful carrying of a weapon, multiple thefts, possession of a controlled substance – will be placed in deportation proceedings. Dubove says he expects people could be picked up as they arrive to their probation officers at work and their homes. People in the U.S. illegally will see an increase in ICE detainers when they are picked up for even the simplest traffic offense. The president hinted at the tougher actions when he announced executive orders on immigration, tripling the number of ICE agents. “What President Trump is doing he's doubling down. He's gonna increase the number of ICE agents at the jails, the county facilities, which is going to increase the number of people being caught,” Dubove said. People in the U.S. legally with a green card, but who have been convicted of one of these deportable offenses and completed probation, can still be deported.


Britons could be banned by some Spanish hotels because UK tourists have allegedly "fleeced them" of £42m in fake food poisoning claims.



It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our dear Sister and friend Mrs Jane Kamau or mama Lilly of Nottingham, UK which took place in City Hospital, Nottingham on Monday 1st May, 2017. Prayer meetings will start tomorrow the 2nd of May at Bells Lane Community Centre, Nottingham, NG8 6DD beginning from 6.00 p.m. to 9.0 p.m. For more information please contact 07950720017 or 07535130160. More info will follow later.




67 pounds of marijuana concealed in a casket, seized near Willcox, USA

TUCSON, Ariz. (KSAZ) - At an immigration checkpoint near Tombstone, Arizona, Willcox Border Patrol Agents stopped a hearse and found more than 67 pounds of marijuana concealed in a casket. A white hearse was traveling north of Tombstone when the agents conducted an immigration vehicle stop at the intersection of highway 90 and highway 82.  After several inconsistent statements with the driver and the overall unusual circumstance of a hearse being driven at night in the location, the agents had a Border Patrol canine unit check the hearse. The canines detected an odor that led them to unload the casket and reveal multiple bricks of marijuana. The marijuana in the casket is worth over $33,000. Along with the bricks were several bags of manure in attempt to cover up the smell of marijuana. The driver is a 28-year-old male U.S. citizen who was arrested for narcotics smuggling and is being processed for contraband smuggling per Tucson Sector guidelines. His name was not released. The hearse and drugs were seized.



We are looking for experienced carers and support workers who are available

to work long or short shiftsin the following areas




                                           South end on sea, Grays & Basildon







We also train monthly and offer work thereafter.

For more information, please call us on

0208 5904045



Uhuru Kenyatta announces 18 per cent rise in minimum wage

President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli during Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park, Nairobi

Nairobi Kenya: President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced 18 per cent increase in minimum wage during the Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park, Nairobi. Up to Sh100,000 of bonuses and overtime shall not be taxed in order to cushion Kenyans from high cost of living. The minimum taxable salary shall be Sh13,475. Central Organisation of Trade Unions had requested for a 22 per cent increase in basic pay, citing inflation which has constantly been increasing. The president said progress to build a prosperous economy to allow Kenyans earn decent living was on course. He underlined current efforts in road construction, lowering barriers to trade, quality education as some of the strategies. The President urged employers to ensure workers are safe and said State will soon embark on inspection of safety at work place to ensure compliance. On foreign jobs, uhuru urged Kenyans to only work with accredited agencies in securing jobs abroad especially in the Middle East. "We have streamlined administration and management of employment agencies to minimise on exploitation, it is upon you now to work with accredited agencies, said uhuru. Atwoli called on the government to create post-independence cities to not only decongest Nairobi but also tackle unemployment. Low turnout marked the Labour Day fete with many workers staying away probably due to bad weather in Nairobi. Nonetheless, other leaders including deputy president William Ruto, Nairobi governor Evans Kidero, Senator Mike Sonko, Labour Cabinet Secretary attended the function. - The Standard



President Uhuru's full speech during Labour Day as

he reveals the new changes he has for workers




The smartphone is eventually going to die, and then things are going to get really crazy

One day, not too soon -- but still sooner than you think -- the smartphone will all but vanish, the way beepers and fax machines did before it. Make no mistake: We're still probably at least a decade away from any kind of meaningful shift away from the smartphone. (And if we're all cyborgs by 2027, I'll happily eat my words. Assuming we're still eating at all, I guess.) Yet, piece by piece, the groundwork for the eventual demise of the smartphone is being laid by Elon Musk, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and a countless number of startups that still have a part to play. And, let me tell you: If and when the smartphone does die, that's when things are going to get really weird for everybody. Not just in terms of individual products but in terms of how we actually live our everyday lives and maybe our humanity itself. Here's a brief look at the slow, ceaseless march toward the death of the smartphone -- and what the post-smartphone world is shaping up to look like.

The short term
People think of the iPhone and the smartphones it inspired as revolutionary devices -- small enough to carry everywhere, hefty enough to handle an increasingly large number of daily tasks, and packed full of the right mix of cameras and GPS sensors to make apps like Snapchat and Uber uniquely possible. But consider the smartphone from another perspective. The desktop PC and the laptop are made up of some combination of a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. The smartphone just took that model, shrank it, and made the input virtual and touch-based. So take, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S8, unveiled this week. It's gorgeous with an amazing bezel-less screen and some real power under the hood. It's impressive, but it's more refinement than revolution. Tellingly, though, the Galaxy S8 ships with Bixby, a new virtual assistant that Samsung promises will one day let you control every single feature and app with just your voice. It will also ship with a new version of the Gear VR virtual reality headset, developed in conjunction with Facebook's Oculus. The next iPhone, too, is said to be shipping with upgrades to the Siri assistant, along with features aimed at bringing augmented reality into the mainstream. And as devices like the Amazon Echo, the Sony PlayStation VR, and the Apple Watch continue to enjoy limited but substantial success, expect to see a lot more tech companies large and small taking more gambles and making more experiments on the next big wave in computing interfaces.

The medium term
In the medium term, all of these various experimental and first-stage technologies will start to congeal into something familiar but bizarre. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and the Google-backed Magic Leap are all working to build standalone augmented-reality headsets, which project detailed 3D images straight into your eyes. Even Apple is rumored to be working on this. Microsoft's Alex Kipman recently told Business Insider that augmented reality could flat-out replace the smartphone, the TV, and anything else with a screen. There's not much use for a separate device sitting in your pocket or on your entertainment center if all your calls, chats, movies, and games are beamed into your eyes and overlaid on the world around you. At the same time, gadgetry like the Amazon Echo or Apple's own AirPods become more and more important in this world. As artificial-intelligence systems like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Samsung's Bixby, and Microsoft's Cortana get smarter, there will be a rise not just in talking to computers but in having them talk back.

In other words, computers will hijack your senses, more so than they already do, with your sight and your hearing intermediated by technology. It's a little scary. Think of what Facebook glitches could mean in a world where it doesn't just control what you read on your phone but in what you see in the world around you. The promise, though, is a world where real life and technology blend more seamlessly. The major tech companies promise that this future means a world of fewer technological distractions and more balance, as the physical and digital world become the same thing. You decide how you feel about that.

The really crazy future
Still, all those decade-plus investments in the future still rely on gadgetry that you have to wear, even if it's only a pair of glasses. Some of the craziest, most forward-looking, most unpredictable advancements go even further -- provided you're willing to wait a few extra decades, that is. This week, we got our first look at Neuralink, a new company cofounded by Musk with a goal of building computers into our brains by way of "neural lace," a very early-stage technology that lays on your brain and bridges it to a computer. It's the next step beyond even that blending of the digital and physical worlds, as human and machine become one. Assuming the science works -- and lots of smart people believe that it will -- this is the logical endpoint of the road that smartphones started us on. If smartphones gave us access to information and augmented reality puts that information in front of us when we need it, then putting neural lace in our brains just closes the gap.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil has been predicting our cyborg futures for a long time now. Tech Insider Musk has said this is because the rise of artificial intelligence -- which underpins a lot of the other technologies, including voice assistants and virtual reality -- means humans will have to augment themselves just to keep up with the machines. If you're really curious about this idea, futurist Ray Kurzweil is the leading voice on the topic.

The idea of human/machine fusion is a terrifying one, with science-fiction writers, technologists, and philosophers alike having very good cause to ask what even makes us human in the first place. At the same time, the idea is so new that nobody really knows what this world would look like in practice. So if and when the smartphone dies, it'll actually be the end of an era in more ways than one. It'll be the end of machines that we carry with us passively and the beginning of something that bridges our bodies straight into the ebb and flow of digital information. It's going to get weird. And yet, lots of technologists already say that smartphones give us superpowers with access to knowledge, wisdom, and abilities beyond anything nature gave us. In some ways, augmenting the human mind would be the ultimate superpower. Then again, maybe I'm just an optimist.


State House says the constitution does not recognise

three new offices created in opposition

Nasa principals, from left, Musalia Mudavadi, Raila Odinga, Isaac Ruto, Kalonzo

Musyoka and Moses Wetang'ula at Bomas of Kenya on April 20, 2017.

The National Super Alliance’s new top positions, as established in a power sharing agreement deposited with the Registrar of Political Parties last week, will not require amendments to the Constitution, lawyers who drafted the coalition document have argued. But State House is saying the opposite, warning that Kenyans might be forced to spend billions of shillings on constitutional amendments should the Opposition, it it wins the next elections, go ahead with plans to create a new office of Premier Cabinet Secretary and two deputising functions. Drafters of the coalition agreement, while defending its spirit and constitutionality, argue that the new positions are in line with the supreme law of the land, and hence there would be no need for the lengthy process of changing the law to create the slots. They will, however, depend on the goodwill of the Opposition’s flagbearer Raila Odinga to create the positions as stated in the agreement.


“The positions will not need constitutional amendments nor are they unconstitutional since it will be the prerogative of the President to structure and organise his government,” the lawyers state in an advisory to Nasa principals. In the deal, which brings together ODM’s Odinga, Wiper Party’s Kalonzo Musyoka, Amani National Congress’ Musalia Mudavadi, Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetang’ula, and Governor Isaac Ruto of Chama Cha Mapinduzi, the drafters relied heavily on Articles 131, 132 and 152 of the Constitution, which specify the powers and functions of the President. Apart from the president and the deputy’s slot — the latter which goes to Mr Musyoka — the opposition coalition has proposed the positions of Premier Cabinet Secretary to Mr Mudavadi, who will be deputised by Mr Wetang’ula and Mr Ruto. The deal provides that, upon winning the elections and taking office, Mr Odinga will be required to use his powers to create room for his co-principals in a new government structure they describe as the “horizontal sharing of power”.

“Article 152 contains a power vested in the President to establish, structure, and organise a Cabinet,” the lawyers state. While Article 152 is basically about the size of Cabinet that a president can create, the powers to establish it are laid out in Article 132(a). “Article 132 sets out how to realise the assistance of the Deputy President and the Cabinet Secretaries by vesting in the President the power to appoint the Cabinet Secretaries and other executive officers as set out in Article 132 (2) (a) – (e),” they state in the deal. To avoid any possible squabbles that may arise if the President fails to establish the positions, the coalition agreement requires that once Nasa wins the elections, all decisions will be made in consultation with the co-principals. “The (coalition) agreement ties the President, in forming government, to consult and have the concurrence of partners (co-principals)” the advisory states.

This, perhaps, explains the reason Mr Odinga on Thursday dwelt on their mode of power sharing, stating that it was a collegiate leadership in which he will be “the first among equals”. The second step, which they argue the Jubilee administration is using to question the practicality of creating the new positions, will be to streamline the government to be in line with the Bomas Draft Constitution, which will require amendments to the supreme law. This will take between one and three years. In an addendum to the agreement, they state: “The Coalition Parties undertake to initiate amendments to the Constitution to bring the structure of government in line with the Bomas Draft constitution.” Both President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have rubbished Nasa’s power sharing agreement, arguing that it creates non-existent positions which may not be established. On Sunday, Ruto claimed that Mr Odinga should not be trusted by his colleagues to establish the positions as he is only guided by selfish interest.

“It is now clear to all that this is one person who is selfish and would only want to do things that will only benefit him,” said the Deputy President in Narok. “He wants to cheat people that he is leading them to Nasa, which has no agenda for this country.” In State House, spokesman Manoah Esipisu said it was unfortunate that instead of creating wealth, the Opposition’s plan is to abuse existing wealth so that three people can get jobs. “You know, people have agreed to take jobs that don’t exist. One of the opposition leaders said in a media interview that the first job for the team will be to use billions of shillings to change the Constitution so the three phantom jobs can be legitimised,” Mr Esipisu said.

The State spokesperson was responding to a question regarding the Opposition’s leadership structure during his weekly media briefing at State House on Sunday. He said opposition figures ought to know better that they cannot somehow enact constitutional changes within 90 days of taking office to create three jobs. “Making constitutional changes that require a referendum will simply not take three months. It will take years,” he said. “And, considering how citizens have rejected MPs and Governors that they don’t believe have used their resources prudently, they are unlikely ever to agree to spend billions of shillings to create jobs for the three men promised phantom ones.” – Daily Nation.


Tsunami fears raised after Philippines underwater quake causes 'hazardous waves'


The Giant Bank Equity Team still holding in Scotland


Equity Bank representatives in partnership with Optiven Group are currently in the UK

Scotland we are still around

MONDAY 1st May, 2017 we shall be at Holiday Inn Express Glasgow - City Ctr Riverside Stockwell Street Glasgow, G1 4LW ready to meet clients one on one from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

TUESDAY 2nd May: Venue: 200 Great Junction, Edinburg, Scotland, Eh6 51w on Tuesday 2nd May, 2017 from 05:00 p.m.

Equity Bank Team will be together with Optiven team in all of their UK venues.

See you there!
Contact Information:

Winfred: 0746 6823162
Whatsapp: +254722 635 368

Godfrey: 0744 0679265
Whatsapp: +254763 3421708.

Optiven & Equity bank are in Scotland to Empower Kenyans in Scotland. Equity bank is offering £130

to buyers of Optiven value added plots - to all Kenyans in the Uk . You only need

to select a plot by calling 0744 002 1602 . Optiven does the rest for you




UK’s Anthony Joshua beats Klitschko in Wembley thriller



Anthony Joshua has beaten Wladimir Klitschko with an 11th round stoppage in a thrilling heavyweight title fight in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley. Both fighters were on the brink of defeat at various stages, with Joshua recovering from a brutal knockdown that had him hanging on in the middle rounds to steady the ship and stop the Ukrainian. Klitschko, 41, defied many who believed he would be steamrollered in the early rounds by his younger opponent, and held off the Briton behind his jab. Wladamir Klitschko goes down against Anthony Joshua during the IBF, WBA and IBO Heavyweight World Title bout at Wembley Stadium Joshua found his mark with a ferocious flurry in the fifth that sent Klitschko to the canvas, but the experienced former champion held on to the bell. Remarkably, he came back with a right hook of his own in the sixth to knock down the British fighter, who then himself appeared seconds from defeat. Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko in action during the IBF, WBA and IBO Heavyweight World Title bout at Wembley Stadium A worrying few rounds followed for the 2012 Olympic champion as he appeared spent and unsteady, throwing little back and seemingly seconds from an against-the-odds defeat. With the experienced Klitschko using his years of ring craft to edge ahead on many pundits' cards, time appeared to be ticking down for Joshua. Wladimir Klitschko muss sich Anthony Joshua nach technischem K.o. in der elften Runde geschlagen geben.  He needed something big in the final rounds - and he delivered - big time. The bell for the 11th saw Joshua rejuvenated, flooring his opponent twice in quick succession thanks to a thundering uppercut and a left hook - only for the Ukrainian to drag himself off the canvas each time. A final flurry forced the referee to step in and save a spent Klitschko from further punishment.



Musician Charles 'Jaguar' Kanyi sheds tears after Jubilee fail to help him – CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




The Late Boniface Mutunga Mutia

It is with much sorrow and acceptance of God’s will. We hereby announce the sudden death of Boniface Mutunga Mutia of Hyattsville Maryland on 23rd April 2017. He was born in Kisasi, Kitui, Kenya on December 12, 1945. He was a loving father and grandfather. He is survived by his son, Boniface Mutunga Mutia II, daughter, Mwikali Melissa Mutia, daughter in-law, Sarah Lithira-Mutia, son in-law Abdul Lamin, He was a loving grandfather to grandsons, Mutunga Lamin, Bonifus Mutunga Mutia III, Kristafer Mutia and granddaughter, Tahya LR Mutia. He migrated to the USA in 1968. Boniface Mutunga Mutia was a very hard working man,kind, loving and sociable man, who was loved by many. He leaves behind a very diverse group of friends. Till we meet again in glory, we shall miss you dearly Tata! From God we come and to God we shall return. Rest in eternal peace Tata! We loved you and always will! The planning committee is in the process of planning a fund raiser to help Mr Mutia’s family (children)with the burial expenses. A memorial service to celebrate our brothers life is in the process of being organized. We will keep you updated. Please feel free to reach out to Mr. Mutia’s family; Boniface Mutia;831905-7253, Mwikali Mutia;240-4790. Organizing committee; Carey Khasakhala;301-332-7912, Eric Ndaka 301-467-5910, Tom Kombo 202-439 5896, Chris Kieti; 301-675-5504, Dominic WAMBUA;407-361-7239, MUIA KIVUVANI;240-370-3775, REUBEN MBINDA;202-817-5898 and Muindi Mbingu;; 240-277-1028. –


Inside the church where Jesus was born in Israel - Church Nativity

Pastor Jane Njiiri (left) and Pastor Anne Kiruthi from London caught inside the Church

of Nativity where Jesus was born in Israel last month. - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Meet the 37-year-old woman who has given birth to 38 children

The mother of 38 claims she was married off by age 12 in 1993 to a much older 40-year-old man

A woman from Uganda has given birth to a jaw-dropping 38 children, and surprisingly she is only 37 years old. The mother, Mariam Nabatanzi, has delivered all her children at home except her latest addition who is now four months old, reports the Nairobi News. The newborn had to be delivered by caesarean section at a local hospital. The mother has reportedly given birth to an astounding six sets of twins, four sets of triplets and three sets of quadruples. Ten of the children are girls and the remaining 28 are boys. The eldest of the brood is 23 years old and the youngest just four months. The mother of 38 claims she was married off by age 12 in 1993 to a much older 40-year-old man. “I did not know I was being married off,” she told the publication.


Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye (middle, black top) with some of her 38 children.


“People came home and brought things for my father. When time came for them to leave, I thought I was escorting my aunt but when I got there, she gave me away to the man.” Being a child herself she told how she found married life at such a young age difficult. “My husband was polygamous with many children from his past relationships who I had to take care of because their mothers were scattered all over. He was also violent and would beat me at any opportunity he got even when I suggested an idea that he didn’t like,” she recalled to the publication. In 1994, only a year into her marriage and aged 13 she gave birth to twins. Two years later, she gave birth to triplets and a year and seven months after that added a set of quadruplets. - Source: Daily Monitor - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO






We are sad to announce the death of Mr Peter Irungu Wanjohi (3rd from left escording Ruth on her wedding) father to Pastor Ruth Mwirigi and Pastor Joel Mwirigi of Slough, UK (centre), who died together with his son, Evans Nduati (Pastor's younger brother far right) in a tragic car accident near Kenol, Murang'a County on 25/April 2017). He is seen here during Pastor's weddig in 1998 at Ealing in West London. Prayers commence today at Pastor's house, 70 Long Readings Lane, Slough, SL2 1PZ. Following the death of Pastor Ruth and Joel Mwirigi's dad and brother on 25/4/2017, there is going to be a memorial service on Sunday 30/4/2017 in Slough. This will be a time to meet and pray for the family before they travel to Kenya. Venue: WEEKS DRIVE COMMUNITY CENTRE, TAMARISK WAY SL1 2UN. TIME 6:30 - 8:30 PM (Promt). Contact-Pastor Joel Mwirigi 07868654322.


You’ve only got a month to spend all your old £5 notes

If you still have any of the old paper £5 notes knocking about, you better spend them soon – because the deadline for the switch is looming.
We now have just under a month to spend the old fivers before they officially lose their legal tender status, the Bank of England has warned. From May 5, retailers can refuse to accept the paper £5 note. A new plastic note, which features Winston Churchill, was released into circulation last September. The new banknotes are more durable, water-resistant and include anti-counterfeiting features. However, a furore erupted just months after their release following the revelation that they contained beef tallow. As a result, many Hindu temples and vegetarian restaurants said they wouldn’t accept the new notes.



US growth rate hits three-year low

The US economy slowed dramatically in the first three months of the year,according to official data. GDP expanded at an annual rate of 0.7% in the first quarter - the slowest rate since the first quarter of 2014. It will be unwelcome news for President Donald Trump who, during his election campaign, made a pledge to raise growth to 4%. In a bid to fulfil that promise, on Wednesday the White House proposed slashing the rate of corporation tax. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin unveiled President Trump's tax blueprint, which aims to cut the business tax rate from 35% to 15%. The plan also proposed an incentive for companies to bring back money held overseas and a cut in tax rate for individuals, although the plans were light on detail. The Trump administration may be reassured by the trend in recent years for growth figures to be depressed in the first quarter, but then pick up later in the year. "US GDP figures are typically weaker in the first quarter, so this reading is in line with the seasonal trend," said Nancy Curtin, chief investment officer at Close Brothers Asset Management. "We haven't yet had the expected fiscal stimulus from Trump, the effects of which may not be seen until the end of this year or the start of 2018."

The annualised first quarter growth rate of 0.7% was less than the 1% analysts had been expecting, and a slowdown from the 2.1% growth rate seen in the final quarter of last year The slowdown was down to stagnant consumer spending, economists said. "Household spending was held down by a drop back in motor vehicle sales from a near-record high at the end of last year and the unseasonably warm winter weather, which depressed utilities spending," said Paul Ashworth, chief US economist at Capital Economics. But he thinks consumer spending will "rebound" as personal income showed healthy growth and data suggests that consumer confidence remains high. Close Brothers' Ms Curtin also pointed out that other data suggested strength in the US economy . "While investors might be disappointed with the reading, it has been a steady start to the year with inflation looking benign, a resilient jobs market and positive PMI [purchasing managers'] data."



A Kenyan in UK has bought a house with a Heri Sacco bypassing mortgage

The smart customer deposited funds in his Heri Homes Sacco then took x3 loan


A Kenyan in UK has worked smart to buy a house with Heri Homes. He worked smart to avoid bank loans and mortgages. His loan was approved last week who saw him climb to the mortgage ladder without a lot of involvements. This is how he did it. He took a 2-bedroom house off plan with Heri Homes Kikuyu Heights Phase II at cost of about KShs. 3.6 million. Instead of paying his deposit directly to Heri Homes, he deposited of about KShs. 1 million to Heri Sacco and then he took a loan x3 of his savings and then pushed his money to Heri Homes. He bought the house for KShs. 3.6 million and by the time the house is completed in 18 months the house will be worth KShs. 5.6 million (see the video below to substantiate my argument. A large of Kenyans in the diaspora had bought Kikuyu Heights houses Phase I which is now complete and Mr.Seed is flying to Nairobi next week to witness the handover ceremony on behalf of Kenyans in the diaspora. Heri Homes Sacco interest rate is 1 per cent per month making 12 per cent per year.

Over 200 Kenyans in the Diaspora who have bought a property in Kenya this year. 23 of them thought it was impossible to buy a property within their income. After getting an advice of how easy you can manage yourself they are now happy to join the property ladder. Whether you are buying a property in Kenya or not gauge yourself by calling an expert on this issue. It is just a matter of connecting with the right people. Contact Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes on +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:




Kameme TV Launched





Hard Work PLUS Prayers = WIN

Revival Stars FC has taken the North-East London and Essex Church League (NEL&ECFL) by storm in the 2016/17 season by winning the double. They were confirmed champions of the league with a game to spare on ---- with a commanding points tally of () as well as a superior goal difference. They then went on to win the NEL&ECF League Cup in 5-1 FINAL WIN against a very talented and formidable Upney FC.

A season of great achievements
Revival Stars FC has won the league with many notable achievements not witnessed in the NEL&ECFL before. They lost only one game in the entire campaign and had the Their top scorer, striker () missed out on being top scorer in the league but was the highest scorer to ever miss out on the honour in the history of the league! The team was also high on the behaviour score card, missing out on top spot by a yellow card in the second last game – they were runners up.

This caused the League Chairman, Mr () to concede that sometimes a team wins the league when they haven’t been necessarily the best team, but Revival Stars FC had exemplified themselves by being the best team in the league and the double correctly reflects that.

The League Cup Final
The cup final was evenly matched and goalless for the first half hour. Then Revival FC’s () broke the deadlock with the first goal of the match with a wonderful strike from (). It didn’t take long before Upney FC scored to draw level and it seemed it would stay that way at the break. However, Revival Stars struck again (twice?) before half time.

The second half begun with Upney FC rallying in attack to get back in the game, but Revival Stars struck early to make the match almost beyond Upney FC’s reach. They then did so with another goal late on after another was disallowed to establish them as League Cup champions for the second time in 3 years with a 5-1 win.

There were great highlights from the game with Revival Stars FC playing their attractive attacking football that has also won them the League with only one loss. Their captain Nicholas Semujjo was commanding in defence and all his players followed suit. It’s a well drilled and organised team under coach John Kigathi. The man of the match honour went to Revival’s Mohamed Mahmoud.

Revival Stars was formed 3 years ago and joined the NEL&ECFL in the 2014/15 season. In their first season, they won the league cup, a remarkable achievement as they had to beat holders and dominant team in the league, Blackhorse FC in the semi-final before going on to win the final. They finished the league in (3rd) position, also commendable. In their second season, they were runners up in the league.

The Team, under the leadership of the Chairman Boniface Mbugua, Patron Simon Muracia and Coach John Kigathi has become a wonderful place for young men to be mentored to greater achievements in their lives. The objective is to enable them to form meaningful and long lasting friendships on and off the pitch. They are encouraged to use the power of unity to venture into business or other activities that will enrich their lives and those of their families. Those in various difficulties have found the advice of Chairman Boniface and Coach John very helpful. They know they have reliable and courageous men to turn to.

Ultimately, they are encouraged to answer existential questions about life and the role faith plays in ensuring the formation well rounded and responsible men of courage and honour.




Over 10,000 people expect at the Park



UK economy grows by 0.3% as service sector slows

The UK economy grew by just 0.3% at the start of the year, the slowest growth rate since the first three months of 2016, according to official figures. The Office for National Statistics said that the slower pace in the January-to-March period was due mainly to the service sector, which sank to 0.3% growth against 0.8% at the end of 2016. In the last quarter of 2016, gross domestic product increased by 0.7%. Friday's figure is a first estimate and could be revised in the coming months. Economists had been expecting GDP growth to slow as consumers reined back spending in the face of rising inflation, but they had pencilled in a higher figure of 0.4%. Chris Williamson, chief economist, IHS Markit, said: "The message is clear: the start of the year saw the weakest pace of growth for a year as rising prices have started to hit household spending." The main drag on the service industry, which accounts for about 78% of the UK economy, came from the hotels, restaurants and the distributions sector, which fell by 0.5%, as increasing prices from rising inflation applied the brakes to retail trade, The ONS said that output in the construction sector was also dragging on GDP after expanding by 0.2% in the first three months of the year following 1% growth in the fourth quarter of 2016. Industrial production expanded by 0.3% over the period, with manufacturing increasing by 0.5% thanks to a jump in motor vehicle output, while agriculture growth eased to 0.3% in the first quarter from 1% in the final quarter of 2016.




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Tanzania's President Magufuli sacks 10,000 over fake certificates

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has sacked nearly 10,000 civil servants for having fake education certificates. He was responding to the release of a government report into fraudulent qualifications in the public sector. The education minister said that some had been using their relatives' school certificates, while others did not appear on official records at all. President Magufuli has given those on the list until 15 May to resign or face legal action.





Join us in Celebrating 6th Anniversary of

the Kenya Community Rebuild in UK



Sonko, Sakaja and Shebesh win Jubilee primaries

From left: Senator Mike Sonko, Woman Rep Rachel Shebesh and Nominated MP Johnson Sakaja,

who are leading in Nairobi Jubilee primaries.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has won the Nairobi Jubilee gubernatorial nominations. Senator Sonko got 138, 185 votes against Peter Kenneth's 62, 504 and Bishop Margaret Wanjiru's 7, 654 votes; in 17 constituencies. In the senatorial race, Mr Johnson Sakaja got 163,446 votes to beat Richard Khavemba (33,109) and Badi Ali (10,132). And in the Nairobi Women Representative nominations, Mrs Rachel Shebesh led with 91,766 votes against Millicent Omanga 53,734 votes and Karen Nyamu 36,828 votes. Earlier, Mrs Shebesh stormed Nyayo Indoor Gymnasium at Nyayo Stadium, where the tallying was taking place. She claimed that her votes in Embakasi North were being stolen and added onto Mrs Omanga's. "I will stay here and stop this process until you tell me what's going on and why my votes are being stolen," said an agitated Mrs Shebesh who was then escorted to record a statement at Nyayo Stadium Police post. She later left with her supporters to Jubilee headquarters to lodge a complaint. – Daily Nation.


A Whispers from London (By their fruits we shall know them)

Written by: Man ManKambugua        E-mail:     Facebook: Man Man Kambugua


I remained behind after everyone else in the office had left for home after a hectic day. I was supposed to go to the bus station, take a bus then go home. Considering that I would have to queue for hundreds of metres at the bus station, I decided to work in the office for an extra one hour so that by the time I would be in the bus station, I would find a shorter queue.

Having been in the office alone for close to thirty minutes, I decided to take a walk along the corridor just to keep myself busy. On the far end of the corridor was an office to one of our senior managers whose name was Mr. Billy Small. He was a Black African from the shores of Lake Victoria but he liked to be addressed as Mr. B.H. I had barely walked for five metres past B.H’s office when I had him shout my name;
'Man Man! Man Man! Nice to see you! You must have come from annual leave today. I have been to your office and I told your colleagues that once you came back you come and see me. I told them that I had exciting news from one of our clients,' he said.

'B.H. those are news to me! I reported today and nobody told me that you were looking for me!' I replied.
'Well it is never too late. Client X is launching a new property in Grand Regency hotel (now Laico Regency) and you are one of those people invited. The launch is starting at 8:00 pm but guests are supposed to have a cocktail party from 6:00 pm. I suggest we go now. I could not believe it! On what criteria was I chosen considering that there were many other people in senior positions.

May I open the lid and confess that I had never attended a cocktail party in my life. Secondly, in the party, I was supposed to be on the same table with our three directors plus some other senior Managers. Our competitors in the industry had also been invited. The invited guests were who was who in the industry. Like attracts like so all the attendants were well known people unlike me. I had just been employed five months before and before then, I was just a villager in a tiny village. For Mr. B.H. to put me on the same table with our directors, it was just like telling me to jump out of my skin! I tried to give B.H. a hundred reasons as to why I was not suitable to attend but he could hear nothing of the sought.

'Mr. Man Man, you are not attending the launch to evolve to a reptile. After launch will still remain a human being!' he said with a smile.
It was too late to say 'No!' so we decided to walk from the office to the hotel. On the way I imagined all those people looking at me as I struggled to fit my village mannerisms with that of the city and I missed a beat.

In the hotel we were ushered in like President or Kings. I started feeling a sense of importance after I saw how we were made to feel at home. Mr. B.H. realised that I was uneasy so he made sure that he talked to me as much as he could. He introduced me to all the important people that he knew. They all gave me business cards expecting me to give them mine. To their disappointment, I did not give them mine because 'my Secretary had gone home with the keys to my drawer where all my cards were!' I lied.

Being a cocktail party we were to take bites and drinks while standing as we mingled and exchanged ideas. Our customer had special interest in us because we used to give them business worth millions of shillings every month. However much Mr. B.H. tried to be friendly to me and to make me adjust, I was still finding it hard to bond with my seniors. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind, supposing I took a few beers? Beer has a tendency of giving someone false confidence which I badly needed. The idea worked well because after sometime, I found myself engaging in conversation with our M.D. on how we could decrease our expenditure in that financial year. Looking back, I can't tell whether I made sense to him or not. Now that in my 'beer infested mind' we were 'equal' with the directors, I made sure that we talked as much as we could. Mr. B.H. felt uncomfortable with my new found familiar territory with directors from the way he was looking at me from the corner of his eyes.

Speeches were made by the hosts and other dignitaries. Everything was going in very well as the party went on and on. To make the whole night have fun, raffle tickets were sold. I bought just one just to mirror every other person. When the winners were announced, I was surprised to hear my name being called out! Wonders will never cease, they will only increase! I had won a weekend for two full board in a five star beach hotel in Mombasa. I was also supposed to be welcomed with a bottle of wine once I was in the hotel. Apart from that, I was given a VIP Gold Membership card for three years. This meant that I could stay in any of their five star hotels for free for any three weekends in one year period. It would always be a weekend for two. My colleague Mr. B.H. did not win anything. All in all he congratulated me just like my directors. And the night went on and on.

No situation is permanent so the party came to an end some minutes past midnight. I kept looking at my gold card and corresponding vouchers with great pride because to me it was a night to remember.

Fortunately my colleague used to live near my estate so he agreed to drive me home. On the way we discussed about the party, the guests, women, more women ... He was equally happy for me from his conversation. He even told me that when I decided to visit the hotel, I should tell him so that he could take his wife also. I kept thanking him for making my night and he enjoyed my heap of compliments to him.

'Man Man, always meet senior staff like B.H. If you want to rise in this company,' he would say as he cruised on the road at that hour of the night. We reached my house and I bid him goodbye. He promised to take me for lunch the following day so as to advise me on how I would maximise on my Vip Membership. At times life can be very sweet!

On arriving in my office in the morning, I heard a phone ring in my extension and I picked it up. It was the secretary to the Managing Director on the line. He told me that the director wanted to have a word with me. Could he be calling me because I possibly misbehaved due to my half-drunk nature? I gathered courage and entered his office. He warmly greeted me and asked me to have a sit. He then thanked me for attending the function although I was not in Marketing Department. He also thanked me on behalf of his colleagues because of making them happy with my stories during the launch. I also thanked him for his time and also for putting the company in global map.

Before leaving, he showed me an email from Mr. B.H. copied to all directors. Mr. B.H. had suggested that I should be stripped off my VIP Gold Membership because I was not in Marketing. He also criticised my interaction with the directors when in drunken condition and that I should face disciplinary measures. On reading it I was shocked beyond words! I asked the director his version on the email and he laughed it off. 'You are a star Man Man!' he said.

I went straight to my office and started my work. I tried to concentrate but any time I hit the Computer keyboard, I felt disappointed by how BH of all other people would stab my back. I finally decided to call him to pour out my heart. He picked up the phone and went on to thank me for giving him company the night before...brrr....brrrr...He also congratulated me for winning the prestigious prize in the raffle.

'Yeah man, you know what Man Man, if you play your cards, that Membership status can catapult you to a level you have never dreamed of, lucky you Man, Congrats!' he said. 'Mr. B.H. thanks for the opportunity yesterday. As you congratulate me, I would also like you to advice on how I can avoid disciplinary measures for being drunk and disorderly!' I said. On hearing my request, he disconnected the phone immediately.

It was a night to remember! God has his ways of honouring somebody irrespective of his or her social background. I had always prayed God to make way for me to flourish and rub shoulders with who was who in the industry and it came to pass. One thing is certain; that when you progress, enemies multiply by day. By being in diaspora, one has already won the first prize lottery of life. Once you step on the western world’s soil, you are blessed not unless you are the jealous and cursed person.

In life, enemies will come in many shapes and forms. When they come, accept them and keep off from them. They can even be your own relatives so if you find that a relative is your enemy, put his or her file in a very high shelf. Love them from a distance. Don’t forget that life can be very boring without enemies. Many people will come to pull you down when you are on your take off stage but so long as there is God’s signature in you, you will flourish. By their fruits, we shall know them!


New cracks over NASA flagbearer

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka moved with speed to stem simmering rebellion in his backyard. Barely a day after the colourful unveiling of National Super Alliance (NASA) 2017 line-up, a revolt erupted in Kalonzo's Wiper Democratic Movement Friday. In a twin assault on the party's leader, Wiper's highest ranking official in the National Assembly Francis Nyenze disowned Thursday's power-sharing arrangement which placed Kalonzo as the running mate of presidential candidate Raila Odinga. – CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY




It is with humble acceptance of God's will that we announce the passing to glory of our beloved mum Naomi Njeri Ndungu, she was wife to Peter Ndungu Kuria of Githunguri Kiambu, mother to Paul njoroge Ndungu, Milkah wahu nganga, Robert Kuria Ndungu (Kenya) Tabby Gathoni Ndungu (Israel) and Mary Wangui Mutonga (UK). Grandmother to Melanie Kariuki, Felistas Nganga, George Munene, Dennis Nganga (Kenya), Ndungu (senior) Ndungu (junior) Njeri Njoroge, Alex Mutonga and Shaun Mutonga (UK). Sister to Joseph Mburu Njoroge, Paul Wainaina Njoroge & Esther Wanjiru Gichuhi. Mother-in-law to John Mutonga(UK), Jackson Munene (Kenya), Jane Njoroge (Kenya). Mum went to be with the Lord on Tuesday 25/05/17 after a long illness. Family and friends are meeting for prayers at 29 Panyers Gardens, Dagenham RM10 7FG until Saturday 29th, April, 2017. Memorial Service will be held on Sunday 30/04/17 from 5.00PM at Memorial Community Church (formerly, Memorial Baptist Church). 395 Barking Road, E13 8AL (opposite Plaistow Police Station). The funeral will be held on Friday 5/05/17 in Githunguri Town, Kiambu County, Kenya. For more information, in UK, please contact: Pastor Mwaura - +447723076569 or Elder Grace Kamau-+447908227728 or Mr. Mutonga - +44 7577417976. In Kenya, you can contact Paul on 00254722661676. Mum we loved you but God loved you most. You will be dearly missed. RIP till we meet again.



Foreign investors back Brexit Britain

Britain is the number one destination in Europe for foreign direct investment, according to figures that revealed a surge in inflows to levels not seen since before the financial crisis. In a vote of confidence in Brexit Britain, UK FDI inflows soared to $253.7bn (£197bn) in 2016, up from £33bn the previous year, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This represents the highest level of inflows since 2005. The figures also showed the UK drove the bulk of the 17pc increase in FDI inflows to the European Union. Britain also climbed above Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France to become the top destination for inward FDI across Europe and second only to the US in the OECD club of 35 rich economies. The OECD highlighted that the massive surge in FDI inward flows to the UK was driven by a handful of mega deals. This includes ABInBev’s £79bn takeover of SAB Miller to create the world’s largest beer company, oil major Shell’s £34bn acquisition of BG Group, and Softbank’s £24bn purchase of ARM Holdings, two of which were announced well before the Brexit vote. However, the data also showed the UK remained the top FDI destination in Europe even when these deals were excluded.



Meet the Mzungu Kikuyu of Kiambu



Reprieve for Bishop Wanjiru as court releases her on Sh100, 000 cash bail


Lee Kinyanjui routs Governor Kinuthia Mbugua in Nakuru Jubilee primaries

Lee Kinyanjui routs Governor Kinuthia Mbugua by garnering 216,385 votes against the incumbent’s 150,137. John Mututho who was eyeing the same seat managed a total of 30,487 votes. In the Senatorial category, Susan Kihika emerged winner after getting 270,581 votes against Karanja Kabage who scored 49141 votes. Liza Chelule won the Woman Representative ticket after garnering 119,924 votes. Anne Karigu followed by 55,111 votes while Agnes Njambi got 39387 votes. – The Standard





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I’ll be a diligent senator, says Kang’ata after defeating Gitura in Jubilee polls

From left: Murang'a Governor Mwangi wa Iria, Woman Rep Sabina Chege and Kiharu MP Irungu Kang'ata

celebrate on April 27, 2017after they were announced winners in the Jubilee Party primaries.

Kiharu MP Irungu Kang’ata has trounced Deputy Speaker Kembi Gitura in the Jubilee Party nominations for the senate seat in Murang'a County. Mr Kang’ata got 158,167 votes against Mr Gitura's 146,207 votes. The first term MP surprised many when he declared interest to unseat Mr Gitura late 2016. Mr Kang’ata, in his acceptance speech, said he was humbled by the support he got from the youth. “I will be a diligent senator and execute my responsibility to the best of my ability. I will fulfil my promise of assuring them a better pay through legislation,” he said. Mr Kang’ata was voted in overwhelmingly in Kiharu, his constituency, garnering 39,818 votes against his rival 26,203 who got votes.

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria also won the Jubilee Party ticket to defend his seat. Mr Wa Iria garnered 205,941 votes to defeat his bitter rival, Kigumo MP, Jamleck Kamau who got 118,274 votes. Surprisingly Mr Wa Iria trounced the MP even in his Kigumo backyard after garnering 27,822 votes against Mr Kamau's 18,591 votes in a region perceived to be his stronghold. Mr Kamau’s campaign team expected that he would win with a landslide given that he has been the area MP for 10 years.

The county boss urged his opponent to concede defeat, warning him against running for the seat as an independent candidate. “There has been propaganda and attempts to discredit me but they have failed. To my competitors, the deal is over,” he said. He added: “It is now about the party unless you do not believe in the party's spirit.” He announced plans to form a united front with the nominees to decide on the way forward. The leaders vowed to unite the county that has been experiencing political tension owing to the hotly contested governor's seat. In the woman representative’s contest, incumbent Sabina Chege trounced her opponent, former radio presenter Waithera Muitherania by a landslide. Ms Chege, who is also a former journalist, got 211,639 votes, becoming the aspirant who won with the highest count. Her rival secured 80,325 votes. – Daily Nation.



Bishop Samuel Muya, the General Overseer of Talents Revival Churches in Kenya, will be the Guest Speaker in our Sunday Service at Memorial Community Church, Plaistow, 395 Barking Road, E13 8AL, (opposite Plaistow Police Station) on 30th April, 2017 at 2.00PM.
‘Our Theme this Year – Jeremiah 6:16’.

For more information, please, contact Rev. Edwin Kibathi on 07946700301.



Raila named NASA flag bearer, Kalonzo deputy in August poll line up

ODM leader Raila Odinga has been named as the National Super Alliance flag bearer. Raila will face off President Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee with Kalonzo Musyoka as his running mate. NASA brings together Raila, Musalia Mudavadi (Amani), Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Moses Wetang'ula (Ford Kenya), and Isaac Rutto (CCM). Under the arrangement, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi is proposed to take up the position of Premier Cabinet Secretary as earlier reported by The Star. This will be created after the election in the event of NASA victory. Under the Premier CS will be two powerful deputies of equal rank. Rutto will be in charge of the State Department of Devolution and Planning. The other deputy in charge of Public Service will go to Wetang’ula of Ford Kenya party. The announcement of the August 8 polls team was made at Uhuru Park on Thursday by Mudavadi. The principals have been under pressure to name the person who will battle it out with Uhuru. Raila, 72, contested the presidency in 1997, 2007 and in 2013 but lost. He was Kenya's prime minister from 2008-2012 under a power sharing deal, with former President Mwai Kibaki. This was reached to end violence that rocked the country in 2007/08 after Kibaki's disputed win. More than 1,300 people were killed in the skirmishes that also displaced some 650,000 Kenyans. – The Star



Bishop Wanjiru charged with malicious

damage, creating disturbance at Jubilee polls

Former Starehe MP Margaret WANJIRU at Milimani law court on Thursday, April 27

Governor aspirant Margret Wanjiru was on Thursday charged with two counts of malicious damage to property and creating a disturbance. She appeared before chief magistrate Francis Andayi following an incident during Wednesday's Jubilee primaries in Nairobi. The aspirant was accused that on April 26, 2017, at City market polling station, she unlawfully and willfully with others who were not before court destroyed 4 ballot boxes. She was also accused of destroying assorted ballot papers, all valued at Sh30,000, which is the property of Jubilee Party. On the creating a disturbance charge, the court was told that aspirant forcefully stormed the jubilee polling station and disrupted nominations. Wanjiru denied the charges. The court is expected to make a ruling on her bail application this afternoon after the prosecution objected to her release. The DPP, through Kemo Alloyce, told the court that if Wanjiru is freed on bail, she may intimidate or interfere with crucial prosecution witnesses. Bishop Wanjiru was arrested on Wednesday after primaries at the City Park polling centre were disrupted. – The Star


Hon. Maina Kamanda wins Jubilee Starehe seat






Heri Homes Team currently in Australia continues to shine down there where a large number of Kenyans in Australia have committed to buy a property with Heri Homes. Many people have come to like the off plan model Heri Homes are providing. While in Australia the team Heri Homes CEO Mr. Kimani Kimotho (4th from right) and Joram (5th from left) met with the newly elected Kenyan Senator in Australia Mrs. Lucy Gichuhi (4th from left). - You can contact them through their Whatsapp +254 722257658. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


Peter Kenneth rejects results as Sonko takes early lead




(Davy) David Ndege of Milton Keynes has lost his brother in Kenya

It is with great sadness and God's acceptance to announce a sudden death of George Ndege who was murdered in kenya on 26/04/17. He is a brother to (Davy) David Ndege, Mirriam Ndege, Elizabeth Ndege & brother inlaw to Kate MK. Family, friends & well wishers will be meeting at 54 Oakwood drive MK2 2JQ. Start Thursday 27/4/17 to Sunday 30/4/17 from 6-9pm. For more information please contact Kate 07535107480 or Davy 07943987972. Thanks in advance for your Prayers & Financial support. Kindly use: M.N sort 110834 Acc:00850797 Halifax . May God bless you as you plan to attend.




*Kabado wa Kabado out
*Esther Murugi ~out
*Mary Wambui ~Out
*Clement Wanbugu ~Out
*Roho Safi ~Out
*Tirus Ngahu Out

*Kinuthia Mbugua ~Out
*Jacob Macharia~Out
*John Kihagi ~Out
*Nelson.Gichuhue out


*Njenga wa Kigo ~Out
*maina Kamanda~~ IN
*Dennis Waweru Out
-#MERU ~`~Flolence KAJUJU ~~OUT
*GITAU ~ out
Antony kamaru out
*GG Kariuki ~~Out
*Wanjiku wa muhia out
Wanjiku has spoken


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Uhuru, Raila allies kicked out in Jubilee, ODM polls

Gem Member of Parliament Jakoyo Midiwo in Seme, Kisumu among the losers

Allies of President Kenyatta and Nasa co-principal Raila Odinga have been voted out by a seemingly decisive public in the Jubilee and ODM nominations which have been marked with violence, chaos and confusion. In Kiambu, voters overwhelmingly voted out Governor William Kabogo in favour of Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu. Six MPs were also kicked out in the Jubilee Party nominations in President Kenyatta’s backyard. Among the MPs kicked out was Kiambu Woman Rep Anna Nyokabi, a relative of President Kenyatta, who lost by a huge margin to radio journalist Gathoni Wamuchomba. Ms Wamuchomba garnered 374,306 votes to Ms Nyokabi’s measly 26,768 votes. Ruiru MP Esther Gathogo lost to businessman N’gan’ga Kin’gara while Limuru’s John Kiragu lost the ticket to former MP Peter Mwathi.


MP Njoroge Baiya, an active participant in the National Assembly debates, lost to newcomer Kago Wa Lydia. In Nyanza, Mr Odinga’s allies were easily beaten in the ODM nominations by newcomers. Those kicked out are Mr Odinga’s elder brother Oburu Oginga (Nominated), Jakoyo Midiwo (Gem) and Nicholas Gumbo, who was seeking the Siaya governor seat. Others are MPs Aduma Owuor (Nyakach), Augustino Neto (Ndhiwa), George Oner (Rangwe), Omondi Muluan (Alego-Usonga) and former aide of Mr Odinga, Caroli Omondi. In Nyanza, where clinching the ODM ticket almost guarantees one a win in the general election, the leaders are likely to face an uphill task retaining their seats should they chose to vie as independent candidates. At the same time, Deputy President William Ruto, who was busy at the Jubilee Party headquarters in Pangani signing off nomination certificates, watched as his allies were shown the door in the Jubilee nominations in his Rift Valley backyard.


His deputy communication secretary Emmanuel Tallam was floored in the Nandi Hills contest by outspoken MP Alfred Keter, considered a rebel in the Jubilee Party. Mr Keter garnered 19,734 votes against Mr Tallam’s 5,620. National Assembly Legal Affairs chairman Samuel Chepkonga, another close ally of the DP, lost in the Jubilee nominations for Ainabkoi constituency to Mr William Chepkut, an aide of former Cabinet minister Nicholas Biwott. Mr Chepkut got 13,685 votes against Mr Chepkonga’s 13,556. In Elgeyo-Marakwet, Keiyo South MP Jackson Kiptanui, who was said to have been fronted by the DP to topple Governor Alex Tolgos, was trounced by the incumbent. He came a distant second in the Monday primaries. Mr Tolgos won with 63,645 votes against the MP’s 34,666. In Uasin Gishu, Mr Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop, popularly known as Buzeki, was headed to a defeat on Wednesday after failing to get enough votes to topple Governor Jackson Mandago.


Although he denied being fronted by the DP, Mr Kiprop is said to be a close friend of Mr Ruto. By last evening, with only one constituency remaining, Mr Mandago enjoyed an unassailable lead of 103,961 votes against Mr Kiprop’s 68,833. Former Judiciary chief registrar Gladys Shollei clinched the Jubilee ticket for Woman Rep. In Kapseret, current MP Oscar Sudi managed to shrug off a challenge by newcomer Steve Kewa, who was said to have ben fronted by the DP. In Kitui, Wiper chairman David Musila, an ally of Nasa-co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka, lost his bid to clinch the ticket for the governor’s seat. Senator Musila lost to Governor Julius Malombe, who garnered 88,382 votes while Mr Musila got 74,308 in the contest in which tallying of votes took more than 50 hours to conclude as the candidates disagreed on the results. – Daily Nation.




This Waititu! I want to know what Church he goes to niende huko pia mimi. I want to know his God coz that God is working for him. Dude vies for councillor and loses, winner dies, he vies again and wins. Vies for Embakassi MP and loses, winner dies he vies again and wins. Vies for Governor (a guy that lost MCA, remember) loses. Unfortunately for him Kidero refuses to die. But wait... An MP dies in Kiambu... He runs there and vies... Wins!!! Decides, you know what, I could try Governor here. And alas.... Now look at him... King of the hill... All hail Baba Yao. - By Joseph Ngugi



If you know what these people are doing,

know that age is catching up with you



Mbita MP’s house burnt day after winning ODM primaries

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo’s home was burnt down just a day after she won the ODM nominations. The house at Urianda village, Lambwe ward in Mbita constituency, was burnt down by unknown people last evening in what the MP attributed to protests by her opponents after she won the primaries. A mob is said to have torched the only house in the compound, destroying household items. Ms Odhiambo claimed that the attack had been intended to eliminate her because of her victory in the ODM primaries. – The Standard





D-Day for Nasa as coalition set to announce its flagbearer

Nasa will on ~Thursday unveil a line-up which comprises the presidential candidate, his deputy and posts of premier cabinet secretary and his two deputies. The negotiated agreement seen by the Nation reveals that the coalition’s presidential candidate, once elected into office, will delegate the day-to-day running of the government to the holder of the powerful office of the premier cabinet secretary who will also be in charge of the state department of Internal Security and administration of the national government. One of the two deputy premier cabinet secretaries will be in charge of the state department of Public Service and the Foreign Affairs ministry while the other will oversee the state department of Devolution and the Treasury. The five principals – Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetang’ula and Isaac Ruto – spent the better part of Tuesday and yesterday tying up loose ends to the agreement at an undisclosed location within Nairobi. Close aides to some of the principals said Wednesday’s meeting started at around 10 am and dragged on until evening.

It was not until early Wednesday afternoon that the five agreed on the presidential candidate, the running mate and the offices to be occupied by the remaining three principals. The power-sharing agreement recognises that whoever is picked as the presidential candidate will only be first among equals and will involve his co-principals in the formation of the Nasa government in the event that they trounce Jubilee during the August 8 election. The agreement states that if elected to office, the president shall not make any decision without agreeing with co-principals, beginning with the formation of government. All executive positions will be shared, with the president getting less portfolio appointments, the agreement further states. In forming the new government, the president and his co-principals will ensure that they conform to the Constitution which requires that the national executive reflects regional and ethnic diversity of Kenyans.

The presidential candidate, if elected to office, will rely on the law which sets out his functions and powers and confers on him the discretion to establish, structure and organise the Cabinet. “Upon formation of government, the president shall delegate the running of government to the premier cabinet secretary in accordance and as provided for in the Constitution which requires the president to exercise executive authority with the assistance of the deputy president and cabinet secretaries,” it states. Speaking at Uhuru Park, the venue of Thursday’s rally, three of the five co-chairmen of the Nasa Coordinating Committee said the rally will change Kenya’s history. – Daily Nation.



Bishop Wanjiru spends night in custody over nomination fracas

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 26 – Jubilee Candidate for the Nairobi gubernatorial race Bishop Margaret Wanjiru will spend the night at the Pangani Police Station after she was arrested for causing violence at City Park polling station. Nairobi Police boss Japheth Koome says Wanjiru stormed the centre together with her supporters and destroyed ballot papers which had already been cast during Wednesday’s nomination. Koome said the former legislator will be charged in court with incitement to violence charges. “She was arrested after causing violence,” Koome told Capital FM News of the 5.30pm incident. Wanjiru is facing off with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth for the coveted party ticket. - Koome said the former legislator will be charged in court with incitement to violence charges. “She was arrested after causing violence,” Koome told Capital FM News of the 5.30pm incident. Wanjiru is facing off with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth for the coveted party ticket. – CapitalFM


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Former Interior CS Joseph Ole Lenku wins Kajiado Jubilee gubernatorial ticket

Former Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku has been nominated as the Jubilee gubernatorial candidate for Kajiado County. The candidates who were competing for the ticket are Tarayia ole Kores, Moses Parantai, George King'ori and Joseph Ole Lenku. Lenku will now face the incumbent Dr David Nkedianye of the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) who was given a direct nomination. In Kajiado North constituency, all polling stations opened as early as 9am but many voters did not vote by the end of the exercise. The same scenario was also witnessed in Kiserian, Kajiado West constituency, where many voters were locked out before the end of voting. In Kajiado Central, a polling station in Namanga was shut down due to lack of enough ballot papers.


Muranga Women Representative Ms Sabina Wanjiru Chege casting her vote at Kinyona Primary School

Muranga. Her moto is "maitu ndachinjagio"  meaning you cannot change your mother.


Barclays boss sounds Brexit talent warning

Barclays chief executive Jes Staley has said access to talented workers after Brexit is "tremendously important" for the UK's financial sector. He suggested that immigration, rather than trade, would be the biggest issue for the City of London after the UK leaves the European Union. Banks are increasingly becoming technology companies and so they need the best engineers, Mr Staley said. Keeping that talent should be the government's top priority, he added. Mr Staley told the BBC: "Making sure we have access to the best and brightest of talent around the world coming to London... is perhaps the most important thing for the financial industry, perhaps even more important than passporting." So-called passporting rights allow banks to serve clients across the EU without the need for licences in individual countries. They are considered by some to be vital to London's position as a financial hub. However, Mr Staley, who was speaking at a Brexit event in London, said the strength of the City came from the "intellectual capital" of its workers. The Barclays boss also described Google's decision to expand its London presence as potentially "the most important economic announcement post-Brexit". He said banks would benefit from the calibre of workers that Google attracts after it made London its second most important development hub outside of San Francisco.




We are sad to announce the death of Mr Peter Irungu Wanjohi (3rd from left escording Ruth on her wedding) father to Pastor Ruth Mwirigi and Pastor Joel Mwirigi of Slough, UK (centre), who died together with his son, Evans Nduati (Pastor's younger brother far right) in a tragic car accident near Kenol, Murang'a County on 25/April 2017). He is seen here during Pastor's weddig in 1998 at Ealing in West London. Prayers commence today at Pastor's house, 70 Long Readings Lane, Slough, SL2 1PZ. Contact-Pastor Joel Mwirigi 07868654322.



Sonko to vie independently if he fails to clinch Jubilee ticket


Equity Bank team will be here. Contact Winfred and Godfrey. Contact Information: Winfred +447466823162
and Whatsapp +254722 635368 while the contact for Godfrey is +447440679265 WhatsApp +254763 026637.






It is with humble acceptance of God's will, that we announce the death of Hannah Wanja Gitau of Nottingham. She was the daughter to the late Grace Wangui (Mukúi), a mother to Michael Gitau (Githunguri), a sister to the late Wilfred Kaburunje (Githunguri), Mary Gitau, (Mathy, Leicester), the late James Karinga, Susan Wangari, Jane Wakonyo and Robinson Kariuki (Githunguri). She was an auntie to Grace Gitau (Luton), Lucy Njiru and Susan Mbugua (Nottingham), Alice Mukiri (London) and Mary Kibaara (Bedford). A grandmother to Kanda and Jeff (Nottingham), Susan Wanja and Koce (London), amongst others. We kindly request you to join us for prayer meetings and arrangements of repatriating her body to Kenya for burial. The meetings will start on Sunday 23/04/17 starting from 6pm at:- 115 Andover Road, Bestwood, Nottingham. NG5 5FD. (Mama Peter's hse). Your prayers, presence, moral and financial support will be highly appreciated. Please feel free to deposit your contributions into the account below, with your name as Ref. No.; in case you won't be able to come in person:- Acc. Name:- Ken Kanda, Acc. No.:- 38492504, sort code:- 56-00-61.(Natwest Bank). You can contact some family members on: 07958197627 (Mathy), 07856066697 (Lucy) and 07861712742(Cina).



Kenya’s High Commissioner H.E. Lazarus Amayo Honoured with 2017 Diplomat of the

Year from Africa during the 2017 Tata Diplomat of the Year Awards in London

The Tata Diplomat of the Year Awards 2017 ceremony was last night in London where H.E. Lazarus O. Amayo, the High Commissioner for Kenya to the United Kingdom was awarded the 2017 Diplomat of the Year from Africa. The event, which is organized annually by the DIPLOMAT Magazine was attended by Ambassadors and High Commissioners from over 95 countries and diplomats from over 120 countries. The award that is in its ninth year recognizes the outstanding work and achievements of London’s diplomatic community, who are trying to better their nations’ well-being. DIPLOMAT magazine identified ten categories that recognize different levels of diplomacy, and winners were nominated by their peers.

The sponsors of the event included Tata Ltd, Jumeirah Carlton Tower, International Diplomatic Supplies, Cleave and Co., Stirling University and Loughborough University’s Academy of Diplomacy & Governance.

While receiving the award, the High Commissioner thanked Madam Venetia de Blocq van Kuffeler, Editor of Diplomat Magazine and the team at Diplomat Magazine for creating a Forum which recognizes and honors the work of the Diplomatic community. He noted that the forum helps in promoting relations and providing networking opportunities for the large and diverse Diplomatic community and Key Stakeholders in the United Kingdom.

“I am, therefore, very pleased and honored to be the recipient of ‘2017 Diplomat of the Year from Africa Award’. I accept it with humility and value it a lot” he said.

Ambassador Amayo added that other African Ambassadors and High Commissioners could have also been nominated for the award, but his colleagues chose to give him the honour. He, therefore, took the opportunity to thank them for the vote and recognition of his humble contributions. He also thanked his team of dedicated diplomats and staff at the Kenya High Commission for the invaluable.


H.E. Lazarus O. Amayo, the High Commissioner receiving the Award


The High Commissioner further appreciated distinguished sponsors as well as congratulated other recipients of the awards.

The Following is the List of The 2017 Tata Diplomat Of The Year Award Winners:

2017 Diplomat of the Year from the Middle East
His Excellency Mr. Nasser Kamel, Ambassador of Egypt

2017 Diplomat of the Year from Africa
His Excellency Mr. Lazarus O. Amayo, High Commissioner for Kenya

2017 Diplomat of the Year from Asia
H.E. Major General (Rtd) Dato Haji Aminuddin Ihsan Bin Pehin Dato Haji Abidin, High Commissioner for Brunei

2017 Diplomat of the Year from Eurasia
Her Excellency Mrs. Tamar Beruchashvili, Ambassador of Georgia

2017 Diplomat of the Year from Europe
His Excellency Mr. Lubomír Rehák, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic

2017 Diplomat of the Year from North America & the Caribbean
His Excellency Mr. Acisclo Valladares Molina, Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala

2017 Diplomat of the Year from Central & South America
His Excellency Dr. Néstor Osorio, Ambassador of Colombia

2017 Contribution to a Better Cultural Understanding among Nations Accredited to the Court of St James’s
EUNIC (the European Union National Institutes of Culture)

2017 Young Diplomat of the Year
Mahvash Siddiqui, Environment, Science, Technology and Health Officer at the US Embassy

2017 Distinguished Contribution to Diplomacy in London
His Excellency Euripides L. Evriviades, High Commissioner for the Republic of Cyprus







The US firm Coca-Cola has said it will cut about 1,200 jobs due to falling demand for its fizzy drinks



Do you know Joy Zambezi in UK?

Hello guys is there anyone knew a lady called Joy Zambezi. she got papers Refuge action is looking for her they said if they can't find her they are going to send her papers back to immigration .Pliz can you Pass the message to other Groups or on Facebook.



Dr Joyce Laboso has been declared the winner of the Bomet governorship ticket in the

Jubilee Party nominations. After a final tally, Dr Laboso garnered 115,289 votes

to beat her closet rival, Dr Julius Kones who got 72,546 votes.



Jubilee Nominations - Kiambu: Aspirants

accuse Moses Kuria of causing chaos



UK Government borrowing has dropped to its lowest level since the eve of the 2008 financial crisis, The Times writes...



600 pound Life S03E01 Ambers Story – CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Waiguru clinches Kirinyaga Jubilee ticket for governor

Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has clinched the Kirinyaga Jubilee Party governorship ticket with 100,632 votes. Her close rival, Kirinyaga Central MP Joseph Gitari Gachoki garnered 46,678 votes. Her win brings to two the number of women who have sailed through the nominations to fight it out for the governorship. All signs had indicated that Ms Waiguru would emerge victor after a tally of three of the four constituencies — Ndia, Gichugu and Kirinyaga Central — showed she was leading with 58,984 votes followed Mr Gitari who had garnered 38,734 while incumbent Governor Joseph Ndathi only managed 11,556. Former KRA boss Eliud Wanjau received 3,036 votes. The shock candidate was Mr Gitari as he had barely campaigned for the gubernatorial post and had not even named a running mate, yet he gave Ms Waiguru a run for her money and defeated Mr Ndathi, who has spent immense resources in the campaign. Mr Gitari’s biggest leap came from his Kirinyaga Central constituency where he garnered more than 29,669. Governor Ndathi blamed a shambolic process for his defeat. “Although I lost, I lost with my people but Jubilee can have its way and us the minority, can have our say,” said Governor Ndathi. He said he would give direction on his political future this week. Residents in the county also kicked out all MPs and two-thirds of MCAs in an electoral clean-up not seen in decades. – Daily Nation.


Ken (Ngash) former UK resident and his brother Bonny from

Leicester, UK have lost their mother back in Kenya

Ken (Ngash) former UK resident and his brother Bonny from Leicester, UK have lost their mother back in Kenya. The late Mrs Jane Wanjiku Mwaura, passed on Sunday 23rd April 2017. Family and friends are meeting at his residence in Leicester, 106 Keightly Road, LE 3 9LL for prayers from 6pm. For those willing to support the family bank details, Mr. B Mwaura, TSB. Sort-77-15-01 Account 61415563. She will b laid to rest on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at Kimuri Church of the Torch Thogoto at 10am.Thereafter burial at Alliance Cemetery. For more info contact-: 07737586287. May the good Lord rest ha soul in eternal peace. Amen


Indian doctors defend 500kg Egyptian's weight loss amid row

Indian doctors on Tuesday angrily rejected claims that they had lied about the amount of weight an Egyptian once believed to be the world's heaviest woman had lost following surgery. The sister of Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty alleged that her sibling, who previously weighed 500 kilogrammes (1,100 pounds), had not shed half her weight as specialists at a Mumbai hospital had claimed. "Today Eman weighs 171 kilos," Muffazal Lakdawala, the doctor leading Abd El Aty's treatment, told AFP, adding that the claim made by her sister Shaimaa Selim in a social media video post was "complete hogwash". - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO






Heri Homes CEO Mr. Kimani Kimotho addressing guests in Australia

You want to buy a house in Kenya without stress? Heri Homes can help you to access the housing ladder by offering the best options. The team is currently in Australia before coming to UK. The team is in Adelaide from Tuesday 25th April, 2017 to Thursday 27th April 2017. They will be in Sydney from Friday 28th April to Sunday 30th April and they will be in Melbourne as from Monday 1st May, 2017. You can contact them through their Whatsapp +254 722257658. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION





The late Dr. Phyllis Njeri Muigai a former UK resident passed away on Monday 17th April, 2017 after falling in their bathroom in Nairobi. She was a Senior Psychiatrist Dr. at Mathari Hospital, Nairobi. Daughter of Lillian Wangari Muigai of Roasters Restaurant along Nairobi Thika Superhighway. Sister to DJ George Muigai. Dr. According to various media reports, the siblings’ sister was found lying unconscious by her mum on the bathroom floor before she was rushed to a Nairobi hospital where she was sadly pronounced dead upon arrival. At the time her passing was announced, it was unclear what led to her death but we have come to learn that it was caused by a fall. A source close to the family revealed that the doctor slipped and fell in the bathroom which is a common site for slip and fall injuries. When she slipped in the bathroom she hit her head on either the toilet or the bathtub and unfortunately suffered a severe head injury and passed out, and then the mum found her and rushed her to hospital. Sadly, she passed on and the 8 month baby she was pregnant with also did not make it.Funeral arrangements are underway and people are meeting at the mum’s Ridgeways residence ahead of the burial set for next week. Our condolences to the family as they go through this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with you. For more information please contact Lillian on +254 722520649.



Court extends nominations deadline to May 1

Justice Weldon Korir certified the NGO's application as urgent.

The High Court in Malindi has extended the duration for political parties to carry out nominations following an application by Non-Government Organization. The court allowed parties up to May 1 to conduct their primaries pending hearing of the application filed by Angaza Empowerment Network. “It is directed that all political parties are at liberty to continue with their primaries up to and including May 1 pending the hearing of the application,” said Justice Weldon Korir. Angaza Empowerment Network filed the application, only a day after the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) declined to push the deadline from Wednesday. On Sunday, the electoral agency had directed political parties to comply with timelines that require completion of primaries by April 26, after some parties requested for a review of the timeline. Monday morning, the lobby group through the law firm Mbugua, Atudo and Macharia advocates, lodged the case before Justice Korir who certified the application as urgent. – The Standard


The Giant Bank Equity Team continues with their UK visit

Equity Bank representatives in partnership with Optiven Group are currently in the UK

A large number of Kenyans are flocking in for Equity Bank Services

Many old customers are also reactiviting their old account to catch up their new technology

With the Equity Bank Mobile App. you can manage your account worldwide

Theme: Partner with Equity Bank to realize your Investments dreams in Kenya. Winfred and Godfrey will be at The Holiday Inn Express Oxford - Kassam Stadium Grenoble Road , Oxford OX4 4XP between 24th & 25th April 2017 from 9:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. ready to meet up with you on one on one.

Equity Bank Team will be together with Optiven team in all of their UK venues
See you there!
Contact Information:
Winfred +447466823162
Whatsapp +254722 635368

Godfrey +447440679265
WhatsApp +254763 026637.






Safaricom experiences countrywide network outage

NAIROBI, KENYA: Network service provider Safaricom Monday experienced more than one hour of outage that affected voice calls, data, M-Pesa and Enterprise services. Subscribers were caught unawares by the unusual outage that affected operations, including businesses that significantly rely on the internet. The service provider attributed the network outage to a technical hitch. In a statement to media houses, the country’s largest telecom services provider said it has identified the problem and working with engineers to restore services. "We have identified the root cause of the outage and are working to resolve this in the shortest time possible. In the meantime, Voice, Data, SMS, M-PESA and Enterprise services will be available intermittently until the issue is fully resolved," said Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. "We will continue to update customers on the progress to restore services. We apologize for any inconvenience caused." Safaricom’s outage problem began at 9.30 am on Monday and it sent many Kenyans online to express different views. – The Standard





One of the Best Investment Vehicle STIMA INVESTMENT are in Australia. You can contact

through Morris Njagi- +61893251455 or Chris Muhanji- +254 722 660375 both on Whatsapp.



Wangamba Ndario (UK and Betty Gachao (UK) have lost their father Chief Gachau in Kenya

The late Jim Gachau Ndaria 1945 - 2017

It is with the humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing away of our dear father the late Mr. Jim G. Ndario of Karangi Village, Githumu sub-location, Muranga, Kenya. He passed away on Saturday 22/04/2017 after a short illness. He was father of Wangamba Ndario (UK), Anthony Gachao (USA), Molly Macharia, Aida Wambui, Betty Gachao (UK), Michael Ndario, John Mburu, Rose Mwihaki, Abrahim Mwangi, Titus Macharia, Dennis Kihara, Isaac Kigiiri, Charles Maina, Christine Njeri, Samuel Ndario and grandfather to many grandchildren. Family and friends are meeting for prayers and funeral arrangements at 68 Tenby Drive, Luton LU4 9BN and in 114 Lessingham Avenue, Tooting, London, SW17 8NF, For more information please contact, Wangamba on 07960 740 238, Rispha Ndario 0798 4436 844, Stephen 07960 483 091 and Mercy 07985 164 922. For those wishing to help financially you can do so through Barclays Bank: N. Gachao. Account No. – 73160742 and Sort Code – 20-53-33. Use your name as reference. The burial takes place on Tuesday 2nd May, 2017.




Heri homes in Australia, led by the powerful CEO Kimani Kimotho ,watch out Australia, for the only company that delivers projects in stipulated time!! Heri Homes CEO Whatsapp no. is +254 722257658. Next stop is UK in all major cities!! New customers will have a family package to Maasai Mara for the first 10 customers to buy a house with Heri Homes as from 25th April, 2017.






Optiven Group updates
Diaspora clients on Their investments in Victory Gardens Phase three

On behalf of Optiven Group, we thank all those important customers that are in partnership with Optiven, we congratulate the many that received their title deeds, others who just started the rehabilitation with Optiven and many more who have been with Optiven for over 10 years. We sincerely thank them for the faith they have in our Nation Kenya and more so putting their hard earned money towards Optiven vision of economic & socially transforming our society. A million thanks for that who purchased my books to support optiven foundation in Kenya. Very humbling indeed
We are humbled to update you on this new project that was launched here in the UK few weeks ago; The project team in Nairobi have been working day & night to ensure a *real Transformation at Victory Gardens Phase 3- Nairobi*

As at now, this is actual udates on the ground
1. *Solar streetlights* (Ongoing)
2. *Beautifully done roads and culverts* (Done)
3. *Breathtaking neighborhood* (existing)
4. *Magnificent Gate still under construction*
5. Artificial river ....70% complete
6. Tree planting. be done on 6th May during the Mega Open Day

*We also humbly invite you and your family to attend 6th May tree planting mega event: bring a friend, let's make them your Neighbor*
Book now 0744 002 1602
( *Book your Rep in Kenya*Free transport from barclays plaza)
*Call* 0720919111
Optiven Videos *Optiven Kenya*
View the Project **

Compiled by George Wachiuri CEO Optiven Group, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist.









Kenyans salute Keitany, Wanjiru for London marathon double

Prince Harry congratulating Wanjiru and Keitany after winning London Marathon

on Sunday 23rd April outside Buckingham Palace, London


Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta led his countrymen in saluting Mary Keitany and Daniel Wanjiru after their London marathon titles on Sunday. Keitany, who claimed a third women's title in London to match her trio of New York victories, set the fastest time in 2hr 17min 01sec, smashing the 14-year-old mark of British great Paula Radcliffe. Wanjiru, 24, kept Kenenisa Bekele at bay despite a late rally from the Ethiopian legend and race favourite. "I congratulate Mary Keitany for her London marathon win and for breaking the women's only marathon world record. You have made Kenya proud," Kenyatta said on twitter. "Proud of Daniel Wanjiru in the London marathon men's win. A great win for Kenya." Kenyan Youth and Gender affairs minister Sicily Kariuki praised Keitany's victory as representing "the true spirit of a Kenyan woman - determined and focused, God-fearing and true to her mother nation, Kenya. – Daily Nation




We are excited to present to you Kitengela Manor! 



We are excited to present to you Kitengela Manor! Another Genuine and Affordable prime property with Property Reality Limited (PRC) located in Kitengela, Kajiado County. Kitengela Manor is a must own property that is strategically located behind KAG University and only 11km from the tarmac. . The area has experienced rapid growth in  the real estate sector and is among the most sought after neighborhoods due to its infrastructural developments and affordability. There are numerous social amenities in the area; that include supermarkets, universities, shopping malls, entertainment spots and Maasai Ostrich Park, which hosts Ostrich races on Sundays.

Additionally  electricity lines pass through the property .
Features and Amenities
* Proximity to Kitengela Town
* Water and electricity available
* All-weather Murram roads
* Good Security- Police post within the locality
* KAG University
* Kitengela International School
* Kampala University

Plot Reservation
For only KES 699,000 regular plot ,reservation is on  payment of 30% deposit.
A/C NO: 1167585550





Mrs. Loise Wairia congratulating his brother Mr. Mungai Wairia after completing London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April, 2017




It's with deep sorrow and regret we inform you of the untimely death of our beloved Joyce Njoki Wanjohi which occurred on Sunday 2nd April 2017 at Charing Cross Hospital. She was the mother to Michelle and Sidney Karani and Grandma to Olivia and Tamara and Sister to Jane Mutahi of Harrow and Rosemary Schneider of Northampton and also auntie to many. Family and friends are meeting at her daughter Michelle's House. For more information, please contact Michelle Karani on 07749320919 or Lynn Wanja on 07715352568 and Rosemary 07455203069. As we know some of you are busy and may not be able to come personally, we would appreciate your prayers and contributions through Miss S G Schneider Sort code: 77-69-20 Account Number: 02900468. Joyce will be laid to rest on 27th of April. The cortège will leave Stanmore at 11.30am. The burial will take place at 1.15pm at Carpender's Park Lawn Cemetery, Oxhey Lane, Watford, WD19 5RL. For those who would like to attend the funeral, please contact Wanja on Tel. No. 07715352568 for transport arrangement.


KTN Leo taarifa kamili sehemu ya pili: Mchujo wa ODM Kwale - 23/04/2017 – CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Mrs. Rose Claw and Stecy Njeri Munga from UK (3rd and 4th from right) were among hundreds of family and friends who attended the burial services of the late Pastor Wairimu Gichuhi in Kagaa Village, Githunguri, Kiambu, Kenya on Saturday 22nd April, 2017. The late Pastor Naomi Wairimu Gichuhi who passed away in London on Wednesday 5th April, 2017.


Kenyan Home Owners Face Jail, Sh1 Million Fine

Beginning Next Month For Not Installing Solar Power

Kenya's Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has put on notice owners of large residential and commercial buildings who have not installed solar water heaters in their premises. The commission says building owners risk going to jail or a Sh1 million fine beginning next month when the body begins to enforce compliance with a law that came into force five years ago. The law requires owners of residential and commercial houses to install solar water heating systems in their buildings. The law is only applicable to owners whose hot water needs exceed 100 liters per day. In a notice, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said that it will begin enforcing the Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations 2012 on May 27 when the grace period it provided last year comes to an end. “Beginning next month, ERC and police officers attached to the commission will start conducting surveillance to ascertain compliance,” Pavel Oimeke, the ERC’s acting director-general, said. “Where we confirm non-compliance, the law requires that we issue the building owner with a six-month notice to install the equipment failing which we shall charge them.”he continued. This solar law covers residential premises (three-bedrooms and above), health institutions, restaurants, hotels, boarding schools and other similar commercial operations.



London Marathon 2017: Mary Keitany & Daniel Wanjiru win

Mary Keitany of Kenya broke Paula Radcliffe's women's-only world record to win the London Marathon. Keitany, 35, crossed the finish line on The Mall in two hours 17 minutes one second, the second-fastest time in history. That was 41 seconds quicker than four-time British Olympian Radcliffe ran in winning the event in 2005. Kenyan Daniel Wanjiru, 24, won the men's race in 2:05:56, with Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia second. Bekele - the 5,000m and 10,000m world record holder - looked to be mounting a challenge in the final stages, but Wanjiru found enough pace to finish strongly and eventually win by nine seconds. Jump media playerMedia player helpOut of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue. London Marathon: Daniel Wanjiru holds off Kenenisa Bekele to win Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia was the runner-up in the women's race, clocking a time of 2:17:56. Speaking to the BBC after the race, Keitany said: "It was a great day for me.


It was really amazing, to run the best time. "The weather was good at the beginning, it was nice for me and my pace. I've run my best." Wanjiru said he felt comfortable running at world-record pace for sections of the race and is still aiming to break Dennis Kimetto's time of 2:02:57, set in Berlin in 2014. "In the beginning the race was very fast and we were inside world record pace. It was the pace I was preparing for," he told BBC TV. "We tried to maintain that pace for half of the race. From there it was becoming tougher and tougher. The sun was coming and the day was beautiful - but we don't need too much sun!" In the women's race, Britain's Alyson Dixon finished 12th in a personal best of 2:29:06 to secure her place at this summer's World Championships. However, Jo Pavey, who needed to finish as one of the top two British women to qualify for August's championships in London, was forced to retire after about 17 miles. Earlier, Britain's six time Paralympic champion David Weir took victory in the men's wheelchair race, beating his rival and last year's winner Marcel Hug in a sprint finish.


Speculation over Sonko, Kenneth talks rife as Jubilee postpones Nairobi polls

Jubilee Nairobi primaries have been moved to Wednesday, Secretary General Raphael Tuju has said. Secretary general Raphael Tuju did not give reasons for the postponement of the polls were earlier scheduled for Monday. This came amid speculation of ongoing talks between aspirants Mike Sonko and former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth. Sources within the party intimated that the negotiations for consensus between Sonko and Kenneth are still ongoing. The two are among candidates seeking to fly the Jubilee flag in the race against incumbent Evans Kidero of ODM. Former Starehe MP Margaret Wanjiru is also eying the ruling party's ticket ahead of the August 8 polls. On the postponed Nairobi polls, Tuju said that they initially planned the exercise for Tuesday but realised they can run alongside those of ODM. "Jubilee is not seeking an extension of time for party primaries beyond Wednesday," he told journalists on Sunday. "All ballot papers have been printed. We are prepared for the nominations." President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday apologised for the chaos witnessed during Jubilee party primaries on Friday. He said the party did not anticipate the large turnout of voters during the primaries which were cancelled following the confusion. The three were initially in the Team Nairobi which also had Nominated MP Johnson Sakaja and Dagoretti South MP David Waweru. Sakaja will contest the senator seat whereas Waweru will defend his seat during the general election. – The Star





We the family of our late sister, auntie, cúcú and friend HANNAH WANJA GITAU kindly request you to join us for prayer meetings and arrangements of repatriating her body to Kenya for burial. The meetings will start on Sunday 23/04/17 starting from 6pm at:- 115 Andover Road, Bestwood, Nottingham. NG5 5FD. (Mama Peter's house). Your prayers, presence, moral and financial support will be highly appreciated. Please feel free to deposit your contributions into the account below, with your name as Ref. No; in case you won't be able to come in person:- Acc. Name:- Ken Kanda, Acc. No.:- 38492504, sort code:- 56-00-61.(Natwest Bank). For more information please contact 07828085513.


Hotels face closure after Easter boom

About 3,000 hotel staff in Malindi and Watamu are staring at job losses due to the low season, with some facilities shutting down for lack of customers one week after the Easter boom. Their counterparts in Mombasa are, however, lucky as conference tourism is helping hotels stay in business. Uncertainty over the approaching General Election is also seeing some hoteliers scale down operations, adopting a wait-and-see attitude. The Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Workers (Kudheiha), Kilifi County branch, said the two coastal towns are bracing for hard times. Although hotels in Mombasa and Diani towns were busy over the Easter holiday, those in Kilifi County had lower guest numbers. In the 1990s, Malindi and Watamu boomed with business due to large numbers of Italian and German holidaymakers. But business took a nosedive after the 2007 post-election violence and terrorist attacks. Malindi depends largely on the Italian market since most hotels are owned by investors from that country.

Whereas hotels in Mombasa rely on conferences to remain afloat during low seasons, those in Malindi and Watamu depend largely on tourists. The Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers (KAHC) Kilifi County branch chairman Philip Chai said most hotels in Malindi and Watamu would close down this month due to low business. He said some could be shut for good as owners have been operating at a loss for years. “Hotels in Malindi and Watamu are shutting down due to lack of guests,” Mr Chai said. He added: “Previously, hotels in Malindi used to close down temporarily during the low season. But this time some will no not reopen.” The KAHC official said the industry in Kilifi County was facing its worst moments, adding that both local and international tourists were hard to come by. He added that tourism in Malindi could recover if Malindi Airport is expanded to handle bigger aircraft. “International tourists prefer to fly directly from Italy to Malindi, rather than from Europe to Nairobi for eight hours and then connect to Mombasa,” he said.

Long drive
“After arriving at Moi International Airport in Mombasa, they then have to travel by road for hours to Malindi. In a phone interview, Mr Chai said it would be difficult for tourism to recover in Kilifi unless the airport’s runway is extended from 1.5km to 2.5km. The Kudheiha Kilifi County branch head, Mr Michael Yaa, said over 10 hotels in Malindi and Watamu were shut down soon after Easter. He added that 1,000 of the more than 3,000 workers had already lost their jobs. “Currently, 300 permanent workers have been declared redundant while contracts of the rest have not been renewed,” he said. Kudheiha Coast branch executive officer Sam Ikwaye said that although hotels in Mombasa and Diani were packed to capacity during Easter, most of the bookings were for the Easter period only. “Majority of the guests were local, and they left after the long holiday,” he said. – Daily Nation


London Marathon 2017 - when is the race, what is the weather forecast, which

roads will be closed and where are the best places to watch it from?

What is it?
Why, it's only the 37th edition of the long-distance race around the streets of London which is tackled by both elite athletes and amateurs who regularly run the 26 mile and 385 yard course – or 42.195 kilometres for the Europhiles among us – for charitable causes. Incidentally, the fastest ever time the course has been run in happened in 2016 when Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya completed the route in two hours three minutes and five seconds. Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain set the fastest time for a woman back in 2003 after putting in a two hour 15 mins and 25 secs shift on the streets of London.

When is it?
All races take place on Sunday April 23, 2017. First up, the wheelchair race starts at 8.55am (BST) and will be followed by Paralympic runners at 9am whose race is part of the IPC Athletics Marathon World Cup. The elite women's race gets under way at 9.15am before, 40 minutes later, the men lead out the tens of 1,000s of amateur runners.

What TV channel is it on?
The London Marathon will be broadcast live on BBC 1, with their programme starting at 8.30am.

What does the weather forecast look like for Sunday?
For the runners the weather is looking perfect, possibly a little chilly for anybody planning on heading into central London to cheer them on. Here's what the Met Office have to say: "A mild, but not hot, day with a light breeze will help those charity runners who will still be completing the course past noon. "Those conditions will also help the professional runners get around the course in world-record time – as we saw in 2002 when Khalid Khannouchi shaved a few seconds off his own world-record."

Where are the best roadside spots to watch the race from?
How can I track a specific runner?
Official app and online tracker

The Virgin Money London Marathon ran its own mobile app for the first time in 2015, to make it easier for friends and family of participants to track the race as it progresses.  This year is supposed to be the first time the service will be available on Android, having previously been an iPhone exclusive. The tracking facility is also accessible via the official website - though it is currently inactive, pending the race start. Timing intervals are every five kilometres and you can search both by a runner's name and their race number. The app still appears to be only available on iPhone, so Android users will have to head online or use other running apps.The official app and online timing uses the chips given to each runner, but only delivers estimated positions every five kilometres. If you want more specific feedback, it is worth exploring other options.


A history of the London Marathon

The first ‘marathon’ to take place in London was actually part of that year’s Olympic Games. Whilst initially set at the solid 26 miles, organisers extended the run by an extra 386 yards so the runners would reach the finish line in front of the royal box.


RwandAir to start flights to London Gatwick Airport in May 2017

Another Airline to Nairobi going through Kigali and then Nairobi

Kigali, 28th March 2017 - RwandAir, the national carrier of the Republic of Rwanda is pleased to announce that it will commence three weekly flights to London Gatwick International Airport, in the United Kingdom effective 26th May, 2017. London, one of the world’s leading financial centers becomes RwandAir’s first European and second long haul route. The destination will be served by the newly acquired state of the art Airbus A330 fleet in a triple class configuration with inflight connectivity. "We are delighted to enable new and seamless connections between London and the whole of our network offering our esteemed customers a differentiated product in terms of comfort, good customer services and affordability", said John Mirenge, the Chief Executive Officer of RwandAir. RwandAir has already announced that flights to Mumbai, India and Harare, Zimbabwe will commence in the first week of April 2017. London, will be RwandAir’s twenty second (22) destinations.


A Kenyan Lady has passed away in Nottingham, UK. More to come later


Uhuru, Raila share podium at Mwiraria’s funeral

President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga on Saturday shared a podium at the late former Cabinet Minister David Mwiraria’s funeral service in Meru. Mwiraria died on Thursday, April 13 at the Karen hospital after a long battle with cancer. Talks about the infamous Anglo-leasing scandal dominated speeches during his funeral service at the Ntakira Methodist Church, Meru, The president asked that Mwiraria be cleared of any wrong doing in the scandal as there was consensus that he was innocent. “Let us all put pressure on the investigative agencies to fully investigate Anglo Leasing, arrest and charge the real culprits,” he aid. The head of state further urged all those who had condemned Mwiraria, including Raila, to come out in the open and state clearly “it was all politics”. “If people had not played politics, Mwiraria would not have been prosecuted and probably he would be alive today,” said the president. Kenya lost Sh3.3 billion in the Anglo-leasing scandal in 2004 that involved the awarding of bogus tenders to ghost companies for the supply of printing equipment for new-technology passports. Other fictitious companies involved in the scam were given money to supply naval ships and forensic laboratories. On his part, Raila said it was a pity that Mwiraria died before being cleared of the “dragon of Anglo Leasing”.

“Investigations should be carried out and his name should be cleared posthumously of this demon,” Raila said. Raila’s sentiments were echoed by Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula who was also present. Wetangula said the Kenyan law allows for people to be cleared of wrong doing posthumously if found innocent. Other leaders who spoke at the funeral included Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi, Meru Governor Peter Munya, area MP Rahim Dawood and Meru Women Rep Florence Kajuju. Kiraitu called for an amendment to the law to ensure that social media is not used as a tool of character assassination.The Senator eulogised Mwiraria as a honest person who made significant contribution to the transformation of the country’s economy. “We believe in the freedom of speech, but social media should not be used to abuse or taint the names of other people,” he said.

Munya said Mwiraria was a hard working public servant and called on the investigation agencies to do a thorough job and bring to book the real culprits behind the mega scandal. “I have never met a politician as humble and honest as Mwiraria,” Munya said. President Kenyatta paid glowing tribute to Mwiraria, eulogising him as a great leader who was not biased or tribal. “Mwiraria was a great son of the land whose service and contribution have made Kenya the great country it is today,” he said. “We should begin to praise and say good things about people before they die. This way, they will feel appreciated,” added the president. Odinga and Wetangula called for peace during the electioneering period, saying “we do not have a spare country”. They said the August 8 elections should be about ideas and not physical confrontation. Mwiraria was later laid to rest at his rural home in Meru. Source


KDF kill 52 Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia

Fifty-two Al-Shabaab terrorists have been killed in a raid on their camp in Somalia by Kenyan troops. Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesman Joseph Owuoth said the 1am raid on Friday was carried out by ground troops supported by mortar and artillery fire. The camp was located nine kilometres North of Sarina in Badhaade, Lower Juba. “The intelligence led operation was executed after surveillance assets sighted Al-Shabaab terrorist concentration in the location. Ground troops supported by mortar and artillery fire were employed to neutralise the camp thereafter,” said Colonel Owuoth. Many other terrorists fled the battleground, leaving behind seven AK-47 assault rifles, a machine gun, two phones, 104 rounds of ammunition, three home-made bombs, bomb-making materials and food. “KDF wishes to assure the public that operations against Al-Shabaab will continue until all terrorists are eliminated in order to ensure Kenyans and their neighbours enjoy peace and security,” Col Owouth added. – Daily Nation

Road crash in Nakuru claims five family members

Wreckage of the vehicle that was involved in a crash at Sobea along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway on April 21, 2017. Six people died in the crash.
Six people died in a road crash at Sobea in Nakuru County. The accident, which occurred yesterday night on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway, involved a matatu and a truck. Among the six, five were family members (a mother and her children) who were heading to Ol Kalou in Nyandarua County to make preparations for dowry payment. Rongai police boss Japheth Kioko said the 11-seater shuttle belonging to Eldoret Crossroads Sacco tried to overtake another vehicle before it hit collided with the truck. “Two women and four children died on the spot during the 9pm accident. The injured were rushed to Nakuru Level Four Hospital,” Mr Kioko said. One of the children died while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Only one child survived the crash. The family was accompanied by their neighbour, a lady. The wreckage was towed to Salgaa Police Station and the bodies taken to Nakuru County Mortuary. – Daily Nation.


Uhuru summons JP officials, forced to intervene in chaotic primaries

A file photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta, Jubilee secretary general Raphael Tuju and Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi at Norfolk hotel. 
President Uhuru Kenyatta was forced to intervene following chaotic Jubilee Party primaries that kicked off on Friday in different counties. Reports indicate that secretary general Raphael Tuju and other officials were summoned to explain the incidents. Tuju told journalists he cannot disclose details of the meeting. "Ideally I am in no position to disclose what I discussed with Uhuru and DP William Ruto," he said at the party headquarters on Friday. After meeting Uhuru, the secretary general cancelled nominations in 11 counties after confusion and delays. "The new voting dates will be announced as soon as possible and we apologise to all our party members for all inconveniences. I take responsibility for the failure," he said. The process was cancelled in Nandi, Kericho, Baringo, Bomet, Trans Nzoia ,Nakuru, Embu, Nandi, Uasin Gishu, Narok and Kajiado. Some constituencies in Kiambu, Meru, Laikipia and West Pokot have also been affected. Earlier, police were forced to fire in the air to disperse angry youths burning ballot papers at the Bungoma Primary School polling station in Nanyuki. The angry voters engaged police in running battles as they complained that some aspirants names were missing from the ballot papers. Voters at the Kanyoni nursery school also burnt the ballots saying the Jubilee party should be well organised. The nominations failed to kick off on time in many polling stations but Tuju insisted that the primaries will proceed regardless of the complaints. On Thursday, Uhuru warned against violence in the Jubilee Party primaries and ordered police to deal firmly with culprits. He said the party will not entertain such chaos and that "any acts of violence will lead to disqualification". - The Star



Tension, confusion mark the start of Jubilee primaries

Confusion at different polling stations in Rift Valley ahead of Jubilee Party primaries that is set to kick off today as a result of disorganisation in various centres. Jubilee supporters in Eldama Ravine, Baringo County claimed that there was a plot to rig in the nominations that have delayed to start. The residents lamented that there was presence of pre-marked ballot papers which was not a good sign. Irate voters at Ravine county hall shouted at Baringo governor Benjamin Cheboi cutting short his address as angry resident attempted to punch the governor while being interviewed. The charged voters at M V.  Patel one of the polling centres in Eldoret protested against shortage of ballot papers that has impeded the voting exercise. They pleaded with IEBC to postpone the exercise due to the tension around the area. In Nakuru County there were also delays in distribution of voting materials to be used in the nomination process. Irate voters at Ravine county hall shouted at Baringo governor Benjamin Cheboi cutting short his address as angry resident attempted to punch the governor while being interviewed. The charged voters at M V.  Patel one of the polling centres in Eldoret protested against shortage of ballot papers that has impeded the voting exercise. They pleaded with IEBC to postpone the exercise due to the tension around the area. In Nakuru County there were also delays in distribution of voting materials to be used in the nomination process. - The Standard




Rev. Gichuhi was welcomed by Proskuneo team (left) and a team from Kameme FM Radio (right)


Rev. Anthony Gichuhi and family arrived in Kenya on Wednesday 19th April, 2017. They were welcomed by a large group of family and friends. Pastor Naomi Wairimu Gichuhi who passed away in London on Wednesday 5th April, 2017. The late Naomi Wairimu Gichuhi Funeral will be held in Kagaa Sub-location, Kiambu, Kenya on Saturday 22nd April, 2017. For those who are driving. From Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home, drive through Mbagathi Way, Valley Road and Uhuru Highway to take Forest Road at the Museum Hill overpass. Go along Forest Road and join Thika Road at Pangani. Exit Thika Road at Muthaiga to take Kiambu Road. Go along Kiambu Road through Kiambu Town. At Ndumberi Township, a short distance from Kiambu town, turn right and take the road to Githunguri. From Githunguri, take the road to Uplands and go past PCEA Gitwe Girls School. Take the road to Kagaa on the right and go until the Kagaa/Kibathithi junction. Turn right and go over the bridge and uphill for about 0.5km to reach the venue. Approximate distances: Nairobi to Kiambu (tarmac) – 15km; Kiambu to Githunguri (tarmac) – 20km; Githunguri to home (off tarmac); 5km. Public transport. Take a Githunguri Express matatu No. 120 at Race Course Road OTC area, just opposite St. Peter Claver Primary School. At the Githunguri Matatu Park, take a matatu going to Kagaa via Kibathithi and alight just after the Kagaa Kibathithi junction. If you can, travel in a group to minimize delays as matatu waits for passengers. Fare: Nairobi to Githunguri: Kshs. 100; Githunguri to Kibathithi: Kshs. 50. In case of queries Call Charles Kariithi +254 722 611 654.






The Late Mary Annie Njeri Kigathi

It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Mary Annie Njeri Kigathi which occurred on Good Friday April 14, 2017 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. She is preceded in death by her father, James Kigathi Gitaru, her mother Florence Waruga Kigathi, brothers Lewis Gitaru, Henry Ng’ang’a, and Stephen Kageche. She is survived by her daughters Florence Waruga Kigathi (Atlanta, GA) and Jean Nyambura Kigathi (Chattanooga, TN); Sons-in-law Derick Lindo and Corey Moss; grandchildren Ava Lindo, Olivia Njeri Moss and Noah Kigathi Moss; sisters Jane Nyambura Nyamu (Gabriel) and Roxana Wanjai; brothers Alfred Kamami of USA (Rachel Nyokabi), Robert Ng’ang’a of UK(Grace Wanjeri), and David Njuguna of USA (Gaudentia); Sisters-in-law Jane Wairimu and Mary Njeri and several nieces and nephews. Family and friends are meeting daily in Chattanooga, TN and Kikuyu, Kenya. For further information, please contact: Chattanooga Corey Moss 423-255-1671, Esther Ndegwa 423-310-8993. In Atlanta contact Alfred Kamami 678-799-5845, Gaudentia Kigathi 678-799-4153 or Henry Ngige 678-789-6804. -



Equity Bank team will be here. Contact Winfred and Godfrey. Contact Information: Winfred +447466823162
and Whatsapp +254722 635368 while the contact for Godfrey is +447440679265 WhatsApp +254763 026637.



Policeman and suspected gunman shot dead in Paris 'terror attack'

One policeman has been shot dead and two others wounded in central Paris, French police say, with their suspected attacker killed by security forces. A lone gunman opened fire before being killed as he fled the scene, police say. The Champs-Elysees was sealed off. President Francois Hollande said that he was convinced the attack was "terrorist-related". So-called Islamic State (IS) said that one of its "fighters" had carried out the attack. Islamist militancy is a major issue in the polls after recent mass attacks claimed by IS, with 238 people killed in jihadist attacks in France since 2015, according to data from AFP news agency. Several candidates in Sunday's presidential election have ended their campaigns early as a mark of respect, with the centre-right's François Fillon calling on others to halt theirs too. "On the face of it, the officers were deliberately targeted," interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said.


Jehovah's Witnesses banned in Russia as court declares it 'extremist'




Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

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39 Dames Road, Forest Gate, London . E7 0DR .

There will be All Tyes of Drinks, Nyama Choma, Wings Choma, Ugali,
Kuku Choma, Firigisi Choma ( Gizzards), Matumbo and Cassava (Mihogo )
From 9pm Africa Jambo full band will be performing live till late.


For more information contact Marie Contact 07412223108 or Contact 07473494161.






SOLOMON NJAU: 07737805974 - SIMON WAWERU: 07853723614


Magufuli stops Kenya plan to hire Tanzanian doctors

Doctors demonstrate in Kisumu County on February 14, 2017. Tanzania's President John Magufuli on Wednesday scuttled Kenya’s attempts to hire doctors from that country. 

President John Magufuli on Wednesday scuttled Kenya’s attempts to hire doctors from Tanzania, by ordering his administration to hire them instead. The order to absorb 258 doctors he had allowed to come and work in Kenya was prompted by the legal battles in Kenya that have blocked their hiring. The announcement came from the Twitter handle of Ummy Mwalimu, Tanzania’s health minister. The minister later posted a statement in Kiswahili, providing a chronology of events and indicating that there may be disappointment among the Tanzanian doctors that the plan did not succeed even after they underwent a rigorous selection process.

“On March 18, 2017, a delegation from Kenya led by the minister for Health, Dr Cleopa Mailu, arrived in Tanzania and met President John Pombe Magufuli, the President of the Republic of Tanzania with the intention of hiring about 500 doctors from Tanzania,” he said. This was in the twilight days of the doctors’ strike that began on December 5, 2016, and their absence from hospitals had created a health crisis. In an attempt to deal with the shortage, the Health ministry sought the help of Tanzania to recruit 500 of its doctors. On the day of Dr Mailu’s visit, the Tanzanian statement said, the local health ministry had announced the Kenyan vacancies for Tanzanian doctors. The deadline for applications was March 27. "We received 497 applications and 258 doctors met the threshold,” the Tanzanian minister said.

The 258 met the relevant criteria, including educational testimonials from secondary to medical schools, internships, work experience and age (not more than 55). They also had to be registered by the medical board of Tanzania, and not be government employees. The agreement between Kenya and Tanzania was that the doctors would be allowed to travel to Kenya between April 6 and 10. But doubts arose as medical associations in both countries and health experts questioned the practicality of the decision, ultimately leading to a court case. According to the World Health Organisation, none of the three East African countries meets the recommended doctor-patient ratio of one health worker to 600 patients, an equivalent of 167 per 100,000 patients.

Tanzania, the most populous of the three countries with 53 million people as of 2015 and the largest, has only three doctors per 100,000; Uganda has 12 for every 100,000; and Kenya has 20 doctors per 100,000 people. In the ministry’s defence, Dr Mailu told NTV in an interview: “There are associations and unions, but they do not run the government and each should stay within its mandate.” He added: “The government has a responsibility to its citizens, including providing employment.” Every year, Tanzania’s eight medical schools produce about 1,000 doctors. Very few of them get jobs. The Tanzanian government said it was open to offering another 500 as long as Kenya starts negotiations afresh. - Daily Nation.



Order NASA to stop using our name, lobby tells court in battle with Raila

With intense and delicate talks over a presidential candidate for Kenya’s Opposition, a hitherto little-known non-governmental organisation has moved to court claiming the acronym NASA. The NGO wants the Raila-Kalonzo-Mudavadi-Wetang’ula team blocked from being registering Nasa as a political party. Northern Advocacy for Sustainable Agriculture (NASA) has gone to court seeking orders to stop the Registrar of Political Parties from registering the coalition. It is also emphatic that henceforth, the Opposition politicians should be stopped from using the acronym ‘Nasa’ in reference to their coalition in meetings and rallies.

Northern Advocacy for Sustainable Agriculture, also known as ‘NASA’ in the files of the NGO Coordination Board – the government’s prefect of all NGOs in the country – has a certificate of registration bearing the date August 29, 2016. In the three prayers which The Saturday Standard has seen, the High Court is being urged to issue a “declaration” that only the lobby can use the acronym ‘NASA’, and a guarantee that the politicians will be forced to look for another name. “A declaration that (Nasa, the NGO) has sufficient legal rights over the name and acronym, NASA, and is entitled to enjoy its exclusive use and operations to the exclusion of the (Nasa, the politicians), their servants or any person claiming through them,” reads the court papers filed yesterday.

The NGO insists that it has a right to the name, because, “it is a prior registered entity fully operating on the ground and has invested heavily in the promotion of its flag and brand” while the Opposition politicians are “still struggling to organise”. Through city lawyer Sam Ogutu, the NGO wants the case filed under a certificate of urgency. Pending the full hearing, the lawyer has asked the court to block the politicians from even uttering the name ‘Nasa’. “..this Honourable Court be pleased to issue an interim injunction against the first defendants (National Super Alliance), their agents or servants to restrain them from the use of the word or acronym ‘NASA’ as the official or unofficial names of the political party or intended political party for any reason whatsoever pending hearing and determination of the application inter partes,” reads the court papers.. The aim of the NGO is to get “permanent injunctions” against the Opposition coalition to drop the name NASA in their slogans and rallies, and against Registrar of Political Parties not to register the political grouping. It is a move that if successful will force the coalition to drop what has so far been a popular name and slogan. It is part of the political pressure that the Opposition leaders – Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetang’ula – are facing just four months to the elections as they keep their opponents guessing and their supporters anxious over their candidate for the August 8 elections. - The Standard


Equity Bank Team are in UK to Revive your Bank Accounts

The Giant Bank Equity Team is in UK. The team is working in partnership  with Optiven Team as they visit several UK cities. The theme of Partner with Equity Bank to realize your Investments dreams in Kenya. The team will be opening new accounts, reviving of of old accounts, advising about new investments in Kenya as well as giving loans to those interested. They have a diaspora loan of 10 per cent. The team who will be in the UK for the next 3 weeks and will be visiting several UK cities. Equity Bank team will Optiven in Manchester City on Friday 21st April, 2017. The team include Winfred and Godfrey. Contact Information: Winfred +447466823162 and Whatsapp +254722 635368 while the contact for Godfrey is +447440679265 WhatsApp +254763 026637. More details on the itinerary will follow soon.



Tennis star Serena Williams confirms she is pregnant after Snapchat selfie



Optiven Team Joined by Equity bank team in UK to Empower Kenyans in UK

 Kenyans in UK can now own more properties with Optiven after Equity bank joined the campaign to partner with Kenyans and finance them to buy properties from Optiven real estate. All what the Kenyans in UK require do is to select super value added plots and the rest is left to the bank team to finance as Optiven does client paper work. This model will help everyone in UK to own a piece of Kenya easily and happily. The Kenyans in UK can easily build their wealth step by step. The two teams are available on call Optiven - 0744 002 1602 OR Equity - 0746 6823261 and 0744 0679265 you can also visit us in Holiday Inn Greenwich London.




NASA’S five principals — including Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto — have agreed to allocate themselves four Cabinet positions each, if they win in August. They say no tribe will dominate, the face of Kenya will be represented. Fresh details emerged yesterday on how the opposition alliance plans to share power. Only broad sharing of Cabinet posts has been decided, but not which party will get which portfolios, according to multiple sources, including trusted lieutenants.


Governor Ruto officially joins NASA - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



NASA relaunches 'The Pentagon' at Bomas, says momentum fresh

Do you know that there are Kenyans living in Alaska?

Who are these Kenyans and what do they do over there?

Full information coming up soon.

$43 Million (KShs. 4.5 billion) in cash found in empty Nigerian apartment

More than US$43 million was seized from an apartment building in Nigeria after the anti-corruption unit received a tip. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission received a tip from a whistleblower who reported suspicious activity when they noticed someone moving bags in and out of the apartment,according to a Facebook post. Another source claimed that a “haggard” looking woman in “dirty clothes” sometimes appeared at the apartment building with multiple bags. On Wednesday, the anti-corruption unit said they stormed the seventh floor of a residential building and entered into the apartment where they found three fireproof cabinets hidden inside a dresser.



The cabinets were full of neatly packaged bills. In total, they seized US$43 million in U.S. bills, US$35,000 in U.K. pounds and US$75,000 in Nigerian naira. The Nigerian government launched its whistleblowing program in December 2016 to combat corruption. The program encourages citizens to report corruption-related offences through a secure online portal. According to the website, people can report violations of financial regulations, mismanagement of public funds, financial malpractice and fraud or theft “deemed to be in the interest of the public.” In the event of a successful tip, whistleblowers may also “be entitled to anywhere between 2.5 per cent and 5 per cent of the amount recovered.” In February, Lai Mohammed, the minister of information in Nigeria, claimed that the whistleblower program has recovered over US$160 million.


Jubilee primaries set for Friday 21st, Tuesday 25th  - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



NASA has flag bearer, set for major announcement tomorrow Thursday 20th April, 2017 - Muthama




Isaac Rutto joins NASA as fifth principal, promises Jubilee hard time in polls







Pursuant to a petition by persons who are bona fide members of PCEA UK OUTREACH (Charity no: 1142197), and in fulfillment of Article 16 of Guidance: Charities and Meetings issued by the Charity Commission, a Special General Meeting has been convened to be held on Sunday 23rd April 2017 starting at 6.00pm at St Matthews Church, Dyson Road, London E15 4JX to transact the following business.

1. To address the unconstitutional manner in which changes to the governance of this Charity have been carried out.

2. To pass such resolutions as the members deem fit that will ensure there is no repeat of such violations of the Charity’s rules by any of the Trustees


By order of the Board of charity trustees








A Whispers from London (I was ten years when I was introduced to the Bible)

Written by: Man ManKambugua        E-mail:     Facebook: Man Man Kambugua


I was ten years when I was introduced to the Bible. The person who introduced me was none other than my C.R.E teacher. On sunny days, she could gather us to the field and tell us about characters in the bible and we enjoyed a lot. What we did not enjoy was to be told that if we were bad kids, we would end up being thrown into the lake of fire where we would burn for the rest of our lives. We were reminded that a good pupil was the one who dreamt with education but not with arrow roots or ugali. I must admit that one of the Bible Characters that I admired was one person who was father to King Solomon and Absalom, among many other children and his name was David who later became a King.

We admired David because he was a very good musician and his dancing skills were superb. He was also one guy who killed a giant called Goliath and what did he use? He only used some insignificant stones. Forget that he was a man of taste and that at one time he used what was below his belt than what was above his neck when dealing with the Uriah’s wife. The Bible says that the moment he saw Uriah’s wife naked body, the temperature in his royal body rose and rose and in the end fused his body with her thereby committing adultery so he earned a first class ticket to hell. He repented to God but he suffered through some of his demonic children. Take his son Absalom for example, how on earth did he have the audacity of fornicating with his father’s wives? Turn to your neighbour and tell him this - What goes round comes around.

During the time that I have lived in this world, I have always wanted to go to Israel and learn more about Jesus and also visit the places that the holy book talks about. After Jesus, I wanted to witness anything to do with King David. Some chances come only once and I was not ready to lose anything. Here we go:-

We had spent the whole day in Bethlehem visiting Holy sites. We were scheduled to conclude the day by visiting a well that King David had asked water from. The Bible says that three soldiers crossed the Philistines army and managed to get him some water though he never drank it. Instead he poured water on the ground to bless God. Note that Israel is 60% desert with mere 30mm of rain so water is a very precious commodity. Most of Israel is characterised by very steep hills, valleys. Rocky Mountains with rocks dangerously hanging can be seen facing each like a multiple of angry giants ready to tear each other apart at the slightest provocation.

Our driver had already parked the bus somewhere in Bethlehem and we were supposed to walk a steep hill uphill for a mile or so so as to reach where the holy wells were. We were a large group of sixty people so if one wanted to understand fully what the Tour guide was saying, he had to be in a relatively reasonable distance.

When others had embarked from the bus, I was still in the bus trying to figure out whether it was okay to go with my iPad alone or carry the whole bag. We had some elderly people and so I did not find it okay to push them away just to make my way out. As the others made their way out, I took the itinerally and oriented myself with what we were about to see. On coming out, I saw that the majority of the people had already covered a half of the distance. I crossed the other side of the road and started running uphill so as to catch up with the others. I had to be quick so that by the time the Tour guide would start to explain, I would not miss anything. I am a very curious person in real life so there was no way, I would let the chance slip out of my fingers.

No sooner had I walked five metres than an old lady in our group clocking around 80 years gestured with her hands that she wanted to talk to me.
"My son, would you mind to hold my hand and be in front of me so that you can help me climb this hill. It's very steep innit?"
"No problem mum, lets hurry," I said as I slowly grabbed her hand.

As we ascended the hill, she complained that I was very fast for her and that I should slow down. Meanwhile, everybody in the group was out of site. I could not believe that I was going to miss anything about King David and the way I was thirsty for knowledge! To make the matters worse, after very few steps, the old woman would stop to catch some breath. Deep inside, I was angry and frustrated but I decided not to show her. There was a blanket of silence as we made any forward movement.

"Tell me, originally where do you come from," I asked her as I turned to her.
"Can you guess?’’ she said.
"You are from Zimbabwe?" I asked her.
"Young man, you only know Zimbabwe?" she asked me.
"Botswana...maybe Angola?" I asked her.
"Your Geography is poor...I am from South Africa!" she said.

Finally we caught up with the group when they were just about to leave. They had arrived in the site fifteen minutes ago while I was busy holding a woman’s hand?! No doubt my being of help had costed me the knowledge of King David’s well although I had seen it and even took photos with my iPad. I asked the Tour Guide to repeat for our sake. Indeed he repeated but what I got was just like telling me that Napoleon was a great general. Being one of our last days in Holy land, people needed time of to do shopping and so we had disperse. Furthermore, we had even exceeded the time we were supposed to be there. As a Jew, the Tour guide was not welcome in Bethlehem owing to long standing political differences between Israel and Palestine where Bethlehem was.

On our way back to England, by coincidence, I was allocated a seat on the same row with the old woman. At first this angered me when I remembered that he had made me miss an important Bible story. I greeted her and pretended that all was okay.

We had left Tel Aviv International Airport and we were in the skies on our way to Luton, London airport. I looked at the old woman as she slept soundly. Wrinkles and wrinkles echoed each other on her face as a sign of old age. Her hands were painfully thin so was her face. As we covered miles and miles over the Mediterranean Sea at night, I recalled how I was holding her hand to help her climb the steep hill in Bethlehem. Was it right for me to be annoyed with her? Considering that I had come to Israel on Pilgrimage, was it Godly for me to complain because of helping an elderly person? The old woman was the age of my mother, did it mean that I could not help my own mother? Being a mortal man, if I would be lucky to reach her age, will I also not want to be helped? Why should I not spend the time to thank God that I had managed to visit Holy land when I was relatively youthful? Oh God! How could I be so unfair to the old woman? How stupid was I to get angry considering the immense favour God had surrounded me with!

It was time to be served meals in the plane and the old woman was still asleep. I woke her up but she told me she could not eat anything.
"Thank you son, you are one son every mother would be proud of," she said in a rather inaudible voice, half asleep, half awake.
"Waoh! I am humbled! Really? Thank you all the same." I told her.
"Thank you for your help in Bethlehem," she said.

"It's my pleasure, never mind! That is real me, you never know, I might come to Portsmouth and you help me!" I assured her.
"Well, well, maybe...I am sick but..." she said.
"No worry, I wish you a quick recovery," I said.
"No, No, son, I won't recover. I have a terminal disease but I am strong," she said with tears flowing from her eyes. She gave me one more look and said, "If we don't meet here on earth, we will meet in the Kingdom of Heaven," she said as she wiped more tears from her eyes.

Our plane touched the ground after exactly five hours in the air. We were through with airport immigration procedures as we each headed to our respective homes. From a distance, I watched her enter the bus to London and I knew very well that I was possibly seeing her for the last time on earth. My prayer is that a miracle will happen and she will live for many more years. All the same, may the will of God prevail.
My focus is on you reading this article. In your place of employment there is that person you do not see eye to eye. One day you will leave that organisation so is your perceived enemy. The time to mend fence is now because there is a chance you might never meet again on earth. Whatever you do, be happy because we are all passers-by in this world. Treat your colleagues with dignity and respect because that person you hate can be an Angel in disguise. The time to forgive a family member is now not tomorrow.

Why do we make our homes battle fields when they should be Heavens on earth? The day will start just like any other day when that husband you hate will leave you and never come back. That wife of yours you always quarrel with will also say goodbye to you and you will never see her again in your life time. It will be of no use making it up in the Kingdom of Heaven while when on earth you were eternal enemies. We are all sinners so if she made a mistake somewhere in her life and you were affected, forgive her if she repented. If your husband did something that was centrally to your expectation and you felt hurt, forgive him, all men are like that. You are blessed with children but instead of seeing them as a blessing, you are always creating quarrels with them. They are mortal and they will one day vanish from the face of the earth. Now that you have a chance, why are you not there for them? No wonder when other couples are blessed, you are not because when blessings are dispatched from Heaven by God, they don’t find a fertile ground to germinate in your home so they go to others. Life is too short my brother my sister. It is your choice, not mine. In this life we are living, we sometimes have only one chance to make an impact. Over to you Sir/ Madam.





Australian High court validates Kenyan-born

Senator Lucy Gichuhi's citizenship


The Australian High Court has cleared citizenship hurdles pitting the legitimacy of Lucy Gichuhi's senate win. The court confirmed the Kenyan-born lawyer's citizenship, therefore, ending the debacle on the validity of her election. Gichuhi was to replace Bob Day in the Senate but there were claims that she had dual citizenship. The lawyer moved to Australia in 1999 and became the country's citizen in 2001. She is the first person of Kenyan descent to be elected to the Australian Federal Parliament. ABC news on Wednesday reported that Labor's acting shadow AG Katy Gallagher sought answers onGichuhi's eligibility. "This is not about Gichuhi. It is about the integrity of the Senate and the electoral system," Senator Gallagher said as reported by ABC. Gallagher said it was important that the validity of each senator's election is beyond question before they take office. But the High Court rejected the push by lawyers for Labor's Anne McEwen, who wanted to challenge Gichuhi's eligibility. According to Sky News media, Nettle refused the application saying issues about Gichuhi's Kenyan citizenship had been referred to during court hearings over the last three months. Commonwealth Solicitor-General Stephen Donaghue said Kenyan law stated that a Kenyan's citizenship was automatically withdrawn once a person was over 21 and had taken up citizenship in another country. "On the material presently available it is difficult to see how there is an issue," Donaghue said as reported by Sky News. He further noted that the Kenyan High Commission provided a letter stating that Gichuhi was not regarded as a Kenyan citizen On April 13, Gichuhi said she was honoured and grateful for the opportunity to serve Australia. "I see it as an opportunity to give back to this great nation," she said as reported by ABC news. Gichuhi said she is "deeply respectful" of both the legal and electoral processes. - The Star




Kenya’s economy grew 5.8 percent as 800,000 new jobs created

NAIROBI, KENYA: Economy grew by 5.8 percent in 2016 compared to 5.7 reported last year, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday. During the period under review the economy experienced conducive macroeconomic but the growth was hit by drought and a considerable slowdown in the uptake of credit in the fourth quarter. The major drivers of growth were accommodation and food services, ICT, real estate and transport. Some of the key sectors that recorded slow growths include agriculture, forestry and fishing, manufacturing, construction, financial and insurance activities. In 2016, the economy generated over 800,000 new jobs of which 85.6 thousand were in the modern sector while 747.3 thousand were in the informal sector. Wage employment in the private sector increased by 3.3 percent from 1.76 million persons in 2015 to 1.82 million persons in 2016. Within the public sector, wage employment increased from 718.4 thousand persons in 2015 to 737.1 thousand persons in 2016.


Ruto cuts ties with Jubilee, joins NASA as 5th principal


Mwangi Wa Iria maintains lead over Jamleck Kamau in Murang'a governor race - Infotrak

Mwangi wa Iria is the preferred candidate for Murang'a governor with a 58 per cent approval rating, a survey has found. The Infotrak poll released on Wednesday indicated that the governor is followed by Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau at 20.5 per cent. Moses Mwangi was rated at 1.6 per cent whereas Raymond Matiba got an approval rating of 0.3 per cent. 19.6 per cent of the residents were undecided on who they are likely to vote for during the August 8 general election. On the race for Senator, 35.4 per cent of those polled said they prefer voting for Kembi Gitura followed by Irungu Kang’ata at 23.1 per cent. Joseph Mbai and Peter Njagi were rated at 0.8 per cent while 39.9 per cent were reported to be still undecided on their preferred senator aspirants. The poll also revealed that 60.6 per cent of the respondents preferred Sabina Chege as the woman representative. She was followed by Waithira Muithirania at 12.6 per cent, Catherine Munyiri (0.7%), Irene Njeri (0.4%) while 25.8 per cent said they are undecided. Jubilee Party was rated the most popular political outfit at 91.4 per cent followed by ODM which garnered 1.8 per cent. Maendeleo Chap Chap got 0.7 per cent, Wiper 0.4 per cent, PNU 0.3 per cent, Ford Kenya 0.1 per cent while Kanu got 0.0 per cent. - The Star

Once again, the NASA principals fail to meet

All the National Super Alliance leaders were busy in the city, the day they were expected to be in Mombasa for a retreat. NASA principals Raila Odinga (ODM), Musalia Mudavadi (Amani), Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), and Moses Wetang'ula (Ford Kenya) were expected to meet for three days at the Coast starting  to pick the joint presidential candidate for the August 8 elections. However, the meeting is understood to have failed to take place due to unfinished business. According to sources, the coalition's National Coordinating Committee (NCC) met on Monday night to complete its final report. "We are getting worried as stakeholders. NCC is taking too long to come up with its report, which is to guide the principals in picking one of them to carry the coalition's flag," a source told The Standard. But some sources suggested that there might be no retreat out of town after all. It is understood that the four principals are still haggling about the power-sharing arrangement in the event the alliance forms the next government. - The Standard


Governor Mruttu loses Taita Taveta ODM ticket to Mwadeghu


Jubilee issues tough rules for Friday nominations

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 18 – Aspirants eyeing the Jubilee Party tickets have until April 19 to complete their campaigns. Through a joint circular addressed to county officials and aspirants signed by Secretary General Raphael Tuju and National Elections Board Chairperson Andrew Musangi on Tuesday, the party announced that aspirants are to wind up campaign activities Wednesday ahead of the nomination exercise on Friday. “All campaigns by Jubilee aspirants should stop by April 19, 2017,” the party asserted in the circular. Aspirants are also required to have their agents accredited by the County Elections Boards (CEBs) by April 20 to facilitate the smooth running of the nominations process. In order to ensure free and fair primaries, Jubilee House has directed all contestants or agents representing them to appear before polling stations by 5am to witness the sealing of ballot boxes ahead of the kick off of voting at 6am. The ruling party has also cautioned candidates against violating the law saying any misconduct will be dealt with in accordance with the law. “All aspirants and their agents are reminded that this activity of the party is governed by Section 31 of the Elections Act and that any attempt to subvert this process is actionable by law and the party will not hesitate to act based on that law,” the circular read in part. “Acts of rowdiness, hooliganism, shouting and any form of disruption will not be tolerated,” the party further warned.


The party also requires candidates and their agents to sign the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s (IEBC) Electoral Code of conduct as it promises to conduct the nominations in line with IEBC standards. All the polling stations will be open at 6am and close at 6pm according to Jubilee. To safeguard the integrity of the process, the circular outlined a four-point procedure to ensure results are not tampered with. The guidelines are; proper sealing of ballot boxes, auditing of ballot papers as per the poll book at the end of polling, counting of votes at polling centers and filming of forms on which results are recorded before they are taken to polling centers. Further, candidates have been warned against dressing in branded material during the polling day and using Public Address Systems to make any form of announcements or entertain voters. Observers and members of the press are required to obtain accreditation by Thursday from CEB heads in various counties. The party also unveiled two call centre numbers – 0771399841 and 0709175000 – through which aspirants will be able to make inquires, file complaints and report cases of election malpractices. Unlike its main competitor ODM, Jubilee Party intends to conduct its nominations in all the 47 counties on a single day. - CapitalFM


Uhuru urges Kisumu residents to ensure peaceful election period - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




Daniel 3:27


Knowing you’ve truly forgiven someone

We read in Daniel 3:27: "And the princes, governors, and captains, and the king's counsellors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was an hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them." When King Nebuchadnezzar threw Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego into the fiery furnace, God brought them out and ‘they didn’t even smell of smoke!’ We’ve all encountered people who still ‘smell like smoke’. Their attitude says, ‘I’ve been through a hard time, and I’m still upset about it.’ How about you? Have the experiences you’ve been through hardened your heart or softened it? When you speak, do you sound positive or negative? Are you bound by the memories of your past? Do you talk about your pain to anyone who will listen? Don’t you see what you’re doing - chaining yourself to the past? When circus elephants are young and unaware of their strength, they’re bound by a chain to a stake to limit their mobility. Later when they’re full-grown and have the strength to break that chain, they’re still bound by it. Why? Because they accept this limitation as permanent! But it’s not the chain that binds them, it’s the memory! If you are bound by painful and debilitating memories, the word for you today is: ‘O LORD our God, masters besides You have had dominion over us; but by You only we make mention of Your name. They are dead, they will not live; they are deceased, they will not rise. Therefore You have punished and destroyed them, and made all their memory to perish’ (Isaiah 26:13-14 NKJV). Whatever your haunting memory is, you must begin to declare your deliverance from its bondage. By standing on God’s Word, you activate its power to set you free.



Our guest singer today is St. Joseph Catholic Church Choir - South Horr Samburu - CLICK HERE






A former Doctor in UK passes away in Kenya

A Kenyan lady has passed away in Kenya. The late Dr. Phyllis Njeri Muigai a former UK resident passed away on Monday 17th April, 2017 after falling in their bathroom in Nairobi. She was a Senior Psychiatrist Dr. at Mathari Hospital, Nairobi. Daughter of Lillian Wangari Muigai of Roasters Restaurant along Nairobi Thika Superhighway. Sister to DJ George Muigai. For more information please contact Lillian on +254 722520649.


Everyone has a right to campaign - Uhuru in Kisumu - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Optiven Team in Coventry

Last weekend Optiven Group  exposed opportunities available in Kenya to the People of Coventry,  central London and Northampton. It was  a great weekend for the Kenyans in UK as Optiven team shared opportunities available in real estate , hospitality, agribusiness, oil & gas, mining and other industries in Kenya. It was a time to build our Nation and create business that will expand across boarders of Kenya. The talk was about social Economic Transformation and the power of working together. The event saw tens of groups joining hands to invest back home is a step by step & unique  model by Optiven group who share the  over 18 years in business and philanthropy. The team continues with their UK tour as the schedule below shows. For more information please contact George Wachiuri in the UK no 07440 021602 -


Kisumu gives Uhuru rousing welcome, Wandayi says visit half-hearted, pointless



President Kenyatta to parents: protect children against harmful cyber content.

KISUMU, 18 April 2017 (PSCU) – President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged parents to protect their children against being over-exposed to cyber content that could pose dangers to them including bullying, radicalisation and corruption of morals.

President Kenyatta said children must be guided away from falling prey to digitally delivered vices.

“Rather, we need to remind them that these new media are tools, and tools are to be used in a spirit of patriotism. Technology should not be a trap for our children; it is a means to pass on rich, value-laden knowledge. I am confident that that vital lesson will not be forgotten,” President Kenyatta said.

The President was speaking at State Lodge, Kisumu, where he hosted this year’s Kenya National Drama Festival State Concert – conducted for the first time on a mobile state-of-the-art stage complete with a changing room. He pitched for the teaching of entrepreneurship education to artists as an avenue to foster talents and benefit the youth.


President Kenyatta said entrepreneurship education would enable young people to nurture and develop their skills so that they can excel.
“We wish to fully explore – we must fully explore – our rich talent for a global audience. After all, aren’t we ready, willing and able to go up against the world’s best? Of course we are. Aren’t our young people as talented as any other country’s youth? Of course they are,” President Kenyatta said.
He underscored the need to marshal every talent to make Kenya the free and prosperous nation that all Kenyans will be proud of.

“We cannot say we do not know what they want; the issues they have raised here, in poetry, in cultural dance and in drama remind us of the desire we share for a unity of purpose, no matter our diversities,” President Kenyatta said as he commended the winners for their sterling performance and topical messages ranging from national values and patriotism to peaceful elections and national cohesion.
President Kenyatta called on all Kenyans to draw lessons from the students, saying their performances represent the face of Kenya as the country prepares for the general election in August.

“We can learn from our students, who epitomise our unity in diversity. They remind us that despite our differences, we are one. We are one people, with the same goal. We are one great nation,” President Kenyatta said.

President Kenyatta pointed out that electioneering should not divide the country but rather teach the importance of unity and singleness of purpose.
The President also announced that his administration is undertaking curriculum reforms to equip young people with skills that will enable them compete favourably at the regional and global arena. He observed that delay in reforming the curriculum has long held back the country.
“It is my pleasure to say that my Administration is undertaking these long overdue curriculum reforms. A central part of that effort is the co-curricular programmes, which play such an important part in nurturing talent for individual and national development,” he said.
He emphasized that the Jubilee Administration is committed to providing equal opportunities to Kenyan children to enable them fully exploit their potential.


The President commended the festival organisers for implementing his directive on developing a cultural bilateral relationship with Uganda, saying the move is a major leap in promoting regional integration.

“I have learnt that since last year, over 1,000 students have benefited from participating in joint Festivals. We hope that Burundi and Rwanda as well as the other partner states from the region will soon be participating in the joint venture,” President Kenyatta said.

President Kenyatta also directed the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission to explore ways of boosting the morale of teachers who devote their time in preparing participants for the music and drama festivals by improving their welfare. He disclosed that the Government will allocate more funds to promote music, drama and culture.

Other speakers were Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, the Kenya National Drama Festival Chairman Kahura Chokera and Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma who warmly welcomed the President to the lakeside city.

After the concert, President Kenyatta handed over new music equipment to Super Extra Young band (formerly known as Boyieta Wuod Awasi) from Siaya County.




Pound recovers after Theresa May statement

The pound recovered in late-morning trading following the announcement by the Prime Minister Theresa May of a snap general election in June. Earlier, sterling had fallen after it was announced that Downing Street would make a statement. By about 11:10 BST, sterling was down only 0.1% at $1.266, while against the euroit was down 0.3% at 1.177 euros. On the stock market, the benchmark FTSE 100 share index was down 92 points, or 1.3%, at 7,235. Falling iron ore prices hit mining shares, with BHP Billiton down 3.2% and Anglo American dropping 3%. Energy shares were also lower as the price of oil fell following news of rising US shale oil output. BP shares were down 2.6%. In the FTSE 250, Ladbrokes Coral rose 1.8% after analysts at Davy raised their rating on the firm to "outperform". Bovis Homes was another mid-cap company to benefit from a broker upgrade. Shares in the housebuilder rose 1.1% after Jefferies raised its rating on the company to "buy".





Theresa May moves to hold 8 June general election

Theresa May is seeking to hold a General Election on 8 June arguing it is the only way to secure stability ahead of Brexit. The shock move follows speculation the Prime Minister would call a poll to shore up her parliamentary position as Britain leaves the EU and given Labour's dire position in the polls. Under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, introduced under the last coalition government, the next election was not due until 2020. However, a poll can be called before then if backed by two thirds of MPs or if there is a no confidence vote in the Government. The PM is to table a motion in the House of Commons on Wednesday and has called on MPs to back an election. Jeremy Corbyn has previously said Labour was ready to take its case to the country, but many MPs are likely to have private reservations, given the party's poor performance.





Kenyans Geoffrey Kirui, Edna Kiplagat sweep titles at Boston Marathon

Geoffrey Kirui and Edna Kiplagat led a Kenyan clean sweep at the 121st Boston Marathon on Monday, both timing late bursts to perfection to claim the men's and women's races of the prestigious event. Kirui, 24, produced a devastating sprint with four miles to go to settle an enthralling tactical battle with American rival Galen Rupp, the 2016 Olympic bronze medallist. Kirui waved and smiled as he took the tape in a time of 2hr 9min 37sec, with Rupp finishing in second. It was a masterful performance from the young Kenyan, who made his move with a 4:52 mile at the 22-mile mark that saw him pull clear of Rupp. Rupp battled desperately to stay in touch but was unable to respond as Kirui kept the pace up to leave the Oregon-based American in second in 2:09:58. Japan's Suguru Osako was third in 2:10:28. Kirui's time was well outside the world marathon record of 2:02:57 set by Kenya's Dennis Kimetto in Berlin in 2014.

In the women's race, Kiplagat conjured a similarly decisive burst over the closing stages to claim the race for the first time. The 2011 and 2013 world marathon champion took the tape in 2:21:52 after breaking away from the field with around eight miles to go. Kiplagat, 37, was greeted by her children and family members as she crossed the line. Rose Chelimo, the Kenyan-born runner who now represents Bahrain, was second in 2:22:51 while Jordan Hasay of the United States was third in 2:23:00. The Kenyan double came as a welcome boost for the East African superpower of long-distance running. Kenyan athletics was left reeling earlier this month after news that Kenya's 2016 Olympic women's marathon champion Jemima Sumgong had failed a drugs test. Sumgong's drug test was another black eye for Kenyan distance running. Sumgong's former training partner, the 2014 Chicago and Boston Marathon champion Rita Jeptoo, is serving a four-year ban after also testing positive for EPO. Kenya was last year admonished by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which accused the country of non-compliance with its anti-doping code. The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon and one of the most prestigious races over the distance on the athletics calendar.



Jubilee Primaries preparations - [Part One] 17th April,2017






Boston Marathon 2017: Women's Race - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Wells of Dillema: Intrigues surrounding the black gold in Turkana



Edna Kiplagat of Kenya wins women's title in Boston Marathon

Edna Kiplagat of Kenya won her first Boston Marathon title, pulling away from the women's lead pack at around mile 20.
She finished in 2 hours, 21 minutes, 52 seconds on a sunny and warm Patriots Day after running the last several miles by herself. At mile 20, Kiplagat had a split of 5:01 for her last mile. Kiplagat, 37, has won marathons in London, New York and Los Angeles and two IAAF world championships. In the London Marathon in 2012, she broke 2:20, finishing second in 2:19:50. She is a police woman in Iten, Kenya, according to her race bio. She broke away from a pack that included Jordan Hasay of the United States, who is making her marathon debut. Hasay was third behind Rose Chelimo of Bahrain in 2:23. Hasay has the fastest time by an American woman in a debut marathon. American Desi Linden was part of the lead pack midway through the race but fell back shortly before Kiplagat made a push. Linden, a two-time Olympian, finished second in Boston in 2011.

All is set for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to Kisumu County where he will attend

the National Drama Festival and meet local leaders to discuss development issues.



The Mudavadi Coup in NASA: Fixing Raila




2017 Boston Marathon Elite Men's Race Start - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Britain's Got Talent 2017: Has this year’s

winner already been REVEALED?

Singer Sarah Ikumu looks like she could be heading to the final - Simon Cowell pressed his Golden Buzzer for singer Sarah Ikumu
Singer Sarah Ikumu looks like she could be heading to the final and perform at the Royal Variety performance after she became the first act to receive a Golden Buzzer this year. The 16-year-old stunned Simon Cowell - who buzzed for her - and the audience alike with her show-stopping rendition of And I Am Telling You on tonight’s opening episode of the ITV show. Britain’s Got Talent head judge Simon, 57, initially appeared cynical when she walked onto the stage while her parents and sister watched on in the audience.  He warned the teenager that she was about to take on one of "biggest songs in the world” shortly before she belted out the tune, which has been made famous by Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls. However, Simon was completely taken aback and hit his Golden Buzzer after she finished, getting a standing ovation from the crowd in process. "I have heard that song a lot," Simon said to Sarah as he gave her feedback on her audition. Simon continued: "I thought it started great and then it's like you became possessed halfway through, it was quite incredible." Fellow judge Amanda Holden described the audition as "mind-blowing", while Alesha Dixon said: "I didn't press that Golden Buzzer because I wanted Simon to press it - I want you to go far and I think Simon can help you because you are a superstar."  But it looked like David Walliams was less than impressed but luckily he was only joking as he quipped: "It was alright." This evening’s opening episode of Britain’s Got Talent featured quite a few memorable acts, including pint-sized stand-up comedian Ned Woodman and hilarious magician Niels Harder from Amsterdam. Emotions were running high on the ITV show as The Missing People Choir left people in tears as they gave a heart-wrenching performance of original song I Miss You dedicated to their lost loved ones. - Daily Express





Mudavadi, Kalonzo and Wetang’ula join forces

NASA Principals Wetangula and Mudavadi embrace as Kalonzo looks on at the inaugural NASA National rally in Bomet.
Another retreat has not yet been scheduled, but the four principals agreed to stick together. It is understood neither ODM chief Raila Odinga nor Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka would deputise the other. Principals Moses Wetang’ula (Ford Kenya), Kalonzo and Musalia Mudavadi (ANC) said selection was biased in favour of Raila. Wetang’ula walked out. The April 9 retreat at Vipingo Ridge, Kilifi, was to select a candidate. “Nothing is agreed. I demand the ODM secretary general (Agnes Zani) withdraw her statement,” Kalonzo said last week after meeting Mudavadi. He referred to Zani’s statement affirming truth of the leaked portion of the NCC report saying best ticket would be Raila- Kalonzo. At Kilifi, A Ghanaian team briefed the principles on how to defeat a hostile government. Drama began when Wetang’ula protested against the presence of Raila’s Capitol Hill campaign team and others. Only the four principals and one close aids were supposed to attend. Raila brought at least six more advisers than allowed. Wetang’ula also protested against the method NASA’s National Coordinating Committee proposed to pick the flagbearer. Former VP Kalonzo was accompanied by his campaign manager Rodney Okoth, a UoN law lecturer. Mudavadi brought aide Kabatesi Kibisu. Wetang’ula was alone. Kalonzo and Mudavadi also opposed Raila’s large team and the selection process. They did not leave. The three principals protested Raila’s strategists had been staying at the hotel since April 7 and joined the talks. They included Adams Oloo and former ODM coordinator Caesar Asiyo. “The opposition chief arrived with Suna East MP Junet Mohamed and his NASA technical representative Abubakar Zein. It violated rules, requiring only eight people attend, and it annoyed other principals,” a Capitol Hill source told the Star.


On the flagbearer issue, the technical committee report was shelved after complaints some members were pushing a personal agenda. The report listed possible 12 potential tickets of presidents and running mates. It said the strongest against Jubilee was a Mudavadi-Kalonzo ticket — the reason the report was scrapped. NASA sources said a good number of the technical team favoured Raila and wanted to kill the report. Instead, lacking technical report, the principals settled on findings by the NCC. That team drafted five questions for a straw poll of principals. The questions, tabled by Ford Kenya Deputy leader Boni Khalwale, were: 1) Who should be flagbearer? (weight: 10 per cent); 2) Who has the best chance of winning? (40 per cent); 3) If your party leader is running mate, who should head the ticket? (15 per cent); 4) If your party leader is the presidential candidate, who should be the deputy? (20 per cent); 5) Who can win more votes in Jubilee strongholds? (15 per cent). However, Wetang’ula questioned why questions were weighted differently. He was supported by Mudavadi and Kalonzo who dismissed the proposed question strategy by NCC since numbers three and four are similar. In its recommendations, now scrapped, the technical committee agreed the presidential candidate must: 1) Have high numbers in opposition strongholds; 2) Change battle zones into NASA strongholds; and 3) Get 30 per cent of total votes in Jubilee strongholds. It had 12 ticket scenarios. The top three pairings in descending order of vote-getting are Mudavadi for President with Kalonzo as running mate; Raila-Kalonzo (leaked) and Kalonzo-Raila. However, it said any of top three could be the presidential candidate. - The Star






 I used to think that maturity was about age and physical development, how wrong I was. I have since found out that age is only but a number, below are 20 definitions of *MATURITY*

 1.... *Maturity* is when you accept other people the way they are and their level of maturity.
 2.... *Maturity* is when you understand that your ideas are not always the best.
 3.... *Maturity* is when you learn to let go even if it pains.
 4... *Maturity* is when you are able to drop expectations from a relationship and give for giving sake.
 5.... *Maturity* is when you understand that whatever positive things you do, you do for your own peace.
 6... *Maturity* is when you stop proving to the world how RIGHT OR SUPERIOR you are.
 7.... *Maturity* is when you stop comparing yourself with others because life is not a competition.
 8.... *Maturity* is when you understand that you cant and shouldn't always get what you want every time.
 9.... *Maturity* is when you are content and satisfied with your life and yet aspiring to be better everyday..
 10.... *Maturity* is when someone hurt you and you understand their attitude and stay clear, rather than trying to hurt them back.
 11.... *Maturity* is when you start thinking about other people and not just yourself.
 12.... *Maturity* is when you know you cant please everyone.
 13.... *Maturity* is when you see things in different perspectives - far beyond the way they seem.
 14.... *Maturity* is when you love more and judge less.
 15.... *Maturity* is responsibility
 16.... *Maturity* is Love
 17.... *Maturity* is the application of wisdom and knowledge in humility..
 18... *Maturity* is when you accept that your accomplishment, failures, destiny, reputations and virtually everything about your life depends on God's will and the choices you make and not pointing fingers at others.
 19... *Maturity* is when someone hates you and you still pray for them to succeed.
 20.... *Maturity* is knowing God, serving Him with all that you've got and pursuing His Kingdom no matter what people think or say...
 *+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+*NASA’s Coastal retreat to name the presidential flagbearer collapsed in disarray, creating new alignments within the unsettled opposition, the Star has established.



Get your Funeral Insurance from ABC Bank Kenya

It costs you less than £100 a year.



Kenyan Girl Sarah Njoki Ikumu Gatoto goes straight

to the live semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent

She is the first Kenyan to achieve this level



It was the best performance on stage by Sarah Njoki Ikumu Gatoto of  Milton Keynes. She is the daughter of Pastor Alex Gatoto and his Mrs. Ikumu originally from Kenya. Sarah Ikumu goes straight to the live semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent as she becomes Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act. The 15-year-old singer blows everyone away with her rendition of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going When a nervous Sarah Ikumu took to the Britain's Got Talent stage, we had no idea what was about to happen. Out of absolutely nowhere, this incredible voice builds and builds to deliver arguably the best performance of the night in BGT's first episode and became Simon's Golden Buzzer act. The 15-year-old might be in Year 11 and studying for her GCSEs, but in this Saturday's episode she delivers a staggering rendition of the song made famous by Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls – a song described by Simon Cowell as “one of the biggest songs in the world”. Just moments after she finished singing, Simon reached over and hit his Golden Buzzer for the teenager, sending her straight into the live semi-finals. “Sarah, I’ve heard this song a lot,” explained Simon. “And it started off really well…and then it’s like you became possessed half way through. It was quite incredible, and for someone of your age to stand on this stage with all the nerves and all the pressure, to absolutely – not just nail the song – you made it your song.” Amanda said she was “absolutely thrilled” that Sarah got the Golden Buzzer, while Alesha said she wasn’t allowed to have that much talent at such a young age. “It’s insane,” she said. “I want you to go far and I think Simon can help you because you are a superstar.” The said that being Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act was a “dream come true” and that he was the one she wanted to impress.


Pastor Alex Ikumu Gatoto and his wife congratulating their daughter on the stage the the excellent performance

Who is Sarah Ikumu?

Age: Sarah Njoki Ikumu Gatoto, 15 From: Milton Keynes Sarah is currently studying for her GCSEs and is in Year 11 at school. She’s previously won Milton Keynes Young Musician of the Year and there's a video of her performing Aretha Franklin's Think at the Midlands Teen Star area final two years ago when she was 13. Yep, 13 years old. But we get the feeling she’ll be onto even bigger and better things from now on.  Videos of her performing on YouTube have been uploaded by ChartHouse Music, a "London-based artist development company". They explain that their industry experts provide "a tailor-made programme, which is focused on developing you as an artist and push your career to the next level." You can see more from Sarah on her Facebook page here and you can see her performing Beyoncé's.  - CLICK HERE FOR THE WONDERFUL SARAH NJOKI IKUMU EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE




The memorial service of the late Pastor Naomi Wairimu Gichuhi took place on Saturday 15th April, 2017 at St. Marks Anglican Church, Beckton, 218 Tollgate Road, Beckton, London. A large number of Kenyans attended the ceremony. Notably at the ceremony is how Kenyans kept time - the ceremony started 15 minutes before time and finished 15 minutes before time. The body of the late Pastor Naomi will be leaving London for Kenya this weekend and the family will be travelling to Kenya on Tuesday 18th April, 2017.  The late Pastor Naomi Wairimu Gichuhi will be put to rest on Saturday 22 April 2017. Family and Friends will leave Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home (Mbagathi Way) at 8:00am and head to Kiambu County, Githunguri Constituency, Kagaa Sub location where the Burial Ceremony will begin at 10:00am. For more information call: + 254722611654 or +254722131622.

A section of family and friends who attended the memorial service of the Late Pastor Naomi in London on Friday


Funeral directors loading the coffin of the late Pastor Naomi Gichihi in to their vehicle from the church on it way to Kenya. On right is the funeral director staff saying good bye to Pastor Anthony Gichuhi (white) and family after the memorial service. More later.




Six arrested in Narok for having marked ODM nomination papers

Six people were arrested in Narok on Saturday after they were found with marked ballot papers for the ODM primaries. They were apprehended at a hotel in Kilgoris town and taken to Kilgoris CID headquarters for grilling. Police said the group was found with pre-marked ballot papers for the woman representative and Kilgoris MP seats.


The Great Escape  - Buffalo outsmarts pride of lions - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO








Dr Joe Karogi from North Carolina is in London

Dr Karogi in London : Dr Joe Karogi from North Carolina is in London speaking at Pillars of Truth in Woolich. He is the founder of Kenya Christian Fellowship in America. He is a one stop shop to many issues affecting Kenyan in diaspora in America. He is being hosted by Rev Thomas and Mary Turuthi of Pillars of Truth Ministries. Dr Karogi is a blessings to many. He is in London only for this weekend.





UK man Christopher Laidler dies after falling from building in Thailand



North Korea 'ready for nuclear attack' amid show of force




Amazing Animals save calf from death - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO





Kabete MP aspirant Charles Chege missing, car found with bullet holes

Kabete MP aspirant Charles Chege's car, which was found near a dam in Gitaru area, at King'eero police station, April 15, 2017.
Kabete MP aspirant Charles Chege was reported missing after his car was found with two bullet holes near a dam in Gitaru area on Saturday. Kabete OCPD Joseph Ongaya said they collected two spent cartridges from the place where the Toyota Prado was found. He added that two mobile phones which were off were found in the car. They are believed to be Chege's. Ongaya said the bullet holes were on the back left door of the car, near the lock, and that the back windscreen had been smashed. “We are investigating how it was smashed," he said at his office adding they ruled out gunshots.


Kabete residents hold demonstrations, following the disappearance of MP aspirant

Charles Chege, whose vehicle was found with bullet holes, April 15, 2017. 

Ongaya said a resident who called King’eero police station reported hearing gunshots at about 3am. Officers who were on patrol responded to the alert while those of the crime scene at the DCI visited the scene. “When our officers arrived, they told us it was Chege’s vehicle and that no one was around. They said there were no blood stains," Ongaya said. The OCPD said the vehicle was towed to the station and that Chege’s driver was helping with investigations. No suspects have been arrested so far. Ongaya urged residents to be patient while investigations are carried out. But they held demonstrations at major trading centres saying they had been preparing for Chege's launch of his manifesto at Kanjeru stadium today. The aspirant wants to succeed Ferdinand Waititu who is vying for the Kiambu Governor seat held by William Kabogo. Some of the protesters lit bonfires on Gitaru-Wangige road using old tires and blocked it. Others took the protests to Wangige, Kanjeru, Uthiru, Nyanthuna and Ndumboini. The people described Chege, popularly known as Chege Fresh, as an approachable, patient and caring politician. “He is friendly and development-oriented. He has put up street lights in villages and trading centres,” said Michael Njoroge. Nancy Waweru said: "We are so angered by how he disappeared. We want police to investigate and bring the attacker to book. We want to know what happened." Another group of Chege's supporters demonstrated at the station. Officers urged them to remain calm and submit any helpful information. - The Star





U.S. Sending Troops to Somalia to Help Fight Al Shabaab

The United States military on Friday announced it is sending dozens of soldiers to Somalia to help defeat Al Shabaab. The US African Command said about 40 soldiers will be deployed to train and equip about 22,000 Somalia and AMISOM forces currently fighting Al Shabaab. "United States Africa Command will conduct various security cooperation and/or security force assistance events in Somalia in order to assist our allies and partners," said Pat Barnes, U.S. Africa Command spokesman in an interview with Voice of America. The move comes a few weeks after S President Donald Trump approved a more aggressive military operation style in Somalia that allows the chief of the US Africa Command to authorize more military strikes against the terrorist group. This is the first time since 1993 that the US is sending troops on the ground in Somalia. In 1993, the US withdrew its military personnel in the country after two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down by rebels and 18 soldiers killed. The military personnel were in the country in an operation meant to capture warlord Mohammed Farah Aideed and his allies.




Meetings takes place on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th only at Revival House,

500 High Street North E12. Memorial on Saturday venue to be confirmed

The late Pastor Naomi Wairimu Gichuhi


It is with great sadness, we inform you of the death of Pastor Naomi Wairimu (Karembo) Gichuhi. Mother to Orpah Gichuhi and Ebenezer Gichuhi, She was the dear and most beloved wife of Reverend Anthony Gichuhi {Pastor Tony} of Remnant Christian Centre, Stratford London. Daughter to Godfrey Njoroge Mumita and Marion Wakonyo Njoroge, sister to the late Esther Kanyi, Jane Waithira of Oxford Uk, Bernard Mumita formaly of Reading, Marion Joyce Wanjiku {iku}of Oxford UK, Roslyne Nyambutu of Oxford uk , Mary Wanjiru {injo} Oxford. Peter  Kinyanjui  Kenya. Prayer meetings to celebrate and thank Jehovah for Naomi's life are taking place on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th April 2017 ONLY from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at Revival House Church, 500 High Street North, Manor park, London, E12 6QN. Oxford meetings ends on Monday 10th April, 2017. Nairobi meetings are taking place at Home- land Hotel, Thika road,Next to Sagas from 5pm.   UK contacts: pastor Mary 07891221763, Amose: 07939624765, Nyambutu:07865362003, Iku:07867115699, Rev. Tony: 07904221791. Kenya: Pastor Lilian Young: +254722592654, Cate Matahe: +254720979711, Mary +254724992831 or Injo 00254740292373. Those wishing to help financially can do so through Account NatWest Bank Anthony Gichuhi. Natwest 31574890. sc. 56-00-47. Memorial service takes place on Saturday 15th April, 2017 at Saint Marks Church & Community Centre, 218 Tollgate Rd, Beckton, London E6 5YA as from 5.00 p.m.The late Pastor Naomi Wairimu Gichuhi will be put to rest on Saturday 22 April 2017. Family and Friends will leave Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home (Mbagathi Way ) at 8:00am and head to Kiambu County, Githunguri Constituency, Kagaa Sub location where the Burial Ceremony will begin at 10:00am. For more information call: +254722611654 or +254722131622.



The memorial service to celebrate and thank Jehovah God for the life of Pastor Naomi Wairimu Gichuhi (Beloved wife of Reverend Pastor Anthony Gichuhi-and the devoted mother to Orpah and Ebenezer) shall take place this Saturday the 15th of April 2017 starting promptly at 5.00PM. The venue is St. Marks Anglican Church, Beckton, 218 Tollgate Road, Beckton, London, E6 5YA. We warmly welcome you to join Reverend Gichuhi and his family to pray for the eternal rest of his wife's soul. DRESS CODE: NO BLACK ATTIRE PLEASE. Preferably cream, gold, white, yellow. The nearest train station is Beckton via DLR and bus numbers 262 from Stratford and bus 300 from Eastham. Burial to take place in Kenya and the date to be confirmed later.




Christians mark Good Friday amid peace messages

Faithful from Christ The King cathedral in Nakuru on April 14, 2017 mark Good Friday, while re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Thousands of Christians gathered in churches to celebrate Good Friday as they marked the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. In Kisumu, Christians gathered in churches for prayers before marching in processions across the town, the scorching sun notwithstanding. They chanted songs of praise in honour of the suffering that Jesus Christ went through after betrayal by one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot. At the St Theresa Catholic Church in Kibuye, Kisumu, the worshippers, guided by their religious leaders, carried a cross and a portrait of Jesus Christ with everyone genuflecting every now and them and lifting their rosaries. In church, the clergy preached messages of peace and urged Kenyans to shun divisive politics. Father Callori Achok of Kibuye parish asked politicians to guide Kenyans in the right direction during campaigns. “The mission of Jesus Christ was to save the world through suffering and death. Let us embrace peace as Christians that He brought through His suffering and death because in Him all of us are one,” he said. In Eldoret, Bishop Cornelius Korir of Eldoret Catholic Diocese called on politicians to embrace peaceful campaigns during the party primaries this month. Addressing journalists when he led the Catholic faithful to mark the Way of the Cross in Eldoret town yesterday, he urged politicians to stop propagating tribalism as they seek votes. “Campaigns for elections should not be pegged on tribalism. It should be a democratic process that involves all Kenyans from different tribal backgrounds,” said Bishop Korir. He said that the current political campaigns in the country could pose a threat to the peace and stability that the country has been enjoying since the 2007 post-election violence if not handled carefully. The cleric cautioned politicians against uttering reckless words during the campaign period that could incite Kenyans against each other. - Daily Nation.


Lion ambush at wildebeest crossing - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Life is about picking yourself up and moving upon fast...



The Daily Express says a nuclear war between North Korea and the US could break out "at any moment", with the rogue state vowing to "pulverise" American bases in South Korea...

China warning as tensions over North Korea rise

China has warned that tensions over North Korea have to be stopped from reaching an "irreversible and unmanageable stage".
The warning from Beijing, Pyongyang's sole major ally, came as North Korea said it would not "keep its arms crossed" in the face of a pre-emptive strike by the US military. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said: "We call on all parties to refrain from provoking and threatening each other, whether in words or actions, and not let the situation get to an irreversible and unmanageable stage." "Force cannot solve the problem, dialogue can be the only channel to resolve the problem," he added. "Once a war really happens, the result will be nothing but multiple loss. No one can become a winner." Tensions are deepening as the US has sent an aircraft carrier to waters off the Korean peninsula. It is also conducting its biggest-ever joint military exercises with South Korea.






Bishop Samuel Muya (left) was joined by other pastors to pray for Rev. Anthony Gichuhi and family on right.

"Death is as a result of sin. It is a curse, this was said by Bishop Samuel Kamuri Muya of Talents Revival Churches, Elburgon, Kenya while preaching at Revival House, London on Monday 10th April, 2017. This was during a mourning service of Pastor Naomi Wairimu Gichuhi who passed away in London on Wednesday 5th April, 2017. It's out of the anger of God to us mankind after disobedient, it is a bad experience, it comes to Kings, Queens, Sultans, Presidents, the rich and the poor. It comes with a package of sadness, sorrow, bitterness, financial material and time loss. Emptiness and loneliness are accompaniments of death. 1 Corinthians 15:26 proves death is an enemy to live with man till rapture. 1 Thessalonians 4:16. But the greatest achievement and accomplishment is that after resurrections we shall have an opportunity to engage death this time to mock and blasphemy it. Death where is your victory, where oh death is your sting. The sting of death is sin the power of sin is the law. Thanks to be God who gives us victory through our Lord Jesus." Bishop Muya said.


Consumers have been handed a marginal reprieve at the pump after Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) lowered prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene


High Flying Nakuru Speaker Susan Kihika’s Sponsor revealed

Nakuru County Assembly speaker,Susan Kihika is said to be spending millions in her campaign Photo: Courtesy

Susan Wakarura Kihika, the sweet-faced political science and law graduate and the current Nakuru County Speaker has declared interest in the 2017 senatorial race. Her well-oiled campaign which started sometime in February 2015 has wowed many, including those contesting against her. Those privy to her campaign strategy claim that she spends not less than Sh500,000 at any given time for the seat she declared she must win come August 8. Her opponents, left feeling the heat have started questioning the source of Kihika’s wealth. In April last year, members of a civil society group called on the anti-graft agency to investigate the county speaker for using a helicopter to do early campaigns ahead of the 2017 elections. Led by Nakuru Residents Accountability Forum Chairman James Kimani, they called on the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to investigate the source of money the speaker is using for her flashy campaigns. The daughter of the late maverick politician Kihika Kimani was being accused of dishing out huge amounts of money during public functions as she campaigns to be the next Nakuru senator. She dismissed these allegations as malicious. Earlier in May, Kihika had used a helicopter to fly to events presided over by Deputy President William Ruto during his tour of the region.


“She might have spent at least Sh5 million in a span of two days, while we still demand a lot from her as the speaker,” one of her opponents whined.  But as the civil society activist continue to speculate on Kihika’s change of fortune, those in the know say the power behind Kihika’s financial might- is none other than a mysterious businessman called Sam Mburu. “I suspect her campaign is being funded by the wealthy businessman called Kiongozi (to read Mburu),” said a close ally of the speaker who did not wish to be named. The little-known Mburu is described as a wealthy, humble, down to earth and generous man. Mburu — also known as Kiongozi (Kiswahili word for leader) is allegedly a close associate of Deputy President William Ruto — and is often seen in his company especially during public events across the Rift Valley region. Mburu is a man of few words and IS always in the company other young men whose extravagant lifestyle, sources say, he finances. This is the man said to be sponsoring Kihika’s high profile campaign — complete with Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and occasionally, a helicopter. - The Standard.


So sad: Churchill show comedian ‘AKA Aiyeya ‘passes on after being involved in tragic car accident




Comedian Emmanuel Makori during his last performance  

Churchill show comedian Emmanuel Makori popularly known as Aiyeya has passed on. The Comedian passed on last night after he was involved in car crash along Magadi road as he was driving home to Rongai.  Aiyeya was from the Churchill show recording with his wife and had passed through Galleria mall to purchase a few things. He was also in company of his fellow comedian Paul wa Kimani and Olweny who sustained injuries and are currently recuperating at Kenyatta National Hospital. The accident happened near the Catholic University of East Africa turn.  Speaking to SDE, a source told us that the comedian had a good show last night. “The fateful night had started well after the comedian gave a good performance at the show recording. It is sad”, he told us. - The Standard



Police have arrested a 25-year-old college student who allegedly

strangled his lover and stuffed her body in a fridge

Abdulkarim Njoroge was arrested on Tuesday in Mtwapa, Mombasa, after a two-week search following the murder of Irene Kananu on March 31 in Kiambu. Kananu’s body was found naked, with her head, inside the refrigerator while her legs and hips were sticking out. Njoroge allegedly strangled the HR officer after a row at her house in Kahawa Wendani. Kananu was an employee of chemical giant Henkel in Industrial Area. The pair reportedly fought after Kananu learnt that Njoroge had made pregnant a neighbor, his secret lover, who lived in the same flats. They frequently argued over claims of infidelity. Kananu’s sister Catherine Nduta reported her missing on April 3 at Githurai Kimbo police station. She said Kananu’s mobile phone had been switched off. Police opened investigations and two days later, investigators broke into Kananu’s house where they found her dead. There were no visible wounds but pathologists said she was strangled. Yesterday, Ruiru police chief Isaac Thuranira confirmed the arrest but declined to comment. Neighbours told police Njoroge was a regular visitor at Kananu’s house. Police said Njoroge drove out of the compound in Kananu’s car on April 3 alone. It is alleged he withdrew Sh40,000 from Kananu’s M-Pesa account, and used it to fuel the car. Police said they intend to charge him with murder and theft of a motor vehicle and cash. - The Star




The elephant rescued a buffalo from a lion. This

can be seen once in a lifetime / Very touching





The ABC has confirmed Family First's Lucy Gichuhi has won the ballot to replace former senator Bob Day in the Senate, after the High Court ordered a recount. The High Court still needs to officially declare the result of the recount, and will consider questions raised about her citizenship. The Kenyan-born lawyer migrated to Australia in 1999, became an Australian citizen in 2001, and will become the first person of Kenyan descent elected to Federal Parliament. She was second on the Family First ticket in South Australia, after her predecessor, Mr Day. "I am honoured and grateful for this opportunity to serve Australia. I see it as an opportunity to give back to this great nation," Ms Gichuhi said in a statement. "I do not intend on commenting on the processes that have brought us to this point. As a lawyer, I am deeply respectful of both the legal and electoral processes. "I am an Australian citizen and am eligible to serve. I will continue to take advice on all of these matters as we move forward."

Last week, the High Court sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns found Mr Day should never have been elected to the Upper House because he had breached the constitution in the lease arrangements for his office. That decision triggered a special recount of the South Australian Senate vote. Mr Day had already resigned his seat in Parliament after his construction business Home Australia Group went into liquidation. There have been concerns Ms Gichuhi could face a legal challenge to her own eligibility to sit in the Senate because of her nationality. She maintained she had never held dual citizenship, which could prevent her from taking her seat in the red chamber. Acting shadow attorney-general Katy Gallagher said it was a "complicated legal issue". "After obtaining legal advice from senior counsel, the ALP is considering making a further submission on this matter when the Court of Disputed Returns considers it again next week," she said. "This is not about Ms Gichuhi, this is about the integrity of the Senate and electoral system." It is the second time the Electoral Commission has had to order a recount in last year's Senate vote, after the High Court also ruled former One Nation senator for Western Australia Rod Culleton's election was invalid. Mr Culleton has since been replaced by his brother-in-law, Peter Georgiou.


ODM annuls nomination results for Busia governor's seat

The ODM National Elections Board (NEB) has nullified the results of the Busia gubernatorial nominations, just hours after Governor Sospeter Ojaamong was declared winner. The results were rejected by his closest competitor, Funyula MP Paul Otuoma, and his supporters. In a statement, NEB chairperson Judith Pareno said the board had noticed major irregularities in the Busia gubernatorial nomination process “which if announced as is can cause discordance among members in the County”. “In view of the above reasons, the Board has made a decision to nullify the Busia gubernatorial nomination results and ordered a repeat exercise on Tuesday 25th April 2017,” the statement said. However, results for other seats will remain as they were received, Ms Pareno said. The board also received results from returning officers in Bungoma and Machakos counties, which also conducted their nominations on Thursday. - Daily Nation.


How Kenyan Parents Behave






Mystery as donkey found killed, genitals chopped off in Mwingi

A donkey that had been stolen from a home in Mwingi West was found on Friday with its genitals chopped off. Shocked residents of Musuani location said they suspect the beast of burden was slaughtered for witchcraft. This followed a wave of donkey disappearances in the area for the past ten days. The animal was skinned and only the parts taken away under circumstances that locals were yet to fathom. Caroline Mumbi, whose donkey was stolen, said they wonder what the perpetrators are doing with the parts. "It is shocking that someone can do such a thing to a domestic animal." - The Star



NASA principals will lose and sink into irrelevance

IT is a very long story. Initially, Raila Odinga met Musalia Mudavadi to talk about their working together, but the latter was very difficult and jittery, following the falling out in 2012. They organised one day to meet when they were going to the USA for the Democratic Institute convention. After that, Raila went to Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli in Kajiado and slept there for two days trying to get Atwoli to convince Mudavadi to come on board. Raila and Atwoli agreed and struck a deal that some public opinion poll be done to show Mudavadi as very popular. Later the poll was done and the coronation took place in Kakamega’s Masinde Muliro Gardens. Raila and his team thought that Mudavadi was coming on board to support him for the presidency this year. However, the word and the picture they created out there was that Mudavadi would be the candidate, which was a lie, because at that time I was privy to those details and I told the fellows who were around Musalia that they had been duped but they never wanted to listen. So, when the time came and they got in, they believed that they were going to be given the ticket – and that is the lie they went around telling the community. Raila is not going to give in and Musalia has already told the community that he is going to be the candidate. So what happens? Will Raila leave the ticket to Mudavadi? No he won't. Does Mudavadi leave NASA? No, because if he leaves the Luyhas abandon him and say he is a weakling and has been cheated again. So what does he do? He is in a very awkward position because if he comes and tells the Luyhas that he has been cheated, he will be asked whether this is the first time he has been duped. They will tell him to his face that you told us you were the candidate and if you aren't then we have no business with you. It is a very difficult situation for them. If they don't agree, which is most likely, there will be a breakup, if there is a breakup then everybody runs on his own, thinking that there will be a runoff. But they will lose, the whole lot of them – and become irrelevant. - The Star



US drops 'mother of all bombs' on IS-held caves in Afghanistan

The US military says it has dropped the "mother of all bombs" on a series of caves used by Islamic State in eastern Afghanistan. It is the first time this type of bomb has been used in combat, Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said. It was dropped from an MC-130 aircraft in the Achin district of Nangarhar province, very close to the border with Pakistan. The GBU-43 bomb, weighing 21,600 lbs (9,797kg), is GPS-guided, contains 11 tonnes of explosives and is the US military's largest non-nuclear device. Its nickname, 'the mother of all bombs', is based on the name given to it by the US Air Force - 'Massive Ordnance Air Blast' bomb and it is regarded as particularly effective against clusters of targets on or just underneath the ground. Mr Stump said the bomb was dropped on a group of caves and bunkers, believed to be used by Islamic State in Afghanistan, an affiliate group known by its US military acronym of 'ISIS-K'. The weapon, which was first tested just days before the Iraq War in March 2013, was dropped at 7.32pm local time (4.02pm UK time) after its deployment was signed off by General John Nicholson, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan. General Nicholson said the strike was designed to minimise the risk to Afghan and US forces conducting clearing operations in the Achin area "while maximising the destruction" of IS fighters and facilities.



ODM fines Elizabeth Ongoro, Okoth Obado Sh3m over chaos

Nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro (left) and Migori governor Okoth Obado when they appeared before the ODM disciplinary committee on April 10, 2017. They have been ordered to pay a total of Sh3 million as punishment for chaos perpetrated by their supporters

The ODM disciplinary committee has cracked the whip on members involved in recent chaos that were witnessed in the run up to party nominations which started Thursday. Nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro has been fined Sh1 million and told to vie in another constituency other than Ruaraka, where she had been planning to battle it out with incumbent MP TJ Kajwang. Last week, Ms Ongoro stormed Orange House accompanied by rowdy youths complaining that the party had decided to give direct nomination to Mr Kajwang thus denying her a chance to vie for the Ruaraka seat on ODM. The disciplinary committee has also told her to publicly apologise to the party and the executive director of the party Mr Oduor Ong'wen who was roughed up by the youths during the incident. The senator has to comply with the committee’s recommendations within seven days failure to which she will be disqualified from contesting.

At the same time, Migori governor Okoth Obado was ordered to pay a fine of Sh2 million for ordering youths to storm party offices and the violence witnessed in Migori recently. He should also submit a written apology to party leader Raila Odinga. He is also expected to comply with the ruling within seven days failure to which he will be disqualified from running on the party’s ticket. Ruaraka MP TJ Kajwang' was cautioned and asked to contain his supporters against engaging in violence and also reaffirm his commitment to the party.

The committee also recommended that Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong and Funyula MP Paul Otuoma be reprimanded and cautioned to control their supporters prior to, during and after the party nominations. They are also to reaffirm their commitment to the party's code of conduct. However, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, senators James Orengo (Siaya), Anyang Nyong'o (Kisumu) and Suna East MP Junet Mohammed were let off the hook as there were no recommendations against them. - Daily Nation.


Former Finance minister David Mwiraria dies at Karen Hospital

Former Finance minister David Mwiraria, who died at Karen Hospital on April 13, 2017

In the heady days after Daniel arap Moi left State House after 24 long years, a bespectacled, short, quiet man took over the Treasury as the Mwai Kibaki’s right-hand man at the Ministry of Finance. That man was Daudi Mwiraria – a member of the family said that he preferred to be called Daudi. But the Kenyan public, with its penchant for the formality inherited from the British bureaucracy, preferred to call him David Mwiraria. Mr Mwiraria succumbed to cancer at Karen Hospital Thursday morning. It had progressed to Stage Four. He was 79. At the former minister’s home in Karen on Mukinduri Road workers were busy putting up tents. A few visitors had come to pay their respects. Reporters were told the family was not ready to issue a statement on his demise but would do so later.

The former Finance minister and Alliance High School alumnus was an accomplished economist and one of retired President Kibaki’s most trusted friends. Like Mr Kibaki, he was a graduate of Makerere University, where he studied for his Masters after attaining his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics at the University of East Africa, Uganda. He was one of a number of veterans who had been in the system since the 1960s, helping shape policy and then eventually going into politics and was elected MP for North Imenti in 1992. It was 21 years after his election that he took over at Treasury, trying to revive an economy in the doldrums and working in a government that headed a country that was in 2003 rated as among the most optimistic in the world. He is credited with instilling financial discipline in government, resulting in stabilizing fluctuating interest rates and turning around an economy that was recording negative growth. - Daily Nation.



Contact Julieanne Onsando, Relationship Manager, Diaspora Banking, Retail Banking Department.
Office Line: Ext 13609/020 3276 609/ +254 711 049 609
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Or. Mr. Seed on 07951220695 -



KTN Leo taarifa Kamili: Kura ya mchujo Busia - 13/04/2017 [Sehemu ya Kwanza] - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



UK Government Issues New Travel Warning for Kenya

The government of the United Kingdom has issued a new travel warning for Kenya. In the travel warning issue on Wednesday, the UK government warns its citizens to stay away from public gatherings during this electioneering period. “Rallies and protests may take place during primaries and in the lead up to, during and after elections. You should take care in public places where people gather, and exercise a heightened level of vigilance,” read in part a statement from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The new warning does not warn British nationals from visiting any particular regions in Kenya, but a previous warning them to avoid visiting Garissa, Mandera, Wajir, Lamu, and Eastleigh in Nairobi still stands. The UK advisory comes less than a week after the United States issued a similar travel alert for its citizen, also related to the upcoming primary and general elections (READ: US State Department Issues Travel Alert for Kenya). The Kenya general elections take place on August 8th, 2017



Chaos, confusion hit ODM nominations in Busia


Optiven Group Team from Kenya visits Kenya High Commission

Optiven team from Kenya visiting the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo

(2nd from far left) on Wednesday 12th April, 2017 lead by their CEO Mr. George Wachiuri (far left)

The Optiven Group team currently visiting the UK visited the offices of the Kenya High Commission on Wednesday 12th April, 2017. Lead by their Mr. George Wachiuri the team met the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo in his office in London. The High commissioner applauded Optiven for the work they have been doing for the last 18 years and more so to millions of Shillings committed to community needs including education scholarships, building free houses for the senior forgotten citizens , Poverty alleviation, health and environmental issues. Optiven foundation donated food to over 5 counties to help feed thousands of households after the President of Kenya declared drought as a National Disaster in 2017. Optiven real estate will keep to its vision of being pacesetters in Social Economic Transformation. With objectives of settling Kenyans, creating over 15 000 jobs and empowering many Kenyans abroad to invest back home, not only to real estate but even in other sectors as Kenya is on growth mode. Optiven is happy with the people of UK for an extraordinary support to the Optiven team. Optiven thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kenya for supporting companies like Optiven when preparation to Empower Kenyans in Diaspora. The Diaspora department in Nairobi has been of great support to Optiven Group and other companies that venture to diaspora. This is a sure way of growing our County for generations to come. Optiven team had a chance to brief the H.E the High Commissioner on very productive visits and investment meetings with Kenyans in Hertfordshire, Reading,Swidon and Luton and more planed in Coventry, Oxford, Manchester and Scotland.

* Optiven team is gearing up for upcoming meeting in
* Coventry Friday 14th April
* Northampton Saturday 15th April
* London Sunday 16th
* Manchester Sunday 23rd April
* Oxford 22nd April
* Scotland 29th to 30th April
* Edinburgh 2nd to 4th May

For more information please contact George Wachiuri in the UK no 07440 021602 - Written by George Wachiuri, CEO Optiven Group, Entrepreneur,Philanthropist and a Motivational Speaker.





Luxury British car brand Bentley launches in Kenya

Transport firm Multiple Group has been appointed the local dealer of luxury car brand Bentley, with the first models expected to arrive in June. The move expands Multiple’s presence in the new luxury car market, which it entered in 2014 with the Porsche brand. Local customers have already paid for five Bentleys whose prices start from $270,000 (Sh27 million) and can top the $390,000 (Sh39 million) depending on the level of customisation. “We are setting up the Bentley dealership through a company called Bentley Nairobi,” Mr Dimitris Karakoulas, an executive at Multiple’s automotive division, told the Business Daily. “We expect to sell up to nine Bentleys by the end of the year. We already have orders for five units,” he said, adding that the dealer is targeting rich customers with finer motoring tastes. The dealer will start selling the Bentayga (SUV), Flying Spur (sedan) and Continental GT (two-door coupé) and could further expand the line-up to include Mulsanne, which has an extended wheel base. Mr Karakoulas said Bentley buyers are mostly rich families with dynastic wealth and self-made entrepreneurs who emphasise quality and distinction in their consumption. The pricing of Bentleys indicates the models will have few rivals including Range Rover Autobiography (sold by RMA Kenya) and Mercedes-Maybach and S-Class (DT Dobie). The entry of Bentley underlines increased spending on luxury items by Kenya’s super-rich whose ranks have grown in the past decade thanks to overall economic expansion and a rally in the price of specific assets including real estate. Multiple is spending $20 million (Sh2 billion) on a new complex that will house a show room and service centre for the Bentley and Porsche dealership, Mr Karakoulas said. Bentley and Porsche are part of the brands owned by Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen Group. -


Fake Daily Nation Newspaper printed in Busia


Elizabeth Gathoni Koinange - Celebrating Life at 117

This is an affectionate portrait of Elizabeth Gathoni Koinange - a woman who lives a short drive outside Nairobi - and who celebrated her 117th birthday this year. Her story, and that of her family, is told by Elizabeth's own great granddaughter Priscilla Ng'ethe. - CLICK HERE FOR THE DOCUMENTARY


Fresh trial for four jailed for 72 years in S Sudan

Kenyan ambassador to South Sudan Cleland Leshore visits the four Kenyans jailed in South Sudan over fraud claims, March 14, 2017. 

A Court of Appeal in Juba has ordered the retrial of four Kenyans who had been jailed for 72 years. They were among 16 people who in June last year were imprisoned over allegations of forgery and money laundering, resulting in the loss of $14 million (Sh1.8 billion) from President Salva Kiir’s office. They were held at a military detention facility for nine months. Then they went on trial for five months and were subjected to what many legal experts call a further miscarriage of justice. The four worked for Click Technologies Company, with Ravi Ghaghda serving as a Business Development manager, Boniface Muriuki as Sales and Development manager, while Anthony Keya and Anthony Mwadime were employees. Their families have lobbied to have them provided with legal aid through the Kenyan embassy in Juba and the Foreign Affairs ministry to get a fair trial. They even asked that the four be brought back to stand trial in Kenya. These efforts failed as Foreign Affairs officials often ignored them and at times gave false promises. The ruling on Tuesday provides hope not only to the convicts but also their families. In March the families held a vigil in Nairobi’s Intercontinental hotel to demand their release. The Appeals court, in an 80-page ruling, quashed the imprisonment and directed that the accused remain in Juba Central Prison as the retrial is heard and determined. “To us as families, the ruling comes as [the] biggest relief, a new day, and we sincerely hope the Kenyan government this time round will help with [the much-] needed legal aid so as they can undergo a fair trail,” Tejal Ghaghda, Ravi’s youngest sister, said. The four were detained and investigated for about one year and tried without lawyers before they were sentenced. Last month the Foreign Affairs ministry denied the Kenyan government had abandoned the four. Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed told Parliament she would follow up the matter but the families of the four said no action had been taken. Via Twitter, the ministry said, “It is not true that the [South Sudan four] have been ignored.” It said it was following the proceedings keenly but “cannot prosecute the case in public at the risk of jeopardising negotiations”. - The Star



These hanging gardens like those of Babylon were caught by Mr. Seed in the City of Rome, Italy. The Hanging Gardens — one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, in the city of Babylon. “In addition to its size,” wrote Herodotus, a Greek historian in 450 BC, “Babylon surpasses in splendor any city in the known world.” Legends says that the Gardens were built by King Nebuchadnezzar so that the queen, his wife, would have a lovely, private, terraced garden to enjoy and to remind her of the landscape of her childhood home.  - CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO


Jailed: Jealous husband who stabbed accountant wife to

death when she admitted affair with family friend

Stuart Gallear was found guilty of killing his wife (PA)

A jealous husband who stabbed his accountant wife to death after she told him she had rekindled an affair with a joiner has been sentenced to life in prison. Stuart Gallear, 51, admitted manslaughter but claimed he did not intend to kill wife Mandy, 42, in the kitchen of their home in Hindley, Wigan. Gallear said he had momentarily lost self-control. But a jury at Manchester Crown Court rejected his account and unanimously found him guilty of murder. Sentencing him on Wednesday to life imprisonment, Mr Justice Openshaw said Gallear “gave way to self-indulgence, verging on self-pity” as he faced the break-up of his marriage and his family. Police arrived at the couple’s home in Makinson Avenue within 10 minutes of the defendant ringing for an ambulance and found the mother of two lying motionless on the kitchen floor with three deep wounds to her chest.



Mother of Missing St. Louis University Kenyan Student

Pleads for Answers in Daughter’s Disappearance






As Jacob Zuma dances on his 75th birthday, thousands demand his resignation

Tens of thousands of South Africans have marked the 75th birthday of President Jacob Zuma by holding a mass protest against him in Pretoria while he partied in Johannesburg. The march, to government headquarters at Union Buildings, was organised by rival opposition parties ahead of a no confidence vote on Mr Zuma in the country's parliament on Tuesday, which he is expected to survive. It followed similar nationwide rallies last week, which the president dismissed as "racist," prompted by the recent sacking of respected finance minister Pravin Gordhan.


The UK's Daily Mail newspaper has agreed to pay damages and costs to the first lady of the United States over an article about her

modelling career. The newspaper had reported allegations that Melania Trump once worked as an escort, but later retracted the claims.


IEBC says Cabinet Secretaries are free to campaign for Uhuru

IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati (left) and vice-chairperson Connie Nkatha Maina during a meeting with political leaders at the Laico Regency in Nairobi on April 12, 2017. He said the law does not bar Cabinet secretaries from campaigning for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The electoral commission has said Cabinet secretaries are free to campaign for President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the August elections, despite protests by the Opposition, which has called for their neutrality. Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman Wafula Chebukati on Wednesday said ministers are exempted from the law barring civil servants from campaigning. However, he warned that he will crack the whip on other civil servants who are found campaigning. “Cabinet secretaries are exempted from the law (barring civil servants from campaigning). They can propagate party activities,” Mr Chebukati told journalists after a meeting with 69 political parties at a Nairobi hotel. “But the rest of the civil servants are bound by the law and if reports (of their campaigning) come to us, we will act. Our enforcement team is ready and will take action,” he added. Mr Chebukati also said there was no way the commission could block a sitting President or governor from using state resources to campaign. “The law defines what the President, governors can do. They are still in charge of the particular resources they are using (when they campaign),” Mr Chebukati said. - Daily Nation.


Larry Madowo's full interview with President

Uhuru Kenyatta & DP William Ruto




DAY 2A - TUESDAY 21ST MARCH 2017: When going to Israel from UK on Monday 20th March 2017, we had to check in at Heathrow Airport 3 hours before departure. We all met at Heathrow Terminal 4 on 20th March at 11.00 a.m. The security check is done by Israel Secret Service (Mossad) where they interview everyone individually before allowing you to proceed to check-in. The flight departed on time for the 4 hours flight arriving in Tel Aviv at 21.00 hours. We found our Guide and our bus driver waiting for us at the airport. We travelled 2 hours to our hotel Dona Gracia in the Sea of Galilee, Taberias next to Syria for the night. Talk of Syria a few metres from where you are sleeping? We arroved at the hotel very late and we booked in and straight to bed. We woke early in the morning because we had to start with prayers in a hotel's chapel at 6.00 a.m. breakfast at 7.00 a.m. and then everyone should be in the bus by 8.00 a.m. If you happen to miss the bus, you will remain in the hotel until evening.  For that reason we had to use Israel time but not Kenyan time. 8.00 a.m. everyone of was in the bus. Our first day tour was in at the Sea of Galilee which was a few metres from our hotel. We took a boat at the spot where the disciples took the boat to the other side of the sea. Songs and dancing in the boat the Kenyan way to the amazement of the tour guide.



The Seed's family on the boat at the Sea of Galilee where the boat stopped at the spot where Jesus calmed the storm (Mark 4:35-41
) and then we proceeded to the other side. When the boat stopped the engine was switched of give everyone in the boat a time time pray before proceeding. A nice life experience.


12 facts about the Sea of Galilee



1. It’s the largest freshwater lake in Israel — 64 square miles, nearly the size of Washington, D.C.

2. The Sea is known by many namesand is referred to by Israelis as the “Kinneret,” which is Hebrew for “violin,” considered to be the shape resembled by the lake.

3. Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, one of his best-known discourses, is believed to have been delivered on a small hillon the lake’s north-western shore.

4. It is Israel’s largest source of fresh drinking water, supplying about one-third of the nation’s annual water requirement.

5. The Sea has become a pilgrimage site for many Christians and is believed to be where Jesus walked on water.

6. Its closest major city is Tiberias, which is along the lake’s west edge and is considered one of Israel’s holy cities.

7. The Talmud holy scriptures are believed to have been written in Tiberias.

8. The Sea is located in northeastern Israel, near the borders with Jordan and Syria.

9. Visitors often also stop by ancient natural hot springs that are nearby and arebelieved to have healing effects.

10. George W. Bush visited the lake as president in January 2008, saying it was an “amazing experience.”

11. The Sea is a significant source of commercial fishing and the surrounding area grows cotton, alfalfa, bananas and dates.

12. Twelve Hezbollah rockets hit the city of Tiberias on the shore of the lake during Israel’s 2006 war in Lebanon.




Philippians 2:7


The hardest thing you’ll ever do
We read in Philippians 2:7 "Rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness." The hardest thing you’ll ever do is to put others first and yourself second, because we intuitively look out for ourselves. Self-preservation is man’s first instinct - but it doesn’t work. Do you know how two goats respond when they meet on a narrow path above a river? They can’t turn back, and they can’t pass each other because they lack even an inch of spare room. The goats instinctively know that if they butt each other they’ll both fall into the river and drown. So how do they handle it? Nature has taught one goat to lie down so the other can pass over it; and as a result both animals survive and arrive at their destination safe and sound. Instead of seeing itself as a doormat to be walked on, the goat sees itself as a bridge to be crossed over. So it becomes a win-win. The Bible says Jesus ‘made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant’. And to do that you must focus on other people’s needs instead of your own ‘rights’. An elderly man once said: ‘No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others; or failing therein, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist.’ And what’s true for any organisation or business operation, is true for you. And here’s the best part: every time you sacrifice in order to serve someone, you’re sowing seeds of blessing you will surely reap.



Our guest singer today is Charles Kingori from the Republic of Kenya - CLICK HERE



The Queen meets baby elephant named Elizabeth

The Queen came face-to-face with a baby elephant called Elizabeth during her visit to Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire on Tuesday (Apr. 11). The royal and her husband Prince Philip met the adorable creature as they toured the new Centre for Elephant Care, which is home to a herd of nine Asian elephants, including Elizabeth. The animal, who was born in June, was named after the Queen in celebration of Her Majesty's 90th birthday last year.


"I cannot got home without saying hi to Mr. Seed"

Master Matthew Gichuki (2nd left) came to a meeting at Revival House with his parents on Monday 10th April, 2017 with a mission. To see and talk to Mr. Seed. His parents thought it was a joke but it turned out that he was serious when he refused to go home. At last Master Matthew Gichuki met and talked with Mr. Seed together with his parents (far right). Mr. Seed promised to fix his photo on the website. Well done Matthew, persistence pays.









DAY 1A - MONDAY 20TH MARCH: When going to Israel from UK we had to check in at Heathrow Airport 3 hours before departure. We all met at Heathrow Terminal 4 on 20th March at 11.00 a.m. The security check is done by Israel Secret Service (Mossad) where they interview everyone individually before allowing you to proceed to check-in. The flight departed on time for the 4 hours flight arriving in Tel Aviv at 21.00 hours. We found our Guide and our bus driver waiting for us at the airport. We travelled 2 hours to our hotel Dona Gracia in the Sea of Galilee, Taberias next to Syria for the night. Talk of Syria?



From left is Mrs. is Mr. Githinji and Pastor Jane Njiiri posing in front of Sycamore Tree near Jericho, Israel where Zaccheus (Zakayo) - Luke 19:4 - climbed to see Jesus as he passed by. On right is Mrs. Mary Nzambu posing with the statue of King David in Mount of Zion where King David was buried. - CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO


How Kenyan Parents Behave





Artist's window cleaner jailed for stealing paintings worth £500k

 A window cleaner who acted like a "vulture on a carcass" by stealing valuable paintings from a dead artist has been jailed for four years. Daniel Pressland, 42, took artwork worth £500,000 from the Hertford home of renowned Scottish artist Alan Davie. Pressland, from Billericay, Essex, had been Mr Davie's window cleaner since 2002, St Albans Crown Court heard. In the months after the artist's death in 2014, Pressland burgled his house several times, taking 31 paintings.





DAY 1A - MONDAY 20TH MARCH: When going to Israel from UK we had to check in at Heathrow Airport 3 hours before departure. We all met at Heathrow Terminal 4 on 20th March at 11.00 a.m. The security check is done by Israel Secret Service (Mossad) where they interview everyone individually before allowing you to proceed to check-in. The flight departed on time for the 4 hours flight arriving in Tel Aviv at 21.00 hours. More later.



From left is Mrs. Jane Muigai, Veronicah Macharia and Cucu Dee

From left is Catherine Karoki, Mrs. Mbaki and Salome Collins




TEL,7956114514 - TEL FAX 02477671365


We sell the following Kenyan Foods in our shop in Coventry, UK

















Jackson Karanja Njiiri and his wife Sharon Karanja have clocked Lenana Peak on Mount Kenya. The couple who lives in Nottingham, UK are in Kenya for a holiday started climbing Mt. Kenya on Friday 31st March from Nanyuki and it is only on Monday 3rd April, 2017 they managed to reach the Lenana peak. They met another British and French group who were on the same mission. The journey was very demanding and they almost gave up a few metres to the peak. There is no communication on the mountain which makes the communication very difficult. They are back safely and the Seed's family would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them. Jackson is the eldest son of Mr. Seed.




Kenya and Friends in the Park team visited the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo in his office in London on Tuesday 4th April, 2017. The courtesy call was to update the High Commissioner and his team the progress of the preparation of the Kenya and Friends in the Park big day which will on 29th July, 2017. Over 10,000 Kenyans are expected to attend making it the largest Kenyans gathering in the UK. The event will take place at Plaistow Park - Greengate Street Plaistow E13 0BD. A large number of business from Kenya incluidng property agency and banks among them Equity Bank will be in attendance. Seen above from left seated is Mercy Kiminta, Stalls Manager Kenya in the Park, Mrs. Grace Cerere, Deputy High Commissioner, the Kenya High Commissioner in the UK HE Lazarus Amayo and Mr. Seed the chairman of the Kenya and Friends in the Park. Standing from right is Mrs. Anne Kamau, Commercial Attache at the Commission, Lydiah a committee Kenya in the Park, Lydiah Olet the CEO of Kenya in the Park and Fredrick Kidali, First Secretary at the Kenya High Commission, London.









Bullseye: Important assets in the game of politics - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



Mandatory Military Service Works in Israel

A rite of passage in Israel, when one turns 18, is being drafted into the military. Men serve three years and women normally serve half that long. Officers (men or women) are signed for an additional year, for the privilege of attending the Officers’ Training School. Some (men and women) then remain in service as a vocation and are entitled to early retirement at the age of 40, at which time they typically embark on a second career.

This was the way the system used to work. After completing the matriculation exams, a young person, fresh out of high school, would undergo exams and screening, go through boot camp, and start the most influential period of one’s life. These soldiers and their commanders are entrusted with the safety and security of the Jewish Homeland. They carry out the policies of the Israeli government. Whatever the composition of the ruling coalition, the military is there to execute its decisions, with the goal of defending the Jewish State.
Once, if a person did not serve as everyone else, he would be ostracized from society. The chances of getting a job dissipated, life was unbearable. The exceptions were the ultra-orthodox Haredi Jews who do not serve men study at Yeshivot (religious seminaries) and women are to be married at a very early age and raise children. In the Jewish state, this exemption became an entitlement, causing a rift between the secular and religious sectors, the former enraged by the lack of equal burden under the law.

Over the past 20 years, things have changed. First, there was a massive immigration from the former Soviet Union, followed by immigration from Ethiopia. With an ever-increasing number of enlistees among the new immigrants, the military could afford to become more “selective.” That proved to be a mistake. It happened at the same time that another worrying trend emerged: a new fashion not to serve. Various teen idols avoided service; a phenomenon that gained more and more acceptance, until matters reached a critical level that could no longer be ignored. Last year, the military began fighting this phenomenon and named it a top priority.




Prime Land for Sale with ready Title Deeds ( Owner in the UK)

1/8 plots for sale at Mwalimu farm in Ruiru, Kiambu near the proposed Eastern By-Pass adjoining Thika Rd Superhighway and Kangundo road. Price KShs. 575,000 TITLE included ( Approx GBP 4,520/ USD 5,580). The land is located about 15 kms (9 miles) from Outer ring road (under construction into the super Highway); about 30 Kilometres from Nairobi City Centre and about 5 Kilometres from Kangundo Road/Eastern By-Pass Junction

The Land is viable for various development projects including Commercial and residential, some already with Gated Communities.

If interested Contact:
Mr Wilfred on +254 711 923 157 for directions and Site visit.

Payments to be deposited at:
Mohammed & Kinyanjui Advocates
Co-operative Bank of Kenya
Account Number: 01136126648200
Branch: Nairobi Business Centre
Swift Code: KCOOKENA
Branch Code: 11051

Once you make payment send Email to or alternatively drop the payment slip to the following office:
Mohammed & Kinyanjui advocates
Bemuda Plaza,
1st Floor, Suite B5,
Ngong Road
Telephone: +254 714 650 001
1. Bank Payment Slip (Three equal months Installment can be considered and discount for cash buyers as well)

2. Kenyan ID or Passport

3. KRA Pin No

4. Two Passport photos

Once a 50% deposit or full payment is received , a plot will be allocated . A Title will be issued within 90 days. For further details please contact the owner in UK on +44 7724037585 or gain you can contact Mr. Seed in UK on +44 7951220695  -



Jerusalem City in Israel


In Israel we have Old Jerusalem City and the New Jerusalem City. The old Jerusalem city is within the walls of Jerusalem while the New Jerusalem is the area surrounding the Old Jerusalem City. Currently the population of the Old Jerusalem is 28,000 people of which 16,000 are Arabs. I've been reading my new Israel guide book and noticed that the Muslim quarter of the old city is rather large in comparison to the Jewish and other quarters. I am rather surprised to see this as I was always under the impression it was mostly Jewish. Is the old city more Arab/Muslim than Jewish? The Jewish quarter looks very small. Is it small? It even appears as though the outside of the old city is Arab community. Jewish population of Jerusalem is smaller than the Arab/Muslim population.




Bishop Samuel Kamuri Muya of Talents Churches in Kenya is in UK. The bishop from Elburgon, Nakuru, Kenya arrived in London on Thursday 30th March, 2017 for a few weeks visit. His contact in UK is +44 7448369175 and his Whatsapp is +254 725492076.



Due to public demand Ease World Travel in conjunction with Mr. Seed

To make easier for everyone you can pay instalments.

1) TOUR ONE: 11th June 2017 to 20th June 2017 - PRICE £1,150

1) TOUR TWO: 6th November 2017 to 14th November, 2017 - PRICE: £1,150

2) TOUR THREE: 12th March 2018 to 20th March 2018 - PRICE: £1,150

3) TOUR FOUR: EASTER 2018 - 26th March 2018 to 4th April, 2018 - PRICE £1,280.


PRICE inclusive of Flight, accommodation, bed, breakfast and tour bus and guide.

Money paid directly to EASE WORLD TRAVEL. A deposit of £200 required but if you start early they can accept a £100 deposit.

Over 20 people have already booked.

For more information and to book contact Grace of Ease World Travel on + 44 7425 750438 - email: or Mr. Seed on +44 7951220695.

NOTE: All prices are based on current cost of flight; hotel and ground transport charges and are subject to adjustment in the event of any significant change in accordance with travel agency booking terms and conditions.

Hotel/Hostel accommodations
Breakfasts and Dinners while in Israel
All standard tips (driver, guide and all hotel tips)
(Jerusalem Encounter 2017) with afternoon tours
Ground transportation in chartered buses to all sites listed and hotel transfers

A deposit of £200.00 per person is required to secure your booking and the remainder of the balance is to be paid within 8 weeks of travel. Or the full amount of the booking should be paid up front should you book within 8 weeks of travel.

Passport Fees
Travel Insurance
Visas and Passports

EU passports must be the full 5 or 10 year type and valid for at least 6 months after date of LEAVING Israel. No visa is required. Non EU passport holders require a visa and are advised to check with the Israeli Embassy, Consulate section.

AFTER PAYING THE DEPOSIT you are connected with the Whatsapp Group so that the journey starts immediately.

A Kenyan group from Luton have just come back from Israel and another group including Mr. Seed is leaving on Monday 20th March 2017.

You can book for your parents or relatives in Kenya and you meet in Israel. That is how a group of Zimbabweans have done.

EASE WORLD TRAVEL are the one who booked Dennis Njiiri (Baby Seed) 4 months World Tour as from 4th October 2016 to 6th February 2017. There was no single problem on his booking.

We thank God for everything.
Mr. Seed – London







Can you afford to buy a property in Kenya?

You don't have to settle in Kenya but have a lifeline - you never know of tomorrow!

Over 200 Kenyans in the Diaspora who have bought a property in Kenya this year. 23 of them thought it was impossible to buy a property within their income. After getting an advice of how easy you can manage yourself they are now happy to join the property ladder. Whether you are buying a property in Kenya or not gauge yourself by calling an expert on this issue. It is just a matter of connecting with the right people. Contact Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes on +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:




Several Kenyans living in the UK renewed their baptism in River Jordan on Friday 24th March, 2017. The team later visited the City of Jericho before heading to Lazarus Tomb in Betheny. On right is Mr. Seed caught at the reception of Bethlehem Hotel.






    "Hold a true friend with both hands". ~ African proverb





Heri Homes - "We have spacious apartments in Kitisuru view area"

Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes caught in London last year as she was trying to sort out Sales Agreements for customers for Kitisuru Phase I on right. She has a record of selling over 100 houses in the diaspora since New Year. Her contact is +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:

Phase One of Kitsuru Flats is almost complete, remaining with a few months to completion, here their are less than 7 remaining units comprising of 2 bed @6.6m,3 bed @7.8m,and 3 bed with dettached servant quater @ 9.8 m.phase 2 begun about 3 weeks ago and will be complete in the next 18-20 is a few metres fromPhase 1.

It has 3 bed going for 7.5m and 8.5m 3 bed with detached servant quarter ( same as four bedroomed house).

Main features are;
2.borehole as back up of council water
3.back up generator
4.underground parking
5.gated community with structured security are KShs.70,000 for 3 bed with dsq and KShs. 60,000 for 3 bed.
Occupancy in this area is 100%.
Other external features that will bring both value
and capital addition to the property include;
1. Less than 10 mins drive to westlands
2.about 15 mins drive to UN Gigiri area.
3.expansion of Waiyaki way ongoing - near our project
4.nearby southern bypass ongoing.
5.western bypass to be complete in a few weeks,3 km from our project
6.SGR to Naivasha,nearby
7. about15 mins to central business district.

8. 200 metres from Nakumatt Kitisuru on the same road

"It is just a matter of connecting with the right people in life". Contact Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes on +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:


















Elizabeth Okinda has an office on 29th  floor of Canary Wharf

Elizabeth Okinda is a Kenyan from Nyanza province, born and raised in 3 different cities, Kisumu, Mombasa as well as Nairobi. Started primary education at, Ganjoni Primary school, Mombasa until age 9 and finished her primary education at Lower Kabete primary school in Nairobi. Completed secondary studies at State House Girls high school. In 2003, Elizabeth travelled to the United Kingdom to complete her LLB degree at University of Huddersfield and went further to complete Law School at BPP Law School in London with a Distinction. Elizabeth is a qualified, disciplined and results orientated solicitor.

Elizabeth benefits from eight years’ experience working with individuals, corporate clients as well as Governments . Trained to ACCA standards in Accountancy. Elizabeth is currently practicing at KGIA Solicitors based at 29TH Floor, One Canada Square. Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA.

She specialises in all areas of Commercial practice, including commercial leases, Immigration law, Employment, Family and all aspects of Litigation. Elizabeth also advises on funding for Government projects across Africa; trustworthy, with integrity and respect for confidential information, an articulate communicator with the ability to influence and interact with stakeholders at all level.
Follow Elizabeth's blog for upto date legal news!

Blog :
LinkedIn: Liz Okinda, Twitter: @lizokinda, Mobile: 07729898851.
Company website: E-mail: and Office: 0203 290 4068.







29th July, 2017 



Over 6,000 Kenyans attended last year, this year over 10,000 are expected

A large number of companies including banks are coming from Kenya. You can start booking your stand.

This time Kenyan dishes will be in plenty including, githeri, nyoyo, ugali, uji, samaki among others.

Last time, all food was sold by the afternoon.




Do you have your PIN from KRA in Kenya?

Do you know that you cannot buy or sell a property in Kenya without a Pin?


Do you know that so many people in the Diaspora have lost their cars, land, plots and even containers at the Port of Mombasa because they don't have a PIN? Wake up and get one whenever you are in the diaspora. The PIN will come to you through your Whatsapp or email whenever you are. Do you have your Identity Card with you or a copy of your Identity Card with you or somewhere in Kenya?

If YES, you can get it online or we can help you get one through Misterseed Kenya Services. Ask whoever is having your Identity Card to send you a copy through Whatsapp or Email and forward this to us and you get your PIN within TWO DAYS whenever you are. For more information please contact Mr. Seed through Whatsapp +44 7951220695 or - serving the Community INSIDE and OUTSIDE  Kenya - Giving Service to the Community.




Whispers from London has just returned from Israel

Our writer Whispers, Man Man alias Carlos fulfilled the desires of his heart

Mr & Mrs. Man Man alias Carlos of Luton, UK well known in this website as Whispers from London because of his Whispers are back from Israel. They joined other tourist to fulfil their life dream by visiting the Holy Land. They toured Israel as from 12th to 19th February 2017. In his column he has covered the tour and he will continue to cover more in his coming up series. On the background is the mountain of temptation where the devil was tempting Jesus. Where they are standing is where the biblical walls of Jericho were. Jericho is the oldest city in the world. Photo on right Still in Jericho. This is the well that Elisha 'healed' by putting salted water from a jar. For more information please contact Man ManKambugua E-mail: - CLICK HERE FOR JERICHO THE OLDEST CITY IN THE WORLD





Mr. Seed and Heri Homes Management team caught at the Daystar Hostels construction site last month


Few units remaining at the Daystar University Hostels now going for KShs. 1.6 million and the price is going up to KShs. 1.8 million in a few weeks. The price will be over KShs. 3 million when complete. It is a good way of making money. The hostels are located outside Daystar University with a swimming pool and a community centre. A management company will be running the hostels on behalf of the University and you don't need to bother with rent collecting. With a deposit of 20 per cent which is KShs. 320,000 you will be given a sales agreement which means the house is now yours. Over 200 Kenyans in the Diaspora who have bought a property in Kenya this year. 23 of them thought it was impossible to buy a property within their income. After getting an advice of how easy you can manage yourself they are now happy to join the property ladder. Whether you are buying a property in Kenya or not gauge yourself by calling an expert on this issue. It is just a matter of connecting with the right people. Contact Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes on +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:











A Kenyan lady in London is a making a big impact in the community after opening modern Hair Studio (Salon) in Barking, London. Mrs. Beth Kungu and her daughter launched their new premises last year. Betty's Unisex Hair Studio is located at Unit 37, Barking Mall, Vicarange Field Shopping Centre, IG11 8DH opposite Barking Train Station. Beth who has many years of experience even before coming to the UK is the official hair stylist for Mayor Elizabeth Kangethe among other dignitaries. Beth has taken time to qualify with hair dressing with several certificates in UK. Her studio specialises in Stylist do African, Asian and Caucasian (European), Nail technician and Make-up artist. They also sell X-pression, Kenyan hair, crochet braids and many more. You need to book an appointment for the services. All buses going Barking will drop you at the Studio which is 3 minutes away from Train Station. She is also offering some refreshments in case you wake up late for the appointment - drinks, tea and coffee are on the menu. She is also on digital platform - Tel: 07735389332, 07865939152, Facebook Betty's Unisex hair Studio, Twitter @BUHS and Instagram styledbysandrine.





Contact her on +254 720416183 (on Whatsapp) or

 Or. Mr. Seed on 07951220695 -

While visiting Kenya a few weeks ago, I visited several Banks,  property developers as well as politicians. I happened to visit Urithi Housing Society where I found several interesting ongoing projects. Below are some of the projects I visited which are quite affordable. Meet Jane Wanjiru who works for Urithi Housing Society, an outstanding sales lady who is doing quite well. Contact her on +254 720416183 (on Whatsapp) or





These  are the Bungalows in Juja along Juja Farm Road, 3.5 km from Juja going for KShs. 4 million.



2) Panorama Gardens along Gatanga Road  coming up 3-Bedroom houses (Selling Off Plan)

Panorama Gardens 3-bedroom coming up houses are  located  along Gatanga Road. These land is in Thika along Gatanga road 6km from Blue Post Hotel and 9mins drive from Thika road.




These Bungalow houses are in Nkoroi, about 4kms from Rongai town, 3 bedroom

Bungalows, water and electricity on site-sh4.2m, deposit 50 per cent balance  in 1 year.



These houses are located opposite Mangu High School, 3.5 kilometres from Thika Road

5) Panorama Gardens along Gatanga Road Plots for Sale

Panorama Gardens is located  along Gatanga Road. These land is in Thika along Gatanga road 6km from Blue Post Hotel and 9mins drive from Thika road with red soil, Ideal for development. 1/8-2.6 (commercial) 1/8 - KShs. 2.25 m (residential), 1/4 acre - KShs. 4.4m, 1/2 acre - KShs. 8.4m.


Just 4.5km from Namanga road and 6km from Kitengela Town.
Price ksh 950,000
Booking ksh 500,000
Size 50x100
Balance 4 months
With ready titles.

For more information please contact her on +254 720416183 (on Whatsapp) or


Contact Julieanne Onsando, Relationship Manager, Diaspora Banking, Retail Banking Department.
Office Line: Ext 13609/020 3276 609/ +254 711 049 609
Email 1:|Website:
Email 2:
Or. Mr. Seed on 07951220695 -










Coop Bank now giving loan at 10 per cent for Diasporans only

During my recent visit to Kenya, I met the Co-operative Bank Diaspora Team where the team explained to me the wide range of products which they have tailored for Kenyans in the Diaspora. The bank is now offering the best loans at 10 per cent to Kenyans in the Diaspora. They are currently offering the Mortgage product for Purchase of property, Construction and Equity Release where you give them a developed property as a collateral for funds to undertake another project. You can email them or WhatsApp the team for more information including account opening. Alternatively you can contact Mr. Seed on, Tel: +44 7951220695. See above with Mr. Seed (3rd from right) is Julieanne Onsando (2nd from right) Relationship Manager, Tel: +254722343097 (on WhatsApp), Office Line: Ext 13609/020 3276 609/ +254 711 049 609 or, Milka Wachira (centre in red) Head of Diaspora Banking - Tel: +254 722451885 (on WhatsApp) and email:, and Francis Xavier (2nd from left) , Relationship Manager, Tel: +254 720360405 (with WhatsApp) and his email is Mention Ref. Mr. Seed London. Many Kenyans in the Diaspora can afford to raise 20 per cent deposit and now Coop Bank is giving the balance at 10 per cent interest.



Kenyan Parents

Hizo Vikombe Ni Za Wageni






Bandit Paradise: Heavily armed herders invade conservancies, ranches in Laikipia - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


Mary Njonjo (2nd from left in her office with Mr. Mugo the Marketing Manager and Mr. Seed.

On right Mr. Seed with Heri Home CEO in their office showing him the projects on the pipeline.

Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes contact is +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:

"Since I met Heri Homes, things are no longer the same. They are changing lives in the Community" - Mr. Seed

Meet Mary Njonjo the Marketing Manager of Heri Homes, Nairobi, Kenya who has a record sales of property in the Diaspora. From 6th October 2016 she has sold more than 100 houses to Kenyans in the diaspora. That is a record sale because nobody has ever achieved this. What is behind Heri Homes success story? I have just returned from Kenya a few days ago and after touring all of their projects I came up with one conclusion. Their success lies with three things: Honesty, Completing their projects on time and their sales model of OFF PLAN where you buy their property before they start building, you make a deposit of 20 per cent and they give a sales agreement and you will be topping the balance within the construction time of 18 months. If at the end of the 18 months you are unable to complete their payment you then go to the bank for the balance and if you a member of their Sacco, you can go for the balance in their Sacco. During my visit in Kenya last week I took them to Co-operative Bank where the bank has agreed to finance those in the diaspora with 10 per cent three months prior to project completion. Heri Homes have projects going, coming up soon and many projected projects. If you dont have enough money to raise the deposit you can start saving with their Sacco or through Heri Homes and when you save enough, you can then catch up with the next off plan project. Soon they are coming back to the UK and also going to the USA in middle of the year before heading to Australia at the of this year. The company also hosted a dinner for me in a Westland restaurant during my visit. This is a company which is making a big impact with Kenya in the Diaspora. Here are some of their projects you can buy from Heri Homes. They have projects in Daystar University Hostels 1 and 2, Kikuyu Road 1 and 2 and Kitsuru 1 and 2. You can contact them either to buy to fix you in their record so that when they visit the diaspora next time, they will notify you.

Upcoming groundbreaking prices countdown has began;
KIKUYU HEIGHTS: (Kikuyu phase 2, phase 1 complete ).
1 bedroom- Kshs. 2.6 m - 2 bedroom - Kshs. 3.6m
3bedroom - Kshs. 4.8m
All with lifts, very near phase 1 on Kikuyu road of Naivasha road,near ILRI from Uthiru.
Ground breaking of phase 2 was done on 21st January 2017

KITSURU 1 - structure is complete and show house is almost ready, pictures above.

KITSURU 2 - spacious 3 bedroom and 3 bedroom with dsq.( price is Kshs. 7.5 m & 8.5 million) respectively. GROUND BREAKING on 11 th February 2017...current prices are very low. Estimated rental income is 70k & 80k respectively, location is 200 m from new Kitisuru Nakumatt..10 mins drive from westlands,and 7 mins from southern bypass.

Current house price is Kshs. 4.5 million, in the next 2- 3 weeks price expected to be 5.2 m.
Structures complete and interior finishings ongoing. HANDOVER CEREMONY soon.

Near phase 1,
Off plan prices are 1 bed (Kshs. 2.6 million), 2 bed (KShs. 3.6m), (KShs. 4.8m).prices will double by completion which is in18 months.
GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY IS 21st of January 2017.Both this projects are off Naivasha road,near kabete polytechnic, or ILRI .15-20 mins to Yaya and Hurlingham.

Mr. Seed (6th from left) with Heri Homes Management Team at Daystar University

Hostels and on right in Westland Restaurant where they hosted a dinner for Mr. Seed

So far so good, we broke ground on 16 h July last year. we are currently on third floor, structure expected to be finished in May this year, and completion is DEC end of this year. Handover expected next year jan- Feb. dates to be confirmed.
Bedsitters Kshs. 1.6 m, -  One bed KShs. 2.4 m
Project is 200 metres from Daystar university near Athi river great intersection for overpass road running concurrently to Mombasa road - Westlands will start at the Daystar junction.
Daystar project prices projected to appreciate to 1.8 m soon.
Ground breaking coming up soon. Price KShs. 1.6 million.
Those wishing to open an account or Loan @10 per cent interest from Co-operative Bank, please contact Julieanne Onsando, Relationship Manager, Diaspora Banking, Retail Banking Department. Office Line: Ext 13609/020 3276 609/ +254 711 049 609 Email 1:|Website: Email 2:

I also visited other Property Developers in Kenya. What are they offering. More later.

Mary Njonjo of Heri Homes contact is +254 737265816 (on WhatsApp) and her email:

"Since I met Heri Homes, things are no longer the same." - Mr. Seed

DO YOU KNOW: Over 40 people have met and married through www.mistersed and over 5,000

people have bought a property through - Marking a difference in the community.




We want to take this opportunity to invite you for this upcoming events tickets are available for sale please call me and will

reserve your tickets 80 Tickets remaining first come first served. God bless you have a blessed day.





UK outreach church has moved to memorial community church, Plaistow

The PCEA UK OUTREACH LONDON congregation has moved from ST. MATHEWS CHURCH, DYSON ROAD Stratford to MEMORIAL COMMUNITY CHURCH (The former Memorial Baptist Church, Plaistow), 395 BARKING ROAD, Plaistow, E13 8AL, opposite Plaistow Police Station. It held its first Sunday Service on Sunday 6th, November, 2016 from 2.00pm. For more information please contact Rev. Kibathi on 07946700301 or Mrs. Grace Koimburi - 07908227728.









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